Wednesday 7 January 2015

Najib's people need to be smarter

This is what I saw in Utusan Malaysia today,

The first story is about Umno supreme council member Datuk Mohd Puad Zarkashi whacking senior journalist and blogger Datuk A Kadir Jasin for criticizing PM DS Najib Razak.

Kritik Najib, jatuhkan BN 

The second story is about a PKR dude calling for the MACC to investigate former finance minister Tun Daim Zainuddin for allegedly accumulating wealth by illegal means. However I can't seem to find the link to that story. This call for Daim to be investigated by MACC had been repeatedly made by PKR people and the stories have been published by Utusan and other mainstream media since early last year. Here is a link to a similar story as the one in Utusan today,

Dedah segera hasil siasatan kes Tun Daim

Two things I want to say here,

1. Najib's people seriously need someone better than Puad as their spokesman in defending their boss.

This is what I think of Puad,

Seriously, do Najib's people think Puad's words carry much weight?

Do they think Puad can win if they field him again in Batu Pahat in the next general election?

People like Puad are the ones who make me feel like giving up on Umno and BN, seriously.

2. Okay, Daim has been critical of Najib's administration. Some in the PM's camp must had marked him as leading the ongoing rebellion.

But the guy is really old and not well.

I don't think it's necessary for Utusan to repeatedly publish statements by PKR people to whack him.

It's just not right.

In fact, I think it's stupid to do that.

I think Najib's people need to rethink their strategy.


  1. Boycott Utusan!!!

    1. And also Kosmo. Paper sampah xde kualiti, buat bebudak melayu mcm jd bodoh je.

    2. Fikir dan zikir, kaji dan selidik, tolong menolong, sayang menyayangi .... itulah kita harap pada pemuda kita.

  2. Yo Puad! when you're not good company . . . you better rock steady!

  3. Actually Najib need to step down , lately he looked like "anak manja"( apa saja mau cerita sama rakyat , sakit sikit pun mau cerita, bloody fool good for nothing) not a real leader all his men were bustard @ bengong like him. worst like anuar peliwat and Dapigs the chauvanis.

    1. "At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up from amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.
      -- President Lincoln (January 27, 1838)

  4. The fact that Najib and his wife had been gallivanting everywhere despite very negative public reception, showed sign that he will be leaving soon. We will wait and see. BN/UMNO finally came to their senses that the longer he stayed the less likely that BN/UMNO will retain Putrajaya. To me, its good riddance.

  5. To answer the question "Do they think Puad can win if they field him again in Batu Pahat in the next general election?" for them, this Batu Pahat born is telling Puad have no chance.

    Not even when he could lengthen his tongue.

    Too arrogant as first time Deputy Minister. Made too much blunders for voters to forget. Too quarrelsome at the Bahagian. Splitting the party apart.

  6. BN>PR>BN>PR>BN>PR what the differences. Once there were in BN then they create PKR and alliance with DAP/PAS to form PR then jumship . Most PR are once BN and some BN was one PR . What the differences? Orang sama saja parti je berlainan. WHen and if BN loose GE 14 and PR take over gave them 1 year and they becaome the BN version for PR. Can you see it? Country remain the same, BN become PR adn PR become BN ie BN are opposiitton and PR govern . BN become what PR-DAP/PKR/PAS of today adn PR become what BN of today!

    1. So Mr. Smart Anon 08.04, 2 cts for your opinion... Which party do you think should take over and do the wonder ?

      Nenek Kampung

  7. Omar Ong mana? Apa sudah jadi sama ini orang?

  8. You Salah La Annie...
    Puad saja yang buat kerja kat Johor. Jangan lah sebab kamu benci dia nak buat fitnah pulak!

  9. Orang2 China pula menganggap Tunku dan Kerajaan Perikatan sebagai pengechut dan lemah dan boleh di-tolak ke-sana ke-mari. Sebab itu orang2 China tidak takut lagi menolak Perikatan dan orang2 Melayu pula tidak ingin kepada Perikatan. Sebab itu orang2 China dan India membuat kurang ajar pada 12 Mei kepada orang Melayu. Kalau Tunku biasa di-ludah di-muka, di-maki dan di-tunjok kemaluan, boleh-lah Tunku faham perasaan orang Melayu.

