Monday 28 December 2015

Go ahead, crush everyone not on the bandwagon. Honestly, I don't give a shit....

I'm actually still not in the mood to write anything, especially politics.

Even Rocky seemed to notice my lack of enthusiasm of late in this posting,
Sultan of Johor

But just now, I saw A Voice's posting,
Giving a chance avoid the difficult choice

A Voice said he was surprised by my reaction to his earlier posting,
You are either with us or against us

I was against such an attitude and you can read what I think about it here,
Crushing the rebels...and everyone else

A Voice is my senior in blogging and I always respect my seniors.

However, I stand by my opinion that Umno and it's BN allies cannot win the next general election if the people of PM DS Najib Razak have their way of crushing people who refused to jump onto their "bandwagon".

I believe there are more neutral people out there than those who enjoy being on anyone's bandwagon.

For me, to reject them is being arrogant and not the right thing to do.

I'm of the opinion that if Najib wants to be magnanimous as he said at the recent Umno general assembly, then he should make the effort to win back the support of not only the neutrals but also those who oppose him.

I think it will only backfires if he choose to force everyone to get on his bandwagon at this stage.

I know it's not easy, but he is a leader and being a leader, he should know what needs to be done to reduce the trust deficit.

I believe that there are many out there who despite their unhappiness with Najib, would still want Umno to survive the next general election.

It will be silly to lose the support of those people by being gung ho and threatening them with things such as "You are either with us or against us".

For me, in order for the Najib's camp to win back people's trust, they need to be seen as being better than their rivals.

People don't like those who go around threatening them.

They will just quietly give you the middle finger and wait for the next general election.

But as I said in my previous posting, if the Najib's people think I'm just being a silly stupid woman, than fine, they can go ahead and proceed with their macho "you are either with us or against us".

I will not say anything anymore.

As  for A Voice's assertion that,

"Tun Dr Mahathir is a known practitioner of Sun Tzu's Art of War and Niccolo Machiavelli's Il Principe. The two works is nothing compared to W Bush."

and that,

"It should be OK to Annie because he is a handsome 90 year old and watch Star War recently at the movie theatre."

I have to say that during Dr Mahathir's premiership, Umno and BN were strong. They won the general elections with a two thirds majority without fail.

In contrast, at this moment they don't command the same amount of support from the people.

They barely made it in the last general election and even managed to lose the popular votes.

And that was when all of us pro-establishment people, including the now evil Dr Mahathir were united behind Najib.

Therefore, I don't think it's very smart to lose even more support by unnecessarily cutting off people who rather not join the Najib's bandwagon now.

Why can't everyone be focused at making peace instead?

Isn't it better to be focused on winning the general election rather than going around crushing your own friends who are not on the bandwagon?

Even the neutrals?

Do you all sincerely believe that will make Umno stronger to face the next general election?

Again, if you do, then go ahead and do it.

Make the great Umno secretary-general DS Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansur declares "YOU ARE EITHER WITH US OR AGAINST US!"

See what happened.

As for the Sultan Johor's interview with The Star,

Well, all I want to say is that....Who am I to comment on what Sultan of Johor said.

Anyway, good for DS Wong Chun Wai to get that exclusive interview with the Ruler of my home State.

I'm sure The Star will do very well in the Umno-bastion of Johor after this.

Better circulation and advertisement revenue from Johor, I guess.

So much for my sister blogger Helen Ang's campaign against the so-called back stabbing gunting dalam lipatan MCA-owned DAP-slave newspaper.


  1. Kepercayaan orang Melayu akhirnya akan mengundi UMNO kerana tak ada pilihan dan tak sampai hati serta melayu mudah lupa terus menjadi pegangan majoriti pemimpin umno.

    Plus, naikkan sikit BRIM atau tambah gula atau belanja secawan kopi plus kain pelikat + kain batik + salam, tepuk-tepuk bahu - orang Melayu akan mudah dipujuk.

    Hakikatnya betul masa lalu tetapi tidak kini.

