Thursday 15 October 2020

Umno being friends with DAP is nice

From the very start, I thought it was just another Anwar's stupid drama, but yesterday it turned out that Ku Li had filed a motion of no confidence in parliament against Muhyiddin.

Now it looks more serious as Anwar may really have the number.

Istana Negara had postponed the schedule meetings between the Agong and party leaders but that I believe was because of Covid-19.

Even if those meetings are to be delayed to much much later, Anwar may still be a threat to Muhyiddin when the parliament convenes next month.

It would be interesting to see how Art Harun as the parliament speaker handles the whole thing.

If he is seen as purposely delaying the tabling of the private motion, then we will know that his claim of being impartial would be just bullshit.

More importantly, we would also know that Anwar does indeed have the number.

And that extra which gives him the number comes from Umno.

Well, Muhyiddin for now should try to strike a deal with Umno to prevent that from happening.

Meanwhile, from my personal observation, it could be seen that the pro-Muhyiddin faction in Umno are trying very hard to convince party members and the public to support their cause.

For instance, there's Annuar Musa, who is becoming more and more like Pribumi Bersatu spokesman.

It's quite laughable, actually.

The choice for Umno now is whether to make peace and combine forces with its enemies, or stick around with smaller friends who once stabbed it behind its back and are still bullying it till now.

Yeah, I know that many Umno people can't stomach working with the Anwar's faction, especially DAP, but the option is to die a slow death in the current situation.

For me, DAP is no longer a threat to Umno as it could only make noises despite its huge block of MPs.

And even if it becomes a part of the government again, DAP should already learnt its lesson from the fall of Pakatan Harapan not to be so kurang ajar again.

Okay, I still think Anwar as PM would be bad but it's going to be just for less than two years.

As for the next general election, Umno and its BN allies could go on their own.

In fact, if Umno manages to clean its house by then, BN could even combine forces with DAP to present a new multi-racial front.

That would be nice, I think.

Of course DAP needs to get rid of its bad people too and learn to work with MCA and MIC to win, especially the non-Malay votes.

Let Anwar, Muhyiddin, Pas and the others be on the other side.

I would not even mind them using that Malay unity slogan against the BN and DAP gang, because I believe Malays are rationale people who want to work with other people, provided the other people are not kurang ajar towards them.

I know, many of you would think this could never happen but who knows, Malaysian politics could be quite weird sometimes.

Anyway, just let me daydream of it for a while.

Yeah, Umno and DAP being friends is nice.

Maybe they could find a common ground for the good of the country.

And if that happens, I don't have to quarrel over politics too much anymore with my beloved who is a DAP supporter.

That's really nice.

Okay, that's all. I need to get back to work now.



  1. For those who think Umno is stupid, this is actually a brilliant strategic move.


    Number one, UMNO can avoid the humiliation of letting PPBM keep the 16 "frog seats" which were won on UMNO's platform in PRU14.

    The MTU will meet very soon. You can be sure this point is non-negotiable with PPBM. They will tell Moo, take it or pi mampuih. Don't assume Pagoh is safe, either.

    Number two, it means UMNO's share of seats will increase dramatically in PRU15.

    They will have no competition if they team up with PKR & DAP, if you think about it.

    Let DAP take the Cinabeng vote - it's not UMNO's target audience.

    Let PKR take the urban Melayu & urban non-Malay vote - it's not UMNO's target audience, either.

    That leaves a minimum of 95 seats (including Sabah) where UMNO is basically united against one common enemy - and the enemy will be split.


    PAS now has a very hard choice to make - ikut UMNO or ikut PPBM. Their philosophy of "masuk kandang kambing mengembek, masuk kandang kerbau menguak" is not sustainable.

    If they choose the second option, they are going to be competing against PPBM for the same seats. It's suicide. In the end, they are going to be driven back to two East Coast states. Remember that even in Kedah, there are urban seats.

    The combo of UMNO plus PKR will beat PAS-PPBM in PRU15 in almost every state, because (a) combined membership much larger (b) they are covering 2 different demographics. PAS-PPBM will be fighting for the SAME demographic. Konpom hancur.

    But that leaves the PM question open. I think Anwar has less than 15% chance to make it, but I may be wrong. Maybe Moo is so desperate, he will bow to UMNO now.

    But that is only postponing the inevitable...

  2. PKR + Umno + Dap + Ananah makes sense - they wont fight over seats for election. All 4 have diff segment target. Its almost like the pre1998 BN.

