Sunday 22 May 2016

The opposition leader who can reunite them

It is true that BN is now in a mess and suffering a huge trust deficit even among its supporters.

The Umno civil war is still simmering, after all.

Fortunately for PM DS Najib Razak and his people, the opposition camp is in an even worse condition.

Pas versus DAP...

DAP versus PKR...

Pas versus Amanah...

Anwar versus Dr Mahathir...

And the latest PKR versus PKR - this one is the expose by Rafizi that if you deal with the Selangor government, you may be asked to provide money and even women to get things done.

So how?

Most of my friends who talked to me about it said they can't be bothered anymore.

They just want to continue with life and when the general election comes, they will vote according to their conscience.

No more listening to the whining of self-serving politicians.

Wasting time only.

But still, it's amazing to see the opposition being very stupid to fight each other when BN is at its weakest position ever.

It goes to show that similar to many BN politicians, they are also mainly motivated by self-interest, thus they were not willing to sacrifice anything theirs even for the opposition's greater good.

That's how they ended up fighting among themselves.

BN can count on this selfish stupidity within the opposition rank to win the next general election and the next and the next and the next....

The real danger to the ruling coalition now is that  if there is someone among the opposition leaders who could knock some sense into them and unite the whole bloody bunch.

Anwar did that for the opposition in the run-up to the 2008 and 2013 general elections.

But the guy is now back in jail and I believe has lost his capability to play the same role again.

For instance, his admirers in Pas are now out of the party after last year's Erdogan purge.

As it so happened, things in the opposition camp unravelled right after Anwar went back to Sungai Buloh for buggering a young man.

Well, what to, when they are horny, they become stupid.

Nowadays they talked about Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as the new opposition leader.

Okay, compared to the real opposition leader DS Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail,  Dr Mahathir is better.

Heck, I think even myself is better if given the role.

Ever heard Kak Wan spoke at a rally...try not to, okay.

But Dr Mahathir is not really for the opposition and everyone knows that.

He just wants Najib out. That's all.

He is not going to be the new opposition messiah.

The opposition leaders layan him just because they wanted Dr Mahathir to continue wrecking havoc within the BN's camp.

I'm quite sure they are not going to make him their leader.

It's too weird for them to do that.

Anyway, the handsome old man is way past 90 years old.

He wouldn't have the energy even if he wants to do it.

It's one thing to write a blog and go around on a roadshow against Najib, but another thing altogether to lead the quarrelsome opposition parties and manage the bullshit which comes with it.

So, anyone among the opposition leaders has the prospect of turning into their super hero?

Actually, there is.

DS Mohamed Azmin Ali.

The Selangor MB and PKR deputy president.

And it so happens that he is the most handsome of them all....okay, second after KJ.

Really, Azmin is the only one among the opposition leaders who could get the opposition back together.

I became convinced of it after reading this story,

Azmin wants to meet Hadi on by-election candidates


The Selangor Menteri Besar said he had already met with Pas deputy president Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man and Pas election director Datuk Mustafa Ali to discuss on the issue.
“I have also met with Amanah leaders and Penang chief minister (Lim Guan Eng). Talks are progressing positively and I hope the choice on the candidates will be finalised soon,” he told reporters after launching the SmartSelangor Food Stamp programme here, yesterday.
See, Azmin can talk to everybody in the opposition.

He is okay with Pas, okay with DAP and okay with Amanah.

He is the only one who can do it.

That's how he became Selangor MB in the first place.

He played it very well by being the good guy who quietly sat in the middle of a fight between Pas and supporters of former MB Khalid on one side and DAP and supporters of Dr Wan Azizah on the other.

In the end, everyone agreed to give the job to him. 

Oh, Azmin is also okay with Dr Mahathir. 

He is after all the handsome old man's anak angkat since when he was studying in the US.

His former classmate at Minnesota University in the 80s told me of how Azmin took the trouble to travel all the way to New York and Washington to meet Dr Mahathir whenever the then PM visited the country.

More on that at later postings, okay.

Now with Azmin being the Selangor MB and regarded with much more respect than ever before, he has the potential to replace the now jaded and fast becoming irrelevant Anwar. 

The guy is relatively young at 52, smart, have the least baggage compared to other opposition leaders and I repeat, quite handsome.

Hey, he's more handsome than Guan Eng, okay. Admit it, you all.

Well, BN needs to prepare itself for the opposition under Azmin's leadership.

I'm quite sure it is coming to bite them hard in the next general election. 

BN's best weapon to counter this new Azmin threat is actually KJ, the only politician more handsome than Azmin in the country.

But let me write about that another day, okay.

Need to go to Tesco now to stock up the fridge.



  1. Wa manyak pening , sana galoh ,sini galoh . Atas galoh ,bawah galoh semua manyak galoh ,hai yaa !!!,manyak pusing mau kila maa aa ,

    Apa macam mau kasi Undi maa aa itu macam ,hali-hali galoh ,apa macam mau pimpin lakyat maa aa ,itu macam ?.

    Wa manyak lespect itu DAP ,sendili-sendili tatak galoh ,sama lain olang kasi galoh .

    Hati manyak tetalik .

  2. Annie,
    Betul ke UMNO in trouble
    Kalau betul kenapa nearly 2 yrs dah Ajibgor masih jadi Presiden after all the scheme created by his destractorS esp TDM
    They have nearly 3 mil members and it is not easy to hide major problem like sweeping it under the carpet
    Anti UMNO or Protuns can say what they like,but we cannot run away from reality that business as usual for them.Ajigbgor still the PM and he is doing his job that he knows best
    Oppositions......Pakatan Tiada Harapan..egoistics each and everyone trying to show who is the boss

    1. Just wait for it ......the young ones are restless and hapless

    2. 'business as usual for them.Ajigbgor still the PM and he is doing his job that he knows best....'