    Dulu kesilapan pemimpin setakat lupa daratan tetapi kini rakyat (bukan sahaja orang Melayu) merasakan kerajaan sekarang "to much" melampau, menzalimi dan sampai ke tahap pengkhianatan, jual bangsa jual negara...

    Jadi kalau pemimpin sanggup melingkupkan rakyat dan negara, jom rakyat sambut - sama sama kita berputih mata berputih tulang.

    Akar umbi sudah tidak akan bertungkus lumus lagi sekadar memewahkan pemimpin seperti ketua bahagian atau wakil rakyat - pergi mampus !!!!

    Tak percaya? Turun dan tinjau tinjau lah.

    Sultan, above politics - jadi tak perlulah ulas sebab penderitaan rakyat takkan sampai masuk ke dapor Istana.

    1. Agreed. Malays are not stupid anymore. My family is not going to vote BN. We will destroy the ballot papers. Otherwise there wont be any change. I am with you Kluangman.


  2. Dear Annie,

    You are spot on when you said there are many who, despite their unhappiness with Najib, would still want UMNO to survive the next GE.

    I, for one, am very, very unhappy with him.

    I used to believe in him, from his days as Education Minister right up to the end of 2014. I was rooting for him.

    Then came the 1MDB, SRC, and RM2.6 billion "donation" fiascoes.

    How he mishandled everything. How he goofed. How he fumbled.

    And the worst thing that could have ever happened was he lied, not once but many, many times.

    As a leader, he must not only be clean but he must be seen to be clean.

    He failed miserably. He let UMNO down, he let the whole nation down.

    He could have taken the right and honourable way by stepping aside gracefully, while letting a full and impartial investigation to go on.

    Or he could have stepped down honourably and save the nation from the agony of tearing itself apart.

    He chose neither and the rest as the say, is history.

    So what are the options of people who loves UMNO, come the 14th GE?

    Voting for the other side is unthinkable.

    So just stay at home and don't vote.

    Or, maybe, just give BN the vote for the state/DUN seat and withhold the vote for the parliamentary seat.

    Or just spoil your votes.

    Whatever way I choose, I will for sure will not let Najib benefit from my votes.

    I have had enough of him. And so too, I think, a great number of people in this country.

    Hopefully, let's have a happy new year.

    May the new year brings us good tidings.

    1. Totally agree with you. If Najib were to step down before the next GE, we will see a 2004 again, where BN won with a landslide,otherwise BN will have the worst election result that will be impossible for it to recover for a long, long time.

    2. just want to vote for party on race and religion?? we are just sliding backwards with rising cost of living and low wages. even indon, viets, thais are moving up but we are going. we need s caliber person not some clowns. look at minister we had are talking rubbish. eat kangong, wait up early to beat traffic jam and moonshine getying 3 or 2 jobs. where is the vision 2020? dont be blurr to vote race n race party


    3. 18.17

      Let's agree to disagree.

      To me, the opposition and especially DAP, is bigoted and racist to the core.

      So, let's not start talking about race and religion here.

      It will never end.

    4. I knew Najib had indicated himself as unworthy of any trust when he was the Defence Minister.

    5. 22.29 umno not only race but also religion. worst you are very happy with the quality of ministers. you follow them eating kangkong. wake up early to avoid toll jam and have 2 jobs? the rest are 40 thieves. those who are capable have left the race and religion party. you chose to follow turkey or iran


    6. 09.25

      Therein lies your weakness, painting everything black with one stroke of the brush.

      There are people who think with with their brains, but unfortunately you are not one of them.

      And debating with a no-brainer is a complete waste of time.

    7. 10.56
      i no brainer. u brainer follow ministers eating kangkong, awake up early to avoid toll jam and person with 3 jobs. how to debate with capt umno or umno heroes?


  3. Let crushed each other , if that's what they want, "biar berputih tulang jangan berputih mata".

    1. jibby is supposed to be the leader but he's reducing our family to dust.

