Thursday 19 May 2016

Please help these sisters with autism

The following is a story which someone showed me three days ago.

I had meant to highlight it that day but can't do so till now because I was not feeling well these past few days.

It's from The Star's other newspapers column,

A COUPLE from Kaki Bukit, Perlis, is desperately looking for help to care for two adult daughters who are autistic, reported Kwong Wah Yit Poh.
Lew Choon Lin, 58, and his wife Chong Gaik Hwa, 55, are worried about their daughters’ future once they are no longer around.
Their daughters Mei Sing, 26, and Mei Fong, 23, do not know how to express themselves or communicate with other people.

The family is depending on their eldest son who gives them between RM200 and RM300 every month, as well as help from the Welfare Depart­ment.
Lew said he could no longer work after an accident years ago, and now helps his wife look after their daughters at home.
He hopes the public can help them and teach his daughters to be independent.

Those wishing to help can contact Kaki Bukit Village Security Development Committee chairman Loh Kong Yap at 012-476 2391.

I hope more people will help the family.

Maybe all those NGOs which were meant to help those with autism and the needy will also help them.

I had been to Kaki Bukit where the family live.

It's a rustic little Chinese settlement near Padang Besar at the Thai border.

You will have to pass through the place if you are going to the Wang Kelian border checkpoint.

It would be nice if Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin can ask members of the movement in Padang Besar to visit the family and lend their help, especially in getting the girls with autism some kind of therapy.

I think KJ will understand why I'm asking him to help the family.

Hopefully he will see this posting and does so.


  1. "It would be nice if Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin can ask members of the movement in Padang Besar to visit the family and lend their help, especially in getting the girls with autism some kind of therapy."

    Yes, it would.

    Hope someone passes the message to him.

  2. Annie,

    You seem to have got it all wrong yet again.

    You are an UMNO supporter and according to "some people", UMNO supporters must hate, hate, hate.

    In this case, those sisters you have mentioned are Chinese.

    So, according to "some people", as an UMNO supporter, you should be twisting the whole situation around to curse the evangelista DAP Chinese for not helping their own people.


    That is what an UMNO supporting blogger should be doing - according to "some people".

    Aiyoh, yo, what do you do instead?

    You write an article which makes no mention of those sisters' race, no mention of their religion and no mention of their political affiliation.

    And then, you are asking for somebody, anybody with the means, to help those sisters.

    Just you wait until "some people" find out that you have been displaying compassion towards fellow human beings regardless of their race, religion or political affiliations.

    "Some people" will tell the world that you are a paid DAP blogger (for trying to help those Chinese sisters), that you are a lousy Muslim ("some people" are experts in Islam), that you are a half-past-six Malay ("some people" are experts in Malayness) etc etc.

    You are in sooo much trouble, girl - again.


    1. Tak apa lah Encik Gladiator kalau orang nak kata apa pun pasal saya. Saya cuma harap ada yang sudi membantu keluarga adik beradik autistik tersebut. Saya dapat bayangkan perasaan ibubapa dua beradik itu bila mengenangkan nasib masa depan mereka dan keperitan mereka dalam meneruskan hidup mereka ketika ini. Terimakasih.

    2. Annie,

      In the style of a commentator here...

      Alamak, apa sah lu tulis macam ini, ah?

      Gua manyak susah mau baca lah.

      Gua mesti pikir, pikir, check Google Translate, pikir lagi.

      Aiyoh, lu bikin gua punya kepala pusing lah.



  3. Help us minister, please help....

  4. You have a kind heart, annie.

    Wish there were more of you than a certain type of mass of malignant malice, masquerading as a defender of Malay Muslims while everyone can see through her Trojan Horse lies.

    I was told even her ilk of dedak eaters mock her behind her back, but find her useful because she's willing to do enthusiastically what they malas to do.

  5. Better still. The state government to find ways and means to assist. Orang susah dibantu oleh ketua mukimnya, negerinya. Baru benar negeri mesra rakyat. I am not only referring to Perlis. All negeris for that matter. The elected federal government must support all negeris regardless of their political affiliations. Then we can truthfully say. Rakyat didahulukan.

  6. please help them...and lets put an end to everything which is like this and tolerate with no nonsense with whatever excuses they may come out with.

    >james bond

  7. Kalau orang Melayu saya mahu tolong. But they are Chinese, sorry lah, might as well I donate my money to animal shelter!

    1. Well, that's probably because you are some sorts of an animal.

    2. I don't think this 'animal' is a Melayu, because a Malay would not write the way he or she did. To me this is just to make the Malays deem as racist.

      One might thought that this Anon must have been a Malay, by the way he wrote. But please be aware that, in the cyberspace, there are rogue Chinese, masquerading with Indian names to sow Indian-Malay hatred so that his race benefits, politically. As I had previously wrote; Vinnan is a good example.

    3. RD. Don't you worry. Pertolongan itu bukan dari manusia. Dari Allah 'Azza wa Jal. One man's or woman's rant will not upset the truth.

  8. Moral Jihad ......the right weltanshauung ... help others offer yourself