Sunday, 18 September 2022

Pakatan's 30 per cent Malays

 Rafizi said Pakatan can get the 30 per cent of Malays' votes that it needs to win GE15.

He told PKR election workers in Bandar Tun Razak in Cheras today that the Malays are swinging back to supporting Pakatan ever since the BN's victories in Melaka and Johor.

So, all they need to do from now on is to work hard wooing the voters and not think too much about the possibility of Pakatan losing in all Malay majority constituencies. 

Rafizi being a brilliant strategist must had done his research well.

After all, BN in particular has been hit by one problem after another these past few weeks.

Surely the Malays can see now that Umno is truly a no good party which leaders had been  robbing this country since Merdeka until it's now at the same level as Zimbabwe.

Umno's former president has just been thrown in jail for corruption what.

Yup, all Pakatan need now is 30 per cent of the Malays to side with them.

Don't care about the other 70 per cent.

Rafizi must also be very sure that the non-Malays will once again give their undivided support to Pakatan.

Yeah, he's probably right about that one.

Pakatan just need to win GE15 and that's all that matter.

That 30 per cent Malays could be those in Bangsar, Sri Hartamas....errr, TTDI maybe....Damansara Heights probably....never mind, if Rafizi says they are there, then they must be there.

All young Malays will be voting Pakatan too, I guess.

Maybe Rafizi can promise them free higher education, no PTPTN debt and last time.

Another group of Malays whom I think will also go all out supporting Pakatan would be those who are LGBTQ.

Pakatan is definitely friendlier to that group than BN.

It actually set a precedent by making it a main priority when it came to power in 2018 to get a royal pardon for a Malay who was convicted of sodomy.

Such empathy, okay.

So, if you are a Malay man who like to sodomise another man, you better vote for Pakatan to add to that 30 per cent.

Of course, on top of that, you will be voting for Pakatan because BN is said the judges, in a way.

Okay lah, considering all that, Pakatan is going to win GE15.

They will probably change the AG again to drop charges against Guan Eng, Syed Sadiq last time....and expedite the trials of Umno leaders.

But no need to change the judges like in 2018. The judiciary is fine as it is now.

All Pakatan need now is for GE15 to be held as late as possible to allow more Malays to swing their support to it.

Well, Ismail Sabri is only meeting with his fellow Umno leaders at the end of this month to discuss when to hold the election.

I predict he will ding dong ding dong on it for a few weeks until suddenly the country is hit by the monsoon season.

Then he would say "Oh, tak boleh buat pilihanraya sebab banjir. Kita perlu mendahulukan kebajikan rakyat."

So they will wait until the monsoon season ends, which should be at least until the middle of January.

Then, Ismail Sabri will say "Oh, kita kena memastikan semuanya pulih dari banjir sebelum mengadakan pilihanraya. Itulah semangat keluarga Malaysia."

And that should take a few more months.

Then other things will happen and Ismail Sabri gets to extend his premiership all the way to the final deadline to hold GE15 in September next year.

Good for Ismail Sabri lah.

As for Pakatan, they will get the 30 per cent Malays by then.

At least, that's Rafizi's thinking.


  1. If you are malay man and women who like corrupt leaders who accepted corrupted monies as sedekah and derma go ahead vote for them. Every friday you went for friday prayer and khatib always mentioned about avoidance of abuse of power and corruption just ring hollow to you.

    1. Anon 21:18.
      Kenapa Melayu sahaja ?

    2. Menyokong Bossku bkn krn embendung

    3. Anon 21:18.
      Lebih 2 dekad Lim Kit Siang &Mendiang Karpal Singh (dan Penyokong Pakatan) PERCAYA Tun Mahathir perasuah tahap Firaun,tapi kenapa lantik perasuah jadi Ketua Pakatan Harapan(seterusnya di lantik jadi PM)? Jika bukan Hipokrit,nak gelar apa?Kamu semua Agama apa? Spesis apa? Kamu SUCI kah pilih Tun M JADI PM selepas PRU 14, Parti Tun M menang paling sedikit kerusi Parlimen ,ada gunakan akal tak?
      Jangan pertikai

  2. Seriously,all this overconfidence in UMNO(hence the BN) going into GE15, may be their pitfall.Winning all those by-elections in the recent past is no measure of how it will perform in GE15. A GE is no comparison to a by-Election,or even a series of by-Elections, and disregarding this will be to UMNO`s peril.Remember how confident Najib, and BN were,
    goong into GE14?