    2. OSTB poser:

      "The question is how many PMs before this:-
      - set up a company using taxpayers money
      - got involved with dubious characters
      - siphoned out money outside the country, then brought it back disguised as 'donations'
      - broke their own Bank Negara rules
      - fired the AG,
      - fired the DPM,
      - removed the head of the SB, - jailed people etc "

      Well,... who's meaner? Jabba the Hutt the galactic gangster or.... Jibbi the ButtHutt, master of the universe?

  4. Annie hormat senior blogger, kira oklah tu. Masalahnya yang konon senior blogger tu langsung tak tunjuk hormat yang lain2, termasuk Tun M, TS Sanusi seumpamanya. Bila sebut ABITW, teringat kes Airasia.

    Pasti ramai yang tidak bersetuju bila Annie kata Najib boleh mengatasi trust deficit jika penyokong2nya bersikap lebih lunak kepada penentang. Lebih ramai yang berpendirian Najib sudah tidak mempunyai kredibiliti dan tidak dipercayai sebagai pemimpin. Hanya dengan Najib meletak jawatan, BN boleh mendapat talian hayat dalam PRU. Sikap Najib dan penyokongnya amat menjengkelkan. Semuanya telah menjadi satu pakej yang tidak boleh dipisahkan. Semua harus disibgkirkan sekaligus.

    Kebanyakan blogger perasan bagus dan menyangka mereka ada pengaruh yang kukuh. Maka mereka menulis kononnya untuk mempengaruhi khalayaknya. Hakikatnya pembaca blog adalah golongan yang sama tahap atau mungkin lebih tinggi tahap pemikiran daripada blogger. Bila isi tulisan hanya bertaraf sampah, khalayak dapat menilainya dan melayan tulisan itu seadanya. Blog to unblock Tun Mahathir pun bermula untuk menyampaikan idea dan bukan bertujuan mempengaruhi khalayak tapi mendapat sambutan luar biasa.

    Mungkin sebab itu ramai yang suka cara Annie. Menulis dari hati secara jujur dan bukan cuba mempengaruhi pembaca. Tak perlu nak tapis komen selain yang berbaur lucah, sensitif dan berisiko perundangan. Tahniah Annie dan harap Annie terus menulis blog dan berjaya sebagai pengarang buku yang diusahakan. Tentang Najib dan BN, mereka memilih nasibnya sendiri.

  5. President Clinton fell not because of his affair with Lewinsky, the American public can forgive him for that, but because he lied about it and tried to cover it up. Same goes for President Nixon in the infamous Watergate scandal.
    Everyone make mistake, and people can understand and forgive, but nobody likes a liar.

    1. You will lie bigger to cover up your last lie until you have dug your own grave. And angels are recording you for the inevitable judgement.

  6. Dear Annie,

    If you do not give a shit anymore, just let them be and stop whining or writing about them. If they think they are God, just also let them be. They only know how to write but it seems they have difficulties to read history. Should they pick up any books regarding the fall of Roman Empire, Persian Empire and up to the British Empire, presumably they will understand.

    Just let it the Malay saying, biarkanlah luncai terjun dengan labu-labunya.

    Shahrizal Kamal

    1. Bro. luncai lanun ni tak akan terjun seorangan tapi dia tu akan bawa negara kita semua jatuh ke dlm lubang penghinaan utk dihambakan oleh megakorporat sedunia. Mana ada accounting yang munasabah?

  7. Is she for real..or is rathe she real...

  8. a criminologist once said "politicians are just like thieves, you can never catch them except red handed" ds najib is in that kind of situation now.

