Sunday 4 January 2015

Chinese, can you all sympathize with Najib?

Someone forwarded me this article in a pro-Pakatan publication,

Another year of hope or despair?

I was asked to comment on it.

Actually, I didn't find anything remarkable about the article.

It's the usual whining about how this country is going down the drain under the present establishment.

I think the whole length of the article was only meant to ask these questions in the last paragraph,

Central to the Bumiputra agenda are four measures: increasing equity ownership of Bumiputras; strengthening Bumiputra entrepreneurship; financing Bumiputra SMEs; developing Bumiputra human capital. So, where do non-Bumiputras figure in the “people economy”? Where do the 23% Chinese and 7% Indians go from here as we start the new year – a year of hope or just another year of alienating Bumiputras from non-Bumipuras, and pitting Muslims against Christians?

It's actually a reminder to non-Bumiputera of the alleged unfairness of the BN government to them.

The writer is basically telling them that,

- the government doesn't care whether the non-Bumiputra have a place in the "people economy".

- the government is alienating the non-Bumiputera.

- the government is against Christians by pitting the Muslims against them.

Of course the writer wrote all these accusations accompanied by question marks to mask his real intent, that is to instigate the non-Bumiputera against the BN government (or to be more exact, the Malays represented by Umno).

It's the usual DAP's tactic of casting the stone first and then hiding the hand as they play the racial card of hate politics.

It's the same tactics used by DAP sec-general Lim Guan Eng when he told the Chinese that they are the second, third, fourth and fifth class citizens.

It's the same tactics which triggered the Chinese tsunami of May 2013.

Once the other side retaliates, they will turn around and accuse them of being racists, extremists etc.

Seriously, do you think the government will not help the Chinese and Indians if they are lagging behind the Bumiputera?

Are the BN government and Umno evil people feeding the Christians to the lions?

Are the Christians the worst off among the minority groups?

I don't think so.

The Bumiputera is still the poorest among the ethnic groups in this country.

Yes, overall, they are still lagging behind even the Indians.

Was the government supposed to ignore the needs of the Malays and other Bumiputera whilst they are the ones who form the core support of BN?

Can you all imagine what would happened if the government just do that to further please the more economically advanced Chinese?

PM DS Najib Razak is actually being accused of trying too hard to please the Chinese.

That's a fact.

Despite all the pro-Bumiputera policies that he initiated of late, he is still being accused of pandering too much to the Chinese.

In fact, the rebellion against him is building up within his own party, thanks largely due to his moderate approach and accommodating attitude for the needs of all races, including the Chinese.

Do the Chinese realize this?

Do they feel any sympathy for the beleaguered Najib who has been trying so hard to give them what they want?

Based on what happened during the 13th general election in 2013, I don't think they care much for Najib.

I think they rather spat on him again.

They had spat on him and other moderate Malay Umno leaders on that fateful May 5 2013.

They prefer the Pas people, because they thought it's more beneficial to support the DAP's Islamist ally for their community's interests.

Now they are crying foul when especially Malays talk about the need for themselves to unite for their community's interests and become more Islamic to strengthen their resolves.

They are now clamoring for the Malays to uphold moderate values.

Of course, they do not say the same about themselves.

To them the only fanatics, extremists, and racists in this country are the Malays.

The Chinese are all moderates.

That include second class citizen Lim Guan Eng despite him being the one who pour petrol over the fire of the kalimah Allah issue with his Christmas message of 2012.

That, just so that the Christians of Sabah and Sarawak are to side with his party.

Anyway, I don't think that the BN government has ever taken away anything that belong to the Chinese to enrich the Malays.

Definitely not, under Najib's leadership.

If the Chinese are suffering, I believe they can still make their case to the government and I believe they will get help.

That was what the MCA had ensured.

The Chinese are still the richest ethnic group in this country despite the BN government's policy of helping the Bumiputera more.

I believe they will remain so, as long as this country still exist.


  1. Chinese in Malaysia are just plain greedy. Chinese (and Indians) Christians in Malaysia are playing with fire with all their provocations. These people have no love for the country, they love only themselves. The bigots of the first order!

    Having said that, Najib should go because of incompetency. He obviously have lost the vote of confidence of the Malays that supported him during PRU13. The Chinese never supported him so what they think of Najib is irrelevant. We know the Chinese prefers a gay and corrupt PM then a moderate one anyway.

