Monday 7 December 2015

Being positive about Johor

Not doing much since morning except telling my juniors what they need to do today and sending out a few emails.

Don't feel like writing anything serious.

I did the last posting on MIROS in Bahasa Malaysia yesterday simply to keep off my mind from the passing of Tunku Jalil which greatly sadden me.

I think that post is not too bad.

It's nice to do something different once in a while.

Anyway, I'm planning to do another posting on the late prince after the Johor royal family's mourning period.

Can't do it now as it may be too emotional.

I actually spent a lot of time yesterday thinking of my home state Johor.

I thought I don't care about it anymore after what happened there these past two and a half years.

At one point, I even started telling people that I had adopted Pahang as my home state.

But when Tunku Jalil passed away on Saturday, it made me think about the good people and things there.

The late prince was an inspiration for everything that are good about Johor.

His passing made me realised that I still love my home state and that I want what is best for it.

Maybe I have been too negative all these while.

Well, at least I have told myself to stop whacking MB DS Mohd Khaled Nordin and his people.

Now I just hope that they will do the right things and correct the wrongs before the next general election.

I don't want to contribute to the opposition's efforts to capture the state.

I can't bear the thought of Johor being ruled by a coalition of parties led by DAP.

Hopefully there will be no more major mess up there by Khaled and his team.

Whatever it is, I intend to write positive stuff about Johor from time to time after this.

For that I have among others updated my blog roll to include Chuah Bee Kim's latest,

Chuah is a senior JB-based journalist with New Straits Times.

She writes mostly simple everyday stuff about what's happening in Johor in her blog which also includes her articles of such as published in NST.

Her posts are generally about the positive side of Johor, which I found to be helpful since I want to remind myself more about the good people and things in my home state.

This latest blog is her third, if I was not mistaken.


  1. Singapore in Malaysia Premier League7 December 2015 at 16:00

    You forgot about Singapura. Singapura is part of Johore Sultanate and should therefore be allowed to play in Malaysian Football league.
    A team of Malay youths manage to beat the imported players in this year FA Cup.
    Helping Singapore malay youths to expand sports wise is the least Malays in malaysia can do.
    Stupid Annuar Musa should not complain about cost of travelling.
    Sabah and Sarawak is further..
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  2. "Being positive about Johore"

    Just keeps on hopping , what else we could do ?.

  3. Wow not a bad huh, got juniors working for you .... may the senior be worthy of their respect.

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  5. Muhyiddin streaming KSS is now started

  6. Go to Johor Bahru there's a white lapidated run down building just on front side of Istana Besor. This building was officiated by Muhyiddin when he was MB. In the speech he mentioned the project cost is about 6 billion Ringgit. This building have ever been an eye sore and spoilt the landscape and spatial values of Istana Besor. Will it be Muhyiddin monument and legacy? Heh heh heh

  7. Looking back 19yrs from where I am...(Pahang Darul Makmur).2 month ago meet with His Royal Highness The Sultan of Pahang in Jakarta.Menjunjung kasih Tuanku,Rindu pada negeri kelahiran terubat.Welcome to Pahang DarulMakmur Annie.

  8. We are witnessing the last days of Najib, his Queen and his dwindling empire. Don't be so joyful as the incoming supreme leader may be worse.

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