Friday 30 January 2015

A Tong of trouble

I first received this link

How Tong Kooi Ong is attempting to break Bank Negara and crash the RM

from a Chinese guy who occasionally buys me dinner yesterday morning.

The guy is into all those market stuff and got all excited about it.

Later in the afternoon, a Malay guy who is actually in love with me forwarded the same link to me.

It was weird as the Malay guy is not into all these money making schemes and knows nuts about the market nonsense.

Only later that I realized that the link had gone viral all over the social media.

Later in the evening I noticed that Rocky had posted something about it,

Our own George Soros?

with a link on the political angle of it by Another Brick in the Wall blog,

Economic Sabatogeurs Rising up to the Occasion

I am sure Tong is by now under pressure to answer the allegations.

I hope the media people will chase him for the story.

Anyway, I never like Tong's own media outfits.

Malaysian Insider has always been pro-Pakatan.

Everybody knows that.

The Edge is actually also the same in other ways.

Here is some of my past posts on the The Edge,

Maneuvering for big money on the political front

The Edge and YTL alliance, how about credibility?

It's all about greed, I guess.

Greed for money and political power.


  1. The Eagles: Malay or Chinese, I wish you peace .....hahaha

  2. 1. Love your style.

    2. As for Tong, you either like or loath his type.

    3. Tong is all about money power, opportunity and manipulation of the market and politics.

    4. Can't fault his for his financial brilliance and quiet audacity.

    5. Got a huge leg up from Anwar during his Phileo Peregrine days and when Anwar was the Superman of the government.

    6. Lost out when Anwar was ousted.

    7. Reappeared as Mohd Najib's point man via the curious merger between Sunrise and UEM.

    8. Still leading UEM venture in Singapore.

    9. Tong is equal to money and opportunity. Zeti watch out.

    10. He is what we call evangelical business baron..

    Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Datuk.


    2. Yes Malaysian Insider (MI) has been plugging alarmist articles on the Ringgit, Yg Bhg Dato
      such as Bank Negaras foreign reserves having dropped to $111 billion early this year after FOREX movements.
      ( Link to MI: ).

      This should really not be too scary kan adinda Ms Annie
      when the total USA foreign reserves is about the same, at $130 billion..

      What will he have to say, our own Sdr KO Sorok?

      Haji M Zin.
      Alor Gajah DPH.

    3. Dedication for Datuk ...

      Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel:

    4. Pelikla orang Melayu ni. Bila Cina buat dajal kat Malaysia dia puji macam point no 4 & 10. Bila orang Melayu behaves like Tong ni mesti dah segala macam kejian diberi. Minda orang Melayu di Malaysia telah dijajah supaya berpandangan Cina lebih superior dari bangsa sendiri. It's like memuji perompak kerana kecekapannya mengopak pintu rumah orang yang dirompak.


  3. Tamak memang atak maa aa , tapi Wa ingat ini strategi mau kasi jatoh ini kelajaan lea aa ( Melayu punya kelajaan ) and Negala ,kasi habit lor rr .

    Wa kalang-kalang manyak kesian tengok ini Melayu , lia olang ingat ,semua olang Maaysia ,patriotick selupa lia olang ,lia lupa manyak olang hanya mau hilup kaya ,sulah kaya semua bolih kontrol lea aa , negala habit tatak hat maa aa ,sulah kaya mana pon bolih hilup lea aa.

    Wa sukak itu uncle Lim ,tapi kalau ini Negala hanchur , Wa tatak lain tempat maa aa .

    Wa kechik meniaga ,cali makan lea aa.

  4. wont this be count as treason ? cant we even trust them ? they did it before, theyll do it again.

    and yet they ask us to trust them and share everything equally and simply look away from the constitution

    1. Didn't take long for you turn this into racial bullshit Eh? Fuck off with your misguided opinions asshole

    2. Kamu pasti mengandung syaitan terus bergelora kalau gomen sudah mencapai ranking ketiga dalam negara-negara dunia yang paling cronie-kapitalis .... ada logik tak?

  5. Hi Annie
    Hope mr Tong Sampah gets into pen java Sg Buloh wif BABI.


  6. Wha? Hi all please check this..

  7. The 1992 Bank Negara Malaysia Forex trade that cost Bank Negara some RM30 billion in foreign exchange losses and took a full decade to recoup.

    Would it have happened if someone like Tong had been in charge?

    Thus the importance of management skill.

  8. Really? Greed for money and political power?

    You must be referring to the Umno elections, money politics and warlord-ism!

    1. Ya lor, under their skins whether it's tong or barrel they are all the same Greed and Envy, Arrogance and Fear personified!

  9. Oh, wow...Annie, are you targeting Tong to divert attention away from any financial controversies in other areas?

    Like reports that Ananda Krishnan is negotiating to extend a RM2 billion loan to 1MDB. Is that worthy of comment?

    Or Dr Mahathir's call to use independent external auditors to vet the accounts of the federal government and all of its agencies to allow full disclosure of how public funds are used.

    I believe Dr M specifically mentioned Felda, EPF, MAHB and Petronas.

    He's talking about the use of public funds.

    If Tong is betting against the Ringgit, as alleged, he is using his own money. Not public funds.

    See the difference, or is that something to be wilfully ignored?

    How very convenient - to target a Malaysian Chinese of wanting to "break Bank Negara". That ticks several boxes, don't you think?

  10. What about the 3 big land reclamation projects in Johor - Forest City, Princess Cove and the Integrated Petroleum Hub?

    A report in the Singapore Business Times paper said that the developer of Forest City is 34% owned by Esplanade Danga 88 Sdn Bhd, and that "Esplanade Danga is a private vehicle owned by the Johor state investment arm and reportedly majority owned by the Johor Sultan."

    The same report said that the 3,485 acres Integrated Petroleum Hub & Maritime Industrial Park is being developed by Benalec Holdings "via a joint venture also reportedly partly owned by the Johor Sultan."

    I don't think that the Business Times paper would have reported these without cross-checking and double-checking the facts.

    So, aren't these worthy of comments? Like how, as the report pointed out that "real estate has become Iskandar's centrepiece, pulling in some 40 per cent of total investment poured into the economic zone, which is deemed to be still in the early stage of a rapid build-up with footfall still far from the desired critical mass."

    Or, maybe, these are "off limits" subjects, and Tong is a sitting duck for criticism?

  11. Hi annie , poor malay guy , always no nuts interm of money.. a yooo.. hey your new boyfriend ka....

  12. Hello annie,
    This malay really want to be your boyfriend ka.. I think this must be one of Najib idiot you better check it out.

  13. Datuk kadir likes Annie's style?Datuk kadir puji Annie?Jaga-jaga Datuk tengah ligat cari sniper for his own personal kamikaze mission!HaHa Haru-haru..........


    1. Apa salahnya cari lagi calon (?) Yg Bhg Dato
      yang kita pun teringin, tapi takut tt ..

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH


  14. Here is the denial adinda Ms Annie
    on 1st February :

    I am an equity analyst, besides being an established entrepreneur. I am a value investor. I have never shorted currencies or equities ..

    TQ and alhamduli'Lah for your clarification Yg Bhg Dato Tong
    and wishing you great health and added value for the New Year !

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH