Wednesday 16 December 2015

PR1MA fights back powerful housing cartel

Last night I called a friend who works at PR1MA and advised him that the state-own property developer should answer some allegations in an article published by Malay Mail Online.

The news portal has quoted some "property guru" as saying the PR1MA project is "a total failure".

My friend said PR1MA would definitely do so.

To my pleasant surprise, the PR1MA team actually responded to the accusations with a statement just an hour or two later.

That was fast.

MalayMail Online published the reply by PR1MA early this morning.

This is the report on it,

PR1MA answers “reckless allegations” by property consultants

Well, it's good that PR1MA was able to quickly diffuse the situation.

Normally, these kind of attacks would take quite a while for others on the government's side to reply.

Such "reckless allegations" would fester as the answers came very late.

And after a while, despite being false, they shaped the people's perception.

By that time the explanation comes about, the people have already formed their opinion and it would be very difficult to convince them otherwise.

Managing the flow of information is very important.

As for PR1MA, this is not the first time it has came under attack.

For instance, in October, last year there was an issue raised against PR1MA.

The attack was led by the National House Buyers Association  which claimed that PR1MA was not helping prospective home owners because it works with other contractors to develop their projects.

The best rebuttal to that was by BIGCAT in one of her postings

Tinsel, who operates the blog once explained to me that she believes there's a "cartel" controlling EVERYTHING in the housing industry.

Click on the link to the BIGCAT posting and read it to know more.

The cartel is in fact so powerful that even the ministry in charge of the sector was helpless to fight it.

This cartel has a huge war chest and can even use both  the mainstream and social media, to fight anyone who try to challenge their monopoly of the industry.

I suspect the article against PR1MA quoting the so-called "property guru" yesterday was the cartel's work.

Players of the cartel see PR1MA as a threat from the start.

It's because PR1MA is set to break their monopoly and end the soaring house pricing which is currently already at a ridiculous level.

Tinsel told me back then that she suspected the cartel had even designed the high prices of property in certain areas to create "enclaves" where only a certain race could afford to buy the houses there.

Indications were that the cartel will throw more dirts at PR1MA to discredit its objective of providing affordable housing for the people.

We can expect more attacks against PR1MA soon.

Hopefully my friend and his colleagues there will continue to be on their toes.

They should fight back when attacked like they did over these past 24 hours.

Well, this one is a war worth fighting for.


  1. Cant wait for the next episode, of Un-Real Ecstatic Condo Wars:

    " The Evil Cartel Strikes Back (?)"

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Kenapa menteri kpdnkk tak mau ambil tindakan? Takde telor atau dah masuk poket...? Kajian perumahan oleh Kris institut baru2 ini jelas tunjukkan fakta bahawa harga bahan bina secara amnya telah jatuh tetapi harga rumah amnya terus naik. Bila kpdnkk nak guna Anti-profiteering Act (yg turut mencakupi sektor hartanah)????. Mkn gaji buta ke lu orang.....???? Fakta dah ada dlm kajian Kris tu, act on it fast!

  2. Annie,
    Hopefully they fight for the truth not for the matters to covered the wrong things they have done , because now a day peoples wont trust much on Najibs government since what he did to the task force and PAC in august . You know Annie why all this mess pop up so sudden by this year , because Najib and his gangs don't actually see what they are doing , what they realize are their intentions to wallop as much wealth between them . So my advise Annie if you do somethings please do its in the right way , because if its happen , you to make a mistake in long run its only hurt less , but if you do something with wrong intention ,in long run if there is a mistake its not only hurt you but also others and its will drag you down until you drown. And this will happen....just a matters of time to a person whose holding to the power.

  3. When more reliance is placed on the greedy, the more greedier it will become. There is no limit to this sort of desires. Others have suffered. They (the greedy) would forever possessed the biggest lobbies.

