Wednesday 14 January 2015

Malaysia's root cause of racial and religious problems

This is an interesting post in Another Brick in the Wall blog,

Condemn, YES but NOT Charlie! 

It's quite long but I feel it makes a good read.

The terror attack in Paris has indeed triggered a tidal wave of Islamophobia which apparently even reached our shore.

People who have all these while despise Islam suddenly became brazen and came out of the woodwork to flash their contempt for the religion.

They feel that what happened in Paris gave them the right to say anything about Islam, its adherents and anything related to the religion.

In the case of lawyer Eric Paulsen, it turned out that his outburst against Jakim's Friday sermon was not the first time that he made a disparaging remark against something related to Islam.

I received this today,

It's a list of tweets by Paulsen in the past, which touched on Islamic matters.

Please zoom in to read them.

They indicated a pattern of how the guy never really like anything related to Islam.

Since Paulsen is a Pakatan supporter, he predictably blamed Umno for the backlash from his tweet against Jakim.

He was quoted in several news reports of blaming the alleged "death threats" he received on "pro-Umno cybertroopers".

As of now, he never showed any remorse.

Other reports, however indicated that his actions were condemned by Muslims from both sides of the political divide and not just from Umno.

How did this Paulsen turned up that way?

In the run up to the last general election in 2013, the Pakatan coalition, in particular DAP, employed a strategy of sowing hate against Barisan Nasional, especially among the Chinese community.

Nothing less then hate would do at that time.

The main target is Umno, the dominant BN party made up of mostly Malay Muslims.

That's when Lim Guan Eng repeatedly told the Chinese that they were being treated as second class citizens, DAP cadres spread the belief that Chinese like Teoh Being Hock were being killed by Umno agents such as those in MACC, etc.

Knowing that it was crucial for Pakatan to win a significant number of Parliament seats in Sabah and Sarawak, Guan Eng in his Christmas message in 2012, not long before the general election, once again harped on the kalimah Allah issue.

His aim was to sow hatred among the large number of Christian bumiputera people in those states against the BN government by painting a picture of how Christians were being oppressed in this country.

The tactic worked to a large extent.

Even the Malay Muslims who supported Pakatan were taken in by the DAP's propaganda.

They really hate Umno and the BN government with all of their heart. It's nothing less than that.

Nothing coming out of Umno and BN are good and those who disagreed with them were enemies who need to be crucified.

Chinese who appeared to support BN such as actress Michelle Yeoh and badminton star Lee Chong Wei were targeted while PM DS Najib Razak tireless effort to promote 1Malaysia was ridiculed.

It resulted in the Chinese tsunami during the general election.

Even the Chinese who were members of BN component parties voted for Pakatan in large number.

The level of hatred build up, particularly against Umno by the DAP's campaign ensured that.

Words such as Asal Bukan Umno (ABU) became a battle cry.

Yes, I believe that if a Taliban or IS candidate contested against an Umno guy at that time, they would had voted the former. Anything but Umno, they said.

Hatred makes people do weird things.

That's how educated people like Paulsen turned up the way they were.

They already dislike Islam for it's a faith which general adherents were, they believe, of lower standard then themselves.

They loathed that they have to live under the government led by these Malay Muslims who they believe were "low class".

And when people such as Guan Eng whipped up racial and religious sentiments in the election campaign, the level of hatred just went up quite a few notches up.

Of course they masked it all in the political campaign by claiming that they are against Umno and not Malay Muslims.

The only saving grace was that the bumiputera Christians in Sabah and Sarawak were largely not taken in by the hate campaign led by DAP.

Here is one of them who commented in this blog just a while ago. The comment about summed up everything on the root cause of current racial and religious problems in this country.

actually, no, non Muslim bumi's Allah IS NOT under threat from ISMA and PERKASA. I agree that non Muslim Bumis are the poorest lot - and they are mainly in Sarawak. However - the word Allah for the Christians have always been allowed in Sarawak, always. There was no issue nor furore over the usage of this word until the Roman Catholics in West Malaysia demanded that they too use it for their Herald publication despite knowing that usage of that word isn't conducive in the West Malaysian society. That's when the whole mess started. Before this - Sarawakian Christians have been using the word without problem. Now the west malaysian dragged us all into the mess and try to pin the problems on someone else.

So no, it isn't ISMA and PERKASA who is the actual problem here. It's that freaking Catholic church that's so belligerent and stubborn that they couldn't even compromise and use a perfectly legible word (TUHAN, anyone??) for their BM publication and dare to bring Sarawak's Christian Bumis into the equation to push their cause. Talk about political opportunists!


  1. arrogance, superiority complex, jealousy, hate.

    do they think that they are the only one who can hate?

    those who ignites and those who supports are equally to be blame.

    me on my personal stand am struggling to be the better one. but who knows. even i have my limits. does my dilemma echoes anyone? assuming im the average, tht means out there tht there are malays out there whos already hating in response, the moderates will soon follows. provocations will only end towards one thing. dap and the chauvinists will once again trigger yet another historical episodes for Malaysia.

    sometimes u gotta play ball back. in this kind of situation and time, we dont need a lembik PM

  2. Eric Paulsen is probably a born-again idiot suffering from severe existential angst due to chronic identity crisis. That's my sincere expression of opinion about him.