    Caveat - those facing corruption cannot contest & hold posts - so likes of Najib, Zahid & LGE can go to hell.

    not only does that pact have 130 MPs, likes of warisan & gps will fall in line. Bersatu is done, remainder will go back to Umno or Perjuang. Pas can take its 1-2 states ( who cares ).

    1. I don't think DAP will join new gomen.

      Let them stay out.

      Less discomfort for Malay voters.

  3. This is something for PAS to think about carefully....

    "Ada dua perkara besar yang diputuskan oleh Biro Politik UMNO dalam mesyuaratnya semalam.

    Pertama, menimbang untuk meninggalkan kerajaan PN dan akan memberi syarat baru yang mana perjanjiannya akan dilakukan secara bertulis serta perlu dilaksanakan segera jika ingin meneruskan kerjasama dalam kerajaan pimpinan Muhyiddin Yassin.

    Kedua, mencadangkan kepada Jawatankuasa Induk Muafakat Nasional (MN) agar MN didaftarkan sebagai sebuah gabungan politik yang sah.

    Kedua-dua perkara besar yang diputuskan itu pula memberi kesan kepada hubungan UMNO dengan dua parti lain.

    Pertama, kepada Bersatu dan kedua, kepada Pas.

    Dalam perkara pertama yang dituntut UMNO, kita tidak pula diberitahu apakah syarat-syarat baru yang diminta itu.

    Mungkin antaranya adalah berkaitan pembahagian kementerian kanan tertentu yang harus diberi kepada wakil UMNO dan kedudukan kerusi dalam PRU15 akan datang, sesuai dengan kedudukan parti itu sebagai pemegang kerusi terbanyak dalam PN.

    Tidak mustahil juga ia turut melibatkan jaminan nasib pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO yang sedang berdepan kes mahkamah kerana seperti yang kita sedia maklum, semua pendakwaan itu dilakukan semasa era Tun Mahathir Mohamad dahulu.

    Apa pun syarat-syarat yang diminta UMNO, ia pasti sukar untuk dipenuhi oleh Muhyiddin, kecuali jika beliau memang tidak mahu berada lebih lama sebagai Perdana Menteri.

    Dalam erti kata lain, pertimbangan UMNO untuk meninggalkan PN, sambil memberi syarat-syarat baru, ia adalah suatu bentuk tekanan dan alasan untuk parti itu berpisah dengan Bersatu dan sedia menjatuhkan Muhyiddin bila-bila masa.

    Setelah dibuli dalam PRN Sabah, UMNO kini jelas telah mengeluarkan taringnya untuk mereka pula mahu membuli Bersatu.

    Berkaitan perkara kedua iaitu mendaftarkan MN, ini pula sebenarnya adalah satu bentuk kata dua kepada Pas.

    Pas dan UMNO sebelum ini bermuafakat dalam MN, tetapi gabungan itu tidak didaftarkan secara sah dengan Pendaftar Pertubuhan atau RoS.

    Kemudian, apabila Muhyiddin mengambil keputusan mendaftarkan PN, Pas mengambil keputusan setuju menyertai PN, walaupun UMNO awal-awal bertegas tidak mahu menyertainya.

    Dengan menyertai PN yang diketuai Bersatu dan bermuafakat bersama UMNO dalam MN, bermakna Pas berkubang mencari ikan di dua kolam dalam waktu yang sama.

    Tetapi, sesebuah parti tidak boleh berada di dalam dua gabungan pada waktu yang sama.

    Ertinya, apabila UMNO mencadangkan agar MN didaftarkan secara sah, ia adalah suatu bentuk kata dua atau cabaran halus kepada Pas – terus bersama PN atau kembali kepada MN.

    Yang nyata, dengan dua perkara besar yang diputuskan oleh Biro Politik UMNO semalam, tanpa keraguan bahawa UMNO bukan saja tiada masalah untuk meninggalkan Bersatu, malah juga bersedia kehilangan Pas jika parti itu akhirnya lebih mementingkan kedudukan serta jawatan berbanding kesetiaan.

    Dalam hal ini, keberanian UMNO membuat pendirian terkait Bersatu dan Pas tentu saja harus diberikan pujian kerana ia menampakkan parti itu sudah sedia untuk bangkit dan kembali berkuasa melalui pengukuhan semula BN.

    (Shahbudindotcom 14/10/2020)

    So the issue is this:

    What is the form of "MN" going to be?

    I am very sure that UMNO does NOT want PPBM to be part of it.


