Tuesday 27 October 2020

Umno's brilliant bluff

So, this is Umno's current official stand, 


Majlis Kerja Tertinggi UMNO yang bermesyuarat pada hari ini, 26 Oktober 2020 (Isnin) telah memutuskan perkara-perkara berikut: 

1. Menjunjung kasih di atas keputusan Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Yang di-Pertuan Agong menolak permohonan yang dipersembahkan oleh Perdana Menteri bagi maksud pelaksanaan Darurat Perkara 150(1) dan Pemasyhuran Ordinan Darurat (Kuasa-Kuasa Perlu 2020) menurut Perkara 150(2B) Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Bagi UMNO, keputusan yang turut diperbincangkan dengan Majlis Raja-Raja tersebut adalah amat bijaksana dan cukup melegakan rakyat. 

2. Mendokong sepenuhnya titah dan saranan Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Yang di-Pertuan Agong dan Majlis Raja-Raja agar dikendurkan segala ketegangan politik dengan melakukan gencatan politik bagi memastikan kestabilan politik negara dapat terus dipertahankan. 

3. Menyarankan agar inisiatif Rekonsiliasi Nasional atau Agenda Perdamaian Nasional segera dilaksanakan dengan menggembleng penyertaan semua parti politik yang bernaung dalam Kerajaan Perikatan Nasional dan juga parti-parti pembangkang. 

 4. Mencadangkan supaya Kerajaan mengambil pendekatan yang lebih inklusif melangkaui perbezaan ideologi parti dalam menangani pandemik Covid-19 dan kesan negatif ekonomi yang dihadapi rakyat yang sedang susah dan gelisah. 

 5. Majlis Kerja Tertinggi UMNO mengekalkan keputusan terdahulu tanpa kerjasama PKR dan DAP. Ahli-ahli Parlimen UMNO akan terus mendokong Kerajaan Perikatan Nasional. UMNO menggesa ditambah baik prinsip kerjasama yang harus berpaksikan nilai penghormatan dan political consensus. 

 6. Memastikan ketetapan Perhimpunan Agung UMNO untuk memperkasakan Muafakat Nasional dapat terus direalisasikan. 



1.Thanked Agong and his Rulers gang for rejecting Muhyiddin's emergency move.

2. To continue its "political ceasefire".

3. To continue its "political ceasefire".

4. To continue its "political ceasefire".

5. To continue its support for Perikatan in return for "better treatment".

6. To stick with Pas.

Well, this is actually nothing new.

It's the same thing that Umno said  before the Muhyiddin's "emergency move".

Quite anti-climax, actually.

I was actually expecting Zahid to say Umno will work with DAP  to set up a new government as it promised to flush out Guan Eng and his irritating gang.


That would be much nicer.

Still, I honestly don't really believe in this Umno's official stand.

Obviously, Muhyiddin and his gang didn't believe it too that Umno will not try to pull a fast one on them.

They think the Umno's ceasefire was bullshit and that's why they make that unfortunate "emergency move". 

I strongly believe they still think the same this time.

They still think Zahid and the Umno gang were just bluffing and will side with Anwar when it comes to voting in parliament.

Actually, even more so now after their failed attempt to stab Umno in the back using the "emergency move".

And I think they are right.

I still think the fight is still on.

I think Umno is just putting up a nice front with the ceasefire and reconciliation stuff.

Now people will have to say that Umno wants peace, work with everyone to overcome Covid-19, forgive Muhyiddin's emergency move betrayal, etc.

In actual fact, it's a brilliant political move.

Umno can get what it wants now without being the bad guy.

If Muhyiddin doesn't give in to it, Umno can sides with Anwar without looking bad.

After all, it doesn't have to be the whole block of Umno to vote against Muhyiddin in parliament.

Just a few of them siding with Anwar would do the trick.

If that happens, Umno can always say, we stick with our official stand but we can't control those few who sided with Anwar.

Then it joins the new government.

But working with mortal enemy DAP?

Eh, we already said we want peace for the good of the people to fight this Covid-19 pandemic, okay.

And DAP is now led by that nice Anthony Loke guy. Guan Eng is going to jail for corruption, what. And they will get rid of the other irritating bastards such as Tony Puaka soon.