    Malays want a wise leader like Tun Mahathir. Not incompetent leaders like Najib and Dollah Badawi. Neither do we want hypocrites like Hadi Awang and Anwar Ibrahim. It is time the Malays unite under a strong leadership. Too bad it is not obvious who that is!

    1. Gay and corrupt PM better, easier to dispose of to make way for Chinese PM.
      The only reason for Chinese tsunami is to put the Chinese DAP in power.
      PKR and PAS are worthless stooges. Those 2 parties, unlike DAP has never thought about what happens after they win GE because they simply doesn't have DAP's ambition, drive and will, not to mention PKR and PAS are too stupid to realize what they really mean for DAP, and to cowardly to stand up for themselves, rather projecting their every dissatisfaction on UMNO. Which works for DAP's benefit.

  2. Hi Annie..true..Chinese will not change their supports based on current me our main failures is that our education systems failed to unite us to be bangsa Malaysia...

    1. The truly Clueless is pandering to the Dong Zong's demand to perpetuate full Chinese schools. I am at a loss for words about the Clueless mind except to say it's filled with 1001 consultants' opinions and NO initiative of his own but to play along with politicking.


    2. Any complaints about HOTs in the PT3 & SPM, Sdr Anon 20:37
      ( Higher Order Thinking skills )
      which does not reward rote-learning, from the DONGs?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  3. That's because our leaders are so weak! Thats the reason why all these paria chinese DAP whacking us left right n center. Its us annie! Its not them. They r like that ever since our independence. When u r weak they will step on u. That's what they are, bunch of opportunists. So by being moderate it doesnt solve the problem. We need a strong leader annie!!!!!!!!! Dont u get it dear???? Pls annie. We need to fix ourselves first. We need a PM who is not clueless. (Pls excuse my grammar as this is the first time im commenting in english)

    1. Why, weren't you schooled in English?

      Are you a proud product of the national education system?

      Without fluency in English, how do you hope to get a good job an IT and services-dominant economy?

      Unless, of course, you are hoping for employment quotas to be imposed on MNCs and the private sector in Malaysia?

      That's something that even Tun Dr Mahathir, in his heyday, dared not implement!

    2. He is talking ideas n you want to teach him english? What are you, english teacher?

    3. No lah..he is a motherfucker

  4. Annie - it didn't take you long to transit from post-holiday ennui (reference your earlier post) to the nitty gritty of Malaysian politics.

    Why, 57 years after Merdeka, are we still banging the drum about Malays being "left behind" in Malaysia?

    Are you saying that the Malays in Malaysia have not benefited from the billions of ringgit that have been spent on education and rural development since 1957?

    Or from the spending on rural infrastructure and healthcare?

    The Malays in Singapore have a clearer view on how they can uplift themselves to "catch up" with Singaporean Indians and the majority Singaporean Chinese.

    Granted it is still very much a work-in-progress in Singapore, but the Malay-Muslim community in the city-state are totally focused on education as the primary means to uplift themselves - witness the increasing number of Singaporean Malays getting into junior colleges, polytechnics and public universities there.

    All without asking for quotas or special privileges!

    Umno politicians are well aware of this. They have made more than enough official and unofficial trips to Singapore to understand the state of play in the republic.

    1. Very true. Ask the "Awang Selamat" Borg collective in Utusan Malaysia why this is a little secret that they don't want to report on.

    2. Military men do not make good leaders in the government for the simple fact that they are used to giving orders. They are not listeners but control freaks. This is evident in Singapore where the mainstream media, grassroots organisations and government bodies continue to be controlled by the PAP and its paper generals.

    3. How silly when people compare Malaysia with Singapore. In the first place Singapore is just a small dot, you can cover the whole Singapore within one hour! When Singapore achieved independence it was already a thriving port city with relatively rich and educated population compared to Tanah Melayu. The not so rich and educated eventually moved to Tanah Melayu anyway because equal treatment when applied to unequal circumstances creates inequality. The rich becomes richer, the poor becomes poorer.

