Saturday, 14 May 2016

Umno shouldn't be a despicable racist party

In the runs up to the last general election in 2013, everyone who are pro-establishment, or to be more precise pro-BN, supports DS Najib Razak's 1Malaysia.

They did so even if they personally don't really believe in it.

Many, especially among the Malays were secretly unhappy that Najib and his team were trying very hard to win over the Chinese.

Nonetheless, they went along with it in the hope that the Chinese who were being aggressively wooed by DAP will not abandon BN.

Despite their effort, the Chinese went all out against BN.

It was a Chinese tsunami and because of it, GE13 turned out to be arguably the worst BN's performance in a general election.

The immediate reactions were anger and frustration towards the Chinese.

I was also caught up in it.

Apa lagi Cina mahu?

That was the famous question, popularised by the headline of an article by Utusan editor Zul Bakar in the aftermath of the Chinese tsunami.

At that time, I also agreed with the notion that the Chinese will never support BN again.

Many forgot that back then when everyone was supporting Najib's 1Malaysia, it was to prevent a more racially polarised Malaysia.

After GE13, the right wing gains ground in Umno and their supporters wanted BN to abandon any further effort to win support of the Chinese and instead focused on just the majority Malays and bumiputera.

Under the doctrine, BN should consists Umno, the bumiputera parties of Sabah and Sarawak, as well as the Indian-based parties. The Chinese-based component parties such as MCA and Gerakan are garbage and should be cast out.

According to proponents of this doctrine, it all boils down to getting the majority non-Chinese siding with BN to crush the recalcitrant Chinese on the other side.

They want BN to abandon its original ideal of being a moderate multi-racial coalition for all Malaysians.

They even encourage Umno to team-up with Pas and turned itself into a conservative Malay-Islamist party.

You can read more on how this doctrine works in a blog which operator became famous for peddling hate, first towards Muslims, Malays and Umno but nowadays towards Christians, Chinese, DAP, MCA, Gerakan and other Chinese-based entities.

Cari sendiri lah ya, just follow the smell of hatred and I'm sure you all can find the blog.

Sometimes I suspect that such people as the blogger, who is a (former ???) DAP operative purposely try to incite Umno to be a despicable racist party so that it will lose all credibility and relevancy as a party which represents good rationale Malays.

I try not to be buruk sangka, but that suspicion does comes to mind from time to time.

I believe that even the Malays will reject it if Umno turned itself from a party which struggles for the betterment of Malays in particular and Malaysians in general into a hateful racist entity.

Anyway, do you think the Malays in general want to throw the Chinese into the sea?

I don't think so.

They may talk tough sometimes, but in actual fact they prefer to be friendly with people of other races.

Malays are too docile as a people to hate the Chinese the way people such as that hate-spewing blogger want them to be.

It's in their nature to be nice like that.

As for the Chinese, I think they are getting a bit tired of DAP now.

Maybe not by much, but if BN behaves, it may get some crucial support from them such as in the recent Sarawak election.

I actually first noticed the small yet significant change of mood among them during the two by-elections contested by BN's Chinese-based parties after GE13 - Kajang by MCA and Telok Intan by Gerakan.

The hardworking MCA's DS Chew Mei Fun managed to significantly reduce PKR's majority in Kajang despite facing PKR president DS Dr Wan Azizah Ismail, while Gerakan president DS Mah Siew Keong managed to overturn a DAP's over 7,000 majority in Teluk Intan.

I was on the ground at both by-elections from start to finish.

I saw things such as a group of MCA supporters trying very hard to outshout their PKR and DAP rivals at the entrance of a polling centre in Kajang.

I also saw the outnumbered and outgunned Gerakan members in Teluk Intan giving their all to deliver a BN victory no one really believed they could win.

I saw a cute young Chinese couple along with others wearing the blue of BN distributing the party's pamphlets in the middle of Teluk Intan town.

I remember my traveling companion at that time, a young Chinese guy, happily walking around the town carrying a BN umbrella underneath the scorching sun on polling day.

What I saw and experienced during those by-elections convinced me that I shouldn't be angry with the Chinese anymore because of what happened during GE13.

They made me not want to give up on the Chinese and the ideal that we Malaysians of all races should work together rather than split ourselves apart along racial lines as propagated by some hate mongering people.

Maybe I'll write more on that later.