    And I am waiting for these people to start expressing theirs about Eric's allegations against JAKIM (yes, he made allegations against JAKIM and not DIRECTLY towards Islam, so in return I think the Popes residing in the Vatican has always been self-righteous heads of a group of old money-laundering child molesters worldwide. Just like Eric, I have nothing against Catholicism, only against successive wearers of the fisherman ring for their inaction against the alleged crimes - for decades. And don't let me start about their alleged complicity in the Holocaust ok).

    1) Those so called G25, 25++ of "eminent" malays, what say you about Eric?
    2) Anwar and PKR, what say you about Eric?
    3) PAS, especially Mat Sabun, what say you about Eric?
    4) Sisters in Islam, etc, what say you about Eric?
    5) Sampah Negara A Samad Said, I know you despise the khutbahs but what say you about Eric. Btw, it is compulsory to listen to khutbahs Pak Samad. Otak jangan letak kat lutut.
    6) All those NGOs from Bersih to Negaraku to so many other so called "moderates", have you had anything to say about Eric?
    7) The Star?
    8) I'm not gonna include DAP and MCA, I already know their manufactured answers. MCA's stand can be deduced from the Star's.

    Je ne suis pas charlie hebdo, je ne suis pas eric paulsen,

    1. You are absolutely correct, I support you. Allow me to copy and paste and repost your writing in other places.

    2. Parlez-vous francais?

    3. Anon 09:15
      Your comment is the best! Well done bro!

    4. I try hard to imagine the frankfurter and ham in this Eric Paulsen guy but for all my striving I only see an overblown Chinese lup cheong . . . . hehehehe orang putih punggung kuning hahahaha

    5. Anonymous14 January 2015 at 19:04,

      Thanks, but I'm not a bro. I'm a sista and I can go from angel to bitch in 1.5 seconds. One need to be a better bitch to fight other bitches.

      Je ne suis pas charlie hebdo, je ne suis pas eric paulsen.


    6. Pwincess,
      your conscience makes lightning speed judgements to be able to switch modes in 1.5 seconds. May God protect your fidelity!

    7. Anonymous15 January 2015 at 23:56,

      Fidelity? Oh, no,no,no, sorry I'm not that kinda bitch. I mean I'm not the same kind of bitch like Diana Sofea who likes both LKS and Zairil. She's in a class of her own, God help her.

      Je ne suis pas charlie hebdo, je ne suis pas eric paulsen.



  3. A really summary of the successful DAP/ PR campaign this time, adinda Ms Annie
    headed by the evil-genius DAP chief strategist. They only failed miserably in Sarawak and lost Putrajaya.

    They should fail again come the 11th state elections and GE-14 if the good Tan Sri CM mantains good cooperation with the Iban parties.

    Bumi agenda:
    UMNO should just push HARDER with the Bumi agenda, adinda Ms Annie
    together with the Iban parties and KD-M cousins. OK, really must include the long neglected displaced Indians coming out from the estates.

    Work only with the ready. Why talk of inclusiveness with the descendants from the Middle kingdom(?) if they insult us as Muslim extremists at the onset .. and still continue/ no remorse?
    ( ya yang baru Kristian tu memang rasa lebih class )

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  4. Eric Paulsen does not represent the majority of Malaysian Chinese.

    While his tweets probably won't attract any attention in western countries, they have clearly crossed the line in the Malaysian context.

    I'ld say that the application of the Sedition Act on him is justified.

    1. well i find tht hard to believe with the chinese tsunami almost 100% voting for dap. if eric paulsen is dap then certainly the chinese are with him. plus where is LGE, LKS ? all of those other dapster ? where are the voters? did they condemn his actions? wht about mca?

      u dont get away tht easy.

    2. Is Eric Paulson DAP?

    3. 11:14

      I don't know why you are so hung up about LGE and LKS.

      Generally, Chinese feel that they should question their so called leaders when they are not happy with them.

      For example, Christians are free to discuss, even argue with their pastors if they feel their interpretation of the Bible is not right. The Bible is the real authority. As a results Christians do not have religious council rulings that they must follow.

      And Chinese do not treat Chinese political leaders - whichever party they are from - like feudal lords, people who should be obeyed no matter what. Whether they are from MCA, Gerakan or DAP matters not.

      But generally Chinese are encouraged by the opportunities that have come up as a result of China's rise, and are looking beyond Malaysia for career and business.

    4. hes ahli parlimen kampar dap aint it?

    5. anon 16.40

      i trying to show a pattern here. basically i dont here any voice from the chinese regarding the eric paulsen case. how about mca and their paper the star?

    6. Anon 10:21, you are dame right. Eric Paulsen does not represent the majority Chinese but Eric represents the mindset of majority Chinese chauvinism cum racism led by political DAP.

