Saturday 31 January 2015

Genji Buskers

It's another weekend.

I am relieved.

I have been working hard the past week and now actually exhausted.

Reached home from work about 2am this morning.

Now, I am writing this lying down on my bed.

Too lazy to get up.

Anyway, today I just want to write something about my new found favorite bunch of musicians, Genji Buskers.

No politics. Too tired to write about that.

Genji Buskers are those guys whom Dr Mahathir gave some money while performing near a LRT station the other day.

You can watch the video of that moment at my previous posting

Why I like Dr Mahathir

Since then I have been watching their performances on You Tube in between my work in the office.

Just to lessen the stress.

They are a bit raw and not as polished as the usual artistes.

But that's what makes me appreciate their work more.

They are honest with their work.

It's fresh and sincere.

And I like their attitude.

This is what their frontman Mus said in his Facebook page about Dr Mahathir's acknowledgement,

1st time nyanyi mata berair..with Negarawan terulung‪#‎tunmahathir‬.. Rupanya dah 3,4 minit saya diperhatikan tadi..bila terpandang tun..lirik terus bersepah hahaha...nama kami sama MM ...dan kami Sagittarius... Rm50 yg tun bagi akan saya frame kan ;p .. 

Of course being buskers they did a lot of cover for other people's music, but they did them well with their own style.

This is their own song, which I like very much.

I wish them the very best and hopefully they will get more people to appreciate their talent.

You can get to know them better and watch their performances at these links,

GENJI Buskers | Facebook


  1. Ye annie. Bagi lah mereka peluang "perform" macam caliph buskers, betul tak ?

  2. Annie, i really like u! Can i take u out on a date? Pleaseeeeee!!!!

  3. Wish you were here Annie in Sungai Pinang: tremendous local buskers talent by the Sumatran beach! Tomorrow we go spearfishing. Like they say: it's way better to teach a man to fish for himself than to spoonfeed him fish ....