      Woi macai, ko nih buta ke bodoh ke?

  3. UMNO was not practically in trouble ,but the trouble with it's leadership will lead to a real trouble in winning next GE.

    As a Malay proverbs say ,"tak tumbuh tak melata ,tak sungguh orang tak kata" , this is not the case of "berak tengah jalan ,tak kan nak mengaku".

    Forget about the scams that was said to be created by TDM ,what about those been said by outside World ,are they conspiring against Najib too ?.

    1. Bro. it's the time they reach the next PRU there won't be much of Malaysian sovereignty left, to hand over to the next government, whoever it may be.


    2. Anon 20:08,

      Aii.....Yah !!!, manyak takut kalau itu macam maa aa , tapi kalau itu macam jadi apa bolih buat lagi lor rr , mesti atak mau , "redha" maa aa.

    3. The dedak eaters kind of fail to mention that the noose is getting tight around the dedak-master's neck.

      Won't be long now.

  4. Hmmmmm. Hhhhhh. Hmmmmmm. Makes sense. Kalau tak handsome tak boleh jadi ketua kah. Charles Bronson. Tak handsome. No. Not at all. But ramai fan nya. Tak kenal? Oh okay. Dah meninggal dah.

  5. Annie,

    Gosh! You do like to live dangerously, don'tcha?

    Everything is fine and dandy with BN, OK?

    To say anything else will have "some people" accusing you of being a paid DAP blogger.

    According to "some people", if you are truly an UMNO supporter, you must promote hate, hate, hate, against anything and everything Opposition, OK?

    You are not allowed to even mention anybody from the Opposition unless you are calling them evangelistas or DAPsters or "sneaky bastards", OK?

    Your observations on Azmin Ali have just landed you in big big trouble.

    How dare you consider Azmin Ali handsome? Or even KJ handsome?

    It is Nik Abduh who is the mostest handsomest Melayu that ever walked on this earth, OK?

    Every young Melayu should aspire to be like Nik Abduh.

    Yes, that Nik Abduh, with his rodent-like smile and his little jangut, who is so desirable that "some people" get wet just thinking about that jangut.

    Yes, that Nik Abduh who hangs around motocross events pretending to be a motocross rider by putting on a long-sleeved motocross tee-shirt over his street clothes.

    Ooopppsss!! Did I say "moto-CROSS"? Sorry!!

    Anyway, did you know that Nik Abduh is cleverer than Azmin or KJ?

    Nik Abduh knew exactly which one of the many many years of flooding in Kelantan was punishment from Allah because Kelantanese have not been good enough Muslims.

    I'll bet that neither Azmin Ali nor KJ have any special insight into the mind of Allah like Nik Abduh has!

    I hope I have clarified some of the finer points of writing a pro-UMNO blog for you but no need to thank me.

    All credit to "some people" :)


    1. "I hope I have clarified some of the finer points of writing a pro-UMNO blog for you but no need to thank me."

      Don't forget to grow six extra chins, start smelling like a wet dog, and start insulting fat, ugly Chinese female politicians even though you are way fatter and uglier.

      Yep, you have to become a complete hypocrite, and Gollum binti Malaysiakini is the expert, all 600kg of quivering swine flesh.



  6. Yeah Dato Azmin & YAB Tun, Lil sis Ms Annie

    " Anwar hmmm .. Anwar, who?"

    ( long zilch coverage from BBC)

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  7. Annie,

    1 100% agree with you:

    "Really, Azmin is the only one among the opposition leaders who could get the opposition back together."

    And he has Tun's blessing.

    That is why Anus Ibrahim is panicking in Sg Buloh and trying to run a smear campaign via Rafizi.

    He knows he's irrelevant.

    Kak Wan?

    Tak boleh pakai, O.

  8. Are you for real dear Annie ? Azmin to save the opposition ? As far as the chinese are concern Azmin and Hadi are both snake with different color only. If PKR put up their candidate in Sg Besar, they will surely lose.

    Never trust this snake, even Anwar don't trust him, otherwise he would have been the MB for Selangor after PRU 12.

    1. I thought Anwar is the "snake".

    2. "Never trust this snake, even Anwar don't trust him, otherwise he would have been the MB for Selangor after PRU 12."

      Trust Anuswar, then?

      Mabuk ketum ke, bro?

      PS....."As far as the chinese are concern" - who cares what chinese think?

  9. I'm not fond of PKR who are just mainly Anwar's disgruntled disciples from Umno. I suspect given half a chance, the whole ragtag bunch including ACDC Anwar will bounce back into Umno asap.

    Having said that, I agree Azmin seems to be the best of the lot. He's mostly unflappable and he doesn't go into hysterical Hitler-like fist-thumping, eye-rolling screaming orations to the crowd. (I don't know why Anwar and Najib love doing this. At least Anwar is witty. Najib looks like taufu trying too hard to be tough. Tun M just spoke normally and people listened).

    Just read that MACC raided Guan Eng's house. I dislike LGE but seriously, raiding his house over a house sale when RM60 billion kena sapu, and jelly lips and musk ox free to rule and shop. (I saw a pix of a musk ox recently and its backcombed hair reminded me of shopper-of-the-year).

    As for Hellhound the Hutt, she's been busy, I see. Abusing Hokusai's Great Wave...I suggest she stand beneath the waves to get a good rinse. Will do her much good.

  10. Annie,

    Read in another blog that Najib had plans to SELL oil&gas assets to Russian company. Can you dig that out.


  11. u mean azmin the ice cream guy???
    yeah good looks are the only criteria that makes good