      The point is, stop mending over the affair of Islamic institutions, Muslim belief, faith and practiced norms. It is the Muslim problem not his.

      By profession Eric is a lawyer. Don't look for trouble,"He is more trouble than his worth". As a prudent Malaysian, Eric should understand the mental depression facing his fellow Muslim brotherhood, be noble!

    7. 11:14

      "I don't know why you are so hung up about LGE and LKS."

      By political leadership, Malaysian political and social environment is racially in transaction. In reality, the evolution of racial compartmentalization has been in a water-tied state. As a result, deep racial polarization is in the making. It seems integration, multiculturalism and the expression of 1 Malaysia are merely illusionary.

      To me is scary. It is because it associates with political and chauvinistic leadership. Malaysian harmony, in mental state and perception of dirty politics, has been shattered, a price for Malaysian don't deserved.

      Worst still, as you have said, "But generally Chinese are encouraged by the opportunities that have come up as a result of China's rise, and are looking beyond Malaysia for career and business".

      This is portraying that the Chinese still bears the "immigrant mentality", as someone remarks as "Pendatang". The notion of Malaya then a haven of transit for next new green pasture is still embedded in the presence of the Chinese culture. For me it is alright but too bad for people who cry out for Malaysian.

    8. 19:35

      KWSP and Khazanah have in recent years invested billions oversea - for the simple reason that they could get higher returns there.

      This is the same reason why Chinese are increasingly international in outlook. The rise of China is a plus factor for us; why not take advantage of it?

  5. Annie,

    Chinese as second class citizen(playing second fiddle) is a myth.
    The Chief Minister of Penang is a Chinese


  6. I think Eric Paulsen should be specific as to where when and which part of the khutbah promote extremism. Has he got a record if he has compare it with Jakim's official note. See if the imam pandai pandai tambah. Then Jakim can reprimand the imam if that is the case. No need to quarrel .

    1. As a lawyer, he should know better than to cast a general aspersion on khutbah content nationwide. He must have a hidden motive other than the obvious accusation. What is it?

  7. Annie....

    Elok Sumbat aje dlm jel orang yang melanggar undang-undang macam ni. Jangan banyak soal jawab. Baru dia tahu. Yang lain-lain mengada-ngada tunjuk pandai tapi tolol tu juga pun patut di layan spt ini. Kita tengok...berapa ramai lagi yg berani berkokok dgn tahi berderai-derai?

  8. Annie if the Anonymous of 13 January 2015 at 22:50 claims that Allah for the East Malaysian non Bumis is not an issue what about Jill Ireland, who is a Sarawakan Christian? Why don't they release her CDs to her?

    The BM section of the Herald is for the East Malaysian Bumi Christians, so what is trhe issue if the word Allah is used in it then.

    Is the Anon aware of how many of us Bumi Christians from East Malaysia now work and study in the Peninsular? So over here we cannot use the word Allah? Our Bibles and reading material will get confiscated? In the case of the Bible Society Malaysia why did they seize the Iban Bibles as well?

    I'm not sure if your Anon actually knows the real situation except from what he or she reads in the main stream media.

    And it's not just the Sarawak non Muslim Bumis who are lagging behind. Please go and see how poverty stricken the Sabah non Muslim Bumis are too.

    1. yo ever heard the pepatah masuk kandang kambing mengembek? when u enter certain place try to respect the way it is there? u cant just do whtever the hell u feel like it.

      ive been to german i didnt force anyone over there to accept my malay tradition.

      try to understand its diff over there in sarawak and here in peninsular.

    2. Wow, good on you. Please convey your message to your fellow religionist in Germany and other European countries who keep on trying to introduce sharia.

    3. My football mate Musa is a Christian from Sarawak and he's really fed up with the DAP people for poking fire at them about Allah bibles. All his life he grew up in peace with Malay Muslim neighbours until recently they play politics with religious issues.

    4. 16:22

      Why don't you go and have the honour. You so kiasu maa likes to meddle into other people's religion. Typical la lu olangs!

    5. 23:53

      You're right.

      Shows how shallow minded some DAP people (and that includes their gung ho LGE) are.

  9. how come people like this is leading us ??? come on lah stupid ungrateful it BN or PR dont elect people like this to lead us....

  10. It's not the first time the chinese have come into conflict with the Malays.
    Remember the communists. UMNO haven't even existed when the communists were founded. Forget UMNO, at that time the Malays don't even have their independent country yet.
    Some of them are just not content and want to take over the country. The obstacles that stands in the way are the Malays(and the parties that represent them), the religion Islam and the kings.
    All that's been going on is just a long subversive process. Religion and ideologies are just convenient tools. You can solve the related problems but new ones will definitely come up because the main thing to deal with is their desire to take over.

  11. Until all races pay the same price for a freaking house, I will always vote oppo. Basically it's inequality that drove the Chinese tsunami, not anything else. Nothing to with religion etc. Either give everyone a 7%bumi discount or continue to lose the votes of non bumis.

    1. so tired of repeating the same thing over and over again. u felt discriminate? so long a s u dont freakin understand history and constituition so fuckin be it. then u can all go vote oppo.

