Tuesday 13 September 2022

Sympathy for Najib

Apparently, more and more people are becoming sympathetic towards the sick and jailed Najib.

Here is one of them,

Najib, all prisoners should be given best medical treatment, says Kit Siang


“I fully agree with Najib’s daughter, Nooryana Najwa, and call on the government to give Najib the best medical treatment while in imprisonment, a right which should be extended to all prisoners in Malaysia,” he said.

Wah, Kit Siang is so nice and humane.

No wonder he got a royal pardon last time.

You can read about that one in my previous post

Kit Siang's royal pardon and typical DAP

I don't actually blame him for starting to feel sorry for Najib now as he probably just realised that his son Guan Eng may likely get the same treatment in jail if convicted over the Penang Tunnel case.

Ya, I would worry too if I'm Kit Siang, especially if Guan Eng's case is to be decided after GE15.

If BN wins the election, they may do what Pakatan did in 2018 by changing the judges and AG.

Things may not go down very well for Guan Eng if that happens.

By that time, Kit Siang can't complains much as BN would say it's doing the exact same things as what Pakatan did.

If Pakatan can put Latheefa Beebi Koya as MACC chief, BN probably can put a hardcore Umno politician in that position too, right?


Anyway, Ismail Sabri has also apparently showed some sympathy towards Najib.

PM instructs MOH to give best treatment to Najib

So touching.

Then again maybe it's because

No PM can survive without Umno grassroots support, says Isham

Don't know lah.

Maybe all of us should just get use to the idea that those who lost in elections in this country will from now on go to jail one way or another.

Maybe all politicians should learn from this Anwar's video on how he survived in jail after being convicted for committing sodomy on his young male aide,


  1. That 42 juta money suddenly 'cepeloop' in my account not 'rasuah' la! Itu ...what you call...just 'komisyen' la... Why not? Dapat loan 2 billion...senang punya kerja ka? You worang aa ...just x faham... ini 'bisnes'!

    1. Mengenai dakwaan pertukaran ubat yang diberikan kepada Najib, Khairy menegaskan, formula ubat yang diberikan oleh HKL adalah sama cuma jenamanya berbeza.

      "Ubatnya sama (cuma) dulu ia dibeli di hospital swasta, bila (menerima rawatan) di HKL, kita ada ubat-ubatan di hospital kerajaan yang turut mempunyai formula yang sama macam ubatnya sebelum ini.

      "Contohnya macam panadol, kita ada ubat lain macam paracetamol (PCM) yang fungsinya sama. Jadi tuduhan yang kata ubat ditukar itu adalah tidak tepat," katanya.

      Terdahulu, Pegawai Khas Najib, mendakwa tekanan darah Najib dilapor berada pada tahap tinggi dan berbahaya susulan pertukaran ubat yang diberikan untuk merawat masalah ulser di dalam perutnya.

    2. wonder whether this "curry" guy montori KKM know what a virus and a kuman

    3. Dulu mereka ,beri 'arsenic acid'(?)
      Sekarang mereka beri salah ubat pula!

  2. If they can put Najib inside.. yg lain2 tu masakn nak biaq terlepas bebas begitu sja?

    Pasti ramai sikalang tidoq tak lena, yg tua2 dah kena pakai adult pampers.. asyik nak terkencing terberak ketakutan.

    Heran yr last posting on "BUKIT BOTAK" semua pakat kancing gigi, soyap sepi tiada sapa belani komen??

    Satu negara lata2 terpampang rakyat bole lihat sendiri bukit2 botak. Eh takde sapa minat nak risik ke? Anwar? Rafizi, Kit Siang, Hadi dn penyokong2 tegar exPH doksah la malu2..

    Puluhan ribu hectar tanah klo RM belapa billion atau trillion terlibat??

    Apapun sikalang ayuh kita pakat2 tunggu dan peghati ..

