Saturday 26 September 2015

Malay heroes

Ever since I started blogging, I identify myself more as a Muslim Malay.

Most DAP cybertroopers who hang out at this blog see me as a Chinese-hating Malay racist.

Well, actually I'm not.

As I previously wrote, I love my Chinese mother, my Chinese grandparents, my Chinese cousins, my Chinese aunties, etc.

I even love my Chinese ex despite him being such a bastard.

How can I hate the Chinese when the only one I have ever allowed to.....well never mind....I think you all got my point.

Still, I like the Malay side of myself very much.

Being Malay is unique, because I think there are so few of us in this world as compared to the billions of Chinese.

My ex once told me that his younger sister thought that I'm sort of an exotic girl just because I'm a Malay and dating her brother who is quite a common Ah Beng Ah Seng type.

Well, that's until she found out that I'm as sepet as her and she actually only out-Chinese me because she eats pork while I'm not.

Nonetheless, I made it a point to speak in Malay whenever I was speaking to his elderly parents and in English to his siblings.

They can't speak Mandarin anyway and my Cantonese is rather pathetic.

I quite miss his kind and gentle mother now that I don't go to his family home anymore.

Whatever it is, I was definitely proud of being sort of a Malay.

My Malay hero back then was former Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman, who is a really good leader and principled man.

Every time someone accused all Malay leaders in Umno as being corrupt, I would point them to Ghani and said that's one Umno Malay leader who is incorruptible.

But these days I find it a bit harder to be proud of being a Malay.

I think the latest Malay role models are less than inspiring.

In fact, most of them are quite dodgy characters.

There is this Red-shirts leader Jamal ikan bakar Sekinchan who was arrested last night in connection with the planned rally at Petaling Street today.

Then of course we have Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa,

And also this really weird character Rani Kulup of the "kipidap" fame,

Really not much choice isn't it?

Unless of course if you all don't mind KJ very much....

Not bad ehh....

So macho and manly.

I know, a lot of people still can't forgive him for those fourth floor days,,,,but really, who else are there other than KJ?

Well, there's this Kedah MB, seen here joining the kampung folks cutting up meat on Hari Raya Haji,

But some of you already branded his father as a liar and traitor to Islam, Malays and Malaysia.

So, if the father is like that then I guess the same goes for the son as their ancestry was even traced all the way back to the traitor Mendeliar Kutty who sold out the Malacca Sultanate to the invading Portuguese in 1511.

Errr....actually, I don't believe such bullshit but you all can read about it here,

Mendacious Mendeliar 

So how Malays?


  1. How? Hoping you don't mind me saying so, this post is both pleasant and endearing but at the same time somewhat naughty and teasing on the Malay-Chinese and your "ex" thing.

    Glad you call him a bastard, Annie. Lepas geram aku sikit pagi ni, Kenal tak kenal pun, siapa kata tak boleh jealous, haha.

    1. Spot on, 6.31

      Annie should move on instead of lamenting the fact that her (unfaithful?) ex had dumped her ignominiously in every other posting. Seriously Annie, there are other fish in the ocean, or as the Malays say - kumbang bukan seekor.

      Life doesn't stop when your ex left.

    2. Aunty Annie didn't ask for any advice, just a shoulder to cry on, that's where most men fail to understand women, try to give advice when in reality she's just like any other females who only need a great listener.
      Though you gave that to him, but he's not so great huh? So, no worries, I saw less bimbo in you lately :)

  2. I've been whacking the DAP buggers in quite a few blogs but have not noticed much of them in here in recent times.

    I refuse to call them cybertroopers or Red Bean "Army" - they are not formidable at all, only a band of bandits using so many names but never an "army", have only nuisance value, destructive to national unity and nation building, often anarchistic, not respecting the Constitution and the laws emanating from it.

    Ever ready to whack them any time, maybe I ceased to entertain their incorrigible kind of language and provocation once or twice in the past, but generally won't mind confronting them with facts and arguments at all.

    1. We badly need the integrated national school curriculum bro. ... cos we're plagued with ah bengs, ah lians and mat bukits.

    2. Assuming you mean Single Stream education, agree with you fully, bro 815.

      Best decision TS Muhyiddin made - History compulsory in schools. The no-like History, non-Constitution-respecting DAP fellows' new generation starting from 2013 should be less problematic.