    PAS must be less greedy about seats in Kedah & Terengganu, and needs to share with UMNO.

    This is also an ultimatum to them...


  5. Looks like you too have join the rockybru bandwagon pro anwarista's. Not a surprise considering the fact you guys have always been 'pemakan dedak'. Just follow the 'crumbs' trail you will rockybru and his so called followers...

    Anti dedak

  6. umno being nice to Dap?mana cukup.Frech kiss la.baru sempoi.hehehe

  7. PETALING JAYA: Dewan Rakyat Speaker Datuk Azhar Azizan Harun has stressed that government business takes precedence over private members’ bills in the August House after Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh urged him to allow a motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.PETALING JAYA: Dewan Rakyat Speaker Datuk Azhar Azizan Harun says government business takes precedence over private members’ bills in the August House.


    "Sekurang-kurangnya 24 daripada 39 ahli Parlimen Umno dikatakan menyokong Ahli Parlimen Gua Musang, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah sebagai calon Perdana Menteri.

    Memetik laporan Astro Awani, antara pemimpin Umno yang menyokong Tengku Razaleigh yang dikenali sebagai Ku Li itu ialah Timbalan Presiden, Datuk Seri Mohamad Hassan; Ahli Parlimen Sembrong, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein dan Ahli Parlimen Rembau, Khairy Jamaluddin.

    “Jika dicongak dan dilihat kepada jumlah sokongan, gerakan Ku Li ini mempunyai sokongan lebih besar dalam kalangan Ahli Parlimen Umno.

    “Sekurang-kurangnya 24 daripada 39 ahli Parlimen Umno sokong beliau sebagai calon perdana menteri.

    “Bila kita tengok semula kem Zahid-Najib ini, mereka hanya mempunyai 15 sokongan Ahli Parlimen. Kebanyakan mereka ini adalah mereka yang telah didakwa atas kesalahan jenayah atau sedang menunggu hukuman,” lapor Astro Awani.

    Dalam masa sama, gerakan Ku Li didakwa mempunyai sokongan yang jauh lebih besar daripada jumlah yang diperoleh Anwar.

    “Selain lebih dari separuh ahli Parlimen Umno, difahamkan terdapat juga sokongan sebahagian wakil dari Pas, DAP, AMANAH, GPS (Gabungan Parti Sarawak), PKR dan Pejuang.

    “Ikutkan, semua ahli Parlimen dari Pejuang ini menyokong Ku Li termasuk Pengerusinya, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad,” kata sumber itu lagi."

    M. Dateline

    Pity the hensum old man.

    Every single enemy he once hated, terpaksa peluk pulak.

    Anyway the maths doesn't add up for Ku Li.


    He is even MORE crazy to be PM than Anwar.

    Stay tuned, ya.

    Maybe more twists in this tale...

    In the meantime, the rakyat is forgotten.

    All that counts to them is power.

    1. Atuk's henchman Khairuddin is a moron.

      There is a photo of him with Madey and Ku Li, BOTH WITH COVID MASKS.

      His excuse?

      "Sebaliknya, Khairuddin ketika dihubungi menafikan gambar itu diambil baru-baru ini.

      Dia mendakwa bahawa ia diambil kira-kira empat tahun yang lalu semasa perayaan Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

      Ahli politik itu juga menafikan bahawa ia diambil di kediaman Tengku Razaleigh.

      "Ini bukan gambar baru! Saya yakin ada kalangan tertentu yang tidak bertanggungjawab cuba menangguk di air yang keruh."


      There was COVID in 2016???

  9. Hi annie, long time,

    Bersatu shouldnt strike the deal with umno. Umno was the dirty baggage anyway.

    If Muhidin is smart he should dissolve parliament and fight all umno seats. This way they wont have the small number dilemma again. I actually think all bumi wants this. We never want to have anything to do with umno to begin with.

    So now umno is showing their true color. Wht a ba and ta. Its all about power haha.

    Let see who will win. Bossku supporters ? They are but a minority. Muhidin popularity trumps over umno.

    Far as im concern i may consider supporting bersatu again if they decide to ditch umno.

    Umno looks confident. Oh my they never did learn right.

    1. "If Muhidin is smart he should dissolve parliament and fight all umno seats."

      Kemonlah bro...

      He killed enough people in Sabah already, kan?

    2. id rather die than have umno running the gov under admiral general. thts like a true nightmare. u cant make this up. n then u wanna add dap in the mix ?

      covid or no covid. id vote. im out for blood. umno will once again learn its place.

      muhiding aint the one who wanted this anyway. u wanna blame anyone blame anwar and zahid and co.