So, Umno becomes the good guy and wins.

Nice, right?

But seriously, I think I'm right on this one.

I was right in my last post, okay.

Hahaha....I really really wish Umno and DAP could be friends.

Then I can have nice chats about politics with my DAP supporting mother and beloved.

And Malaysia could be a better and more peaceful country.

Okay, I need to get up and go to work now



  1. This is classic overreach on the part of the Bersatu leadership and Azmin's team.

    It was not enough to be prime minister and take over the federal government.

    From the start, they played politics and pushed the envelope. They did not quit while they were ahead.

    First, they undermined their state governments of Johor and Perak. Not content with that, they took over the Malacca as well. Then, they kicked out their own founder Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his supporters.

    You would have thought they would be satisfied, but no. They went for Kedah next. Were they satisfied? No. After that, they changed the speaker of the Dewan Rakyat.

    Having consolidated power, did they stop to say, "Let's stop politics and start to govern"? No.

    If this is not enough, they then reached across the South China Sea and engineered the defection of more than two dozen state assemblypersons in Sabah - precipitating an election.

    By now, it is clear that there is a lust for power for the sake of power.

    However, while their "gamble" appears to have paid off, it is only for the short run. Now, the chickens have come back to roost.

    Promises were made to Sabahans. "Abah is with you", support "Abah". Federal and state should be together. No PAS in Sabah as their politics is not suitable. Then what did they do? Send "independents" to contest against Umno. Cheat Umno out of the chief minister position.

    As if that was not bad enough, they caused the Covid-19 explosion in Sabah and spread it to the Peninsula.

    Since then, has Muhyiddin bothered to visit Sabah?

    Since then, has there been tangible help for Sabahans? Unfortunately, no.

    Has there been deployment of a large number of doctors and personal protective equipment (PPE) to Sabah?

    Has extra money been given to the Sabah government which is now “aligned” with the federal government? No and no.

    It looks like Sabahans have been left on their own to fend for themselves. Played out with false promises, again. And yes, before I forget, PAS also got into the Sabah state assembly as reward for their loyalty to Muhyiddin.

    It does not matter that the case involving the “hero” from Turkey was granted “no further action” despite public uproar.

    Instead, they spend on RM6,000 lunches and luxury cars, government-linked company (GLC) and ministerial positions. The opinion and the disgust of the public are ignored.

    Is it not apparent that you pushed until the breaking point? If you had stopped before Sabah, there would be no Covid Crisis Explosion Part 3.

    You would not have spent whatever political capital you had left "bullying" Umno for the CM post in Sabah. There would have been no need to even contemplate an emergency to bolster your position.

    In the end, this is classic overreach. It is clear that this government is finished. It is not if, but when it collapses.

  2. "Actually, even more so now after their failed attempt to stab Umno in the back using the "emergency move".

    Those guys stabbed us ALL, not just Umno.

    if Mookimak and his two henchmen had any shame, they would resign.

    Giving selfish advice to YDPA is not forgivable.

  3. Proof of the pudding is the vote on the budget come november.

    1. I won't be sad if PPBM is kicked out and closes shop.

  4. Annie, whos stabbing whos back. Annie has short memories it seems.

    It is a standard narrative now for umno tht umno will never mentioned zahid went on record tht he indirectly supported anwar ? Which causes the whole shit in the 1st place ? Tody najib admitted tht was the plan. So it confirms tht zahid and najib arranged for anwar to meet Agong. Well. How convinient annie left tht out.

    Annie be like: now umno can demand otherwise theyll support anwar

    Muhidin be like: huh ? but i dont care. if u have majority do so. Lets pru even. Lets have no gov even. So wht ?

    Ive read annie for so long. Theres one thing about annie thts never change. Defending umno. Even if the tones is bad it is for umno to reflect. Go figure.

    But ill keep reading. this way i know wht umno supporters are thinking.

    1. Not defending umno but more of defending najib, 1 mdb too no swindle bcoz it very complicated to understand, that was annies word, just imagine if ph who the one swindle 1mdb,i guess annie would understand it easily 🤣🤣🤣

    2. What if NR, ZH and few friend abstain during budget voting or just absent during voting i.e just call sick. What will happens. Never underestimate human capacity to fight back.

