Friday 2 September 2022

What Umno can learn from the jailing of Najib and Rosmah

So, they really sent Najib and Rosmah to jail and throw away the keys.

Najib, 69 got 12 years in jail and if he can't pay his RM210 million fine will have to spend another five years more in prison. 

Rosmah, 70 got 10 years in jail and if she can't pay her RM970 million fine will have to spend another 10 years more in prison.

I don't think they have the money to pay their fines, which combined would be almost RM1.2 billion.

That makes Najib having to spend 17 years in prison and Rosmah 20 years.

When they get out, Najib and Rosmah will be 86 and 90 respectively....assuming they live that long in prison la.

I have a feeling that Zahid and the others will get about the same treatment.

Well, they said we cannot question the decisions of the judges....except maybe when they rule unfavourably against Pakatan leaders in court.

If Pakatan leaders are found guilty in court, we can even have street protests or even do a bit of rioting, it seems.

Okay, fine, I'm not going to question the decisions of the judges, especially those who get to where they are now after Pakatan won the general election in 2018.

They are now like the royalties, who can't be criticised.

My criticisms today are for Najib and the Umno leaders who screwed up, especially by surrounding themselves with bad people when they were in power.

If you bother to read my postings at the height of the Najib-Dr Mahathir fight before GE14, you would notice that I repeatedly said Najib has surrounded himself with many bad people.

Some Umno people and supporters had at that time accused me of being a covert DAP operative because of that.

It reached a point when I declared that I'm taking a neutral stance.

Of course Pakatan readers of this blog didn't believe me and continued to accuse me of being an Umno paid cybertrooper.

For them being neutral is not good enough. They want everyone to be totally committed to their cause. You are with us or against us, was their message.

My Umno friends were more understanding. My boss, who at that time was sympathetic to Umno didn't sack me from my job despite my open declaration of neutrality.

My criticisms of Najib's choices continued until right after BN's defeat in 2018.

This is one of my posts just days after GE14;


My opinion is that BN actually lost because Najib failed to handle the smear campaign against him.

He failed to do so primarily because he surrounded himself with either self-serving crooks or simply stupid ass-kissers.

That's why he never saw it coming till it's too late.

Yes, in that sense, it's Najib's own fault.

Rosmah also made the same fatal mistake. Her conviction was primarily based on the testimonies of her special aide who turned against her after being offered to be a prosecution witness to avoid being prosecuted.

Well, you hire someone of such character to be close to you and that should be what you would get.

Umno people need to learn from this.

Now they still have crooks as some of their leaders.

Just look at the way they elected their leaders right after the GE14 defeat. 

They should bear in mind that one of their sitting vice-presidents was another key prosecution witness in Rosmah's case. His words helped sent Rosmah to jail, probably for the rest of her life.

As I previously wrote, I don't really like any of the Umno top leaders now, except Mat Hasan.

By the way, I do support Umno again now because I cannot tahan the arrogance and hypocrisies of the Pakatan people after they won GE14.

Right after GE14, I did ask my beloved, who is a DAP supporter whether it's okay for me to once again support Umno as at that time I felt the country needed a good opposition.

I got a positive answer from my beloved and that's all that matter to me.

When Pakatan people harassed me, I just remember what my beloved said to me - we need both sides to make this country's democracy works.


  1. Ok we get it.

    Its pakatan’s fault najib & rosmah had both hands in the cookie jar. The 10 learned judges were obviously hoodwinked by dap cybertroopers.

  2. The sudden change of tune of Pas regarding MN taking everyone by surprise. All of a sudden the Lebai from top to bottom want to embrace and hug Umno. Before this “kemain lagi” trumpeted up PN is the future of Malaysia with Ayoh Chik and Abah kau smiling holding hands. And now they’re singing ummah and Muslim unity.

  3. Annie why go long winded. Is it too complicated to say najib + rosmah got duped by jho low that led to BN's dramatic loss? Those self serving crooks and ass-kissers you mentioned surrounded najib are just bread crumbs leftover eaters, a diversion from the real conman culprit named jho low which you deliberately avoided to mention. My curiosity Annie, jho low is a staunch DAP supporter, isn't he?

    1. Ya the psy concert in penang before ge14 was for DAP support. No wonderlah DAP won in Penang.

    2. Klo Kdrama atau CDrama org mcam jho low nih dh lama kena cekop.. haiyaa drama "Big Mouth" dan "Adamas" bole dpt byk idea how to catch people like him. Dia ni bukan "sebatang kara".

      Tapi klo nasib dia dn Nik Faizal sama macam lee chang-woo dalam Adamas.. kena sorok sampai 22thn pun mungkin those yg as deeply involved in this crime. Benda2 gini la klo follow kes Najib otak kita bagi rasa lawak semacam..

      Yg jadi tandatanya napa wataq utama yelek???

      Ade yg kabar dia dh buat plastik surgery tukaq muka beruang?. Nik Faizal?

      Professor Nasi Lemak