    Today, there are 2-very timely reminders from Musa Hitam and RPK that UMNO is not really that formidable, and Musa Hitam highlighted how PKR and the DAP are rally attracting a lot of the young Malays. Believe me, these should be very serious concerns for UMNO.

    I am completely apolitical and I am not a card carrying member of any political party.But this I say...times have changed.Malaysian voters`mindsets have changed.And gone are the days when campaigns based on putting down one`s
    political enemies is the sure fire way to win votes.Voters today, especially the young, have only this question uppermost on their minds.."So, what can you do for me. to ensure my future?"

    That`s about it. Religion, race, the color of one`s skin, sex scandals, etc.Those are yesterday`s news.Have nothing to do with guaranteeing our voters`future.

    1. Bro....UMNO sahaja ke yang " terlebih yakin " .Rafizi & Pakatan Harapan tidak?
      PRU 15 Pakatan Harapan nak buat berapa banyak Manifesto?

  3. Annie, 30% malay votes is enough. The other 70% consisting of pekan folks jamal yunos poohard eli suryati alif sukri rosyam nor annie and the whole lot of bandwagon you can have it hook line and sinker.

    1. Pakatan Harapan TANPA Tun Mahathir jangan mimpi nak menang PRU 15 (macam Keputusan PRU 14).

    2. Yup Bang Non tried 2 times in 2008 and 2013 but failed. It took Atuk to teach them how to do it in 2018 and they succeeded. And then Adib’s case happened and they became hero to zero overnight. And the government became the most hated government in history.

  4. Better BN than PN or PH. Need a good team who can work well with not people who talks a lot of shit......nak kena kenching lagi ke tu...LOL

  5. Rafizi cakap apa yang penyokong dia suka dengar.
    Penyokong Pakatan Harapan menjadi semakin berahi,nafsu melonjak,ada yang inzal.semua percaya Pakatan Harapan akan menang besar semual seperti PRU 14. Korang Percaya Rafizi ? Aku tak percaya langsung.Yang aku percaya & yakin adalah SEKIRANYA Pakatan Harapan menang PRU 15,Kes Rasuah Terowong Lim Guan Eng akan di gugurkan semula (buat kali ke 2).Sebab nya dia suci bersih.

  6. Tun Mahathir terdesak rayu kudakayu nya buat memorandum banjir

    Usaha Rafizi untuk mengadakan pungutan suara rakyat (public referendum) adalah reaksi berlebihan kununnya untuk menunjukkan bahawa UMNO sedang berebut kuasa adalah satu alasan yang tidak logik sama sekali dan bertentangan dengan semangat demokrasi dalam negara ini.

    Malah berulang kali menggunakan alasan negara akan berhadapan dengan banjir bagi menakut-nakutkan rakyat walaupun hakikat sebenarnya mereka tidak bersedia untuk tewas dalam PRU kali ini.

    Lebih menakutkan Rafizi jika saranan AJK PAS Pusat Mohd Zuhdi Marsuki yang mencadangkan agar PAS dan Umno berbincang untuk mewujudkan ‘kerusi muafakat’ di 27 kerusi parlimen dapat direalisasikan sudah pasti akan terus menutup peluang PH untuk kembali ke Putrajaya.

    Usaha berlebihan pasal banjir melalui MET cuba goreng mamak dll satu acah acah power banjir besar

    Goreng Banjir hujung tahun. Tahun ini mana ada banjir besar.. sikit sikit tu ada lah

  7. Discount 75%. DOA ble said he?

  8. Annie, I'll be really honest. I looked at the title.......and was too bored to read the content. But as long as you get your RM4, I'm happy : )

    1. We are happy to for the 2sen u received!

  9. you DUMNO people just cant see the elephant in the room. Say NO to DUMNO

  10. I am for u dear Annie.
    The supposedly other 70%.

  11. Risau la bila sebut GE15. Masa kempen nanti harap2 PH doksah le dok baling kerusi bertumbuk2 bole tak?

    Satni naik ghairah melarat sampai jadi camni plak;

    Aduhh.. sapa plak PH akan lantik PM mereka? Tolong la klo menang jgn pecah rekod Tun, 22 bulan.. sonyap2 pi bg surat letak jawatan! Menteli lari lompat pagar pun ada. Naik elephant pun ade. Tst tst tst

    Banjir besar? Mayb musim kempen dh nak mula so bg isyarat suruh KATAK2 sedia utk berlompat kut?