    Orang2 Melayu yang Tunku fikir tidak memberontak telah-pun menjadi gila dan mengamok sehingga mengorbankan nyawa mereka dan membunoh orang yang mereka benchi kerana Tunku terlangsong bagi muka. Tanggong-jawab tentang mati-nya orang2 ini, Islam dan kafir, terpaksa di-letak di-atas bahu pemimpin yang salah pendapat.

    Patek mohon ma’af tetapi patek ingin sampaikan perasaan orang-orang Melayu kepada Y.T.M. Tunku. Sabenar-nya, orang2 Melayu sekarang, baik PAS baik Umno, betul2 benchi pada Tunku, terutama orang2 yang di-hina-kan oleh orang China dan yang kehilangan rumah-tangga, anak-pinak, saudara-mara kerana tolak ansur Tunku.

    1. Najib dan pegawai pegawai beliau yg terlebih bangang sila ambil iktibar dari kisah diatas

  10. Sama lah keadaan skrg ni. Rakyat pun benci kat najib razak


  11. The PM does not wield too much power, adinda Ms Annie
    vs the power of the party under the Westminster parliamentary system.

    The UMNO Supreme council that he chairs rules, the same that supported Tun Dr M that fateful evening long ago to oust DS Anwar.

    Agama, bangsa dan Raja:
    OK the real voice of UMNO is not the PMOs but PERKASA who clownish though the leader, speaks from the deepest soul of UMNO.

    Melayu dan PERKASA berpiasah tiada ..

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  12. Very hard for them to be smarter.
    The raw material is not very good to start with.

  13. Off topic but I think relevant given the contemporary context.

    It is inevitable that people who profess good intentions are also by the same token misguided by inherent biases and prejudices. By adopting a stance that is openly blaming one party for the slide to religious/racial sectarianism, the self styled moderate 25 are doing a great disservice to moderates everywhere who espouse an evenhanded approach to all forms of extremism. In fact, ironically, they are self-neutering their own cause by their failure to speak out against the insults leveled against Muslims by extremists like Namewee and Alvivi (to cite clear examples) under the guise of free speech/expression. Even more serious, is their perplexing reluctance to rebuke those (politicians included) espousing the use of kalimah Allah under the guise of religious freedom and pluralism when its actual use is highly insulting to the religious sensitivities of the majority.

    And today, we have local hero wannabe Jahabar Sadiq coming out with his Je suis Charlie garbage. Once again, the notion of freedom of expression is twisted and mangled beyond recognition in his sickly piece valorizing Hebdo’s offensive and irresponsible journalism. Methinks he is a poseur showoff who is hijacking the incident as some sort of trendy thing to trifle with right now to preen and strut his selfstyled liberal ego….hahaha…aint jahabar?

    What Sadiq and his fellow ilk fail to question in their emotional and brainless angst is the fact that deliberate and unprovoked slurs against other ideologies/ideas/religions etc will naturally draw a response that may be potentially tragic. For aren’t adherents to those ideas/ideologies/religions entitled to believe whatever they hold dear to as long as they don’t disturb others the same way you are entitled to believe whatever you espouse as long as you don’t offend others.

    In fact, if one were to take Sadiq’s “freedom of speech/expression” idea as a resilient virus” sewage to its logical conclusion, one can equally say that it would be perfectly alright if I call my neighbour’s wife a whore/slut publically because I privately THINK her as one and then expect her hubby and relatives to smile at me!!!

    Respected papers like the Financial Times seem to know better

    Why even the US acknowledges implicitly, there is a line somewhere which no sane, reasonable individual or organization would cross:

    President Barack Obama offered US help in pursuing the gunmen, saying they had attacked freedom of expression.

    But it also emerged that the White House had previously criticised Charlie Hebdo in 2012 over its Prophet Mohammed cartoon.At the time it had said that the images would be 'deeply offensive to many and have the potential to be inflammatory'.

    And so do once close pals of Westergaard from the infamous Jyllands Posten:

  14. Part 2

    But then again we shouldn’t be expecting a pea brained big time wannabe Charlie schooled in the art of gutter journalism and editing a small online toilet rag called the Malaysian Insider within a combustible multi-religious, multicultural milieu to be any more smarter should we?