For now, I just want to enjoy my weekend.

Here's a song for you all,

Do enjoy your weekend too.



  1. re:"Many forgot that back then when everyone was supporting Najib's 1Malaysia, it was to prevent a more racially polarised Malaysia."

    Najib has been polarizing Malaysian society into "Najib Cronies vs the Rakyat"
    Do you think he pity the ordinary and poor Malay or Chinese or Indian or others???

    1. "Najib has been polarizing Malaysian society into "Najib Cronies vs the Rakyat". Do you think he pity the ordinary and poor Malay or Chinese or Indian or others???"

      100% agree, it's not about race, it's about $$$$ only!

  2. annie why bother ? dont u know ?

    umno does not fight for agama bangsa dan negara anymore.

    umno fights for najib's survival.

    umno now has nothing to do with malay

    1. Umno = parti najib

    2. strange things happening in our country ...

  3. Racial harmony sounds good. I don't think it is an issue to those who do not read extremely angry writings. About anything. About anyone. Our concern is about leaders. Who should always remember why they are there. From whatever parties. True leaders look after everyone under their care. That is important to most of us. Hatred will only lead us into the sewerage.

  4. Be your own hero .... put the pieces back together again

  5. ang khha-chhng (red buttocks) just needs some loving. Discerning readers will know who is the better person.

    1. If the butt is red and itchy, it'll shoot anything in its path. She picks on you cause you have sexier moves little lady.

    2. Bontot si hippo cina sepet tu mmg gatal! Go to hell-an ler! DAP cina undercover......


  6. "UMNO shouldn't be a despicable party"

    So the Melayus only had themselves to be blamed , for the Chinese are not favoring BN .

    Kesian Melayu .

    1. bukan kesian, bodoh.

      cina tak undi bn salah melayu jugak. lol.

      mungkin kita patut buat referendum decide siapa berhak dipanggil rakyat malaysia.

      sorry sebab aku bukan jenis bagi muka or jaga hati. if you don't like it here, kindly fuck off.

      there's 1.3 billion of you on this planet-that's is so not special. the truth is, nobody likes the gooks - what with they trying to make incursion and expand territories in SEA waters.

      can't wait for the day when all the bumis are fed up and we have another 13 may. after all, you can only be patient for so long...

  7. tired of talk on nak jaga hati cina when cina tak jaga pun hati melayu.
    bertahun duduk kat malaysia puh still tak faham2 pasal agama islam dan hukum haram halal. bawak anjing masuk tesco ...bawak anjing masuk restaurant. bosan...cina kafir can go to hell lah

    1. Ni biawak mana ni. Memang bukan org malaysia ni. Bukan beragama islam. Iskam huban begitu.Bukan manusia sya rasa. Tentu binatang.Tak dpt dedak sya rasa. Racist

  8. Not all Chinese are smart.
    Some are quite stupid as evident by recent state election.

  9. Annie is just telling it as it is, nothing malicious or spiteful in the way she delivers the message.

  10. Annie,

    To me the future of Malaysia is not about keeping Chinese or Malays or Indians happy.

    I like the comment above that said:

    "Najib has been polarising Malaysian society into "Najib Cronies vs the Rakyat". Do you think he pities the ordinary and poor Malay or Chinese or Indian or others?"

    That's completely correct.

    The Bugis pirate has basically f***** everyone, irrespective of race. The Malays suffer more because % of population is higher and he has stolen direct from TH, KWAP and MARA, so yes you can say the Malays have suffered more. But it's relative.

    So curing the curse of Najib goes beyond race.

    If you're keeping score, the amount of 1MDB money that went FOR DIRECT PERSONAL BENEFIT (e.g, luxury shopping, giving Boiboi money to make his porn films and buy property) just topped RM860 million.

    And the trail is still being uncovered.

  11. However, the Chinese really are a bunch of losers, sorry to say.

    Just go read the comments in M'Kini (which is where your fat blobby friend crawled out of, before selling her ample derriere to the gomen).

    Now Lim Guan Eng is being praised for saying DAP is not interested in the two by-elections.


    So all the Cinabeng in KK and Sg Besar no need to "Ubah" kaaaaa? The 24% Cinabeng population can pi mampus kaaaa? The Oppo are not sincere in wanting to help the rakyat. Why not turun padang to ensure victory against BN?