    2. Good.
      I hope Najib sees this.
      See this, Najib?
      Nothing you have done so far is good for this people. NOTHING. They will always find something else.

    3. are worth 7% discount only?? So cheap meh??

    4. Anonymous @ 18.04

      Your attitude pisses me off no end and I am the original poster on this thread fyi. Put yourself in the shoes of the Chinese or the Indians for just one moment and think. What exactly has Najib done that is above and beyond his role as a PM for all Malaysians? Nothing mate. He continues spoon feeding the bumis with their special economic policies and discounts as I mentioned earlier, and gives scraps to the others. Now, please don't go back to the pathetic default position of the bumis being the original people etc. Grow up and realise that this is 2015 and that line of thinking doesn't exist anymore in the developed nations. Besides, didn't the Indians and Chinese help build Malaysia as well to what it is no? How would you feel if your race pays the most amount of taxes in Malaysia only to get the scraps at the end of the day. Hard work and smarts have ensured that the Indians and Chinese are doing ok, not any Government policy. Be certain about that.

    5. Aah . The same old tune. Chinese the major taxpayers. Pleaselah. I'm too like you is fed up .

    6. 'Besides, didn't the Indians and Chinese help build Malaysia as well to what it is no?'

      Big deal.

      Go and tell that to the Cinas that was deported by the Australians despite the fact that they had fought along with the Whites against the Japanese.

      In the land of the free they have installed Chinese exclusion act, which is self explanatory, kan?

    7. Pays the most amount of taxes only to get scraps?

      Keep believing and peddling bullshit lies and myths, exactly the kind of lies to incite hatred like Annie posts in her article.

      Just another reason for Najib to stop trying to get the support of your people.

      My attitude pisses you off?You keep harping about how your people are so smart, hard working and doing well despite government efforts, yet you whine about how Bumis has 7% discount on housing?

      Right back at you!Why are you here anyway?To get pissed off?Or to whine and piss others off?

      Keep whining!Your people would never stop until they have everything!
      I'm certain about that.

    8. Don't worry, chinese people.
      When LGE and DAP takes over, courtesy of your people and supporters of PAS and PKR, you will get the chance to pay even more taxes!
      You guys don't have to worry about spoon feeding too, or special economic policies and discounts to anyone ever!

    9. 23:47

      The Land of the Free once had negros as slaves.

      Now, they have a negro president.

      Which is self explanatory, kan?

    10. Anonymous14 January 2015 at 17:18,

      Abolish the 7% discount? Funny, when I heard that some non-bumi developers authorised non-Bumi agents to give 30% discounts to potential buyers whereas other Bumi agents working to sell similar properties by the same developer are not allowed to give discounts or maybe less than 30%?

      Do you want me to start on shopping mall rents, different pricing from suppliers (thank God for GST soon), allocation of business spaces, interview callback for prospective employees (please refer to a UM study about that), Mandarin as a job condition etc.? Plus, if it so bad, why 90% of top 20 billionaires in Malaysia are composed of "second-class citizens" (please refer to Forbes 2014)?

      Please refrain from doing all this type of self-righteous equality sermons ala-YTL ok? Thanks.


    11. 'Now, they have a negro president.'

      Haiyaa. Don't be so square boleh tak? You think Obama is pushing agenda negro meh? Go and ask Oprah about it!

      And BTW Obama does not becomes the President of Pakcik Sam by whinning of being second, third and fourth class like the Cinas here, while keeping his Swahili intact as mother tongue la bangang!

    12. Pwincess 09:27

      My, it again, I see.

      Please be so kind to give specific names, instances etc instead of posting catch-all generalities.

      I asked you to do the same for the alleged shenanigans in Iskandar/Johor. Name names without fearing the consequences or repercussions.

      Here is a starter for you. It's been reported that both the Forest City and Princess Cove projects in Iskandar have been the EIA clearance to proceed with land reclamation works.

      Like that, how?

      Toodles, ma cherie.


  12. This Paulsen and many of it's kinds are testing on the weak Malay leadership , the change of leadership is vital .

    1. All Malaysians better wake up from top echelon to man on the street:
      ONE UNITED SCHOOLING SYSTEM FOR ALL CHILDREN! Then allow each vernacular group to tailor their own additional curriculum for their special schools


    2. 00:18

      Eric Paulsen Malay is very good, with native intonation even. Listen to him here:

      He obviously went to a national school!

    3. No wonder he wants Akta Hasutan to be abolished.

    4. Anon 00:18 please ask our ministers etc to enroll their children in Gomen School and not private schools. Please remove religious elements from schools and let the curriculum be secular and then i will accept 1 sekolah untuk semua.


    5. 16:27,

      Lu sulah telima ini Negala maa aa ,apa pasat tatak mau telima lia punya cala ?

