Wednesday 30 December 2015

A song to remember

Tomorrow is the last day of the year.

I will remember this year mostly for the Umno rebellion.

The ripple effects, I believe, will be felt for years to come.

The rebellion also affect my personal life in a big way.

After tomorrow, I will be shifting to adapt to all the changes.

Just going back to basics but lots need to be done.

Wish I don't have to, but I have no choice in this matter.

Can't go on the way it is now.

Well, still one more day to go.

Just want to be cool for now and enjoy what's left there is to it.

Yup, there's nothing really to fear.



  1. Don't forget the 2.6 billion that triggered everything that dampened the Malaysian hope of batter Malaysia .

  2. Don't worry, like in Star Wars the Rebellion had to lose the battle to win the war.

  3. Hei you sinners
    Put your lights on

    Can we expect more crap to come in 2016 from the simners or 2016 will be the beginning of the end for the sinners ?

    The sinners must know this already.