      Why Malays in Malaysia needs special treatment when Malays in Singapore don't? Simple. It is because Malays in Malaysia is a majority while Malays in Singapore is a minority. Poor minority will not be a threat to a rich majority BUT poor majority will be a threat to a rich minority. My advice to rich Chinese (and Indians) in Malaysia, please stop being so greedy. Remember what happened in Indonesia during the economic disaster of late 90s. Better be rich in a peaceful country then being super rich in a turbulent country. So long as the wealth gap is not bridged, you should do your part to help the Malays instead of whining non-stop that you should get more economic wealth. Maybe put some effort in learning the national language too. "Saya nama Ai Li" (8TV) - what an embarrassment! Imagine broken Bahasa Malaysia spoken at national TV! I wonder are there Indonesians and Thais that can't speak their national language?

      Having said that, Malays are to be blamed as well for their failure to grab at least 60% of the economic pie despite all the opportunities given to them. I blamed that to their "tidak apa" attitude. I also blamed that on their so called "piousness". Instead of spending time to improve their English and other worldly skills, they put their effort on memorising and reading (without understanding) their holy book. They also waste time listening to their religion "experts" that keep on repeating the same stories year in year out.

      Should we then give up on the Malays? Yes, if you want to live in hell (remember my earlier comment re poor majority vs rich minority). But if you want to live in a peaceful country, you must help the Malays selagi ada bulan, bintang and matahari. Will Malays control 60% of the economy? Never! Why? They are not greedy enough, so unlike the Chinese (and Indians) in Malaysia. Aren't the Chinese (and Indians) in Malaysia very lucky? Too bad they are an ungrateful lot!!

    4. Anon 13:19, I like what you say, "better be rich in a peaceful country then... in a turbulent country." Hope the Pigs and their Piglets understand.

    5. Anon 13:19 & 18:47

      How very convenient - when you run out of excuses as to why you are falling behind, you look for scapegoats - both internal and external.

      That started from the time of Tun Dr Mahathir's rise to power.

      As in saying that Singapore is a "little dot" and is "different".

      Those excuses are so old and worn-out that the rest of the region and the world treat them with indifference, if not contempt and scorn.

      It's only in Malaysia that these excuses and scapegoat-targetting get traction.


      Because there is a whole bunch of Malaysians who have been conditioned to adopt the "gimme" mentality and the wealth, positions etc achieved by "others" is fair game for extortion, forced redistribution and threats - both overt and unspecified.

      Why? Because they are the "majority" and the "majority" is always right, come what may.

      But, like I said, that only plays to a domestic audience.

      Which foreign investor in Malaysia has had mandatory hiring quotas imposed on them?

      Why aren't they (the foreign investors) being targetted by the "gimme" crowd?

      Because the government knows that retributions will be swift, that's why!


  5. Wa !, eaa aa ,tatak kesian sama itu Najib lea aa , Wa tatak kesian itu UMNO , tapi Wa atak sikit kesian tengok itu banjir punya mangsa lor rr ,semua Bulayu and kampong Bulayu semua habit maa aa .

    Apa pasat itu macam lea aa , Bulayu semua lapat itu banjir punya tempat ,apa macam mau hilup senang ?, mana atak untung itu macam ,selalu lugi lor rr .

  6. Annie, the ones really needing help are the non Muslim Bumiputras. They are the poorest. Segregate them from the Malays & you will see that the Malays are quite well off. And their Allah is also under threat by the likes of ISMA & Perkasa.

    1. actually, no, non Muslim bumi's Allah IS NOT under threat from ISMA and PERKASA. I agree that non Muslim Bumis are the poorest lot - and they are mainly in Sarawak. However - the word Allah for the Christians have always been allowed in Sarawak, always. There was no issue nor furore over the usage of this word until the Roman Catholics in West Malaysia demanded that they too use it for their Herald publication despite knowing that usage of that word isn't conducive in the West Malaysian society. That's when the whole mess started. Before this - Sarawakian Christians have been using the word without problem. Now the west malaysian dragged us all into the mess and try to pin the problems on someone else.

      So no, it isn't ISMA and PERKASA who is the actual problem here. It's that freaking Catholic church that's so belligerent and stubborn that they couldn't even compromise and use a perfectly legible word (TUHAN, anyone??) for their BM publication and dare to bring Sarawak's Christian Bumis into the equation to push their cause. Talk about political opportunists!