    6. 16:27,

      I don't wanna be where that Nik Aziz and Hadi Awang guys are going after they die - it's freaking scary! My family quarrel broken up because of of the idiotic Amanat Awang mengkafirkan sesama orang Melayu. Bloody shit it turns out after all these years he freaking export Islamic State militants to kill Muslims in Iraq and Syria, while Kelantan and Trengganu are high in porno viewing and HIV cases and the hutan asli Kelantan dah jadi harta balak orang besar PAS and DAP!

    7. 1) The truest thing worth doing behind someone's back is making doa for them.
      2) Declare your jihad on 13 enemies you cannot see: your
      egoism, arrogance, conceit, selfishness, greed, lust, intolerance, anger, lying, cheating, gossiping and slandering. If you can master and destroy them, then you will be read to fight the enemy you can see.
      - Imam Ghazali.

  13. Malaysia - a nation of farmers (at least as seen through the representation in Parliament). Goodbye Vision 2020 and developed nation status, your not important. Issues about religion choke up the press but is this really our biggest problem as a nation? Or each of us individually?

    1. well a certain group of certain ethnic decided to play with the racial card. or at least the larger portion of the 97%. so this in itself is a national issue.

      cant ignite the fire to benifit urself and then usher us to hush when it comes to your racial game being exposed.

    2. the freaking Islamist Wahhabis want us to think they alone are the "be all and end all" of Islam ...but the fact is they are violent ignoramuses shooing all who bow to them into Hellfire . . . . .if they don't slander and kill you first

  14. Fucking Melayu if cannot afford a house, rent! Ask for discount for fuck ah? No shame meh? Nabe.
    ohhhh, now I'm insulting and provoking your fucking bangsa. Go, go and mengamok!!! That's all you fucking retards know what to do.

    Who came first? The fucking apes came first. They are the fucking bumiputra. And yet you assholes cut down their forrest.
    So you're a fucking monkey now? Huh?

    1. Bagus maa lu cakap ini macam at least itu huanna tau maa apa babi yg buat menyemak ini tempat maa. Lu punya bangsa mesti bangga lor boleh maki sama Melayu.

      Lu punya latuk nenek-itu monkey datang-lu sendiri cakap maa td, mesti bangga lor ada cucu macam lu. Mesti dalam itu neraka lu punya keturunan semua bangga maa. Lu manyak babi makan manyak pandai worr!

      Hidup Cina!!!

    2. Anon 22:38
      Hahahahahaha.... You fucking idiot. You r a disgrace to the Chinese. If u think u r second class citizen and the government didn't treat u right then what the fuck u still here dude. Pussy ass motherfucker! Probably ur name is Ma Chi Bai hmmmm sounds like cina bukit a bit la, try change to pussy chi bai got a bit English ma. Bodoh punya cina pukimak.

    3. 8:39

      That old argument of "why are you here?" or "If you don't like it in Malaysia, then leave"is redundant, and a default used by a lot of racist people, and more often than not, Malays. It's so stupid that I can't believe people still spout out that line.

      Just because things are not equitable, it doesn't mean that everyone must leave, but at the same time silence on these issues will only magnify the inequality. And it's not that easy to emigrate to a developed country- factors such as qualifications, work experience and age play a massive part in obtaining a PR. And I would confidently say the majority of Malaysians will not qualify for overseas PR's.

    4. 10:46

      'And it's not that easy to emigrate to a developed country- factors such as qualifications, work experience and age play a massive part in obtaining a PR. And I would confidently say the majority of Malaysians will not qualify for overseas PR's.'

      The more you must appreciate the kerakyatan our forefathers accord the 2 million pendatangs, yes?

    5. 10:46

      Unless the Malays came before the Aslis, I think the Malays can in no way be considered anything else other than pendatangs as well, and therefore technically are not "bumis"if the meaning of the word is to be taken literally. You can twist it any way you like, but try and argue against this fact that is obvious to anyone with a brain.

      And stop spouting your racist crap about something that happened a few centuries ago. All Malaysians built Malaysia to what it is now, and if a certain group feels marginalized (within reason of course), it's their constitutional right tos peak out against their perceived inequality. Racist statements like "balik ke Cina" reflects the uncivilized and uneducated nature of the individual making it.

    6. Sorry, the above comment at 13:37 was not for 10:46 (that's me) but for 11:59

    7. 13:37

      'Unless the Malays came before the Aslis, '

      Brader, haven't you heard, the Malays came from the Orang Asli?!

      I thought you guys had thrown the Orang Asal BS already. No ahh?

    8. bro nusantara people's dna is the oldest of all. Therefore dismissing claims tht we came from yunnan or india. our civilization were here long before malacca. from different dinasti to dinasti, intermarriage btw nusantara people, and the royals alike.

    9. 10.46,

      u called tht racist remark, we call it simple plain logic truth. u labelling game isnt gonna work anymore. so u can stop claiming other people racist when u guys are the most racist race in the world. dont believe me? ask everyone aaround the world which race is racisiest (dont bother, u get wht i mean) of all. i bet chinese will be among the top three.

    10. I bet ur chinese kepala botak perut buncit didnt teach u manners pasal tu lu cina perangai serupa babi

  15. Hello Anon @ 22:38... Rilek lah, brader!

    You say:
    "Go, go and mengamok!!!"