  4. Hi Annie,

    Bertitahnya Sultan Selangor menggambarkan terhadap bekas-bekas menteri besar beliau yang memimpin hanya untuk mendahulukan diri mereka semata, terutama sekali mengkayakan diri & kaum kerabatnya sampai termuntah bagi makan untuk mengisi tembolok mereka(seperti itik yang berkejaran berebut tembolok)sehingga 7 keturunan !
    Demikian tidak hairanlah mengapa projects dibawah kerajaan itu telah mereka rajakan habis-habisan bersama sekutunya... berpolitik dizaman sekarang hanya untuk meraih kedudukan dan gelaran dato' sana tan seri sini makanya tidak hairan memasing menggunakan gelaran tersebut sebagai tiket "orang yang terpilih" kononnya, begitu senang bermaharajalela, kelansongan sifat mengambil peluang keatas apa sahaja mesti dikaup sebanyak yang boleh... Malay-sia Boleh kan.. !!!

    à plus.

  5. Dear Annie,

    Please check deals made with the contractors for Prima. Find out how much the late JJ made from dealings with Prima contractors tthrough his appointed crony, mutalib ceo of prima....

    1. Macam biasa dengar aja nama2 ni sejak dulu. Pernah heboh pasal skim perumahan tnb. Ramai juga kontraktor yang kata terkena. Adik beradik ceo maybank kot. Geng dr sam ihsan perdana.

  6. Haiya, kalau ada clean and prudent government administration tak ada hal cartel mengarutlah. Tapi bila ah jib dan kroni dah lazim maharajalela, ikutilah teladan mereka si ah kow dan ah ngeow.

  7. I find this weird.

    For the dude who can remove AG, change PAC Chairman, etc., he can't tackle the housing cartel in Malaysia? Who is actually running the country now? Suddenly the housing cartel jadi supremo pulak. Or should I ask who is benefiting from this cartel? Somebody must be benefitting until government lead by PM Ñajib pun cannot touch them.

    Terima derma lagi ke?


  8. Quick answer is not good , quick delivery at much more affordable price is better .

    What we see so far ,'indah kabar dari rupa'.

  9. So what is the Government doing about it? The housing cartel. The economy. The cost of living rising faster by the week. Any clue? During Tun M time he was busy looking for solution. What is PM Najib and his kitchen cabinet doing ? What is it going to be now? Blame the Chinese ? Have the Government check out how many business has wind up after GST? With the sliding ringgit, how many suppliers, those in trading are faring? Boleh collect hutang. Tapi takpe la. Kita Melayu boleh puasa. Makan sekali sehari pun okay. UMNO sebenarnya bela siapa?

  10. ...of course the chinese to blame la...sudah banyak wang balik china la...


    1. Aliran wang Cina beli hartatanah, Sdr ANON 08:02
      tak terhad di Johor dan KL. Ini tak disekat kerana buat masa ini perlu wang masuk demi menahan nilai Ringgit daripada menjunam- sebab rakyat Malaysia yang dah lama melarikan simpanan beli hartatanah mewah di London dan Melbourne.

      Yang buruknya ketamakan Cina membantu Cartel menyokong harga rumah yang tinggi. Rakyat Johor jugalah yang perputih mata, huhu meloponglah tengok kerenah brutal mereka.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. Itu lah Haji. Siapa ye yang jual tanah rezab Melayu kat Teluk Danga kepada pemaju komunis China?

    3. Jangan sebut, nanti kena akta hasutan. Orang lain buat tak boleh. Orang tu buat boleh.

  11. Main issues are always land location and Land value. The world has become more competitive globally. If there is such claim like cartel or monopoly, materials can always be sourced from China.

    The only thing with prima is they need to get rid of the monopoly of supplies to them like the paint contract between the premier son and the mamak Deputy chairman son. You know who lah.

  12. If you look at it properly, you will some strange things happening. One of these is the collusion between government agencies with the private sector. Can anyone shed some light on what really happened with the piece of land transferred to DBKL for affordable housing in Datuk Keramat?

    How could this happen or be allowed to happen? How come the noisy Tengku Adnan keep himself so quiet on this matter?

    Najib appears helpless and is so very dependent on his ministers who do nothing else much but defend him. So he cannot make much noise with his loyal defenders who appear to take the opportunity to make as much money as possible from housing projects? The question about the late JJ also comes to mind.

    Annie, cartel or no cartel, government can still play its part in providing affordable housing. This is of course contingent upon government (or its officials) not partaking of the lucre from housing construction and development.