Tuesday 3 May 2016

Better not be a kepochi all the time

Nothing really spectacular happening over the past few days.

That's why I have not been writing.

Furthermore, I have mostly been sleeping and just doing my work from home.

A bit tired of the outside world.

Anyway, received a message this morning that someone was suing someone over something.

Interesting...but I can't write about that.

I like both guys involved in the case.

 If I write about it I would be forced to choose side.

You know lah these days, they all said "either you are with us or against us".

Tiresome people.

So immature.

Well, better let those guys settle their troubles among themselves.

Who am I to kepoh, anyway.

Wish they could just sit down and talk nicely to settle their differences, but nowadays people are not interested in settling problems peacefully.

They prefer whacking each other.

It's the ego thing, I guess.

Anyway, even if I write about it, I don't think things would get any better.

So, I rather not waste my energy on it.

May as well concentrate on more pleasant things such as my coming mid-year holiday.

I'm planning to go somewhere cool, stay there a few days and be refreshed.

Just the thought of it already made me a bit happy.

So much better than trying to figure out all those spiteful talks and hate mongering.

I don't know how some people can cari makan just by doing that.

Those people are really amazing.

Okay, that's all I can write for today.

Will try to write something more substantive next time.

For now, here's a song,


  1. For 50 years. They grow old together. The lawyer and the client.

  2. And that is spectacular.

  3. Another spectacular.

  4. Annie,

    For someone who is supposedly banned from writing about politucs but yet is being paid dedak of RM20K a month to write pro-opposition articles, you seem to persist in writing pro-UMNO articles about UMNO politics.

    Just as strange is the fact that when a certain FatSoh is obviously being paid to write pro-UMNO articles filled with hate against anybody and everybody, why aren't her payments considered dedak?

  5. must be that boboboi suing that tengku watzisname....feel a bit childish lahhh....as if rakyat care....anyway once u start suing u should keep on suing on watever wrong things been said lah kan.....example people said he was a bad MB....doesnt listen to his own people....doesnt develop Kedah as it should be....focused more on his biz in KL...etcetra .....how about it boboi...would u sue ?.... or u only interested in suing those related to Najib eh? n why should rakyat care about him anymore since he himself said he is not interested in being the PM...he has to say that lah since he cant even win the Ketua Pemuda or VP....:)

    1. "....doesnt listen to his own people...." who want state gomen's contracts for themselves and their families and cronies?

      Well at least Mukhriz dared to sue those libeling him. On Tuesday, at that.

      So, when will Najib sue WSJ, SR or anybody fitnah..ing him? Which Tuesday is he waiting for to prove his innocent?
      By the way; sending Tok Imams for the Haj will not white-washed the miscreants in 1MDB.

      Guest what; Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Johari Abdul Ghani is leading a Malaysian delegation to the 49th Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the 19th ASEAN+3 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors’ Meeting. The meetings are being held in Frankfurt from May 1 to 5, the Ministry of Finance said in a statement here today.

      Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/news/2016/05/143161/johari-leads-msian-delegation-adb-annual-meeting-frankfurt

      Wonder why the above news was conveyed to the public on 3rd.Mei, when ADB meeting had already started. What took Najib's apparatus so long to announce? Was it because of the Sarawak Election? Or was it because of those investigation in Switzerland, Luxembourg, US, Singapore etc?

  6. A kepochi is... someone who chews more than her mouth can handle? Someone whose self image feeds on willful calumny and the carcasses of people's reputations.

  7. Those daily statements whacking Tun M from tengku really doesn't seem like the tengku I used to know many years back. He's changed then, or maybe forced to issue statements like that.

    1. Not sure whether dedak taker also the Tengku.
      May be one of those too.