Friday 18 September 2015

Bikes better than politics....sometimes

It's past midnight and I still can't sleep.

Don't feel like writing politics though.

Of late, it's a depressing subject.

Just look at these headlines by Bernama,

Malays Will Not Remain Quiet When Dignity Is Challenged - Zahid

Organisers Of United People's Gathering Did Not Get RM3 Million Cheque From Najib

If I write about those as according to what's in my heart, I will surely get whacked and labelled this and that.

I'm tired of all that.

Not worth my time, energy and mental health.

I may as well write about something else until I'm really sleepy.

Something fun.

Ok, earlier in the morning, I was caught in a quite bad traffic jam on my way to office.

Someone then suggested for me to get myself a motorcycle.

I used to ride when I was a bit younger.

I was not however one of those glamourous lady superbikers.

Mine was one of those smaller motorcycles which were more practical for everyday use.

You don't ride a superbike to the wet market, okay.

I'm too small to ride those big bikes anyway.

But still, I think I could had outraced most of the ladies and men on bigger bikes through KL congested traffic as my smaller bike was nimbler.

I rode a motorcycle not for fun like those glamour girls but because it was the most convenient mode of transportation available to me at that time.

I'm now seriously considering to buy myself a motorcycle as suggested by my friend.

Since I'm staying quite far from my workplace, I thought of getting myself a slightly bigger bike than what I used to ride back then.

Don't think I want to ride a kapchai for that distance everyday.

I need something which is not too big or too small.

Considered several options, and my top choice for now is this KTM 250

With me on the bike, it should look a bit like this,

Of course I'm not as pretty as those girls, but it illustrates that the bike could be managed by a lady.

It should costs about RM20k.

Need to check with my financial controller first whether I can afford it.

If I can afford it, then I can save myself from getting stuck in the traffic jams and paying the stupid tolls.

Eh, sleepy already.

Shit...almost 2am.

I better go to sleep.

Good night....errr morning....


  1. Why don't Zahid advise Najib to rise up and sue Sarawak Report and Wall Street Journal who "challenged his dignity" in the 1MDB affair? Please don't drag the stature of Malays into the swamp ... it's the bangsatwan who has defiled Malay dignity!

  2. go for it girl..600ccs also not that big..think you can adapt easily..u'll regret taking a 250..after a while u think it's not powerful enough..
    you should also check this insta girl from Siam @ann_nie (or something like that)..this could be you too..
    then we can go ride together..i've always been a solo rider..could use a company ;) ..

  3. annie on top in leather.... me dont mind being the bike...

  4. honda 500cc's are not bad too

  5. Hai Annie ,
    Sebenarnya orang melayu di malaysia ini sering digunakan oleh orang orang politik era sekarang , bila nak kuasa dan terdesak mereka pergi kepada orang melayu untuk bercakap pasal perjuangan melayu , kemudian cerita pasal hak orang melayu tergugat dan cakap pasal perkauman cina itu dan ini tapi bila mereka dah dapat kuasa dan kedudukan dan dapat projek tarus jumpa taukey cina untuk dapat wang cepat untuk kaya , ini lah pemimpin bangsat bangsa melayu contoh paling agong Najib lanun bila terdesak dia arah kuncu kuncu macam datok jamal bangang , menteri menteri dan ketua bahagain umno jumpa melayu cakap pasal cina gugat hak melayu tapi bila Najib lanun mula dapat kuasa PM pada 2009/2010 dia jumpa cina Jho Low (DAP tegar dari Penang) untuk berpakat untuk sapu duit negara cukup bangsat dan kotor .

    Bila boss dah macam ini punya bangsat kuncu kuncu seperti menteri ,ketua ketua bahagian lagi la macam syaitan , di depan perjuangan melayu belakang guna taukey cina untuk cepat kaya dengan jual projek , Sudah la hentikan sandiwara bangsat , orang melayu jangan selalu bodoh , Apa yang kita tak ada PM Melayu , TPM melayu , Menteri melayu , Ketua ketua jabatan kerajaan semua melayu , MB melayu , Askar melayu ,Polis melayu tapi kenapa melayu masih rasa tergugat , DO tanah semua melayu disetiap daerah tapi tanah banyak lepas dekat taukey cina depan cakap cina jahat belakang buat duit dengan cina sebenar semua ini adalah kebangsaatan pemimpin sekarang , PAS guna agama untuk terus hidup dalam politik dunia juga tipu melayu , kalau semua majoriti melayu faham akan isi alquran dan amalkan nya , PAS dah lama berkubor , parti melayu pembangkang lain pun lebih kurang jadi tali barut parti cauvanis cina (DAP).