    Rafizi tu skrg macam trkena sumpah laknat Najib. Kempen dok meghoyan Najib Najib Najib. Si Atok tua sonyap aje bab Najib, dh pass his baton to Rafizi ke?

    Lawak2 le pemimpin PH nih semua..

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Tak habis2 sumpah laknat... Buta ke? Skrg ni siapa yg termakan sumpah sendiri? Oh lupa, penyokong umngok buta mata hati

    2. Bro there are two sides of a coin. Ever wonder sumpah laknat dah makan diri.

  12. This current professor nasi lemak writes gibberish materials void of any substantive arguments. The previous professor though of nasi lemak quality is able to articulate in a reasonable manner to say the least. Perhaps the former professor have left the building given the meagre stipend which is not worth the effort. The current PNL should be paid less given the quality of his/her writing leaves much to be desired. Still the former or the latter PNL I believe is parked permanently in this blog for obvious umno reasons.

    1. Anon 20 Sep 20:58

      ...void of any substantive arguments..

      Aduh.. You takyah dok pening pikiaq byk2 sgt. 22bln rakyat dn dunia dah WITNESS kecekapan PH memerintah negara. Klo PH3 menang dah bole agak;

      1. Puluhan libu pekerja pasti kena buang kerja.

      2. Reserve minyak dan duit Petronas pasti kena kaut

      3. Harta2 GLCs sure wan kena lelong klo bole sampai licin

      4. Matawang dan dividend2 saham abis akan merudum.. tak caya2? Tengok aje sejak 2018 apa dah jadi.

      5. KATAK2 akan mula melompat

      6. Kertas2 yg catat janji2 manifesto, bole edarkn kpd bebudak tabika buat layang2.. seronok tau fly kites kat padang

      7. Yg best semua rumah rakyat mampu ade swimming pool sbb bole beli pelopeties dgn harga mulah2 sja

      8. Hantaq delegasi trade mission gi cari pelabur asing mai manufacture bola golf

      9. Eh panjang klo nak senaraikan ..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. PNL, what you wrote are wishful thinking, nothing substantive. Obviously you are the new PNL paid by length of comments, so pathetic.

    3. PNL wrote weasel phrases which is largely fiction and lurid nonsence.

  13. I wonder, Annie, why the hell was this rfizi's photo being chosen? Is it aimed to entertain or enlighten us? That, to me, makes the whole PH look so stupid and comical. Btw, enjoy reading the amusing utterance of Sabri that you have created.

  14. Sapo agaknya akn dpilih PH3 sbgai PM meleka? Pasti BOSS2 kan?

    Moh pakat2 "wishful thinking" sapo agaknya?

    PKR..Anwar payah nnti olang asyik sebut "bekas banduan". Klo Nelson Mandela lain la. Jijah? Dgn kipas dia aje.. payah! Rafizi? Satni mengoyan sebut Najib Najib lain2 dh takleh pikiaq.

    DAP? Mostly Boss meleka tatak sunat. So takleh. Bari? DAP CEC election pun kalah!

    Nampak gaya yg veteran among them, Mat Sabu
    Hebat pernah jd Menteli Pertahanan.

    Maka UPKO bole supply FOC Sabah pygmy elephants utk MatSabu guna gi pejabat dia nanti klo jadi future PM.

    Saddiq?. potensi juga sbb pernah jadi Menteli. Rakyat akan jadi kaya raya dgn ayaq lioq basi aje nanti..

    Analisis Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. That equates to RM57. Had it not been Mari Berhealthy line you could have earned RM102. Please bring back the old PNL for a more intetesting sparring this one must be from mat over loop.

  15. The latest report said that Najib has just been transferred to Cheras Rehab. Well, it looks really like the jailed-anwar drama is going to be repeated on Najib until the day of pardon is obtained. That's the typical of Malaysian politicians, never succumb to the situations, however preposterous, they will strenuously find the ways to emerge unscathed from the whatever scandals. For instance, the disgraceful sodomy case and stunning China-doll adultery, which can still be watched on the internet. This very person has managed to make a remarkable return, cleansing himself off the tainted past,and continuing to be regarded as YBerhormat, and walking around with his head high and nose up, showing no sign of shame and deterrent effect of previous wrongdoings. Hilariously, some people in PH, like RR, persistently insist that he is most competent person to be honoured as our next PM. If truth be told, all these can only be found just in a country we all call home, certainly not any where else in the planet.