Monday 26 September 2022

Kluang's unfortunate elephants

 I wrote about this the other day;

The Rape of Gunung Lambak

Honestly, I don't think the state government will act on it.

It's after all not so much into really saving the environment.

The MB can only talk.

As far as I'm concerned he is only good at making empty promises, quoting statistics, setting up committees and that's about it.

Ya, it's a BN state government, but if it's bad I'm going to say it's bad.

And nope, DAP didn't pay me to write this.

Don't listen to pro-Pakatan readers of this blog who insisted that someone paid me to write here.

Really, I'm actually doing this just for the heck of it.

Well, things doesn't look good in my hometown Kluang after they continue to cut down the surrounding forested areas.

My beloved yesterday sent me these videos recently recorded at  Taman Impian Kluang off Jalan Kota Tinggi,

Can't blame the elephants at all.

Humans cut down their forest, okay.

I'm just hoping that they wouldn't hurt anyone and no one hurts them in return.

If anything bad happens over this, I'm going to blame it on the people in power in Johor for doing nothing.


  1. Instead of going to the zoo to see elephants, the zoo comes to you instead. Only in Keluang; )

  2. The lost of of habitat is tragic. There is no place to live. Probably in this housing area there could be an empty unit to live; said one of the elephants.

  3. In the old days, before the advent of so called “civilisation”, humans used and utilised jungle and forest only to meet their need. Which is very simple at that time. To survive till the next meal. When their need was met they stopped. They knew they need it to live for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. And their children too when they grow up they need the jungle to survive and to feed the families. And the children of their children too need the jungle in the future. And the jungle on its part will continue to give and give. Providing them whatever their needs as long as you used it to for your needs and necessities.

    In short they utilized the jungle when only necessary. After their needs were satisfied and contented they would stopped. The jungles provides were more than enough to meet their demands and needs. Nothing were left to waste. And they too knew the importance of jungle to their livelihood and strived their best to preserve it for future use. They didn’t go to school and university for such knowledge. They just knew. The importance it is to preserve the jungle and its produce to the best of their ability. When they died, the imparted to their young of how important it is and taking good care of it, as one’s survival is very much depend on it.

    Then came civilisation with its greedy capitalists. Jungles and forests were felled and cleared to make way of commodities and excessive profits. Humans on shooting spree and killing spree felling trees and mowed down fertile pristine jungle by millions of acres. Jungle and forest were rampantly cleared excessively. The fact that were were once the world’s largest producer and exporter of a certain commodity; a commodity which could only grow in tropical climate proved we were once guilty indulging in this avaricious act of clearing beautiful rainforests.

    And we held that crown for decades before Indonesia took from us in 2007. Even Brasil which having the same climate as us with even larger rainforests by the millions of hectares and miles didn’t even go down to our path just to create an industry. If they did they would be the world’s largest producer and exporter long time ago. In far bigger numbers and superlative considering how big the jungle the country have. They are very steadfast preserving their jungle for future gen. Having an awareness and care for it earlier long before us.

  4. If I were the elephant, I would walk straight to DAP ShuQi and the other Kluang assembly men's houses to bring about a jovial wrecking spree.

  5. Mama Gajah : " Apa mau kecoh-kecoh!!! Normal la..! BN menang, rakyat senanggg...!"

  6. sound like one of those western environmentalist that talk orangutan, this write deserve commendation

  7. Elephants being at second level of food chain can go extinct by we human at fourth level of chain.

  8. Elephant yg nampak relax2 keluaq survey2 must be the head of family.. lepaih ni baru akan bawa his whole herd. Nahas bertempiran lari semua olang nanti.

    Tak caya tya experiences olang2 estet Sabah kaw pendalaman eg Tabin or Kinabatangan.

    Atau get MatSabu's expertise to solve this problem. Bila lagi dia nak prove his capabilities esp to PH die hard supporters? (kan dia PH3 most potential next PM).

    Jangan lupa bawa Rafizi.. dia pasti cekap risik2 dPej Tanah nama bahalol2 yg telah godam kaw tanah hutan situ.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. Apa maciam? Sudah contact MP Wong Shu Qi? Owh lupa2nya MP kawasan ini dali DAP. So Kit Siang sama lia punya anak Eng Guan sama2 pigi tulun check Pej Tanah Kluang ya.

      Takmau la lolok tiam2 talak buat kelija ya. Rakyat mau tau siapa bahalol2 yg telah godam tanah2 situ.

      Klo pemilik halam kasi lampas itu tanah. Lepaih tu SAMAN sama lia olang.

      Klo tetiba pemilik halam dali luaq negala, kasi halau lia olang takmau kasi masuk Malaysia lagi tau.

      GE15 katakaloo Wong Shu Qi talak selesai masalah ini, apa lu olang masih mau undi sama lia ke?

      Professor Nasi Lemak