      But Single Stream education would be the answer to many of our national unity problems. Good to hear Muhriz, the new Education Minister, urging community leaders to discuss the need for that.

      I hope the others don't exploit the Malays' generosity in agreeing to the non-Malays' citizenship right at Merdeka and relaxing the rules for the issue of citizenship certificates after Merdeka by demanding status quo.

      The pendatang in Thailand, the Phlippines and Indonesia have to use local names, local dresses and forgo many aspects of their culture, required to integrate with the local population. We have not demanded those but certainly expect SS education be implemented for the sake of long-term racial harmony and national unity.

    3. Sep2013

      1 usd = rm3.21
      1 sgd = rm 2.56

      This morning,

      1 usd = rm4.40
      1 sgd = rm3.08


      1 usd = rm6-7?
      1 sgd = rm4-5?

      Who do we blame?

      Will our young mothers just above the present 'poverty level' be able to afford powdered milk?

      The people in control, of course.

    4. Who in control? Pls say.

      Not TS Zeti, BNM Governor. She been saying things will improve after 1MDB etc settled down.

      Who responsible 1MDB? Top man lorr. People want him out, maaa.

    5. I was born and raised as by very poor rubber tapper parents woriking in an estate.I am now a lecturer in a UA (Universiti Awam previously known as IPTA). I was given a scholarship to study overseas due ti my relatively 'good' SPM results even though my SPM results were poor compared to my brilliant Chinese classmates who didn't get the scholarship. Now tow of my children are studying overseas under government scholarship.
      With this background do you expect me to abandon the BN government?

      Prof Kangkung

    6. I don't think you are Prof Kangkung The way you write shows you are Tongsan Tongkang. Red Bean arr?

    7. Yup anon 1015.., that socalled prof sounds like Rba. Only know how to provoke and write deceitful cock sing song to denigrate the kind hearted Malays of Malaysia.

    8. Hehe. I am definitely not a red bean

      Prof Kangkung

    9. Yes single education stream is the way forward but I want to see all religious aspects left out of the education system.

    10. 9:44

      May 2018

      1 USD = rm6
      1 Sgd = rm4

      Cukup lah

      Barang Naik

      Habis lah!

  3. We're screwed big time. Time to act like the Myanmar's patriots I presume? We have politicians ever thinking of getting 120 percent salary hike while their voters get a mere 15 percent because they are graduates. Not like the majority SPM holders we desperately needed to enrich. We have Malay leaders getting money in their private accounts only to be exposed. If not we will never ever know we have billionaires n millionaires as our peoplish leaders. We need a reboot of our corrupted system. Some thinking like the isis way. Or even perhaps the Iraq cleansing type by the Americans. Will the true Malay leaders step up to the plate? Well thanks to the system that barred professionals and civil servants from politics and thus open the floodgate to stupid loyal greedy money centred people into politics especially UMNO. Time for a plan C?

    1. "Time to act like the Myanmar's patriots"? Wat u mean one, Mister?

      "120 percent salary hike while their voters get a mere 15 percent because they are graduates"? I don't think it was becasue they are graduates. Maybe because they are stupid politicians. Not all graduates are smart, not all politicians are clever. Definitely bloody self interest on salary decisions. Both sides of the divide - Khalid proposed MB Selangor's salary higher than a PM, remember? Complete tarak akai.

  4. Why do public servants have to resign in order to participate in the general elections? Should we impose this rule of thumb to greedy contractors and businessmen as well? Take the risk of being out of job and income to join politics? We ourselves have drained our potential leaders from politics. All we got know mostly are professional politicians. Stupid but loyal till death.

    1. Public servants are expected to be neutral when carrying out their work.

      They are expected to implement the policies of whoever government in power - whoever that wins the general elections. Monyet included, and quite a few of them exist in governments all over the world, not just Malaysia.

      If loud-mouth terribly egoistic Donald Trump ever becomes US President, he'd be a baboon, still the US civil servants would have to implement his policies.

      Malaysian rules - any civil servant wants to stand for elections or be active in politics, he has to resign. Be an ordinary, non-active member of a political party, no need to resign.