    I say:
    "Go, go Power Rangers!!!"

    My prediction. Melayu will not mengamok. They will not resort to violence. A handful might... but they'll be stopped by PDRM. (Who are over 90% Melayu -- did you know that?)

    Instead, I think the Malays will shout themselves hoarse about defending the special position, etc. And then they'll wake up and realize a simple fact of arithmetic. The Malays outnumber the Chinese 2 to 1. The Bumiputeras outnumber the Chinese 3 to 1. And Bumi population growth rate is much higher than the Chinese.

    When you have that kind of numerical superiority, you don't have to punch the people who mock you. You can give them the cold shoulder. You can refuse to be friends with them. You can refuse to do business with them.

    In the Peninsular, there are more Malay businesses now than there ever have been in our history. Some play the crony game, some play the Ali Baba game. But some play the free market game... and win. Market forces will favor those businesses. They'll grow in size, grow in numbers, until one day Malay businesses will outnumber Chinese businesses.

    What do you think will happen then?

    I hope when that time comes, Tun M will be proven right. "Melayu mudah lupa." Because if Tun M is wrong, angry people like you Anon 22:38 will feel very lonely.

    You also say:
    "And yet you assholes cut down their forrest."

    I say:
    Sorry, beb. Bumiputera (pemimpin2 & kakitangan awam Melayu di Semenanjung, Dayak di Sarawak, KDM di Sabah) bagi lesen je. Tapi towkay syarikat pembalakan terbesar di negara nie semuanya Cina. Kalo ko nak hentam isu pembalakan ikut kaum... kena salahkan semua kaum... kecuali mungkin kaum India!

    1. 00:02

      Agreed. In time, it will be just like Indonesia, in which Chinese form only a very small %age of the total population.

  16. Anon 00:02

    Lu cekap manyak betut maa , itu kuasa semua Bulayu pegang ,tapi Cina kasi beli itu Bulayu semua habit lorr rr .

    Cina atak salah kah ?, itu Bulayu pelibahasa atak cekap lea aa ,' olang mau juat ,kita sangup beli ,' maa aa .

  17. Only big Chinese Tycoons live like kings but there still exist the medium and small scales chinese businessmen who are struggling now.Good e.g,Fishmongers and vegetable sellers at wet markets.They are suffering now with the existence of pasar tani/malam which controlled by bumiputera sellers.Forgone the day when during Chinese New Year celeberation the Melayus had to suffer as the market closed for 3/4 days.I agreed with comment by 00.38 that in no time that Chinese minorities will shrinked more and their roles in business will lesser esp the trend now set by the govt in giving aids to Bumi businessmen.You think PM is stupid esp lesson learned in GE 13 with the so called Chinese Tsunami.After all most of the govt policies are not his decision alone,but controlled by UMNO Supreme Councils and party itself.Good e.g.Sedition Acts.So my advice to the Chinese,do not brag about paying taxes more,controlled of nations economy,making mockery of Islam,accusing the Malay malas and easily conned Be realistic,study and appreciate the situation well,look around neighbouring countries,except you are minorities,also work together with the majorities so that everybody will live peacefully.The Majorities esp the Malays if you keep on harping and angered them esp on Religion,Race and their special rights,they will come together inrespective of which political parties they belonged to.Marked my words,HUDUD is one of the cases.

    1. Anon 14 Jan 21:25 & Geng..

      Apa? Lu kata Cina banyak bayar tax? ...Sejak bila? Kalau banyak lari dari bayar tax most likely.. Itu sebab melalak pasal GST. With GST sikit susah mahu elak bayar!

      Kalau Cina (read businesses) pay all their dues, how come govt income 40% from Petronas, 30% from salaryman. Then we also have so many other taxes.. So lu pikir sendiri berapa Cina bayar tax? Our race taxpayer money konon..

      Tanya lu punya kawan..itu tax return tak dak adjust kasi kurang skit untung ke? Itu belum masuk all environmental damages, rasuah etc when they do business. poorah!.

    2. So why are we so worried about the Cina?

    3. Not worried but must always be on guard. Kebanyakan mereka bersifat manis di mulut, dI hati sebaliknya, most of the times with ulterior motives. Cannot trust them wholeheartedly.

    4. I'm worried.
      I have no idea how big the hold people like tycoons and criminal underworld lords actually have on the politicians(on all sides) and authorities.
      Talking about taxes, yeah, I don't expect the two kinds I just mentioned to be loyal tax paying types who pays all they are due.

  18. All the comments above make me go. . Kah. Kah. Kah...

    1. Laughing at your stupidity is it?

    2. some of them like schoolboy disputes ... pity the chinese didn't mix around with malays when young becos of separate school system. Now old already one want to quarrel like children using bad words and callin names hahahaha ......haiyaaaa

  19. After the Paulsen pig who doesnt give a damn about what the khutbah Jumaat is all about, we have a female sow ( a Muslim one at that) claiming the absurd.

