Tuesday 10 May 2016

No need to get all riled up

Been occupied with a family gathering the past week.

Was helping my mother with especially the relatives who came over from Singapore.

Needed to ferry them around for the occasion.

It was quite a gathering.

A happy occasion, actually.

It was nice to have almost everyone here.

The best thing at the gathering this time was that no one talked about bad things too much.

The most was about a cousin who had some money problem.

We tried to help him but it was a bit difficult.

But we are not going to give up and will try whatever we can.

That's what being in a family is all about.

No one seems to be interested to talk about politics too this time.

The big makan was on the night of the Sarawak election but nobody seems to be bothered by it.

It was a far cry from our family gatherings before the last general election in 2013.

At that time politics was the favourite topic of conversation.

Almost everyone were DAP supporters, including my uncles and aunts whom I knew were MCA members.

Everyone seemed to have something to say about "Ubah" and such things at that time.

Guess, everyone is tired of all that now.

As I previously wrote, maybe people just want to wait until the next election instead of jumping up and down like before.

Why want to waste energy?

Just vote whomever we want when the time come.

Better isn't it?

After all, life still seems the same after all the political euphoria of those days.

Not much has changed.

Okay, the prices of goods seemed to be a bit high nowadays but I don't see anyone having to change his/her lifestyle.

Well, at least not in my family.

My mother still drinks at Starbucks from time to time.

I only drink there if she belanja me some fancy coffee.

As for the cousin who has money problem, that was because he was careless with his money and not because of anything else. That's normal lah.

Well, life goes on.

Better work hard and enjoy the good things which come with it rather than getting all riled up for nothing.

Why want to get all worked up all the time?

Everyday want to get angry for what?

Can get fat and ugly, that way, okay.

Better relax and enjoy life as given by Allah.

Be cool.

Like today, the best thing that I did was harvesting some ciku fruits from the tree in the house compound.

Nowadays, I enjoy doing simple things like that more than anything else...including blogging, I think.

This is the biggest one that I got,

Nice isn't it?


  1. Ciku season, is it?

    I have been eating dragon fruit, dragon fruit, more dragon fruit and yet more dragon fruit for the past few weeks.

    My cousin sells dragon fruit and I get the leftovers or not-saleable quality dragon fruit.

    Must go look for some ciku at the wet market in the morning.

    I hardly go to the wet market any more nowadays. Too lazy to cook for one person. Easier to eat out.

    Oh, no, look at the time now!

    I'll need to get up early.

    My kampung wet market keeps ridiculous times, eg, 10.30am and most stalls are beginning or have already closed for the day because they are running low on stock or just simply sold out.

    You can imagine what time our wet market opens.

  2. Anyone that hates you is always below you, because they're just jealous of what you have - Miley Cyrus

    Just be happy, Annie. Don't be bothered by what others think of you. At least you have people who care about you. You're not some mean machine that churns out hate throughout the day.

    Annie, you go Girl. We love you!!!

  3. Too much of anything is not good for you including politics

    Prof Kangkung

  4. "Most conflicts and tensions are due to language. Don't pay so much attention to the words. In love’s country, language doesn't have its place. Love is mute."
    - Shams at-Tabrizi, 14th cent.

    1. There has to be an invisible sun that gives its warmth to everyone .......


  5. Writing about ciku also can make people say you are anti this and that. I don't see a shred of lie or fraud here. Your hater comes across as paranoid.

  6. My mother sometimes calls me her stupid son....I have no problems with that always for I realize her great love and wisdom.


  7. Itu buah ciku eaa aa ,manyak selupa buah manggit lor rr ,kalau masa petik sutah jatoh sutak jadi tematu kelas tatak bolih makan lagi maa aa .

    Wa manyak ingat eaa aa , itu pemimpin juga, kalau sutak 'tematu' pon sutak bolih pakai lagi maa aa .

    Kalau mau petik mau manyak hati-hati maa aa .