Wednesday 30 September 2015

Good night

Eh, suddenly I'm feeling very tired of all these politics and race shit.

Going to take a break.

I will write again if I find something to inspire myself.

Thanks for visiting this blog all these while.

Good night.


  1. Dear Annie
    please do not stop writing.

  2. Good morning Annie,

    I've been reading your blog ever since it appeared on Rocky's list. I find your style very refreshing and unpretentious.

    May I have your email, and from it your postal address, so I can send you a token of appreciation?

    Thanks and regards,

    The Lighthouse

  3. Good morning, Annie. Hope you had a good night's sleep.

    I hope you are not merajuk. You sounded angry. It;s understandable - quite a few wrote views contrary to yours in the previous post and you felt strongly about Chinese schools as your mother attended on of them.

    Hope you have cooled down. If not, take your time. Best wishes in the meantime.

  4. You need to get away from politics once in a while. You take care Annie

    Prof Kangkung

  5. Dear Annie.

    I just read your previous post, about 'Chinese School'.
    Me, I also have no objection on SRJK (C, T of any other), as long as they teach Bahasa Kebangsaan.

    Anyway, if the government wants to make SRJK irrelevant, they should set-up SRJK(E) or English School.

    Anyway, I send my eldest son to SRJKC. I admit, its hard for him (despondent and reluctant to go to school) during the first 6 months in years one, although he attended Chinese pre-school.
    Because of this, my wife was very adamant that my other sons must be sent to SK. She was very 'kesian' and do not want them to experience the hardship my 1st. son went through. (Including too much homework, stay-back for addition class, halal-haram eating at the school canteen, no Ustaz at SRJC, etc).
    I was lucky since at that time I was renting a flat where there were many generous Chinese-lady neighbours offering my first son, free-tuition. Whenever they are free, they would come knocking my door and brought my son to their house to teach. My wife was not working.
    Looking at the achievement of my first son and his prospect of employment today, I now regret that I gave-in to my wife wishes of not sending the other sons to SRJK.
    The differences between them (my sons), that I observed:-
    1. Once when there was a thunder and lighting in the sky, one of the SK educated sons (at form 2, then) said that 'Tuhan sedang tembak iblis/setan'. This is absurd. Why do The Almighty Allah, need to use a man-made weapon to shot the devil, anyway?
    2. The first son is not 'jijik' of 'babi' or pork. Some of the others could not even swallow their food, if you mention 'babi' during meals.

    The following, in BM, I had posted in Zamkata.
    1. Ianya mengenai Pelajaran 'Agama' di sekolah Rendah Kerajaan.
    Saya harap Ustaz dan Ustazah tidak mengajar anak-anak mengenai 'ibadat atau ritual yang boleh menghapuskan dosa pada kanak-kanak sekolah Rendah. Saya bagi satu contoh yang terjadi kepada anak saya.

    Saya tangkap anak saya, 9 tahun mencuri basikal dari dalam pagar di taman tempat saya diami. Apabila selesai menasihatinya mengenai dosa mencuri, saya kata: "Kalau orang curi barang kita, apa kita rasa?"
    Dia jawab; "Ala Abah. Bila Arith besar nanti, Arith pergi Haji, hapuslah dosa Arith tu".
    Saya tanya, siapa ajar.
    Dia jawab: "Ustazah".

    2. Kanak juga di ajar di sekolah: 'Bangun pagi, berus gigi'.
    Saya rasa ini salah. Seolah-olah, kanak-kanak diajar bahawa tidur akan menyebabkan mulut berbau busuk dan sebab itu mereka mesti berus gigi bila bangun dari tidur.
    Hakikatnya, nafas kita menjadi busuk apabila terdapat sisa makanan di celah-celah gigi, sebelum kita tidur dan ia adalah punca utama kerosakan gigi.

    Oleh yang demikian, saya cadangkan Kementerian Pendidikan mengubahnya kepada; "Sebelum tidur, berus gigi".

    Saya tahu, sepatutnya saya hantar 'nasihat' ini kepada Kementerian Pendidikan atau Kesihatan dan saya akan lakukan, kemudian.

    Since Annie's work is 'education related', I think you can do something about it.

    Therefore, I agree with the other commentator, that 'religion' must be separated from the normal schooling hours. This is the main reason that non-Malays parents shun SK, anyway.

    1. Sesungguhnya apa bahasa tambahan yang diperlajari adalah aset bukan liabiliti.Aliran sekolah bagi saya bukan isu kerana sukatan pelajaran masing2 telah ditentu/dibenar oleh Kem Pej, namun mutu/kualiti sekolah perlu diutamakan. Pada umumnya kualiti pentadbiran Sek Keb sangat tidak memuaskan. Tambahan pula, penerapan nilai2 agama terlampau sudah menjejas prestasi sekolah. Sy tidak hairan apa yang diceritakan Outsyed the box. Sy bagi satu contoh sewaktu di Uni tempatan awal 80an, salah seorang prof dan ustaz sewaktu kuliah memberitahu pelajar2 bahawa adalah kerja sia-sia orang Amerika pergi buat research/kaji kejadian gemparbumi akhirnya pun mati, kerana itu adalah balasan Tuhan. oleh itu sy tidak hairan mengapa kualiti uni tempatan makin hari makin merosot prestasinya. Salah satu sebab ialah pelajar tidak digalak mengguna otak utk berfikir dgn rasional kerana kononnya bertentangan dgn ajaran agama.

  6. i guess all those lowlife racist pigs & dogs kind of people are tired too for they didnt put any comments yet

    >james bond

  7. Take this to bed with you oh drowsy head ....... hehe

  8. Sori ek akak..teremo sbb bca komen2 penyokong2 dap tu..

    Org muo