    The Chinese are really screwed, the way I see it. They either have UMNO-sucking eunuchs like MCA & Gelakan, or they have hypocrites like the DAP.

    Aiyaaaaaa, kipala manyaaaaaa pining O : )

    And speaking of that congealed lump of pork fat called "Smellen", I love the way she accuses you of switching camps, overlooking the fact that she's the number 1 camp switcher.

    Like I say, hypocrites.

    Think about that, "Smellen", as you pull on the same pair of XXXL panties for the 5th day in a row, and wonder why your belly cellulite is actually more creased than your underwear.


  12. Annie,

    Read this analysis by W. Leong of PKR on DAP:

    "Until this can be accomplished DAP needs to be sensitive that expansion by them, their ascendancy and assertiveness is seen as dominance in Pakatan Rakyat before and Pakatan Harapan now. It validates UMNO’s rhetoric that the Malay leaders in PKR and PAS then and Amanah now are DAP puppets who have sold their race to the Chinese. PKR and PAS leaders’ credibility before Malay eyes are severely and irreparably damaged. DAP’s victories sow the seeds of Pakatan’s defeat.

    This is attested by the 13th General Elections. DAP’s record winning number of 38 parliament seats was matched by an equal impressive win of 88 seats by UMNO. DAP won all the Chinese-majority seats. UMNO won 83.5% of rural seats containing 73.76% of rural Malay votes. PKR and PAS bore the brunt of UMNO’s resurgence. Malays saw the ascendancy of DAP as a challenge to Malay supremacy. Malays fearful of DAP’s agenda as told by UMNO returned to UMNO’s fold. Voting for the other Malay based parties, PAS and PKR was not an option, because they are part of Pakatan and a vote for Pakatan is a vote for DAP. UMNO’s racial rhetoric struck the right chord with the Malays. Irrational as it may sound the fear of Chinese domination and the Malay race disappearing from the face of the earth saw Malays voting to maintain Ketuanan Melayu despite UMNO’s record of financial scandals, poor governance and corruption. Fear after all, is never rational."


  13. "For the 14GE, Hadi Awang recognising this, steered PAS out of Pakatan to work with UMNO. PKR and Amanah have kept the faith. They are however, painfully aware that unless fundamental changes are made in Pakatan to attract Malay votes, DAP’s ascendancy hangs like an albatross over their heads to win Malay support.


    DAP can win all the non-Malay majority seats but these are not enough to form the government. By taking all the non-Malay majority seats and achieving dominance in Pakatan Harapan, DAP is winning the battle but Pakatan will lose the war. The tragic truth of the racial tensions and ugly reality of our ethnic divide must be dealt with in a practical manner otherwise the cracks in Pakatan may lead to permanent fissure. Failure to learn from victories lead to defeat, failure to learn from defeat lead to destruction."

    He's right.

    Actually the DAP problem is selfishness and arrogance.

    I cannot believe they are truly about cleaning up the country.

    The day I see them UNSELFISHLY campaigning for a Malay party (e.g PAS or PKR) then I will believe.

    Till then, never.

    1. Shouldnt we be thinking seriously about common educational curriculum for ALL Malaysian children.....that also gives various groups flexibility to add their own subjects

    2. i think a more permanent solution to the chinese problem is in order.

      encourage them to leave malaysia and their citizenships behind. since they are culturally capitalists, they would be attracted to where the money is.

      to me a culture, a sense of belonging, a linguistic and genetic heritage is far more important than just financial wealth.

      after all, you can't buy class. if you take the money away from them, the chinese have nothing. nothing i would want from them. they are not the most attractive people either. just google chinese plastic surgery.

      the natives should be the ones to decide who they want to live with and build a country with.

      when it comes to actual integration, i think the indians/mat sallehs/arabs are more willing than the chinese. i myself know a lot of malay/white couple.

      i lost count how many europeans i meet who could actually speak indonesian well - compared to the handful of chinese i knew. this shows willingness - which is scant coming from the chinks even though they have been here for what? 200 years? the turks in germany have way better record! that's even hardly 50 years...

  14. Anmie.....Now people don't bother about CHINESE, MALAY
    or INDIAN anyamore. We bother about LEADERS - A leader
    should be seen, heard, sound and act CLEAN. Melayu, Cina
    and India shud forget about their racial issue, instead
    focus on choosing a great and HONEST leader.