    3. "muhiding"

      KA KA KAH!!!!!!

      Yeah he really is in hiding...

      Fake CMCO.

      Fake self-quarantine.

    4. Fake cmco anon 08:44?

      Say that to the faces of the sons/ daughters/parents of the 176 deaths to date.

      Better still, why don't u send your children or parents into one of the hot spot to test hiw contagious the virus is?

      Ada berani?

  10. Nice way to pecah quarantine....

    "Setiausaha Agung BN Annuar Musa dilihat hadir ke rumah Perdana Menteri Muhyiddin Yassin di Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur petang ini.

    Ia berlaku selepas perhatian umum tertumpu kepada Umno dan Bersatu selepas Biro Politik Umno mengumumkan mempertimbangkan menarik diri daripada Perikatan Nasional (PN).

    Annuar bagaimanapun ketika ditemui Malaysiakini berkata itu hanya lawatan biasa kerana mereka sebenarnya berjiran.

    “Tiada ada, perjumpaan biasa.

    “Kita kan jiran,” katanya selepas keluar dari perkarangan rumah Muhyiddin jam 6.11 petang tadi.

    Ketika Malaysiakini tiba di perkarangan rumah pengerusi Bersatu itu pada jam 5.30 petang tadi, kereta anggota parlimen Ketereh sudah kelihatan di situ.

    Pada jam 5.52 petang pula, muncul kereta lain yang mempunyai tulisan “Istana Negara” dalam tulisan Jawi di atas nombor pendaftarannya."

    Istana car? Why?

  11. How sure are you Midin Bersatu is more popular than umno?..look at the 7 by elections that were won by BN...look at tanjung piai when mca's candidate won by majority of more than 15k votes against bersatu who was then under PH...ppl are fed up with PH and bersatu was part of it before... Bersatu ppl are so arrogant and about time they shd be teach the lesson

    1. then lets all vote. won only 7 by elections make u think ur on cloud 9 ? let do it. come on.

    2. "ONLY seven"?????


      "Seorang pemimpin bahagian dari Lembah Klang yang tidak mahu namanya disebutkan berkata, mereka masih bingung mengenai pertemuan antara Ahmad Maslan dan Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor dengan Perdana Menteri Muhyiddin Yassin malam tadi.

      Muhyiddin juga adalah presiden PPBM.

      “Kami tidak tahu hasil pertemuan itu, tetapi kami berharap Muhyiddin melakukan yang terbaik untuk parti.

      “Kami dengar Umno minta jawatan timbalan perdana menteri. Mengapa tidak memberikannya kepada mereka? Ini akan menyelamatkan gabungan,” katanya, merujuk kepada spekulasi Umno mengintai jawatan nombor 2 dalam kerajaan, antara tuntutan selain rombakan Kabinet."

      Dah panic kaw kaw.....

  12. I suppose, the opposition leader has played go-between to pair off the incredible long-standing nemeses DAP-UMNO by submitting their "authentic" documents for approval in order to form a happy-ever-after new government. Soon after it materialises, our nation will prosper and be great again to reclaim the long lost "Asian Tiger" title in just 2 year's time under a tip-top infallible reformist leader. Only but, in reality or by no means, never the twain shall meet, I believe. I don't think DAP has the nerve to risk its izzat to hook up with those tainted people that they used to howl all along as it may end up fouling its own nest and licking its own spit. Does DAP purposely plonk itself between the devil and the deep blue sea? Well, it is surely an open game. We shall see how they are going to play till the very end in the midst of Covid spike.

  13. Annie dearly,
    Inilah Politik. Serba berkemungkinan!
    Saat pertama ketika Membaca Bahasa Tubuh Ahli Parlimen Port Dickson di KL Sentral, saya Sudah Tahu ADA SESUATU YANG SEDANG BERLAKU.
    2. Tatkala Presiden UMNO A.S.A.P released the historic Media Statement; jika Pagoh bermaruah, dia sudah MENGUNDURKAN DIRI SECARA TERHORMAT.
    3. Nyata sekali, DSAI berjaya meyakinkan Abdullah the Agong untuk bertemu muka dengan Ketua-ketua Parti Politik e.g Presiden UMNO, DAP dan Amanah.
    4. Malah, Hadhir Nya Gua Musang MP ke Istana Negara after that significant Anwar Move prove that Muhyidin sudah KE LAUT already

    THIS IS POLITICS, dear Annie 🌹💯🎀💌

  14. There should not be so many Malay parties.Bersatu must be shutdown. Useless people in Bersatu.And please don't even think about collaborating with Dap...if Umno ever want Malays to support them...else goodbye Umno.