    Or perhaps Jahabar is infected with the same ‘selectivist’ virus that infects Fleming Rose who like Jahabar pontificates eloquently about freedom of speech and reviles Islam within that ambit but who runs away when confronted with the Holocaust:

    “Holocaust cartoons

    On 8 February 2006, Flemming Rose said in interviews with CNN and TV 2 that Jyllands-Posten planned to reprint satirical cartoons depicting the Holocaust that the Iranian newspaper Hamshahri planned to publish. He told CNN "My newspaper is trying to establish a contact with that Iranian newspaper Hamshahri, and we would run the cartoons the same day as they publish them". Later that day the paper's editor-in-chief said that Jyllands-Posten under no circumstances would publish the Holocaust cartoons [1] and Flemming Rose later said that "he had made a mistake".[2] [3] The next day Carsten Juste, the editor-in-chief of Jyllands-Posten, stated that Flemming Rose was on indefinite leave because he needed time off.[4] After some months Rose returned to Jyllands-Posten.”

    All that, I stress, doesn’t and shouldn’t justify the evil unleashed yesterday at Hebdo but it would be good if everyone scrutinize what triggered it and other similar carnages in the first place rather than running around like headless chickens screaming freedom is at stake!!

    So moderate 25 and Jahabar, take five to pause, reflect and understand the following rational take on the Charlie Hebdo incident. It may be liberating to know why something remains off bounds no matter what, for civilized society to function optimally:

    “Fox wrote that Charlie Hebdo editor Stephane Charbonnier was a "bully" who had abused free speech and was now responsible for the deaths of his colleagues.
    "The editor of the French magazine has paid the price for his assumption of cultural superiority and arrogance, he was the bully believing he could insult other peoples culture and with impunity and he believed he would be protected in his racism and bigotry by the French state.

    "Well he was wrong, unfortunately in paying the price for his arrogance he took another 11 people with him."

    He continued: "Power cultures all like to use the old chestnut of freedom of speech when they choose to ridicule people who aren't exactly like them, and mostly they get away with it.

    Fox said in this Facebook post that the privilege of free speech brought with it responsibility and ramifications. "These guys liked the privilege but didn't think they'd be caught up in the ramifications - they were wrong.

    "This should serve as a lesson to other people who believe they can use the power they wield by way of dominating the media to abuse and ridicule others they believe to inferior to them - just like [in] this country."

  15. Part 3

    For in your hurry to tar one side as being oversensitive, irrational, illogical etc etc , you are actually playing into the hands of the very extremists you guys seek to isolate. And trust me, the worldly wise “we-know everything and freedom at all costs” mien you assume and so ardently and sometimes hypocritically pontificate about, are the very reasons why many actual true blue moderates are nowadays leery of taking your sides at all.

    For they well know your brand of liberal extremism is no different from the other side’s and they well know too that it every bit as pernicious as the other one; that you guys (both liberals and fundamentalists) are cut from the same cloth, literally and metaphorically different sides of the same coin. And you guys have the gall to pathetically wonder about that!

    1. Well said man! The guidance of the middle way is centered in the moral struggle of the individual against his lower nature and satanic impulses. It is the religious terrorist and the liberal hedonist who allow their devilish minds and animal instincts to overpower their reason and good nature.

    2. Thanks anon. You said it succinctly. I guess, depressing as it may sound, the inevitable clash between the fundamentalists and liberal extremists have broken out in all corners of the globe and it is essentially premised along the lines as postulated by Samuel Huntington in his infamous Clash of Civilisations tract. That this will ultimately lead to eschatological and apocalyptic scenarios is a given inevitable and over the coming decade starting 2015, we will see a gradual descent into the abyss until one side prevails and sanity kicks in. In the meanwhile, expect more similar butcheries as this, hypocritical, holier than thou pigheaded responses from the jahabars of this world, more collateral casualties involving innocents who just want to get along and get on with their lives and a vicious circle of tit- for tat gaining momentum. And in the while, spectate the disintegration of all institutions be it political, economic, social or cultural as we leap over the precipice into living hell.

      Islamic State is a precursor, wherein state terror is married to organizational terror (Al Qaida and affiliates) to unleash flexible killing machines the world over while on the other side lurk purportedly democratic entities but essentially fascist states who will yodel principles of freedom while at the same time strangulate it at their whim and fancy and bomb rationality, equity and moderation into extinction. Welcome to the Coward Old World (COW). Coward for obvious reasons; Old because still mired in the old schisms of Good vs Evil or its various permutations; of liberty vs enslavement; of freedom vs totalitarianism. Such is the blinkered stone age worldviews of both sides, that little do they realize that by default they have opened Pandora’s box to collective perdition and annihilation of the human species.