  15. But where to find such a leader? 12:58

  16. 1) If the Chinese are totally boycotted, who will bankroll all the UMNO politicians?

    2) Gerakan's win at Teluk Intan was due to a lower voter turnout as compared to GE13 as many outstation voters did not balik kampung and voted. This trend is similar to Kelantan where Kelantanese living in the state tend to go for BN but the diaspora who enjoys the city life would selfishly keep the state by voting PAS.

  17. The sheer short-sighted stupidity of Jibby's administration sticks its fat foot into its gargantuan mouth again.

    Just read that Bersih's Maria Chin forbidden to fly to Seoul to pick up human rights award.

    Just who is advising these bunch of feeble clowns?

    Should have let her go and pick up the award and get her 15 minutes of fame. After all, everything she says against Jibby can be read on the Internet. It would be her words against Jibby's.

    By banning her, it only PROVES that she's correct and Jibby's a snivelling coward who's only defence is to ban, arrest and jail.

    Stupid, dumb, bodoh, bangang...

    More ammo for foreign journos to terrify Jibby who's abroad now.

    Hey, maybe tactical conspiracy move to embarrass Jibby further in the West? Who's in charge of immigration? Ohohoh!!

    Like what Anwar did in APCET II when mahathir ws overseas.

  18. reading the commments posted here really hurts my head.

    you people are so gullible and short-sighted it's a wonder you guys manage to be alive for so long.

    everybody's a racist.

    but u don't want to admit it. you think the world is a nice colourful field with flying unicorns but reality is ugly to the core.

    people are xenophobic. they don't like "the other". which is why multiculturalism is a lie and would never work.

    it's all about "tolerance". yeah, you just tolerate someone being different enough not to kick them out of the country. there is no real sense of unity, or brotherhood.

    which is the exact problem in malaysia. we all appear "happy" and "friendly" to each other but the moment we all get home we are back to our racist enclave.

    our politics is all about what the chinese community can get or what the bumiputeras can get. we bicker over a share of a pie with each ethnic community looking only after their own.

    the chinese are just as racist if not more. they are racist at workplace, they are racist with their business network, and they are racist with their school system.

    you can never build a harmonious country with a significant 30% minority being different and wanting to stay different - there is no sense of nation building coming from these gooks.

    most of the developed countries in the world are often homogenous - in culture or genetics or language. even if such country is multiethnic, often times they have a strong national culture - a leitkultur that guarantees strong social cohesion.

    the bumis should realise that they can rule this country with majority alone. they don't need the 30%. after all, they did won the last election with numbers alone.

    so then, what good is this 30% for anyway? why should we stoop down to their demands and placating them? what do the rest of us have to gain from it?

    these are also the very people who supported communist insurgency and terrorism post WW2.

    until these gooks have genuinely swear and oath of loyalty, willing to die for this country (as our forefathers did), willing to forego their language and culture (just as you would be expected to INTEGRATE in EU or US), they will forever remain as foreigners to my eyes.

    until then please fuck off of Nusantara. we will welcome people who are willing to integrate. or people who are slightly better looking.

    you know you're not special. there's 1.3 billion of you on this planet. you're as common as the trees. you're everywhere.

    but we, we evolved here on these islands. we sea-fared all across the pacific. our genetics are older than yours. we don't have monolids. if we did it's because of influx of your genes. have you ever looked in the mirror and wished you don't inherit that trait?

    we are the natives here, just as europeans are native in europe or indians native to india. so we're not going anywhere. since you guys hate being malaysians so much, go ahead and migrate. I wanna see all of you migrate. the quicker the better.

    good luck getting accepted in western countries though. i hear they are really fond of chinks.

  19. we should make a referendum on whether the chinese should be acknowledged as citizens.

    make it like some countries in eu. you are only european if you have european blood or have integrated for generations.

    the baba and nyonyas can stay. 6 million is like what compared to 1,3 billion? it's like a rounding error. that's like a village in china.

    i'm sure they don't mind. i sure don't.

  20. Kesian Umno juga kena label despicable la, bla, bla. Chinese yang tidak akan undi Melayu tu tidak pula dilabel racist. Bagi Chinese jadi PM, mesti mereka undi BN. It's all about race, whether you like it or not. Stop hina Umno.