  7. It's no use asking Malaysia to be like Singapore as the needs of Malaysia as a country are specific to this nation. Malaysia has some big issues that Annie rightly pointed out. For other readers, the big issues are not freedom of expression, freedom of religion, protecting culture/faith or ending racism. Those things are important only after the basics of life are provided/met. The key issue for Malaysia remains development, specifically lifting the standard of living for the maximum amount of people. There are good ways to do this sustainably and there are bad ways that give a short term high but no lasting benefit. The best ways to develop include investing in education, infrastructure and improving productivity. Education needs to be given a significant overhaul, including pilot projects to find how things can be done better from pre-school to tertiary. Infrastructure projects must be supported and invested in heavily as they make the country more competitive as a whole, meaning more money for everyone. Finally improving productivity, capital investment is key here, mechanize and automate wherever possible. This also reduces the need for low skilled workers which has social benefits. Bad ways to "develop" include handouts like BR1M and subsidies. Every government department should be required to have a program to reduce bureaucracy and make it easier for entrepreneurs to get a start. This is what the PM should lead us to as a nation, and we should all support it. Trouble is that its always easier to complain and procrastinate than to address the real issues.

  8. As a bumi i feel insecured hvin tis kind chinese surroundin me harping racists here n there n instigate hatred among christian toward muslim. If you want better pkace just go away we wil not stop u. Sabar itu ada hadnye.

    1. As a non-Muslim Bumi i also feel insecure with the likes of ISMA and Perkasa threatening how I worship.

  9. Oh please. I don't need DAP to tell my I'm 2nd class citizen.
    Chinese are greedy? So asking for NEP to be extended for 2,000 yrs is not greedy?

    Ok la. I give you all my money la. Happy now?

    1. I can't stand those corrupt bastards in the gomen that siphon off the gomen funds meant for the working man and the underprivileged . . . into their swollen wallets!

    2. Not until you've surrendered your kewarganegaraan too.

  10. We will fight your Ketuanan melayu till our last man. That I fucking promise you.

    We are no longer like our parents who were easily intimidated by your fucking threat of violence.

    1. Go fuck your mother, you fucking China Beng!

    2. Hehehe, fight till last man? What a joke. Just wait and see when the economy goes southward. The young chinamen will be the first to run away to greener pasture, even to become prostitutes.

    3. He, he, he Cinabeng pendatang biaDAP, lu berambus lah naik tongkang balik Tongsan lah!. Lu ingat orang Melayu Islam ni dayus akan biarkan sahaja lu buat suka hati lu. Kami juga akan berjuang hingga ke titisan darah terakhir untuk mempertahankan agama, bangsa dan tanah air kami!

    4. Cakap besar disini tadak guna. Bila betul2 jadi gaduh, kita tengok sapa berani sapa penakot.

    5. And who, may I know would be your last f***king man?. Ungka LKS is it? Or failed accountant imported CM of Penang....

      And just as you may know, they would also be the last Malay/Bumiputra too...f***ing man

      Maybe you and you fucking whatever find greener pastures elsewhere just like you fucking forefathers did ages ago.

      We do not want any of your F****** lot in this peaceful land.

    6. Aiyah, itu anak Lim, banjir saja dia lari, apa lagi kalau ada gaduh. Takut mati woo, cakap saja besar.

    7. See, lah - all these people talk big only.

      Tapi, bila askar Cina masok Laut Cina Selatan, buat diam diam sahaja!

      Mana lu punya maruah, ah?

  11. Betui la.. masa PRU haritu depa pakat ramai2 sokong geng2 taliban, abu sayyaf.. moderate malay from umno depa tuduh macam2..korup la, kurap la... la ni depa dok lompat2 mcm kera kena belacan suruh org moderate.. moderate kepala %@*cau hangpa la...

    1. translation: Quite right ... during the general election you came out en masse to support the taliban and abu sayyaf gangs (read PAS candidates) while you accuse the moderate UMNO folks in so many ways ... corrupt and so forth. Now you guys are jumping around like chili peppers calling for people to be moderate ... moderate your stupid head lah!

    2. Anon 20:33
      Hahahaha thats a good one bro! Aku sokong hang 100%. Cina malaysia ni jenih cina bodoh, orang macam anwar pun buleh kelentong depa ni. Lani depa dok terjerit jerit suruh moderate... cina malaysia ni rhayan lebih. Depa ni mcm kaduk naik junjung

    3. Lan cheow lang al-juburi boleh moderate-KAN laki dan perempuan.

  12. Anon 20:05
    Wei cina bodoh kami pun bukan mcm org melayu dulu yg bagi muka byk sgt kat hangpa, bodoh punya cina pukimak. Tu la hang ni kecik kecik mak bapak hang bg hang makan babi byk sgt sebab tu otak hang ni penuh dgn cacing! Hang pi belajaq basuh berak dulu. Fuck you and your motherfucking family!