      Tough luck for innocent, moderates like us caught and squeezed in between. That is why, as a pal put it the other day, it is far better to retreat into the sanctuary of kith and kin and save souls therein rather than reason with the two devils beyond our warm hearths. They simply don’t deserve our time or our ears!

      And just to top off the absurdity of it all, in steps Zunar into the fray, our home made idiot savant who cannot fathom that a cartoon is every bit a pernicious weapon as a Kalashnikov.

      While an AK literally kills, a cartoon, abused as a medium, to mock, revile or laugh at other belief systems, is every bit as Satanic cos it stokes hatred, anger,rage in the object scorned thus leading to that AK in certain individuals. To put it simply, such classless, distatseful cartoons are the classic tools wielded by cultural bullies who hiding behind the skirts of freedom of expression to throw his bile and hide again to watch the conflagration he just unleashed. Imagine asking your neighbor to join in the laughs after calling his wife a cheapskate slut or better, his mother an ugly strumpet!! What possesses liberal extremists to think that everyone should be “sporting, open-minded, chilled out” as they are is mind boggling.

      Try telling that to these Hindus for a change:

      or the Sikhs for this:

      or these Myanmarese :

      How come, no one isn’t shouting sensitive and irrational about all those?

    3. Part 2

      Well, here is news for so-called bleeding hearts liberals everywhere: Charlie Hebdo itself rose from the ashes of the banned Hara Kiri Hebdo, itself banned for insulting Charles de Gaulle. Excuse me, how come that is deemed insulting using your standards, Zunar or Jahabar? Because that’s libertarian bull shit for you i.e., bon for the mare, mauvais for the donkey courtesy of open, free thinking France…..hahahaha.

      And mind you, France back then was much more liberal than you could imagine….ask Sartre, Beauvoir, Camus et al, I digested them all and am still the same moderate fellow as before.

      Condolences to that hapless policeman gunned down in cold blood, to the woman manning that welcome counter, to the maintenance worker caught in an absurdity, for in your deaths what remains of humanity dies, no thanks to the jahabars, zunars and chabs of this world who should have known better but whose pea brains sadly cannot fathom otherwise.

      And oh yeah!...5 hours and counting, how come this and the other one above have yet to appear on the MI comment “intellectually stimulating “section? errr….too liberal for your petit bourgeoise taste eh jahab…..hahaha

  16. Ever since PRU13 I kept on hearing people say that it is PM's advisers fault. Even you Annie said that the PM's people should change strategy. My question is if the country is managed by PM's advisers and people then why on earth do we need Najib is the first place? So that he and his wife can go all over the world on our private jets?

    The bucks should stop at the PM. All his people faults are his fault! If he can't manage his people then he should step down pronto! Malaysia is heading for an economic disaster. 1MDB will be our downfall and it is solely Najib's fault!

    1. Woooii... Every Country needs a leader.

      Saudara Nak tahu apa gunnya penasihat? Listen

      Kalau keputusan bagus Leader di anggap Pandai...
      Kalau Keputusan tak bagus penasihat yang tak pandai! Penasihat kena hang.

      That is the mark of a Smart Leader Laaa


  17. "Najib's people need to be smarter"
    Annie, saya cukup setuju dgn tajuk rencana kali ini.

    Recently saya ada bawa keluarga ke singapura. apa yang saya boleh katakan singapura adalah sebuah negara modern yg maju, bersih dah selamat. Kita boleh berjalan pada malam hari tanpa rasa takut diragut atau dirompak. Mereka mengamalkan undang undang yg ketat demi keselamatan rakyat dan penduduk singapura. Saya juga melawat night safari mereka. Saya amat kagum kerana ianya sungguh menarik.

    Saya terfikir kenapa kita tidak mampu melakukan seperti mereka?....

    Kemudian saya mendapat jawapan..... Rupa rupanya kita ada ahmad maslan, puad zarkashi, noh omar, teuku adnan, nazri aziz, lim kit siang, mat sabu, mahfuz, nik aziz dan lain lain. Dan yang paling menyeramkan kita ada perdana menteri bernama najib razak. We are doomed!