Thursday 5 November 2020

Latest suicide attempt by Umno

 I've changed my mind.

Muhyiddin should be given the emergency power to avoid parliament or even GE15 as long as he wants.

That's because Umno is going to lose and die one way or another the way it is now.

Dr Mahathir is right, Umno is killing itself.

This is the latest stupidity by its party president,

Tajuddin appointed as UMNO Election Director for GE15


The President of UMNO, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi delivered the decision through an official appointment letter issued by the UMNO office today.

“I wish to inform that Datuk Seri (Tajuddin) has been appointed as the Director of General Election (GE15) of UMNO effective from 4 November 2020,” he said, quoting the content of the letter.

That's one of the worst Umno leaders.

What's wrong with you Zahid? 

Isn't that the job of the deputy president?

Are you trying to kill off Mat Hassan?

Stupid or what?

Mat Hassan was the election director who did the real works at all those by-election victories.

And now you are putting that sort of shit in his place?

You really think Umno is back being strong again to put some assholes to lead the party?

Or is this for you to remain as Umno president because of the party election next year?

What's next? Appoint Puad Zarkashi as your war room director?

Die la.

Really, just looking at this one stupid move by Zahid, I'm convinced now that Umno is really fucked at the moment.

I'm really tired of this.

Hey Umno people, you all okay with these sort of shit?

If you all do, then you all can go fly kites with Zahid and his stupid gang.



  1. "That's one of the worst Umno leaders. What's wrong with you Zahid? Isn't that the job of the deputy president? Are you trying to kill off Mat Hasan (only one "S" ya Annie : )"

    All 100% correct, actually.

    This Pasir Menyalak fella is one of Zahid's last remaining cronies.

    That simply means that Zahid's circle of influence is waning rapidly in UMNO.

    He's now President in name only.

    Mookimak wants to see both Najib and Zahid put away in jail. That is also H2O's aim, and the anti-Zahid faction in UMNO.

    His preference is for H2O to move up the ranks. H2O is a PPBM stooge and worked closely with AssMain on Sheraton Move. H2O's ultimate aim is to park himself as DPM behind AssMain within the next big wave of change. Whether AssMain will survive, I don't know. The Vibes survey found he's the most hated politician in Malaysia. I think that's true.

    However, the Umno leadership are very correct to say that Mookimak is using the law very selectively.

    Put Najib and Zahid aside, the arrest of Lokman Adam is simply bad in law. You may not be a fan of this guy. But to charge him with "criminal intimidation" is nonsensical in law. I watched all of his FB live sessions. Nothing that's even close to "criminal intimidation".

    It's a political arrest.

    Then 2 Amanah guys are being hauled up for something said 8 months ago. The DAP guy for something he said about Thailand! Kemonlah...try not to make it too obvious. (More so when Musang Aman was allowed to walk free, for reasons even a 10-year-old kid can see.)

    OK, I think that Lokman Adam's arrest is an indirect blow at Najib. Najib now controls UMNO backbenchers. He can order them to pull support any time.

    Mookimak is still insecure, and he knows it.

    Now only 80 MPs are allowed in Parliament.

    The Three Stooges are getting desperate.

    UMNO should pass the budget, then remember they have 37 MPs even if Najib and Zahid go down.

    Be patient.

    Mookimak fears Mat Hasan, because he knows Mat Hasan will be a far better PM than him, and will have more than a 2-seat cushion.

    UMNO should rally around Tok Mat if Najib and Zahid are jailed.

    Tell the three stooges to go to hell.

    Mookimak / Larut / Sandakan's next self-defence move will be to refuse to register MN unless PPBM is a part of it.

    This is time for UMNO to play hardball.

    PPBM was NEVER a part of MN initially.

    Get rid of Annuar Musang and you get rid of half of UMNO's problems.

    1. When one is NOT upright, one become desperate. When one become more desperate, still more blunders will befalls no matter what how you plot and plan.

    2. Hahaha MOOKIMAK is best name la bro 😂😂😂😂😂😂 tepat jugak

      No u r also right about Hisham. Very selfish and will not protect party

      If he and Anuar Musa not checkmated, i tell you the future of Umno

      In PRU15, they will give away half Umno seat to Bersatu and Kartel Semburit

      That’s why Idin wants to quickly jail zahid, najib etc

      The ones who will fight for Umno is tok mat, yes even Nazri. Loudmouth yes la but you need warriors now

      Otherwise Kartel Semburit, Hisham and Idin will destroy Umno

      Bersatu swallow Umno. Party of 5 years kills party of 60 years.... x elok la

    3. Anonymous5 November 2020 at 22:21

      "Even Nazri. Loudmouth yes la but you need warriors now..."

      I think his recent statement will be the best evidence, where he said "we will fight Parti Bunga in the next election".

      If that the stance of the majority of the MTU, then UMNO will be okay. They DO NOT NEED PPBM in any way whatsoever.

