Wednesday 4 May 2016

Surviving toxic environment

Talked with a friend who is a former colleague at my old work place last night.

He said quite a number of people had left the company ever since I did so some time ago.

"More are leaving or trying to leave, especially the good ones," he said.

"Soon we will be left with just the juniors," he added.

I guess things are not going so well at my former work place.

Otherwise, people wouldn't want to leave like that.

Some of the names mentioned by my friend as among those trying to leave the company are very good and loyal workers.

They were searching for better jobs elsewhere despite the fact that their bosses like their work and most likely will promote them in the organisation soon.

"It's not just about getting a promotion or being liked by the bosses," said my friend.

"It's the whole environment of the place. Many are simply not happy working in our office anymore," he said.

Well, I guess my friend was right. I used to enjoy working at that place and was extremely loyal to the company, but things changed towards the end of my stint there.

The office politics turned very ugly and I felt many people there spent more time back stabbing their own friends and colleagues or trying to avoid being back stabbed rather than doing their work.

And the bullying was simply terrible.

I remember the whole environment in the office becoming very toxic.

At that time I was not so sure who were my friends and who were my enemies in the office.

It was a bit like one of those bad Korean dramas about palace intrigues and stuff.

Well, in that sense, I'm not very good with politics.

After I left, I thought things had improved there as the bunch of people who manoeuvred their way up by backstabbing and kissing up had consolidated their position.

Apparently not so, based on what is happening there now.

Guess, the backstabbing and kissing up culture continues to flourish.

That's probably why most of the good people there are wishing they have a better place to go.

I know that their bosses don't care much about losing them though.

"We can go shopping for people," one of them once told me back then.

Maybe the guy was right but I always feel that's not going to do the organisation much good.

Replacing loyal hardworking employees with mercenaries is not good, okay.

The organisation will gradually rot as everyone will be there just for themselves and their interests.

I believe that after a while the organisation will lose whatever left of its credibility and in the end not even the mercenaries will want to work for it.

They wouldn't want to dirty up their CV with the name of the organisation on it.

Hopefully, things will not get as bad as that.

It's something like Umno.

For me it's a good organisation, but managed by some not very good people.

Not all, but the few self-serving opportunists are making the party looks bad.

Very unfortunate.

Hopefully PM Najib Razak, who is the Umno president will realise this and do the necessary.

Same with who ever it is in charge of my former work place.

Hopefully something will be done to stop the rot before it's too late.

I know, it's none of my business anymore, but still, it's just very sad to see the organisation in that situation.

Whatever it is, I'm wishing the good people still there all the best.

Do your best and stay safe, guys.



  1. With UMNO, the rot starts with the President. Take away the rot, of-course including his minions, the Party will survive and be strong again.

  2. Why, let's send them self-serving zombies to the rooftop party on their way up...

  3. To eleviate the toxic political environment, Najib has to go.

    1. yea, jibby should be in a blockbuster Hong Kong samseng movie together with jholow. give wolf of wall street a run for its money. cash is king maaaa...freaking idiot

  4. People come and go. Temporality is the modern work environment. Best served by the best. Even temporarily it is okay. Only don't burn the bridge.

  5. Toxic is this thing that happened in our country. Arghhhhhhhh. I want to vomit.

  6. Toxic world. Violence against women.

  7. tebing tinggi4 May 2016 at 21:38

    re, I,am wishing the good people still there .

    Is there any good people out there ,"redha" je lah .

  8. Redha? Clearly we have been asked. Amal makruf. Nahi munkar.

    1. It is prophetic sunnah to enjoin the good and to forbid evil. And above all to start with oneself. The key is self-knowledge and the goal is to know and love the Lord All-Merciful. The fruit is peace and happiness in the service of all humanity.

    2. We appear to have lost the courage to acknowledge the presence of evil and to forbid it. World benchmarks have caused us to be tongue tied.

  9. Annie,

    You should not be writing such articles saying how terrible it is that there are people who are unhappy at where they work.

    Neither should you be comparing the management of your previous workplace to the current UMNO situation.

    Instead, you should be advising your friends at your previous workplace to put up with the poor management.

    After all, your friends are merely workers there, aren't they?

    Similarly, UMNO comprises of ordinary members and those borned to lead UMNO.

    So, those ordinary UMNO members should keep quiet and put up with whatever the current UMNO leadership is doing.

    Now, the above is what you should be saying.

    But then, you will sound too much like Fat Soh.

    And we all know that Fat Soh knows what is best for UMNO, for PAS, for Muslims, for Malays, etc etc.

    Speaking of Fat Soh, I have been carefully reading her blog hoping that she has an explanation of why a supposedly paid pro-opposition blogger like you is writing pro-UMNO articles.

    Alas, she merely continues to repeat her unsubstantiated claims about you.

    Strange that all her other articles are usually well researched and backed up with facts and figures except for articles about you.

    1. also strange that she has done no " reading and research " on 1mdb. Strange and ugly Fatsoh.

  10. Fei Soh (not the Empat Sekawan Fei Soh) wrote about Donald Trump recently.

    It is not difficult to see that Fei Soh is using Donald Trump to encourage (or, incite?) the Majority Race in this Country to become hostile towards the minority that Fei Soh hates so much.

    Fei Soh is telling them that it's ok to be outrages and to express hate openly towards these minority.

    At the end of the day, when hostility occurs, I bet everyone would then see how Fei Soh has always been against the majority that she says she loves so much now.

  11. The toxic environment and stuff are all around us and we must cope with it! :)

    1. "Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of (moral) value."
      - Albert Einstein

  12. Alhamdulillah. When leader focusses on real life rakyat issues.

    1. Allahumma barikalahum bil afiah wa rahmah min indika, ya Al-Karim!

  13. Toxic environment when communication becomes miscommunication. Words mean differently in different mental models. Language is a tool. To help clean up the toxic. This lady reminds me of my Almarhum Bahasa Melayu teacher (May Allah 'Azza wa Jal have mercy on her soul). Teacher caught us Melayu girls seated at the back corner chatting. Upset she challenged. Budak-budak Melayu di belakang tu ingat dah pandai. And challenged us to ace our BM papers. I can't recall about the others. But I did obtain the A for the Bahasa Melayu that was current then. I am not sure if I could still ace the Bahasa Melayu that is now! Maaf Prof :)

  14. Interesting games the movers play.

  15. A man's heart stops. The elephants' heart grieve. And who would grieve when our hearts stop?