    If we go by this idiots logic, then all sins can be heaped at Allah's "throne" and we can commit all sorts of crime as we please. What effing baloney is that? It shows how far dumbshits who claim to be Muslim understand Allah's religion.

    In Islam we are given the choice and we do exercise that with free will with knowledge of the consequences of that act.If we happen to be ignorant too bad, for ignorance is no defense in akhirat just as it is no defense in a secular court of law in dunya!!. Get that stupid, thats why we are supposed to mengaji and gain knowledge of Islam's tenets and all that underpins the notions of pahala and dosa.

    In fact if we swallow this woman's garbage , there is no freedom of choice at all. Her silly argument says Allah gave us choice and having exercised that choice, he doesn't stop us from doing the wrong and so He consents to it. What goobledygook garbage is that?
    It is a roundabout way of saying that we have no choice at all! That everything is predestined. That is Jabariyah sesatism for you. A sesatism that grips the Muslim ummah and explains why many ignorant stupid Muslims sitting at keyboards throughout the world has made Islam a laughing stock.

    And all that is welcome news for online garbage such as MI and FMT etc to go agog and mock Malaysian Muslims in their own mother tongue by giving garbage like this unwarranted publicity:

    These are the types of cheapskate slander and slurs Muslims have to put up with uninvited and unasked for. I wish to Allah that action be taken against Paulsen and this scumbag of a woman but then again given past inaction, I am not holding my breath......

    1. It does defeat the whole purpose of Allah (swt) testing us kind of like breaking the law and claiming if the police didn't want anyone to do it they would stop it.

  20. This article is the biggest steaming pile of crap I've ever read. The comments here are cancerous.

    1. Go back to whatever pigsty you came from.
      If you have nothing but insults, expect insults in retaliation, asshole.

  21. A Sarawakian's view: Could this be one of Malaysia's root cause of racial problems?

    Continuing Malaysia’s race-based policies will lead to increased tension among
    Bumiputeras as the affirmative action policies in the past 40 years have largely benefited only the Malays and widened the socio-economic gap between them and other Bumiputeras, an academic has warned.

    Associate Professor Dr Madeline Berma of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) said while the development policies benefited the Malays, the Bumiputera minorities of Sabah and Sarawak and the Orang Asli of Peninsular Malaysia, whom she dubbed “ethnic minorities”, lagged far behind in terms of poverty rate, employment, education and healthcare, breeding discontent among them.

    So, could Sarawakian and Sabahan non Malay Bumiputras be trusted?

    See more at:


    1. Only race-based politics could close the gap, Dr Berma.& Sdr ANON 10:48
      between the Iban and KD-M with their Malay cousins.

      TQ for pointing out the obvious, the current nos of East Malaysia ministers and NEP East Malaysia focus.

      Haji M Zin.
      Alor Gajah DPH.

    2. How will this affect Malay votes?

      Should Major Zaidi have refrained from doing what he did?

      Major Zaidi Ahmad who was sacked by the military court on Monday for breaching discipline told a forum last night he had no regrets about his act of complaining about the indelible ink which washed off during the last general election.

      “They (the government) said the ink was indelible but later I found out it was washable. I do not want to be part of the lies. I am a Muslim and it is my responsibility to tell the truth. I have no regrets about telling the truth,” he said.

      The forum organised by the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih 2.0) featured constitutional expert professor Dr Abdul Aziz Bari and Bar Council vice-president Steven Thiru as well as coalition chairman Maria Chin Abdullah.

      See more at:

    3. Beware!...another attempt to pit the bumis and demonize the Malays. C'mon dont just listen to the bulls**t fr. the prof' and the gang. Check the statistics on org asli and East Msian's bumis progress before and after NEP. Or to see easier, compare progress of Org asli in Msia and those same org asli in Southern Thailand..and the East Msian bumis to the same people across the Iban in kalimantan, Suluk in Sulu etc. Who are better off...Bangang!

    4. Saya salah seorang pengundi semasa PRU ke 13. Saya tidak menafikan dakwat yang digunakan semasa PRU itu, warnanya boleh luntur apabila dibasuh dengan sabun berkali kali tetapi tidaklah sampai meghilangkan terus warnanya.
      Saya cuba untuk menghilangkan warna dakwat itu selepas mengundi. tetapi tidak berjaya. Jikalau ada orang cuba mengundi sekali lagi dengan mudah dapat dipastikan dia telah mengundi. Malah warna yang telah luntur itu boleh bertahan lebih seminggu.
      Jadi apa perlu sampai membuat laporan polis?
      Dalam kes mejar ini, saya juga menganggap dia telah melanggar etika disiplin tugasnya sebagai kaki tangan kerajaan. Jangan lupa ada sumpah kerahsian jawatan yang kita lakukan bila menerima sesuatu pekerjaan.
      Sekiranya dia yakin 'penipuan' telah berlaku,, dia patut meletakkan jawatan terlebih dulu untuk membebaskan dia dari 'system' di mana dia sebagai salah seorang anggotanya! .
      Saya ada baca dia mengatakan bahawa ramai yang menyokongnya! Lihatlah siapa yang menyokong? Kebanyakannya ahli ahli pembangkang. Memanglah pembangkang di Malaysia ni bukan seperti pembangkang di negara negara maju. Pembangkang di Malaysia semua perkara mereka bangkang walaupun perkara yang baik dan benar!
      Akhirnya terbukti majer ini memang golongan yang bersimpati dengan pembangkang. "Birds of the same feather flock together"
      Dia ada cita cita hendak jadi calon PRU. Kalau dia menjadi calon di kawasan saya, In Sha Allah saya tidak mengundinya kerana intergritinya boleh dipersoalkan!