    1. Which "UMNO"?

      There are 2 or 3 UMNOs...

      "Biro Politik UMNO dilaporkan memberi kata dua kepada Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin agar membuat rombakan kabinet menyingkir Menteri dari UMNO yang tidak mempunyai jawatan utama dalam parti.

      Menurut sumber, permintaan itu dan beberapa perminataan lain dikemukakan kepada Muhyiddin oleh Setiausaha Agung UMNO, Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Maslan dan Bendahari BN, Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor dalam satu sidang maya (teleconference) semalam.

      Biro Politik UMNO dikatakan mahu semua pelantikan kabinet mewakili UMNO mengambil kira hirarki dalam parti.

      “Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Muhyiddin agak kecewa dengan permintaan tersebut dan masih menilai pilihan-pilihan yang ada dalam memastikan pentadbiran beliau kekal stabil sehingga pertengahan tahun depan,” kata sumber terbabit.

      Biro Politik UMNO sebelum ini mengumumkan untuk mempertimbangkan semula kerjasama dengan Perikatan Nasional dengan terma-terma baharu.

      Sekiranya dakwaan ini benar, Muhyiddin perlu menggugurkan empat orang menteri UMNO seperti Menteri Luar Negeri, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussien, Menteri Sains, Teknologi Dan Inovasi, Khairy Jamaluddin, Menteri Perpaduan Negara Datuk Halimah Mohamed Sadique, Menteri Kesihatan, Dr. Adham Baba."

      So Team A wants to kill off KJ and H2O.

      Now it becomes proxy war.

      Team A via Anwar.

      Team B plus kepoh old man Madey via Ku Li.

      The DAP Cinabengs (42 seats) plus Amanah (11 seats) are now the Kingmakers.

      Neither Ku Li nor Anwar can win without them.

      What will they do?

  15. A lot of "people" are now hiding.

    A fake CMCO has been imposed as an excuse (Perak & Kedah cases way higher than Putrajaya, no lockdown there. Pelik, kan?)

    So Moo Moo has been given time and space to beg UMNO not to kill him.

    The Buaya Selatan has - cayalah! - already tried to interfere.

    I think Annuar Musang and Teuku Too Much Naan went to get Moo to sign documents yesterday.

    So in the end....

    UMNO will get DPM position.

    UMNO will get better seat deal for PRU15, in writing.

    UMNO will force Moo to do Cabinet reshuffle. The two biggest losers will be Sandakan oppsss! Gombak, and Larut.

    UMNO will force Moo to give more GLC posts to the 2nd and 3rd tier UMNO guys, e.g. that FT Youth guy.

    Moo will do ALL of this.

    And at PRU15, UMNO will still try and kill him off.

    Welcome to Malaysian politics!

  16. Hi Annie.

    Stay Safe and take care.
    My humble observation Anuar is not popular in rural areas of Sabah. He has to thread carefully in Sabah and Sarawak as they have many seats in the Parliament.

  17. Ever wonder why the opposition chief never files a vote of no-confident aganist Moyuddin even after his 2 time pc riuh senegara huge majority possession?? In fact, that is the only procedure to prove his claim as per the constitutional law.

  18. “Umno was given portfolios related to science, innovation and unity where we cannot do much. We should have been given portfolios related to economics, commerce and agriculture instead,” he was quoted further in the same report.

    Oh my!!! Betapa keji nya mengambil kesempatan ketika covid 19 sedang menggila!

    Tak tahu menari kata lantai tinggi rendah!! Zaman iot, robotiks, 5G ni, MOSTI lah kementerian penting utk perstrukturan semula ekonomi. Ini lah kaedahnya utk menuju ke arah negara berpendapatan tinggi!

    Portfolio pendidikan tinggi & kesihatan tu tak penting ke? Hanya menteri yg bodoh sombong je yg boleh tersungkur jadi menteri kesihatan ketika mempunyai DG yg cekap & tulus.

    Bodoh! sombong! & masih hidup di abad 20!

    1. Be ready for Annuar Musang MARA to try for the DPM post under Moo.

      Wait and see.....

  19. Ismail Hashim Yahaya - Fetisisme 120

    Excellent article.

