Sunday 4 January 2015

Post-flood trauma causing me to write nonsense

(Caution: Reading this will waste your time, seriously.)

It is past 3.30am and I still can't sleep.

So decided to write a bit.

Today I plan to rest properly.

Extremely tired after running around for a week because of the flood.

Hopefully nothing major is going to happen.

Honestly, I wish I can stay here and not having to go back to KL.

It's peaceful here unlike in KL.

But of course I will have to go back.

I need to work.

Otherwise, who is going to feed me.

I actually love my job but I no longer like the place where I work.

I don't feel that I belong there anymore.

Too much office politics.

I really have no energy for such bullshit.

But for now, I have to endure it.

Promised someone that I will endure it.

It's my responsibility to hang on.

Nonetheless, if things turned really bad, I will have to look for another job.

There is only so much that I can do.

After all, life in KL actually really sucks.

I hate the traffic jam, rude people, polluted air, etc.

The only thing that makes it bearable is the occasional moment of happiness I have whenever I meet that DAP-supporting bastard.

Even that is only once or, if I am lucky, twice a week.

Sometimes I don't even get to see him for a whole month.

He sometimes prefers to go to the gym after work rather than have dinner with me.

I know, really pathetic.

Can't help myself though.

The guy looks something like this....

I bluffed when previously I wrote that he is fat and ugly.

That was when I was really pissed off with him.

Previously I tried to dump him, but it only lasted a week.

He called and I just melted....I know, it's disgusting.

Okay....I am just rambling.

Just writing whatever that crosses my mind at the moment.

Sorry for wasting your time reading this nonsense of mine.

However, please excuse me.

I write like this only once in a while.

It's sorts of a therapy for me.

For proper serious political read, I recommend this one for you all,


I am going to try to sleep now.


  1. Annie you're crazy . . . go gently to sleep dear. Godbless for flood relief efforts.

  2. Annie, u need a good Malay guy. Or do you think you can convert him in terms of both religion and politics? If not you may be unhappy in the long term.

    1. Where to find good Malay guy nowadays mat rempit ramai la

    2. Hello, not all Malay guys are mat rempit. I know many good hardworking Malay guys.

  3. Msny hardworkin guys dah ade bini. So yg tinggal2 tu ...mat rempit mat lalok mat penyamun mat yg separuh mat dn mcm2 mat yg tk guna nak buat jdi laki yg akan myusahkan. Atau klau ok memilih dn cerewet.
    Atau anak mak.