  5. tun m was a malay hero...until he attacked the other malay heroes....and want only his name at the top...dont u ever wonder why he never attack chinese now....he is a bitter old man....and cannot stand it when others dont listen to him....n need to control everything....surprisingly he cannot control his own family....marina a lose cannon...mokhzani got really rich n was top 10 richest malaysian at one point....his adopted kids are sexually questionable....mukhriz is himself weak as a what now ..

    1. Disagree with you. Who are "other Malay heroes" Tun M attacked? Defined your word hero, pls.

      You make so many "wild, unsubstantiated and unjustified allegations". You an Oppo Hippo, eh? DAP or PKR?

    2. marina - not proof old man mahathir not "control everything?
      mokhzani - anything wrong he is rich? got proof he did it by breaking law?

    3. it was a big issue to opposition when mokhzani got really rich.....if the media sosial back then was as hype as now tun m would be crushed himself just like what he is doing to najib now but yaaaa...he stayed on for 22 years coz he controlled evrythng

    4. Mukhriz is definitely weak...nice guy though....but to make it to the top you have to be tough and smart KJ sure he is just waiting to take revenge on Tun M after what Tun did to Tun Abdullah Badawi....the other Malay hero after Musa Hitam, Tun Daim, Tengku Razaleigh ..Tun Hussein many Malay leaders that Tun M stepped on...except they are too polite to say.

    5. Correction 17.52

      Tun Ghaffar Baba was not ousted by Tun M. That was Anwar's doing.

    6. Tun M knew what Anwar was doing but still he let him ousted Ghaffar anyway ...poor guy...
      In fact Tun M already know what kind of person Anwar is but still he left him to freely managed the country at that time...

    7. tun m actually made a mistake pegging the ringgit....coz in order to do this gov needed to spend more to control the currency but people dont realise this. u dont see other countries pegging theirs at the moment right?...

  6. Jamal ikan bakar is useless, exploiting everything he can find to promote himself, not much Umno. In the process, he is seditious, creates ill feelings among races. Good that Police arrested him.

    But Perkasa Ibrahim Ali is a man of some substance. He was an MP more than one term, what.

    People call him racist mainly because he is very pro-Malay. I don't mind him because he normally speaks for NEP, Malay unity and such things. In line with the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, what.


    1. Let's forget the disgruntled Malays and Chinese, Sdr ANON 10:23
      Regardless who they vote for, DS Mohd Najib is rightly pouring the development $ on the 1.9+ million Bumis in Sabah and 1.7+ million in Sarawak

      We also can't forget some seriously marginalised Hindus. MCA can leave the government and join DAP if they continue their increasingly irritating everything-want comments.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. I'm disgruntled over the RM 42 billion no-go "sovereign wealth fund" - jibby called his mountainous debt-laden 1MDB. Don't make comments about the disgruntled, if you belong to the bangsatwan's camp.

    3. I honestly don't know where MCA and Gerakan are heading, Hj Zain. They ought to be told again and again to focus on getting back the seats they lost at PRU13. Najib has not been seen or heard doing so.

      Meanwhile the Cina Bukit DAP is holding on steadily to their Chinese tsunami crowd. Subverting their minds and attitude against MCA, Gerakan and the BN Government. MCA and Gerakan ought to be whacking them back each time they make even snide remarks against the BN component partners as well as the BN.

      I thought MCA would improve in attitude, strategies and effectiveness since the time they resolved their long-suffering leadership crisis. Obviously they haven't. DAP also has leadership problems although, with a dictatorship leadership, the disgruntled only grumble and jostle outside public knowledge.

  7. was his father still owes a fortune to mahathir when that fella was top cop? and still living on mahathir favour these days. so his old man is very grateful but they say a noble man does not necessarily produce a noble son.

    some noble men are so unlucky their children are basstarrds. like what we have here. this is not his war so just chill it enjoy the show and sip vsop bottle after bottle

    many moons have passed since nazir's junk economic comment yet no one even former igp son or salleh keruak decided to shut up for some reason. possibly they know nuts about this but bigger surprise was the total silence from the finance ministers. or the economic committee. is husni still around? or has he still head in the sun over rationalisation plan after his brouhaha nothing happening to arul kanda company. i mean the company belongs to the nation with 42 billion in debt. and ah please ask arul to not talk too much, everyone knows the company is so much in danger. just do your job.

    one day passed since the guy from PRC office visited one place and utter silence from everyone including the so called brave man from sabah whose brother is the sabah top man. bugis been running around about foreign intervention but nothing say about this interference. so does the dpm. possibly they gone kitty cat mode.