  13. Those who are against the very basic value of our constitution are as good as traitor and disrespect the existing law of the land.
    This species are not fit to be citizen and benefited from being one. As such I as the new PM of Malaysia shall table to the House of Common, that their rights to vote will be relinquished should the proposal enjoyed 2/3 of majority of the house.....

  14. Mohon Blogger Pro Kerajaan supaya memberikan Penekanan, Pendedahan serupa 999, mengenai kemusnahan Hutan yang berlaku di Kelantan..

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    Mohon dapatkan gambar, interview dgn penduduk kampung, organisasi kerajaan pusat dan tempatan mengenai pembalakkan Halal dan Haram.

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    Blogger Pembangkang gunakan isu Jet Kerajaan untuk alih isu Banjir Tsunami apalagi nak menyentuh Pembalakkan di Kelantan??

    1. su Jet Kerajaan bukan hanya di ketengahkan oleh pihak pembangkang tetapi hampir kesemua rakyat yang sudah muak dengan penyalahgunaan harta negara oleh keluarga dan konco-konco pemimpin kita. Sampai masanya mereka ini berhenti dari perbuatan tersebut. Jangan sampai diberhentikan oleh rakyat, seperti di Selangor.

  15. Annie..

    Tak payah buang masa memberi penerangan kpd kaum tamak dan tak tahu diuntung ni..

    I suggest from now on, you write on topics that can mobilse Malay unity and strengthen their resolve to win back their place under the Msian sun. Delete semua komen tak berakal kaum2 tak sedar diri ni..They really ask for it and I say just give it to them . Serve them right!

  16. Q@A For chinaman?

    1 What percentage of you join the police or army?
    2 What percentage of you cannot speak Bahasa Melayu?
    3 What percentage of you cheat on your income tax?
    4 What percentage of you hold dual citizensship?
    5 What percentage of you care about other races apart from chinese?

    The questions can go on and on.

    Chinese ......ungrateful,greedy, and hypocrites.
    The last word says it all and its definition.

    1) a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.

    2) a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.

    1. Wah, lau - so much vitriol!

      But, as usual, it is all excuses. Blame the British colonial government, blame the "pendatangs", blame globalization, liberalism and moderation.

      And add on freedom of religion and expression.

      Next stir in the leavening of the "Ketuanan Melayu" agenda.

      In other words - it's everyone else's fault. Not ours.

      I could respond with my own list of questions for Malaysian Malays, but I will hold back for now.

      Because I know several Malaysian Malays who do not subscribe to the thinking and mindset of those exemplified by Anon 01:52.

    2. Holier than thou BS!

    3. Anon 15:02

      What a brilliant example of repartee!

      Short, pithy and totally irrelevant.

      But that's the SOP for people like you, isn't it?

      Ignore realities and keep on shouting "gimme, gimme".

      And, when there is no more to give, ask for bailouts and "protection"!

    4. Syioksendiri,

      " Ignore realities....."

      A case of pot saying kettle black.

      No wonder you called yourself SYIOKSENDIRI.

  17. They cannot tahan to see Malay unites. Thats why they always resort to divide and conquer. They will try to stop anything that can unite the Malays!

    1. Bukan si Takfiri Hadi Awang al-pas dan si Anwar liberal al-zionis yang mempecahbelahkan umat Melayukah?

    2. Anon 2.17

      Unite under Pas or Pkr can? Or wait, will that get your fat fucking knickers in a knot? Fuck off la asshole. The majority in this country see through your dumno bullshite.

    3. Who always resorts to divide and conquer? You don't live di bawa tempurung. Buka mata besar ok.

    4. The more the Malays 'unite', the greater the likelihood the current trend of socio-economic development will continue.

      That is: I talk, you listen, and no questions. Resulting in eg:
      Lowering education standards, NFC, Bank Bumi, MAS, etc, etc.

      The present 'disunity' amongst Malays is, expectedly, led by the generally more educated Malays who obviously are not happy with the way things are going.