  5. after all the drama, we are back to square one. but it has shown all the cards on the table for people to see.

    Tsmy / bersatu - clinging on at all cost, especially the rakyats
    najib / zahid - the great destabilizers since ge 14. anything to avoid justice
    anwar - forget abt principal & justice, anything to be PM. a true nutter
    umno - broken, factions. really need to dumb najib / zahid to move fwd
    tun M - no najib, anwar, tsmy or anybody. except his son & him for pm
    dap / pas - prob the only 2 parties that come out stronger

    1. Good summary anon 12:38,

      U probably mean dump iso dumb

    2. I think PAS come across as 100% opportunist.

      Support Najib!

      Support Tun!

      Support Muhyiddin!!!

      Kah kah kah.

      Anyone who can give them Merchiddiz and $$$$$$$$$$$.

      Hadi Ada Wang really gaji buta.

      Why are all the Arabs selling out Palestine and cosying up to Israel?

      Did they make Zoom call to Marang to get permission?

      "Duta" pale otak hang...

    3. yeah i meant dump.

      @17:25, Pas now has a taste for power. no way they will let go. lets see how principled they are once tsmy loses his votes. will they stick with bersatu or stay in power with umno +ph

      honestly, tsmy should speak to anwar. PH has strong 91 MPs. together with some bersatu ex azmin, warisan, that should bring them > 120. dont need need umno or pas

    4. Anon18:59

      Dont be naive that anwar still has 91 after what he has done to DAP. Go and find out the details of his double-dealing with the nation 2 biggest crooks. All he cares is just to be crowned as PM9, by hook or by crook. Useless and hopeless easy meat.


      "PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang said today a state of emergency to handle the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic was not an exception to Malaysia, as many countries had declared one in response to the global health crisis.

      A state of emergency, Hadi said, can take place for various reasons including natural disasters and pandemics such as Covid-19, apart from political, economic or violent turmoil that requires a curfew to be imposed on the general populace.

      “Emergency can happen when the pillars of human life are being threatened. Islam stipulates that the pillars comprise aspects of religion, life, intellect, dignity, offspring and property.

      “This means that when those are threatened, then emergency laws that transform ordinary to extraordinary circumstances must therefore be implemented."

      This is why PisPasPus are such a joke.

  6. The legal position is Agong shall act based on the advice of the Cabinet. His Majesty satisfaction means the Cabinet satisfaction. The Federal Court needs to clarify this again.

    1. Wrong.

      Please re-read the entire thing.

    2. WRONG.

      Kenyataan ringkas dari pihak saya ini adalah untuk memberi amaran sekeras-keras yang mungkin terhadap Yang di-Pertua Dewan Negara, Tan Sri Rais Yatim, kerana memutar-belit fakta berhubung kuasa-kuasa Yang Di-Pertuan Agong dalam hal pengisytiharan Darurat oleh Seri Paduka Baginda Tuanku.

      Dalam satu kenyataan, Rais membangkitkan Perkara 40 dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan sebagai asas untuk mempersoalkan tindakan Yang Di-Pertuan Agong menolak permintaan Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin untuk mengisytiharkan darurat.

      Ketahuilah, walaupun Perkara 40 (1) Perlembagaan Persekutuan menetapkan bahawa Yang di-Pertuan Agong hendaklah bertindak mengikut nasihat jemaah menteri, perkara ini tertakluk kepada sebarang peruntukan perlembagaan lain yang memungkinkan Seri Paduka Baginda Tuanku menolak nasihat Perdana Menteri.

      Ini termasuklah Perkara 150(1) Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang menetapkan bahawa Yang di-Pertuan Agong boleh mengeluarkan Proklamasi Darurat sekiranya Seri Paduka Baginda Tuanku berpuas hati bahawa suatu darurat besar sedang berlaku yang menyebabkan keselamatan, atau kehidupan ekonomi, atau ketenteraman awam di dalam Persekutuan atau mana-mana bahagiannya terancam.