    5. Ya saya juga seorng pengundi. Dan dakwat itu hanya pudar pabila dibsuh berkali kali. Jdi tiada sebab sya harus saya membantah.

  22. It will never stop. Everyone accusin n insultin each other. Just reading all these comment play neutral. I am bumi and hve frens of all races. Most of those non bumis in peninsular sided d PR. In terms of finance they a lot better than me n yet they never feel grateful. Enjoy their if they dont discuss any politics or faiths. N they knew i wud juz leave them once they crap bout d politics. I can live wout discussin anythin bout d pr d politics d bloody eric ....i wonder wud we b discussin bout it if we knew tht it will d end of d world.....just wonder.

    1. i have friends from diff races too. wht i see is if we see any harm being done to the non malay, malay would be so quick to defend them. sometimes even becoming too liberals in doing so.

      i would aspect they would do the same for me. but 97% chinese voted for dap knowing how the malay would fare if dap/pr won the election. i wonder do they really care about us, enjoy our company while we are here, but when it comes to political and economic powers, it just good business, no heart feeling? i feel like i couldnt trust them anymore. its the inconvenient truth nobody want to talk about.

    2. No they will not defen u unless it wil gve some political mileage to them. So think bout they actually hate malays/bumi be it PR or BN malays/bumi. But to achieve their goals they wud do anythin even if they hve to preten ......n the name of toppling corrupted Gov (as if they d real angels).

  23. It is clear that 2015 will be tough for the country. It is also apparent that preparations for a snap election are in process. This is the time to smash the opposition which is paralyzed and before the pinch hits government expenditures and the wider economy.

  24. Anon. 17.00.34,
    OMG...the panelists,I thought these aliens had migrated.My big question is why until now these goons or for that matter BERSIH itself sue SPR on the ink problem.And for the Major what a waste by the govt to train jet fighter pilot and suddenly become a Dunggu when got himself entangled with Pass Piss Puss.His lawyer from PAS that Hanipah Maidin deserted himself during the final day of the Court Martial knowing his client stupidity and will lose his case.But it is very hearthening to see the PR states are competing each other to offer him job except Kltan.inspite of knowing that this Major is a staunch PAS supporter.

    1. Bersih actually is not bersih and tht d facts.


    2. You are master at selective communication, to the media vs remaining silent in court Yg Bhg Sdr Mejer Top Gun.

      You'd do well in politics but mind your quote on Allah's court which is a tad Takabbur.
      ( arrogant ).

      Haji M Zin.
      Alor Gajah DPH.

  25. Your article here is filled with racial instigation. You criticised Paul Ericsen but you yourself are also doing the same thing. From your own mouth, going against UMNO is going against Malays as though PKR and PAS members are not malays. You can hookwinked those naive people who can't see your insinuation. Another things, the chinese have never loathed coming under the malay govt. as you can see that the chinese readily accepted Azmin Ali as MB and for Anwar to be the PM of Malaysia. All these people are malays. Malays are the majority here, so even if Pakatan will to win, it is still the malays who will be PM, MB and majority of them will be MPs too. To spin and say that UMNO is malay and malay is UMNO to deceive people. PAS are malays too and majority in PKR are malays.

    You are sowing hatred for the malays to hate the chinese. It is this type of article that sow hatred and division among the races.

    1. Another things, the chinese have never loathed coming under the malay govt. as you can see that the chinese readily accepted Azmin Ali as MB and for Anwar to be the PM of Malaysia.

      Come again , who is naive here? Guess you must think we are really stupid!

    2. Sembang lebat bro. Jadi kenapa DAP perlu menjatuhkan Khalid Ibrahim???? Isnt he a malay? Anwar? Azmin? Yes.. A master must love his puppet...

  26. Dap started it by saying malay umno. As it anthin to do with malay umno is bad. Dap is sowing hatred among d chinese to hate d malay umno n not only they hate malay umno they hate anytin tobdo with malay. Tht is why such insults on islam and d malay language as well our malay rulers started. And yet blame this blog for writing it while d red bean has been doin it much much earlier . n when we retaliate by doin d same we r being accused of sowing hatred for malays to hate chinese. We did not start it first we alway value d existin relationship until our faiths practise being questions our azan being insulted n to extent our malays rulers being accused n insulted. Who started first? I wish all these to stop but it is gettin worst n of couse d blame will be on d existin gov n Dap wt it so call fren who create d mess wash hand.