      They are intelligent, knowledgeable and self confident. Egs of the young ones: UM8.

      Beware: the most powerful force is an idea whose time has come.

  18. Dear Annie,
    I wish our PM realize this simple truth i.e. we can't please everyone (not even our family members) at the same time!. And we dont even need to bother trying to please those who have a track record of being ungrateful. So what do we do ? Answer - Just please those who matter the most (BN voters and undecided majority who are also unregistered voters). Period.
    Sure, we can go on and on arguing this and that, but in the end people still believe and do what they want to (self-serving motives).
    For a start, I suggest BN esp. UMNO to conduct a national survey to identify why unregistered voters remain "unregistered". Is it because they dont care about our beloved nation OR is it because they feel 'what is the point' - judging by the same old faces, with 'business as usual' talking about same old issues...really, what is the point??? Can someone please enlighten me?.

  19. What we urgently have to put in place is a needs-based social equity aid system.
    The current race-based system is not working and too susceptible to abuse.
    There are poor Malays, just as there are poor Chinese and poor Indians.
    At the same time there are filthy rich Malays and filthy rich Chinese and Indians.

    1. Better set our educational system on one national track with allowances for integrated curriculums OTHERWISE we're all going down our separate paths to ruin can't you see?

    2. Off course the Chinese won't give in an inch while telling the Malays to open up everythings. Apa lagi Cina mahu?

    3. Give some more fusion hey man!

      enough of komunis bengs & pak talibans . . . .


      Malaysia will be bringing in 30,000 teachers from China to teach Mandarin and Maths in national schools, beginning this year.

      I wonder what are the reasons behind this and how will it affect the thinking and outlook of the Malay pupils?

    5. This is the first step before the government close down the chinese school.

    6. Gov is playing with fire. The obvious danger is Malay children developing Chinese outlook. Soon they'll be so independent of gov affirmative action that it will be more and more difficult to get them to accept the sacred concept of ketuanan Melayu - just like the Chinese!

    7. The ord Malays knows how well they are governed. The look at how their livelihoods are going. They look at the ringgit's exchange rate and wonder if one day they might be poor like the indonesian illegals.

    8. Singapore dollar vs Ringgit

      1963 SD1 = RM0.90 The year Singapore was booted from Malaysia
      2014 SD1 = RM2.65
      2020? If at the same annual rate of depreciation, SD1 = RM3.00.
      But many already expect SD1 = RM3.00 to be
      reached by mid 2015!
      If so, that will be a case of 'quantum fall'.
      Maybe the rate of depreciation has increased!

    9. 19.27

      You give too much credit to the Chinese .
      I don't think their influence in this matter will be significant.

      Firstly, they'll be placed in small numbers in the national schools where the majority students and teachers are malay. I don't think these Chinese teachers can change drastically the out look of these students. Secondly, they will follow the national system and syllabus eventhough they will teach maths and mandarin.

      But I do agree that this action taken may not be wise. We have enough problems of unemployment amongst the graduates. 30000 foreign teachers will make the problem worse.

      Surely there are better ways to solve this problem faced by the Education ministry.

    10. Did Muhyiddin screw up again? Chinese nationals who speak no Malay and maybe little English to teach Maths to our schoolchildren in National schools?


  20. Given the different political context now, adinda Ms Annie
    should we really compare PM leadership styles?

    The brilliant Tun Dr M has his thought-through/ I tell you dictate
    vs the present PM who gives plenty slack to his Deputy, Ministers and the UMNO Supreme Council ,, and huhu MCA.

    Executive :
    Anyway despite all the noise from politicians, from colonial times the MCS/ PTD leadership and government servants do the most good, bad and the ugly
    ( floods or no floods/ ada PM atau tidak )

    Public/ Press relations :
    (symphatise with M Najib?)

    No +ve response still from our Chinese cousins ..
    OK many will smyphatise on the unfortunate timing of the President Obama golf rendezvous, and like forever .. the mixed acceptance(?) of the high profile Datin Seri.

    PS. It will help with a lower PERMATA profile, highlighting the hardworking officials and donors instead, boleh? Tak boleh eden nak tolong ..

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  21. So after one day, how many Chinese posted here agreed with Annie to be sympathize with Najib?

