Monday 7 September 2015

Outdoing the Chinese

There's this comment in my last posting

Preserving Malays' dignity

which I believe was by a supporter of the planned "Maruah Melayu" rally,

Haha.kalau melayu nak berdemo mcm mcm alasan cina bagi.kalau cina nak berdemo diorg x dgr kata illegal gathering pun diorg buat pekak is about time for us Malays we can do better than the chinese in whatever we do including organizing a peaceful demonstration

So, it's about outdoing the Chinese, is it?

As I wrote in that posting, if the organisers of the planned rally insist on getting along with it, they better make sure they have enough participants to outdo the Bersih 4, which was dominated by the Chinese.

And they must also make sure their people are better behaved than the Bersih 4 participants.

Otherwise, they will not only make a fool of themselves but also make the Malays a laughing stock of the world.

I just saw at Jebat Must Die this video,

I think the Maruah Melayu organisers need to come out with an even better video than that during their planned rally in Bukit Bintang on Sept 16.

Otherwise, malu lah.

As for Umno members who want to join the planned Maruah Melayu rally, they should read what Jebat wrote in his posting which came with the Bersih 4 video,

The ugly side of Umno


There was approximately 400,000 vote difference between BN and Pakatan in 2013 which Pakatan won on popular votes. That is about 3.5% difference.
Pakatan need less than 200,000 extra votes against BN to takeover the government, which could be translated to gaining another 23 seats to become a government. Currently, BN has about 25 seats which were won with under 2,000 majority votes indicating they are in a precarious position indeed.
If we are being conservative and multiply 100,000 people that went for Bersih with 3 (average number of voters in a family), that is already 300,000 votes lost by BN.
Coupled with millions of new voters registering between 2013 to 2017, where the majority are the youths which Umno had castigated for joining Bersih, then the signs are clear to see.


  1. The 100,000 people that Jebat said went for Bersih are not "votes lost by BN" as JMD claims.

    Those wearing the yellow T-shirts are already staunch DAP supporters.

  2. "If we are being conservative and multiply 100,000 people that went for Bersih with 3 (average number of voters in a family), that is already 300,000 votes lost by BN."

    This number already factored in. They all are against the government and already voted for Pakatan in the last GE.

  3. I don't think the September 16 rally got to do with Malay dignity, honor or pride. No does about the numbers of racist attendees nor to undo the Chinese.

    Whats' important would be the voices to express the freedom of expression against the recent unlawful assembly of Bersih 4 sponsored by chauvinist DAP with motive of aggravating the status qua.

    In mind, the catch 22 may sparks unnecessary situation detrimental to racial peace and harmony.

    1. 110% agree with you bro. It doesn't matter if 99% of the participants are Malays, we can still claim that gathering is the gathering of Malaysians. let the Bersih organizer get to taste the bitterness of their own medicine

  4. Saudari Annie,

    Saya rasa tidak ada masalah kalau nak buat demo.

    Syaratnya kena buat dengan "aman".

    Tidak perlu tunjukkan keganasan seperti baru-baru ini dengan pertunjunkkan orang yang seperti dirasuk dan dipukul dengan kayu..

    Buat demo macam ikut orang yang bertamaddun. Khairy Jamaluddin patut jadi ketua, dia kelulusan oxford, paham macamana nak buat demo secara aman.

    Jangan yang ketua bahagian yang anjurkan tayangan pukul dan ada juga yang tuang cat merah, ini contoh orang yang baru keluar dari hutan.

    Tidak salah berdemo tapi buat secara aman dan teratur.

    Waktu malam, bawak sekali ubat nyamuk, kita nak tengok juga pembesar-pembesar umno tidur malam dekat tengah jalan


  5. "Outdoing the Chinese"

    Kalau itu China ,angkat bodoh punya tindakan bikin itu belisih , apa pasat Melayu pon mau jadi bodoh juga maa aa .

    Sikalang Wa ingat itu Cina sutak tau ,apa lia bolih buat maa aa , kasi bikin itu belisih 5 , lor rr .

  6. Oh get a life, please. Melayu masih ada maruah lagi ke?... All the Malaysia's wealth looters are all malay.

    1. you are a racist. period

    2. Jho Low tu Melayu ke?

      Please don't make sweeping statement like that.

    3. Looking forward to the following sleeping on the streets with the pen-demo.

      1. Ismail Sabri
      2. Mat 'Boo' Maslan
      3. Salleh Keruak
      4. Rahman Dahlan

      Best if they join. Tunjuk la teloq sikit. Takkan suruh bebudak bawahan join tapi korang batang hidung tak muncul.

    4. This has become an issue of Melayu vs Bukan Melayu. No longer just the Chinese. Take note.

    5. melayu vs non melayu????tak kot...melayu umno vs malaysian kot....

  7. I suppose that in their worldview, they believe that if they can't out-compete the Chinese in business and the economy, they can out-compete them in other areas that don't require a significant amount of brainpower and intellectual capacity. Or even education.

    That must be a soothing balm to their bruised egos.

  8. Your analysis from the previous post makes sense. What the merah shouldn't do is provoking with parang or kayu or cat merah like demonstration prior Bersih4. Why the need for it anyway? A contest who is stronger?


  9. More than the Peninsula Malays actually, adinda Ms Annie
    and a timely reminder for Malaysia day, there are these huge Bumi populations who DS Mohd Najib need to help bring economically on par:
    1.9+ million Bumis population oin Sabah and 1.7+ million in Sarawak
    from 2010 census.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH