Monday 14 December 2015

Only yesterday

I'm supremely bored today.

Nothing that I'm trying to do can be done for now.

So, I'm just sitting here watching some anime since morning.

Anime is a major source of inspiration for me.

Well, that actually makes it not entirely not working for me because I will later on apply what I learned from the anime into my work.

My work needs me to be a bit more creative than the ordinary men on the street.

Need all the inspiration I can get to be creative.

Only took a break when my boss asked me to join her for lunch.

My boss is nice.

I'm purposely not reading anything today.

Trying not to be tempted to write about what is happening in the real world.

Especially politics.

Don't want to get depressed worrying what this country will become.

At least for the time being.

Need the break from all that anyway.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to put some extra hours for the book I'm writing when I'm not at work.

Just starting to put the draft into actual writing.

Quite tedious.

I think this book is going to take a while to finish.

Maybe I need to take a long leave and spend some time in my kampung to get the feel of things so that it will be easier for me to visualise what I'm writing.

Also need to spend time with my grandmother for more materials of the story, especially for learning how it was during those early days when my mother's family settled in Kluang.

It's a crucial part of the book.

See lah how.

I don't think the book will sell well as it's not of the usual theme that Malaysians like to read.

But it's okay as I'm not writing it for the money.

Not unlike this blog, I'm writing it more as a record keeping of my thoughts of sort.

If later on I can't get a publisher because it's very bad, I plan to just publish it online to bore the hell out of those who try to read it.

Anyway, similar to this blog, the storyline of the book is mostly inspired by anime.

It's going to be something like this movie,


  1. This guy fringing on the extraordinary in a fast-paced world

  2. Come on Annie! Cheer up! As many are there people out there who hates you, there are many more who loves your work! Its not something achieved overnight. Yes you can!!

  3. Dont worry annie....pls find pak arab who can give "derma" .. sure ur financial ok one....

  4. Good luck on your book.


  5. Good luck for your book and in-sya-Allah, adinda Ms Annie
    it will like your blog be be an inspiration for self-discovery to many.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  6. supremely bored?

    listen closely inside what was said to the rose ....

  7. Get out of the rut you seem to be in, woman.

    Bored to day, brooding yesterday, not satisfied the other day. Wake up and realize that the world is not all roses, everybody has their ups and downs, but there is a host of beautiful, productive and inspiring things to do out there.

    Set yourself objectives, get out and try to achieve them. Accept the rough and tumble, the harassment and obstacles, just tell yourself that even Ah Jib Gor faces them. Still President and PM now but there's no telling the position between now and PRU14 and especially after PRU14 if he is still at the helm.

    Have a purpose in life. The simplest is to do good for future generations as we have enjoyed the good created by past generations. It's our turn now, it's payback time in whatever little way we can.

    Maybe you already have a purpose, you keep saying the dos and don'ts to Najib in wanting the future to be good. In which case, be steadfast in your belief, never mind the ones who get paid for buttering up the powers that be, with or without a top-end BMW. Comfort yourself that there are others who don't and people like JMD still keep on whacking Najib for so long as the wrongs are not righted, the abuses are not disabused for the sake of maintaining and improving standards and values for future generations.

    And bang - and bank - on your book; bang on the keyboard and bank on your time, your energy whatever you can spare. Having a purpose in life, hopes and aspirations for the future, those are sufficient motive already for achieving success. More importantly, writing from the heart like you always do, those become the interest and form the motive for readers to want to read your book. Tell them as they are, as you feel them.

    Also tell them the mistakes that you made - no human being is free from them. Admit that you have interpreted what I said wrongly, accusing me of having an intention to kill bigoted Alvin Tan and that you wrongly condoned the bastard who desecrated and blasphemed the Qur'an by using a page of it as toilet paper and putting photos in the Facebook which the FB authorities removed for the sheer disgust of his acts.

  8. The less said about the bastard, the better. There wouldn't be any fuss if people just ignore him. Or maybe, what infuriates the believer was due to sheer inferiority complex.

  9. creative? ask jib to show how money comes and then disappear.

  10. Imagine the extent culprits and criminals will go if many people say just ignore them. Those who say that simply have no clue about the psychology of such bastards. There are enough of them in the DAP - the Red Beans and all.

    This thing called complex works both ways. Those who don't feel inferior have superiority complex. Much worse especially if "hidden hands" and the like are resorted to. In fact, resorting to such tactics may be called inverted superiority complex. Which means, also inferiority complex.

    1. Ah Jib and Jolok are one monstrosity of psycho complex.

  11. Not responding to DAP Red Beanism at PRU13 has cost UMNO and BN the two third Parliamentary majority and the popular votes. But events leading to the PAU have shown UMNO Red Beanism of a different kind has emerged. Paying of selected bloggers. A few behaving like Red Beans - crude and rude.

    Such an UMNO phenomenon is expected to be prominent at PRU14. The fear is that there would be verbal warfare of a huge proportion in the period leading to PRU14. The stakes would be high and everybody would be corrupt. Unless Najib is replaced.

    Tun Dr Mahathir is not retreating or surrendering as observed by many. He asked people to wait for his next blog post if they want to hear his opinion on the PAU.

  12. You nearing 3 million page views since March 2013 shows your popularity. Even allowing for the regulars often turning on to your pages, there must be a substantial number of visitors to your blog. And you get mentioned in other blogs as well. You should therefore develop confidence in yourself, in your writing style.

    Anime may not be the thing readers of sopo bloggers go for. Yet they may not be the majority among those who read books. Massively successful Harry Potter author JK Rowling targeted children and exploited their curiosity on the unknown, the strange and the adventurous. You might need to consult the established writers and avid readers of books to know if the anime theme would interest local and international public.

  13. William Shakespeare even wrote about the Jews (e.g Merchant of Venice) to exploit the sentiments of his audience during his time. Nothing wrong in tailoring your writing to what the readers or audience want. You may not be thinking of the money but of pleasing the readers or audience. JK Rowling must have done the same.

    Yet there have been writers whose work became popular simply because they wrote what they felt in their heart and mind, their experiences, real or imagined. The American writer Ernest Hemingway participated in the Spanish Civil War, frequented bull fights etc and wrote concerning his experiences on them. His book, The Sun Also Rises, was even produced into a film.

    1. We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life, is rounded with a sleep.

      Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

      - William Shakespeare

  14. Dear Annie,
    Only Yesterday was one creative work that inspired me to publish my part memoir part historical fiction Across the Causeway: A Singapore Childhood.
    You need to believe in your book project just as we need more 'coming of age' books from Malaysian writers.
    All the best!