    1. Who cares if Chinese sympathize with Najib or not. A great leader doesnt need any sympathy from anyone. anyway, lets NOT count on Chinese votes ever again. Let them "live happily ever after" with DAP. All Malays MUST do is to get united. If only UMNO and PAS could "kiss and make up", forgive and forget, DAP (and Anwar) can keep on dreaming about Putrajaya until the end of time.

  22. Why is this prestigious job not given to a Malay - but to an Indian, a 38 year old at that? Is there NO Malay who can do the job better? Especially after all the unquestioning support given to PM!

    Malaysia's controversy-hit strategic investor 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) tonight announced a strategic review of its business to maximise its returns while confirming the immediate appointment of banker Arul Kanda Kandasamy as its new chief, confirming The Malaysian Insider's report today about the immediate appointment.

    Arul, 38, is an investment banker, with extensive experience in structured finance, corporate finance and restructuring across multiple markets including London, the Middle East and Malaysia. He joins 1MDB from Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, where he was executive vice-president and Head of Investment Banking.

  23. Why? Why? Why?

    This 1MDB appointment is devastating for Malay morale.

    Only months ago, the ceo job to turn around MAS was given to a westerner.

    Now, the ceo job for 1MDB is given to a 38 year old Indian.

    The Malays already have an image problem as regard management ability.

    Why must the government to whom the majority of Malays give unquestioning support always encourage that perception?

    1. Really? In this day and age?

      What about hiring the best person for this job or any other job, after an open and transparent search and selection process, and without regard to that person's race/ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation?

      It's evident that you people have a lot to learn!

      Haven't you learned anything from the travails of MAS?

      And why should Malay morale be "devastated"?

      Isn't it better to make your way in the world based on your own qualifications, talent and experience instead of relying on quotas, crutches and biased selection criteria?

      I dare say that the ordinary rakyat, be they Malays, Chinese, Indians, Eurasians or others are only concerned that these companies and institutions that use or rely on public funds are well managed, with good governance, and for the benefit of the said rakyat.

      And that they couldn't care less about the race/ethnicity, religion etc of the CEO, MD, head honcho etc!

    2. Hear, hear.The hypocrite in action.

      What happen to meritocracy in Chinese schools and private sectors?

      The Chinese school administration rather have mediocre Chinese teachers teach bahasa malaysia rather than taking in good malay teachers for this purpose.( giving reason such as these malay teachers cannot speak mandarin)

      Also, are we all going to ignore the work/research done by two UM lecturers ( if I'm mistaken) comparing the chances of employment of malays and non malays in private sectors? Their slim chances have nothing to do with meritocracy, mind you.

      And here you have the audacity to write about meritocracy. What a joke!


    3. Yes, a 38 year old CEO with apparent connections, Sdr ANON 00:02
      with one 28-year old playboy Jho(?)

      Gimme the unexpurgated slicky details, ooh ooh !

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    4. Why? why? Why are our crew being sidelined for foreigners? Cos the Kapitan and Konsultan are Klueless lor! hahahaha Melayu yang bijak pandai dia tolak dan tekan, biar pengampu bodek duduk dekat dia!

    5. Anon 20:50



      Tell me - when will the top jobs in the civil service, the armed forces and the police be open to non-Malay Malaysians?

      How about the governorship of Bank Negara? The CEO posts in Petronas, Khazanah, PNB, Tenaga Nasional and the GLCs?

      How about the post of Chief Secretary to the government? Or the posts of Ministry Sec-Gens?

      If non-Malay Malaysians have fair, open and transparent chances to get these top jobs, based on qualifications and merit, then, and only then, can we debate about hiring practices in the private sector.

      That should be easy enough to comprehend, surely?

      And here's a passing thought, which I repeat - why hasn't the government mandated hiring quotas by race on foreign investors and MNCs with operations in Malaysia?

    6. Tuan Haji,

      Agreed. In this country, while the hoi polloi fight the guts out, venting anger and frustration against one another - such as on Annie's blog - the elite behind close door deals.

      Yup, it's the know who that's important.

      Malaysia, Truly Asia
      establishment supporter

    7. Tebing Tinggi,

      You must be one of those people that are against the Malaysia Constitution . Hence I feel it a waste of time to state my points further.

    8. Anon 11:27

      Why, have you thrown in the towel already?

