Monday 14 September 2015

Last wish

I have been at the deathbed of three people.

I love all of them.

They have the same last wish from the ones they were about to leave behind.

Love and forgiveness.

Nothing else seemed to matter to them.

At that moment, all the glories of this world meant nothing.

One of them cried to me, asking for someone he thought he didn't love anymore to be there.

He wanted to ask for the person's forgiveness over the wrong which he did many years earlier.

He passed away a few days later.

The person he wanted to see for the last time never came.

I'm not sure if that person ever forgive him.

One day, when I'm about to die, I will probably be hoping for the same thing.

I hope I can die without regrets and be forgiven for all the wrongs that I did.

I wish I can die with all those whom I love, still love me in return.

I will want to thank them for their love before I close my eyes.

The rest, I will leave to Allah.


  1. Forever thinking of your butterfly, Annie.

  2. Mmgnya kita nak meninggal dlm nama yg baik dan tidak punya musuh dan yg pentingnya dlm redha Allah.
    Penting bg PM kita pulang ke pangkal jalan. Masaalah tak boleh selesai bg pd yg pakar dan menyusutkannya lg.
    Seperti PM kita dah tak tau pilih kawan. Yg nak buat perhimpunan merah tu bukan nak menolongnya tp nak jahanamkan adalah.
    Pd saya kumpulan merah ni sebijik sama dgn ISIS.
    ISIS ditubuhkan semata-mata nak pastikan negara arab sentiasa bergolak dan seteru utama iaitu Israel terjamin keselamatannya.
    Buatlah perhimpunan merah dan lihatlah betapa tersenyum lebar Lim Kit Siang. Tak payah keluar sesen pun utk jahanamkan Umno.
    Yg paling rugi perhimpunan merah dibatalkan adalah DAP. Nama Umno jd busuk dikalangan bukan melayu dan sebahagian besar org melayu jika perhimpunan merah dijalankan.
    Jamal yg beria mengadakan perhimpunan itu juga org yg mengatakan muhyideen pengkhianat dan dialah yg mendesak dilucutkan jawatan Timb. Presiden Umno dan singkirkan dr parti. Jika diturut Zahid Hamidi jd sgt berkuasa dan kemungkinan Najib sendiri akan ditangkap dan Zahid jd PM.
    Jamal ni ISIS buat Umno tp malangnya Najib sendiri suka ISIS seperti kenyataannya dulu.

    1. Its a free country.

    2. 30. So set forth your countenance straight and truly to the Faith: It is Allah's natural law by which He has created mankind: there is no amendment to the creation of Allah - such is the standard Religion: but most of mankind do not understand.

      31. Turn back in repentance to Him, and devote yourselves to Him: Establish regular prayers, and be not among those who associate gods with Allah. 32. (That is) those who split up their Religion, and become various Sects - each party rejoicing in that which is with itself!

      This is a free country, but ISIS is NOT free to rejoice in its own violent conception of Religion and to seek to overpower other people into subservience - ie. Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

    3. The verses above are from the Quran, surah Rum.

    4. Much like Al Qaeda the Islamic state (ISIS) is made in the USA.

  3. I live for Your sake and by Your decree I die, oh Beloved One, Lord of All.

  4. Annie,
    Goggle this song'Patches' by Dickey Lee
    This song was banned by some American radio stations in the 60s for encouraging suicide


  5. Your butterfly very comel.

  6. Vastful skies and boundless seas

  7. Orang yang sibuk mempertahankan kuasa mana ingat mati.......