  20. Umno ni dah lupa macam ahli umno tertua dan terlama (bekas) selalu cakap
    Melayu mudah lupa
    Dia tak bohong

    Umno ni sekarang tengah kena hukum
    Sebab banyak penyelewengan oleh ramai pembesar umno
    Pendapat umum adalah umno perlu dis-associate themselves from those pemimpin of theirs yang tengah didakwa di mahkamah. Yang dah kena hukum pun ada. Dia le cikgu terakhir. Dulu dia curi2 belajar dengan cikgu mahathir.
    Tapi cikgu mahathir pulak bukak kes kasi dakwa
    Akal kel...g
    Lepas tu dia resigned
    Lepas tu dia nak balik jawatan
    Susah jadi Agong hari ni. Hahahaha.
    Sekarang re-make. Ada pelakon pelakon tambahan lain.

    Lantak la labu

    So come ku li...jeng3

    Some serious shit is happening in putrajaya

    God save the country Malaysia

  21. The party u should be concern of is DAP and not umno,if they decide not to work with umno,the whole theory is collapse.

    1. DAP must think very carefully.

      Lim Kit Siang is an old friend of Ku Li.

      They may go with him, not Anwar.

      Yes, that would be a shock.

      But if Anwar works with Zahid & Najib, DAP cinabengs will look damn stupid. After making all that noise?

      By the way...

      Ku Li can access Istana any time.

      Don't have to be official, even.

      Plus.....Larut, Pagoh and Kunyit Kitol Sandakan will never dare to use MACC/PRDM against Ku Li. (Anyway, what case can they cook up? From 1970s or 1980s????)

      So my take:

      If Moo falls, Ku Li is most likely to take over.

  22. The members of Dewan Rakyat (222 in all) are playing a game similar to 4D numbers with the hope of a big win.

    The winning prize ranges from the post of prime minister, deputy prime minister, ministers, deputy ministers and plum GLC positions. Those who don’t have positions in Malaysia are made special envoys to places such as China and Saudi Arabia.

    Dewan Rakyat, literally “Hall of the People” is no longer so. It’s the hall for frogs, party traitors, backstabbers, connivers, and any name you may want to call it.

    Malaysian politics are more the ‘wayang kulit’ type where the politicians are controlled by a puppet master behind a shadow screen.

    Each puppet string is attached to some kind of reward, be it cash or position to entice them to jump and switch camps. To confuse the people, they develop acronyms such as MF, PN, and GRS, but they are one and the same.

    They all came from the same party at one time or another and inherited the same DNA.

    Don't hope for change.

    Just try and improve your own life.

    The Malaysian politicians are the country's biggest curse.

    They lie about caring for us.

    This is 10,000% about money, contracts and perks.

    So even if we vote, what happens?

    They jump.

    Purely selfish.

    Just concentrate on your job, or family, or hobby, or whatever.

    What happens in Putrajaya is not about you or me.

    1. Dearest Anon9:50

      While I totally agree with you, yet, can't help but to worry about the food that I manage to put on the table for my family keeps getting lesser and lesser. We are now forced to live frugally in an even smaller house, all because of the uncertainty causes by the endless stupid politics upheaval and resurgence of covid. At the same time, with our stomachs half-fulled, we are forced,too, to watch the craziest circus on Earth, play by those half- baked Malaysian lawmakers, day in and day out. Do they ever care? It is fair for us to not speak our mind aganist their selfishness and obesessiveness for power?

    2. u r right. sadly the reality is tht this is the system. for as long as we are forced to vote, the status quo wont change.

      id say we do away with political party. just nominate one among us, we fund them and they listen to us, not their party leader. there wont be party they wont be any leader. just us the people electing our one representative each from our place to vote for. a calon bebas from us.

      boycott all political parties. thts our only solution. tht is, if we are brave enough to break away from the this us. we can do it. balls on us. wht say all of us ?

  23. berpecah temberang sebenarnya jibby yang
    atur pertemuan DsAi dengan istana.
    satu langkah 'game plan' untuk
    semburit ais krim Bersatu bertunduk kepada kehendak umngok.
    dan syarat syarat dan kehendak Umngok seprti
    jawatan DPM, jawatan menteri lepas dari tuduhan rasuah

  24. Hari ni 869 kes; s'gor 159 kes, kematian +4.

    Selamat bersorak dsai/tunM/Zahid/KuLi & umnoputra. Anda boleh tekan mujyiddin habis2.

    Bergumbira lah anda mengambil kesempatan dlm kesempitan rakyat. Hanya Allah jua yg akan membalas 'jasa' anda ini.