    Bukan susah pun nak merisik.. kan tiap geran2 milik tanah dan pelopeti semua ade nama2 tuan dan segala butiran tuan empunya.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  3. Cut him some slack la Annie. He’s almost 70 years old, no longer young to serve prison sentence. He deserves all the best medical care possible at such old age, let alone as former PM. Kit Siang knows this because he too an octogenarian. What if all of sudden his health condition deteriorated exponentially and breathing his last breath in prison? The critics have no chance to apologize to him accusing him feigning sickness and the government too would bear the ultimate blame for the poor treatment of ex PM.

  4. Wahai lebai-lebai sekalian, cakap jerlah masih lagi mengidam nak jadi sebahagian kerajaan Persekutuan lepas PRU nanti. Masih lagi mengidam nak jadi Menteri/Timbalan Menteri. Masih lagi mengidam nak pakai kot dan suit tiap-tiap hari. Masih lagi mengidam ke hulu ke hilir naik Vellfire. Cukup-cukuplah dan berhentilah menyorok di belakang perpaduan ummah, penyatuan sesama Islam, ta’awaun apa ke benda. Jijik kami mendengarnya.

  5. najib banyak duit tak aper. dier boleh bagi kat machai2 kat bawah. contoh penulis blog upahan macam si anu tuhhh... hahaha

  6. "Apparently, more and more people are becoming sympathetic towards the sick and jailed Najib."

    Apparently JKOM Central has told every blogger on the payroll to push the same narrative.

    Because ALL of them are following orders.

    Like trained fleas.

    Well, the same people thought that selling the public the idea that Najib had "no representation" in the FC would gain sympathy.

    It didn't.

    DYMM Sultan of Selangor set the tone quite well.

    Daulat Tuanku.

    I wonder if he's more influential than paid bloggers?

    Cuba teka.....

    1. https://www.bharian.com.my/berita/nasional/2014/12/21422/sultan-selangor-tarik-balik-darjah-kebesaran-anwar

    2. Yes, good lah. Equality. You get that concept, right? LOL

  7. KJ garang dan strick kes Najib ni.....

  8. I have yet to hear the reasons why najib should not be jailed despite having found guilty and sentenced to 12 years jail by three courts of nine judges for his thievery larceny and pillage of rakyat's money (mostly money from rakyat who pay taxes, direct or indirect). What we hear are gestures of sympathies, Bosscow services to the malays and country, mandela and prophet joseph character-like and the lot. Menfolk and womenfolk of pekan wailing over najib's jailing with their contention that people outside pekan don't know najib as they do. Truth be told, they absolutely didn't know najib like people outside pekan do. Do tell us in some interllectual perspectives why malaysia and the rakyat as a whole must spare him from the joint after his pillage of RM2.6 billion from the nation coffers..You do the crime you do your time like everybody else. And please spare the political persecution brouhaha, political expediency thingy, DAP behind the scene line for these are overused rebuttals that have no merit whatsoever. BN ministers and ex-finance minister, govt witnesses and affidavits ( certainly no DAP people stand in as prosecution witness ) have been produced before the courts for the judges consideration. I believe his last call is to say sorry to the nation for the thievery, return the stolen proceeds back to the nation then the process of reconciliation can begin. Unless he says he did not steal and did not spend the stolen money.

    1. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/history/article/sentenced-to-death-but-innocent-these-are-stories-of-justice-gone-wrong

      Dalam dunia ni macam2 pelik.. nothing to be so excited about.

      Apapun Hakim adalah manusia biasa.. bukan Tuhan.

      BTW last episode KDRAMA dh discover the real "BIG MOUTH". Belum apa2 tetiba dia kena bom pulak! Suspense betoi drama ni..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  9. Yes best treatment within the current system. If he get docters from mayo clinic than every prisoners in the country will request for one. Dying man Curi satu tin milo masuk penjara satu tahun than request the most expansive med for his cancer treatment. There is nothing wrong with generic med. Branded med is ok if there is no generic equivalent. When you are the guest of His majesty will be treated as equal