      However, don't discount the "Dedak Cartel" - those who have been given GLC and Cabinet positions by Abah Rotan.

      Plus, some overambitious DPM wannabees.

      To them, it's okay if UMNO becomes weak, as long as personal ambitions are fulfilled.

  2. What do you expect from a party president who values loyalty over honesty?

  3. simple la.

    theres really only 2 camps in umno - Najib / Zahid vs the ones that want a progressive Umno ( yes, its possible ).

    najib zahid is all abt getting back into power & dropping charged. going down this path will rip umno apart.

    dr.m’s the real queens gambit

  4. Dearest Annie,

    Bagan Datuk adalah Presiden UMNO. Pengarah Pilihanraya sama ada PRU atau PRK adalah PREROGATIF Pejabat Presiden.

    UMUM dan Khalayak wajar menghormati Nya kerana Bagan Datuk telah dipilih sebagai Presiden UMNO dalam Pemilihan Parti.

    Pun begitu, pandangan dan kritikan semua pihak juga begitu dialu-alukan demi Kesinambungan parti keramat Dulu, kini dan Selama NYA ini💪💪💪👊👊👊👊👊

    1. Tunggu jer tahun depan bro, sape jadi Presiden...jeng jeng jeng!

  5. Ya umno is divided into thiefs and now butt-f*g PPBM lovers. Time to clean up umno members!! . Get your party back from these losers and hand it over tok mat. Move on and leave PPBM hung dry.

    1. PPBM are parasites...leeches

      No membership, no machinery, nak berlagak sombong plak....ptui

      Enough is enough

      No more mister nice guy la Umno!!!!

      Finish them off!

  6. When will meno rise to uphold the right of the Malay n Islam. This is absurd stupidity the highest order of morons n satanical..
    Where's the bloody Supreme Council....
    Get rid of these two super dupe's..

  7. Kesian the founders of UMNO who fought for independence and build the nation from scratch...Tunku..Tun Razak..Tun Ismail..Jaafar Onn...true nationalist...stupid fella Zahid...Pakai la otak sikit...

    1. Ya bro. How far malaysia fallen 😢

  8. If Johari Bidin wins Nevada then it’s all over. Nevada state poll officials have stop publishing votes tally by districts. Then will resume doing it by 9.00 a.m. next morning US time.

  9. 22 bulan bajet vs bajet 8 bulan

    Bajet 2020 bajet kerajaan Melayu Islam. Rakyat tahu dan merasai bagaimana pemerintahan PH selama 22 bulan.

    Sebab Itu sebab takde seorang pun yang berguling guling, terjerit jerit di jalan raya memberontak akan kejatuhan kerajaan PH.

    Hari ini, kepada MP Melayu/Islam mempunyai ruang seluas membuktikan kerajaan PH dahulu adalah kerajaan tunggangngan DAP.

    Kerajaan PH sebagai kerajaan yang rasis, membelakang kan Perlembagaan dan tidak peka kepada sosio budaya dan adat resam negara.

    Dulu, selama 22 bulan kerajaan PH mentadbir kerajaan macam macam rakyat dapat.

    1. Hantar Tun Daim ke China dengan segera untuk ubah isi kandungan ECRL dari taraf First Class jadi taraf 3rd Class yang walaupun harga diturunkan tetapi tidak setimpal dengan yang sebelumnya.

    2. Malah ada kroni sudah patut didakwa melakukan insiders trading sebab membeli awal saham berkaitan ECRL. Tun, Daim dan kroni dalam Council of Eminent Persons (CEP) berebut habuan.

    3. Rencana blueprint kilang kereta nasional ke-3 sama seperti Proton awal-awal dengan penguasaan syarikat kroni kerana Proton tidak lagi dikawal oleh kerajaan.

    4. Rencana kroni ambil alih PLUS dengan tawaran berbillion (kroni sama seperti Perwaja yang akhirnya dapat bailout daripada Kerajaan) tetapi tidak dipersetujui oleh Kementerian Kewangan (DAP) sebab mereka juga mahu kuasai pulangan.

    5. Kontrak Opcom - Hari ke 5 dilantik jadi PM Boboi dapat ratus juta kontrak Opcom

    6. Tender berbilion fiberoptic pada OPCOM dan stimulus package.

    7. Rancang airport baru

    8. Projek Bandar Malaysia diberi kepada pemaju kroni.

    9. Jarah wang Petronas 82 Biliion.

    10. Hutang baru 120 bilion dalam masa 22 bulan

    10.GST tukar kepada SST dengan negara menerima kurang pendapatan dan peniaga mudah untuk lari dari membayar cukai.

