Tuesday 13 January 2015

UEM's troubles in Johor

I actually wanted to write about the Eric Paulsen case but last night got into a bit of a quarrel over it.

It got me really upset that I am now all stressed up whenever it is mentioned.

It's quite difficult quarreling over something like that with someone you love.

Well, never mind....I think everyone is writing or had written about it.

So, I better write about something else.

By the way, is this Eric Paulsen actually a Scandinavian? The name sounds Scandinavian, but the guy looks just like any other Chinese man.

Maybe Scandinavian banana, I guess....

Okay, now to more serious business.....

I think this time I better write about my home state Johor again.

Been quite a while since I last wrote about it.

Well, the robbing and looting is still ongoing, apparently.

Same ole same ole, life goes on, I guess.

The latest I heard was that UEM had been blacklisted from operating in Johor, at least for the time being.

Among UEM's big projects in Johor is the RM850 Million Medini Project at Iskandar Malaysia.

Mercu with lrt.JPG

Everything related to UEM was said to have been frozen by the state government for the past three months.

UEM's operations in Johor had virtually came to a stand still since then.

You all can check on this with any member of the UEM's BOARD OF DIRECTORS

I know, no point checking such things with Johor MB DS Mohd Khaled Nordin. He won't tell you anything.

I was told that UEM got into the trouble after one of its officials issued a statement questioning the preferential treatment given to foreign developers, or to be more precise, the mainland Chinese companies developing the huge plots of reclaimed land along the Tebrau Straits.

The UEM official had openly made the claim, causing a lot of red faces in Kota Iskandar and elsewhere.

What most irked UEM and other local developers was when the state government entertained every whims and fancies of the mainland Chinese companies.

The same treatment was not given to the locals.

I learnt that even the local Chinese companies had bitched about it but unlike UEM, they did not dare voiced out their complaints.

It is not immediately known when UEM may dig itself out of the hole in Johor.

Anyway, this is part of how I feel about the whole land selling to mainland Chinese thing in my home state,

Meanwhile in Johor...the song remains the same

Well, I still think that the only guy who can stop all these nonsense in Johor is PM Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

I think he needs to be tougher.

If the nonsense continues, I believe Johor as the Tiang Seri of Umno will be no more come the next general election.


  1. Tanah Johor Dah Kena Jual ke Orang dari Negeri Cina Pun.....

    1. If our Cina companies are complaining, then it must be very, very bad.

  2. PM Datuk Seri Najib Razak. aint he the one who most welcome mainlan chinese and side line Malaysian of all races in Iskandar Dev? Just a question no heart feeling ya.

  3. This one's for you Annie of the troubled Southern State


    "Think about
    Think about how many times I have fallen
    Spirits are using me larger voices callin'
    What Heaven brought you and me cannot be forgotten."

  4. Oh really? Diorang nak main kasar ke Kak Annie? Just because a Malaysian from UEM has the guts to question that preferential treatment (Hak Istimewa Pelabur China) in public so Kota Iskandar want to play roughball is it? Fine! I'll start listing everything related to the Johor State government, JCorp, KPRJ, Kulim, QSR etc. and consider similar boycotts. Dlm bolasepak buli org, business pun nak buli org?


  5. Ini gurindam Raja Ali Haji pasal yang keempat:

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    Mengumpat dan memuji hendaklah pikir,
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  6. Pwincess 08:50

    Why don't u do just that?

    And while you are about it, why not drop your nick & post under your real name?

    Are u afraid of consequences & repercussions?

    Toodles, ma cherie.


  7. Scandinavian Banana? Really? What does that make you Annie? A juvenile racist with bad grammar and imaginary boyfriends?

    1. Anon 12:58

      'What does that make you annie?'...well ..one thing for sure she made you a.k.a poyo READ her blog!!

    2. Niama..english cikgu ada sini !!.std rebuttal from DAP's manual for RBA

  8. If the report is true (and that is a big if), why is UEM crying sour grapes now?

    Is it because the Chinese property developers have the financial might to outmuscle a well-connected GLC?

    That's a toughie, isn't it?

    It makes one wonder if there is any attempt at sensible urban planning and transport infrastructure planning in the Johor Bahru/greater JB/Iskandar region.

    Or if it just a hodgepodge of projects from developers rushing to strike while the iron is hot?

    Those who have benefited from the spate of deals in Johor will have already moved on. Most of their wealth, no doubt, is stashed in overseas havens.

    I have been visiting JB and its suburbs since the 60s and I would venture to say that little has changed for JB residents over the years.

    So, when Roy Nandi gripes in The Sun paper, I know exactly where he is coming from.

  9. Malaysia akan termakan budi dengan bantuan besar China kepada negeri yang dilanda banjir. Lepas ni kena layan aje la apa dia nak.

  10. Looks like this is a non-starter, Annie.

    Seems like no one wants to rock the boat in Johor. Or maybe the hot potatoes are too hot to handle.

    So, if JB is seemingly stuck in a time warp, no one can be blamed and no one can be held accountable.

    A conspiracy theorist might postulate that all manner of "crises" are being "manufactured" to divert the rakyat's attention from these unsavoury (or shall we say "peculiar") shenanigans.

    I guess there are none so blind as those who will not see.