      Please elucidate how the questions I raised and the points I made are "against the Malaysia (sic) Constitution"? Point by point.

      Are you claiming that the "Malaysia(sic) Constitution" doesn't mandate "fair and equal" treatment of all Malaysians, regardless of ethnicity/race or religion?

  24. Selagi Najib Razak masih sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia selagi itulah kita terpaksa menghadapi semua ini. Ketidakcekapan pengurusan, terlalu ingin dilihat sebagai moderate, keterlaluan dalam mengambil hati bangsa lain selain melayu. Banyak membuat keputusan diatas nasihat consultant yg kebanyakkannya tidak memahami selok belok budaya rakyat negara ini. Dan budaya membodek amat berleluasa di sekeliling PM. Shahrizat jalil adalah contoh betapa lembiknya PM. Beliau masih lagi melantik shahrizat memegang jawatan dalam kerajaan. Kenapa harus disimpan lagi org2 seperti shahrizat, kunan, ahmad maslan, shahidan kassim, hassan malek, adnan yaakob dan juga nazri aziz. Badut badut ini tidak membawa apa apa kebaikan kepada kerajaan pimpinan najib razak.

  25. Bank Negara grills top executives as 1MDB fails to settle RM2 billion debt again.

    The problem has been brought to the attention of Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), and sources said at a recent meeting, top executives from 1MDB led by chairman Tan Sri Lodin Wok Kamaruddin, director Tan Sri Ismee Ismail and outgoing CEO Mohd Hazem Abdul Rahman were given a dressing-down by the central bank.

    1. Has Oppo agenda infiltrated Bank Negara?

      How can Tan Sri Lodin Wok Kamaruddin, Tan Sri Ismee Ismail and Mohd Hazem Abdul Rahman, combined, be not as good as one 38 year old Indian?

      Perkasa and Isma should look into the above!

      The political inclination of all important civil servants should be vetted thoroughly.

      Perkasa and Isma, being true defenders of Agama and Bangsa, should be consulted.

    2. 22.05

      Are we into reverse psychology now?

      You may think otherwise but your tactic here is too crude !

    3. 00:18

      Do you know top layer Bank Negara people?

      They are amongst the very smartest civil servants. One early 30's Malay HOD told me their 'agenda' is the integrity of the country's finance sector; they are not a glc which may have to take bumi agenda into account.

      Please read 00:56

  26. Haha, just saw the Sarawak redelineation proposal - 11 new rural or semi-rural seats and the most populous constituency increased by 50%. Forget all about the Chinese vote, and for all the urban voters too. They are not important in the coming elections.

    1. Chinese are practical people. They'll deal with whoever is in power.

      They particularly like dealing with UMNO because its leaders understand and are pro-business (good eg Lynas).

      Pakatan politicians are too rakyat. NGO and environment orientated.

    2. Too bad they are also selfish and opportunists. Malaysia would be a better place if they are more kind and considerate towards the other citizens and not preoccupied with their kind only.

      After all we are fellow malaysians, right?

  27. A source close to Gen Prayut said on Tuesday that the Malaysian prime minister and his wife made a private visit to Thailand on Jan 2. They went shopping, played golf and stayed overnight at the Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok, says the Bangkok Post.

    Oh gosh!!!

  28. Another Year of Hope or Despair.

    If I were the editor of that publication, I would disallow it, because it is Unproductive Lament - that I'll say is similar to Perkasa's or Isma's - in that they are too 'extreme' in the Malaysian context.

    To face the future together, they must be prepared to compromise, to find common ground, and co-operate.

    Otherwise, it's one sure way to go down the economic ladder in an accelerated pace.

    While there are those who think that ideals are more important than bread. To them I say: wait till you experience real hunger.

  29. Tebing tinggi should not be wasting his time arguing with people who habitually have sex with camels.

    Merry fucking Christmas.

    1. I don't agree with the "sex" part. I definitely don't agree with the denigration of Christmas.

      Having said that, I find it telling that the points I raised or the questions I asked haven't been answered or refuted.

    2. What fucking points have you raised apart from inane whataboutery, you daft twat Tebing Tinggi? Top slots in the govt/armed forces you asked? So you lot are too good for the rank-and-file positions now eh? Despite the not-so-recent bending over of the PDRM offering "extra" incentives and allowances to entice you lot into joining the force?

      Start from the bottom ladder la bingai..