    11. Runding 101 projek direct-nego dan tukar penerima dan syarikat kepada kroni kerana mereka daripada zaman BN

    12. Harta Tabung Haji dilelong murah.

    13. Kedai Roti dibailout.

    14. Sebagai ganjaran bailout kedai roti the loft, Taikun Cina ini dapat projek Bandar Malaysia ratus juta. Hebattt..!!

    Untuk Rakyat:

    1. Jangan iri hati kepada org kaya.

    2. Jangan asyik minta bantuan kerajaan. Rakyat kena Ikat perut.

    3. Setiap hari zikir wajib 'salahkan Dato' Sri Najib dan UMNO'.

    4. 7 juta penerima BR1M ditukar kepada BSH dengan hanya 4 juta penerima dan pemberian dikurangkan.

    5. Pembuangan kerja 40,000 kakitangan awam dan kontrak

    6. MoF Lim Guan Eng umum beri duit percuma utk berbelanja RM30.00 sahaja

    7. Janji harga minyak turun RM1.50 dicapati. "Hari pertama ke Putar Jaya esok serta merta harga minyak turunnn.." Saya ulanggg...!

    1. Wahhhhhh, cytro Pundek Nasional nih dah desperate kot....

  10. Unless and until UMNO draws the line at heeding orders and advice from Ajib-Zahid, or else this party, once dominant and powerful, is doomed and damned. Cutting immediate ties with this discreditable duo ought to be done, if UMNO were to survive and be great again. They are a real liability of UMNO. Now, here comes waddling away yet another ferocious one, The Malayland Pasir pun boleh Salak, to be appointed as Director of whatever, has confirmed the curse, paving the path for its six feet under final destination.

    1. They are doomed and damned unless they put PPBM in their place. That's number 1 priority.

  11. Aisay Annie....UMNO wld have been able to stand tall if they had told all their members facing court trials to go on garden leave. The likeable Mat Hassan at the helm wld hold d party in gd stead. But that is now history

  12. The Old UMNO that I used to serve is already doomed since 2008, where 5 states were wrested by the opposition for the first time in history.

    The new UMNO (Unscrupulous Malay Nikomput Organization) under BN (Borosmah Najib) is as good as totally dead since 2013 & 2018 GE.

    So, stop being a cow
    Please listen me now
    And listen me good
    Don't be a dumbed deadwood....!!

    One down, one to go....

    PH kini (sejak diambil alih oleh Sheikh Al Jub) bukan lagi 'Pakatan Harapan', tapi dah jadi 'Party Hopeless'.

    - Prestasi PH di PRN Sabah adalah bukti nyata bila PGayR menang keciput 2 kerusi saja.

    - Cubaan Sheikh Al Juburi cuba rampas kuasa dgn menyondol pintu BELAKANG sekali lagi gagal yg boomerang memalukan diri & keluarganya. Anak lelaki tunggalnya (Ehsan) gara2 buruk laku bapanya pun tak sanggup menanggung malu hidup dalam buangan lari ke luar negara bertahun-tahun sampai kini.
    Dah lah gitu, Nuwar pembelit, membohong konon SD2nya dah diserahkan kpd YDPA, tapi disangkal oleh pihak istana - tak hal dia hanya sebut jumlah dgn air liur basinya tanpa menyerahkan SD2 berkenaan.

    Dari pengalaman & pengamatan ku sejak 1998, Sheikh Anwar Al Jub adalah punca perpecahan dan pengganggu kestabilan negara dek kemaruk sangat mau jadi PM.
    Reformasi ala keganasan ikut-ikutan Indonesia & Arab Spring yg dipelopori oleh Al Jub hanya membawa kecelakaan & kemusnahan harta benda awam & serta mengganggu ketenteraman negara.

    Tengok saja Indonesia & negara2 Arab, apa terjadi pada negara mereka sekarang sejak diadu-domba oleh pihak Zionist Yahudi, Amerika & negara2 Barat.

    Sheikh Anwar Al Jub adalah pengkhianat, budak suruhan Zionist Yahudi & Amerika.....!!
    Buktinya, apakah kita pernah saksi atau dengar Al Juburi membidas kekejaman Zionist Yahudi, Amerika & negara2 barat terhadap negara & umat Islam selama ini.......???
    Contoh paling nyata, Al Juburi langsung tak berbunyi bila presiden Perancis menghina Islam & Rasulullah SAW.

    Reformasi kaput, my foot, kentoot....!!

    Anything But Anwar
    Asal Bujan Anwar Ibrahim

    1. Why is he being nicknamed Aljuburi? Who has initiated it? According to his family, he is out and away the perfect gift from Allah to 33 millions Malaysians to hope for a better future. In another words, he is the chosen one and only, who possesses the magical reform formula which gaurantees us a first-rate nation in the blink of an eye, if he takes over the PM job. So, he becoming our PM is of paramount importance even though he has to sell his principles out to collaborate with Zahid and Najib. Don't you see a great leader like him who willingly sacrifices anything just for the interest of the people, let alone those years of imprisonment, to deserve a chance to steer the direction of the nation? But, your comment sounds otherwise.