    1. "was his father still owes a fortune to mahathir when that fella was top cop?" What meaning one, please. Who was op cop?

      "nazir's junk economic comment"? What did he say? Sayang lorr you wrote long comment but many me no unnerstand maaa


  8. Best balanced marriages between Chinese and Malays, adinda Ms Annie
    to get the best of $ driven where's the money today and less material Mahmuddah Islamic values.

    Chinese parents do not send their children to national school or MRSM for fear of diluting good '000 years Chinese/ Confucian values. Chinese are howeverl losing '000s of their Chinese child every year who give up on marrying with another where's the money for me huhu from you today Chinese. These young Chinese educated are wowed by the difference in values of Malays they meet in the workplace. Malays on the hand really respect the commercial acumen of the Chinese- so marriage made in Heaven(?) ada?

    Haj M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Chinese have been adaptable. They originally had Confucian values, then adopted Taoist ones, by the 5th Century AD, all of China was Buddhist as well. What one History Professor said "practising all three different religions a the same time" as a triple insurance against calamity. Perhaps ultra kiasu-ism started from the 5th Century in China.

      But wanting more, more and more has limits. Must not encroach on the rights and privileges of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak who have their Special Position enshrined in the Constitution of the country. As the quid pro quo for the citizenship right agreed to for the non-Malays.

      The DAP Cina Bukits have also adopted Evangelical Christianity values, whatever they may be in this country. They don't respect the Constitution fully, especially the sensitive Articles that are protected under the Sedition Act. They should, and must be told to do so endlessly. The alternative for them is to migrate. Been said so even by well-known personalities.


    2. Great analysis from you, Sdr ANON 14: 21
      and frustratingly for some after finding that more Western Abrahamic religion their children then find favour a more oneness/ Tawhid relationship
      ( al-Quran, 9:: 31 )
      vs Trinity and Original Sin doctrines.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  9. Annie, UMNO la yang dah jadi bodoh dan bahalol. Pada masa ini mereka menggunakan majoriti org melayu sebagai talian hayat utk kepentingan pemimpin pemimpin mereka. Orang melayu cuba dibahalolkan dan dibangangkan oleh umno, akan tetapi yg termakan adalah org umno. Umno sudah tidak mewakili majoriti org melayu. Melayu umno dan melayu malaysia adalah berbeza. Memilih jamal ikan bakar sebagai penggerak kepada perhimpunan org melayu adalah penghinaan yg amat besar kepada bangsa melayu. Itu sebab umno sudah tidak relevan lagi utk melindungi kaum bumiputera dan bangsa bangsa lain dinegara ini

    1. Ha nya satu perkataan untuk kamu - balderdash.

      BM nya - kepala hotak kamu sudah basah.

    2. Anon 14:25
      Ada satu perkataan utk hang jugak - baldershit

      BM nya - kepala hotak hang penuh dengan taik!


    3. Tak habis habis RBA menghasut Sdr ANON 20:47
      DAP aja yang betul, dgn tiada bahasa lain melainkan yg kesat, mulut taik meleleh(?)

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  10. Crossbred is represented by a right toned skin color. They probably sort to think that they bear the requisite of a worthy DNA templet. However, their preferences and biases are no different from others.

    Those political Malay actors (brown-skin) mentioned have been stereotyped as being suckers and stained characters. Collectively, they were perceived to be hopeless by comparison except or maybe Mukriz is not.

    I think we should learn to treat people individually by their own merits

    1. Ya'all may have all the colours under the rainbow for all I care.

      Only don't go for tattoos, please. So damn ghastly, man. Or woman.

      And tattoos at strange places on the bodies ... private parts, too?.. .. aawwwwww Gawddddd.....

      Btw, when you go for colours, don't go for rainbow, please ... you;d get bludgeoned by Fred Flintstone Guan Eng ...

  11. Woi Annie, why you put photo of that Kulop fella out there?

    I've nothing personal against him but for what he has been reported in the media to have been doing, he looks really kulop (uncircumcized). Not lewd but pun, ok?

  12. And KJ's photo to counter Kulop's? Poor choice, Ma'am.

    The fler wants to be PM by 40. That's to morrow or the next day, you know.

    And of late he doesn't seem to know where he should stand.