Sunday 13 December 2015

Love is in the air, Jebat Must Lie and Lim Spin Spin

It's all very amusing to me.

Lim Sian See (LSS) is a pro-Najib blogger while Jebat Must Die (JMD) is a pro-Dr Mahathir.

I read LSS once called JMD "Jebat Must Lie".

On the other hand those who don't like LSS tend to call her "Lim Spin Spin".

Very hilarious indeed.

So, I read with great interest (and a smile) the part about the two bloggers in Rocky's post

BENGAP? I didn't say it was Zahid: Mukhriz (and LSS vs JMD)

I think I should point out that the JMD's article mentioned in that Rocky's posting was actually not written by JMD himself.

This is the first paragraph of that article :

Berikut adalah tulisan dari seorang pembaca mengenai ucapan Presiden Umno yang beliau dengari pagi semalam..:

JMD must had just cut and paste it from an email sent to him by a reader of his blog.

I really admire LSS for spending so much time and putting all the efforts to do the research just to refute such a cut and paste job by JMD.

Those charts LSS presented to prove her points must be hard to come by.

She must have a lot of "motivation" to go after JMD like that.

It occured to me that, either it was that or she is actually in love with JMD and wanted his attention :-)

As mentioned by Rocky, it's not the first time LSS went after JMD.

But JMD seems not to be too interested in the whole thing.

He hardly responded to LSS.

It's almost like a one-way love affair.

Well, since I know JMD and he actually tends to be charming with ladies, I would like to advise him to check out LSS.

I heard LSS is quite pretty.

Invite her for tea or something la JMD.

Don't be so sombong lah.

Who knows, maybe you will really like LSS, eh.

After all, this is a time for reconciliation.

I know JMD was somewhere in a jungle yesterday, but he should know by now that Umno president DS Najib Razak had offered an olive branch to the Umno rebels at the closing of the party's general assembly.

I hope JMD, whom I categorised as an Umno rebel can respond better to the peace offering than Umno deputy president TS Muhyiddin Yassin as reported here,

Muhyiddin insists on measures to solve problems

Well, JMD, I really think you should be sweet and meet LSS.


Make peace brader....or even better....make love....not war :-)


  1. Make love not war.
    Ban the bombs burn the bra.
    Peace & Freedom.

    1. "It occured to me that, either it was that or she is actually in love with JMD and wanted his attention" -

      Are you with me? Hehe. But if you are, I'll cease writing against you accusing me of having the intention of killing Alvin Tan, though I'd want to speak to your father about defending the bastard Alvin desecrating and blaspheming the Qur'an.

      Still waiting for you to apologize or express regret or remorse, silly girl.

      Do write your book but why stop your blog? Just don't wrongly interpret people's intentions in your comments and careful with condoning bastards like Alvin Tan.

  2. why must extend olive branch? i dont get it. its like people say last time mh17 crashed. the word crash means it goes down for perhaps technical issue / human mistake whatsnot. it didnt crash mh17. it was SHOT DOWN. the usage of some words bother me because the words imply the opposite to what really happen

    the same goes to najib extend olive branch. this one sentence made it looks like muhyiddin is wrong as if najib wants to forgive him. it made muhyiddin looked like the guilty party.

    if the gist of the talk is about finding whose fault and whose to be blamed then i think it is the other way around

    to me no need for olive branch or forgiveness or whatever. just fix all the mess and everyone goes back to normal. by saying fixing these stuffs, it means all the mess brought by najib. he is the only one that linked to 2.6billion and 1MDB. so if he has to sit out temporarily until investigation complete then he has to. there is no two way about it.

    so the ball now is in najib park. do you really want to fix this sincerely?

  3. Ah Jib Gor has no soul worth living out the rest of its days ... he knows he's totally discredited on the international stage and the Malay grassroots has exposed his underpants. He's playing his "joker" card with Muhyiddin and Shafie.

  4. Melepaskan anjing tersepit
    1) Offer pas
    2) Offer muhyiddin
    3) how about mahathir(?)
    4) nak suruh muhyiddin berlaga dengan mahathir (?)
    5) buyung time
    6) "dengan ugutan" tak setuju bererti tolak keputusan PAU
    7) berjaya resapkan isu peribadinya menjadi isu parti jika ada yang mempertikaikannya.
    8) berjaya menyelamatkan diri kali ini
    9) PAU tidak menghasilkan semangat juang dan cintakan parti tetapi lebih meraikan pengantin lelaki.
    10) Walaupun berjaya dengan kosmetik kekuatan dengan kumpulan sorak (kakitangan kerajaan) tetapi sebenarnya Muhyiddin dapat tambahan sokongan.

  5. i dont understand how is it that when you bring the country into chaos and you just " extend an olive branch" like everything will be ok after tht ?

    those are hardly the issue

    he really is just a superficial pm.

  6. Read the LSS post on Moron...Failed State from a whatsapp chat group post.

    It was well researched and fact based. How to rebut?

    Impressed, I forwarded it to several.

  7. Annie,
    What a stupid idea , by letting this justified corrupt personality carry on to be our leader until PRU 14,believe me after this PAU basi,there will be a lots of others issues that related to this corruption act by najib and his gangs thats will arise and will never stop. You know why ? , went a person start lying he start to make mistake , and to covered his mistake he will continue to lie until the rope tide his neck,only fools will be with him ever.

    1. this indian stole some food snd go to jail and die. in religion can it be fair? what will almighty think?

  8. So LSS is a woman. Huh, must have been paid very well to bother with her rather fast counter comments to JMD; and justify/support/divert attention on Najib and all his crap.

    1. better than helen about yeoh all the time only. stale bread

  9. She??????? Kahkahkahhh.. I ingat itu blogger macam apek salesman gores & menang punya, rupa2nya 'she'.. Aiiiyaaaa.. So kena tukar jadi macam 'Nyonya saleswoman gores & menang' nampaknya. Desperate sangat kut sampai masuk comment dlm JMD siap promote diri sendiri. Hehe...

  10. Lss kena la tulis panjang panjang. Nak kena justify payment yg dia dapat. Kang makan gaji buat pulak

  11. Peace offerings??!! BULLSHIT!!... all fair in love and war!!

  12. What do you mean by peace offering annie....the nation we are talking about...macam2 dah bikin...and so easily offer peace ...what the....