    Saya anti DAP dan saya tak pernah sokong bersih , kecuali bersih 4 kerana mahu Najib letak jawatan ini saya terima kerana pemimpin ini telah banyak memalukan Bangsa negara dan agama dimata dunia , Tapi bila ada bersih 1,2,3 kenapa kuncu kincu Najib tadi ( menteri dan ketua bahagian umno) tak mengelabah dan bising , kenapa bersih 4 minta najib letak jawatan baru buat demo balas ini bukan perjuangan melayu ini nak mempertahankan boss yang korup sebab masih menagih hasil , elok la mereka ini pun berimankan kedudukan dan jawatan serta wang nak buat macam mana , tapi sampai bila melayu handak jadi barang gunaan sedar la, kini kita dipersimpangan kearah perjuangan baru , matlamat baru dan pemimpin baru jenerasi muda patut mulakan nya dari sekarang

    1. Tak payah arahan, bila dah sampai tahap nya , ia berlaku secara automatik.

    2. Betul apa yg sdr tulis..mostly not sincere and just to enrich themselves..

    3. ...roslan othman...tulisan awak tepat sekali

      ...melayu sering diperbodohkan


  6. Annie, a scooter is more practical for commuting. Sure, the KTM is fun to ride but it can't beat a scooter for storage;safe place to keep your helmet and jacket,bag, etc.Also with the flat floorboard, it gives protection from water splashing up.
    For something quick and nimble, there's the kymco 300 at around 20k too.
    I ride a scoot to work too, and I'm a guy.

  7. KTM200 is good for the look and the CC but a petite girl like you entering downtown everyday may not be a good option.

    I ride SYM VTS200 and love the ride because: -
    1. Ampang - Shah Alam - Ampang (DUKE - NKVE)
    2. Underseat space is more than enough for notebook bag & raincoat when on the move. Helmet & raincoat whenever I parked the bike.
    3. Pants not easily get wet if it is light raining coz it's a scooter.

    Drawback: -
    1. Heavy rear. Good for single rider only for long distance.
    2. Not nimble. I'll be cursing if I have to go downtown area.
    3. Downtown parking is another hellish experience.

    I'm not sure about other bike that have same plus features of my ride, minus the size. Honda PCX perhaps?

  8. Annie

    You are too emotional in your political analysis. Get down to facts and leave out shallow perception play politics. It serve no purpose to good governance and nation building.

  9. If you are always caught in a traffic jam, I think it is very wise of you to get a motorbike. Cheaper in the long run. Just make sure that you are properly attired for safety purposes and do ride carefully.

  10. So tired speaking of Najib and Zahid. Those two are two peas in the pod. Totally useless and corrupt. Poor Malaysia and Malaysians for having such leaders.

  11. i like practical girls....hahaha try versys annie....if u go fr 250cc within a few months u'll get bored n will hv to upgrade to bigger cc's....


  12. Wa mampu itu Yamaha 70 cc saja maa aa ,kechik punya olang mampu kechik punya motor maa aa ,itu pon kasi utang lea aa ,mau cali makan punya hat.

    Wa ingat itu Najib cekap ,negala pendapat tinggi atak betut lea aa ,semua olang celita manyak besat-besat punya hal maa aa .

    Dapat itu Yamaha 70 cc , Wa kila Wa sutak manyak ong maa aa .

  13. 1Malaysia is a non-starter, a failed concept from the very beginning'

  14. This Najib, only his dignity tercabar....I don't see Ku Li, Pak Lah or Tun M get their dignity tercabar. If you are clean, BERSIH, the rakyat will support you including the Cina Babi. We Cina also mau cari makan, you all this GST, business down, currency down, u makan suap with Jho Low.....all Cina also affected. Cina DAP, Cina MCA, Cina PAS, Cina PKR....Cina is everywhere and Cina UMNO....who you think Jho Low is.... This is not about Cina vs Melayu.....Najib got problem, he is not fit to rule. You put Muhyiddin, Ku Li, Mukhriz, we Cina accept them but not Najis.

    1. I like this comment.


    2. Your jaws stinks najis talking Sdr ANON 15:01
      and Muslim leader stomping, that you too?

      Oh you like(?) Sdr ANON 16:24

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH


    3. Ya no need to comment, adinda Ms Annie
      UMNO just carry on more your budgetted Malay agenda
      regardless of the rallies, whatever colour(?) pun
      no need to support or take notice.

      There are another 1.9+ million Bumis in Sabah and 1.7+ million more in Sarawak who will in-sya-Allah be given more attention than the Peninsula Malays, Chinese and Hindus. All would of course drastically change or not change after GE-14.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    4. Ni Hj Zine dalam banyak komen didalam blog ini dari dulu saya tengok kamu lebih mengada -ngada , kalau dah tua buat macam orang tua yang ada hikmah atau budiman cakap mau jaga mulut mau bersih ok . kalau masih 35 kebawah mintak maaf la tak sunat lagi kut jangan marah.


    5. Tak marah dan in-sya-Allah teruskan Sdr ANON 17:52
      namun tidak menggunakan bahasa yang kesat
      seperti di atas dan oleh beberapa penggomen
      dan langsung tidak personal, ada?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  15. Hj M Zain,

    Sifat orang politik..dah buat taik, blah pi Borneo cari sokongan


    1. Sokongan ke tidak Sdr Unknown
      Bumiputra di Sabah & Sabah akan in-sya-Allah dapat bantuan melimpah.

      Sebahagian besar bajet pendidikan RM 56 billion tahun di salorkan ke sana termasuk menggambil 90% guru tempatan. Terpulang kepada mereka nak sokong DAP pada PRU-14, kan?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  16. How to ride with big brother Rocky and his new master DPM if you cannot ride a big bike.