  9. Annie, you are being nostalgic. In my more than half a century of life, I have always been an armchair follower of politics.My political awareness began when I was 12 years old in 1975 when my primary school teacher was a staunch supporter of UMNO.
    In my memory, Najib is not the only Prime Minister who 'lies. Tun M also lied when he said he trusted Anwar. He lied when he was cross examined in court during PKFZ trial by saying 'I forgot' or 'I don't remember'. How can he remember so many things and yet he conveniently forget certain things.
    As the Sultan of Johor said, every Prime Minister makes mistake.
    I don't care who is the President of UMNO. But i really care about UMNO's survival.
    Jangan jadi seperti pepatah melayu 'Marahkan nyamuk Kelambu di Bakar'.Itulah yang sedang dilakukan oleh the so-called pencinta UMNO.If you really love UMNO, put your trust for UMNO to replace their leaders throughr internal mechanism

    Prof Kangkung

    1. I think you need to read carefully what I wrote. It's actually about "you are with us or against us". It's not about Dr Mahathir or Najib lying but about how Umno wants to move forward before the next general election. Does it wants to cut off everyone who don't support Najib or win them back over so that they will still vote for Umno even if they still don't like the party president? Ask yourself that, okay.

    2. Prof you are really kangkung. You dont seem to understand what Annie is saying. Why you like to mention Tun M all the time when Annie's article is about something else.

    3. He is a KANGKONG, he cannot think further than his own nose.If he don't blame Tun Dr.Mahadir for all Najib's misfortune, than he is profesor Carrot. Only kangkong thinks, if a person lies, another is allowed to lie too.

    4. maybe [Anonymous29 December 2015 at 11:07] was reading the comments after mine [Anonymous29 December 2015 at 08:45]. therefore he/she forgot what Annie wrote.
      my point is PM/UMNO/BN need to start answering questions, and i mean really answering them instead of the incomprehensible garbage responses and vile attacks on critics and investigating bodies. that, if done carefully, should attract some of the neutrals currently avoiding BN, which i believe is mainly young ie below 40, urban and active on social media .
      but for most folks even including BN supporters the cost of life is no 1 issue, the complaints of parents on expensive school essentials (uniforms, shoes, books, etc) is front page in today NST, mentioned in STAR and other newspapers, and also brought up by NGOs. Its because of GST they say. And the government/progov bloggers response is...

    5. Prof Kangkung,
      where do get the fact about Tun M said I forgotten or I don't remember during PKFZ trial. Actually u mudah lupa . have u read the transcript? Bro , Tun M cakap I don't remember masa Lingam's video kes la . u know why Tun M said I don't remember ? that tribunal carry no legal impact n Pak Lah cuma nak malukan Tun M

  10. I love Najib. Non-Muslims seeing the alternative will vote for Najib. Anyway, most non-Malays eke out the own living virtually without any help from the government. Non-Malays have better prepared. Savings? Trifty. Children's education? Chinese schools and private education. Jobs? Private sector or doing business and now looking at China. Non-Malays want Najib.

    1. Ali Tinju was freed. Looks like Najib had made the "Non-Malays" 'love' Najib for GE14 . Or is it, just like they 'love' Pak Lah', when he was about to resign?

    2. ler siao lang ting tong ... love tai gor jib?

    3. you just join jibby being greatest liar. just look why there is bersih

  11. With the stance "YOU ARE EITHER WITH US OR AGAINST US!" Najib and his gangs are treading, a new political party will crop-up to contest next GE against UMNO and BN. I'm against this idea though, but what the heck. Perkasa or ISMA should rise to this occasion.

    1. cash is king. w/o cash from 2.6 b ali and isma have to eat kangkong, work on 2 jobs and wake up early. ali has been contracted to washing all those dirty clothes

  12. You have said it all Annie, your thoughts are with us.

    The senior bloggers are being stimulated by their metal masturbation.

  13. Mousiuer Pouqimacque29 December 2015 at 17:32

    Anon12:50, agree with you. I like many have realised how rotten Malaysia has become. By fate I was born here, very little I can do. But, by destiny my children's future need not be here. I have spent a king's ransom educating my children abroad. So, they have an option, to return or chart out a new dream. Of course they won't be missed. The new Malays- Banglas,Africans, Rohingyas and other riff-raffs can take my children's place.

    1. With the amount of money you spent on them, the least they can do is to take you with them to alleviate your misery.