      Justeru, jika Yang di-Pertuan Agong tidak berpuas hati bahawa suatu darurat besar sedang berlaku, maka Seri Paduka Baginda Tuanku berhak di sisi Perlembagaan Persekutuan untuk menolak permintaan Perdana Menteri yang menasihatinya untuk mengisytiharkan Darurat.

      Saya dengan ini menuntut agar Tan Sri Rais Yatim memohon maaf secara terbuka kepada Yang Di-Pertuan Agong kerana menghina Seri Paduka Baginda Tuanku dan Institusi Diraja serta memohon maaf juga kepada rakyat Malaysia kerana menjaja Perlembagaan Persekutuan dengan cara yang menghina undang-undang tertinggi negara itu hingga mengelirukan rakyat.

      - TTF

    3. They should arrest Lice Yadeem, not that Cinaman Ronny....who is attacking YDPA? If I comment on US politics can they arrest me for sedition??? Manyak bolo oooooooooo......

  7. Umno need to strategies long terms plan. Umno can't continue to let bersatu undermine them in all umno areas to built their based. Bersatu born to target umno kawasan, why would they change now. Both fight on the same ground. I think those who aligned with bersatu are already plan to jump to bersatu. It would be stupid to let bersatu continue leading the pack. You don't have to join anwar, just be independent then bersatu falls, aleast umno clip bersatu wing undermining them. Don't be stupid umno.

    1. Senang je nak revive umno. Get rid of zahid & najib from MT.

      Bersatu didn't undermine umno. Umno undermine umno Kes 1MDB kes international - Goldman Sachs dah ngaku bersalah, umnoputra je still in denial.

      Reason umnoputra is so pissed off with Muhyiddin is that he was right in questioning najib & for that he was sacked. Umnoputra's leaders cannot accept they bet on the wrong horse and cannot eat the humble pie dished!

    2. They are not stupid...

      PETALING JAYA: After last night’s decision to support Muhyiddin Yassin as the prime minister, some Umno members are saying they’ll give Muhyiddin one month before deciding on their next move.

      Party insiders say even though the budget will be tabled on Nov 6, voting on it will only take place about three and a half weeks later.

      “From now till the voting time, if Covid-19 cases drop drastically, some of us may still push our president for fresh polls immediately by not supporting the Supply Bill,” an Umno insider told FMT.

      To avoid this, he said, Muhyiddin would have to accept Umno’s earlier demands, including placing Umno MPs in “strategic” positions to boost Umno’s image.

      Adding that Umno was ” sick and tired” of being treated as an unequal partner in the governing coalition, he said they would wait and see Muhyiddin’s level of commitment to make Umno an equal partner.

      “If Muhyiddin wants us to give in, he too has to give in to us. It cannot be one sided,” he said.

    3. it depends on wht they demand. if it is about letting go najib zahid give them glc position why would muhidin agree to tht ? im sure the people would agree. no gov is also fine with me. who cares ? he has my blessing to dissolve parliment. lets really see if umno speaks for the malay.

  8. Wow! Only made in Malaysia. What kind of politics has Malaysia produced since the declaration of formidable majority magic numbers? It is now more than just circus. Sadly, all the role players are Malay-muslims. Gangs of fighting or helping each other, depanding on which side you are with or which angle you are looking from. Can you imagine the outcome of kleptocrats join forces with reformists? The result will be formidably reforming a better and higher quality of even more kleptomaniacs to rob us blind. Luckily it was a failed mission, but be ready for their "lawan tetap lawan apa malu bosku" stance. Surely, they will try again looking for other options, ignoring His Majesty's advice. Just can't afford to bring myself to tell that fellow's name whom he always blows his own horn, howling that his principles and dignity prevail over anything else but actually does the opposite, in secret. Cakap tak serupa bikin punya binatang. Puiiii......

  9. To the machais or totoks...umno has not done anything wrong...they are just the victims

    1. Of course, that's what umno is good at nowadays - tai chi & blame others for its misfortunes.

      1mdb - blame banks, jho low, goldman sachs, dap, etc. Our ex-president suci murni, cuma naif sikit je.

      Losing ge14 - kalah sebab rakyat bodoh percaya propaganda

      Current president's mishandling of duut wakaf yayasan - tersalah tulis cheque je tu..

      Go on..teruskan benam kepala anda dlm tanah

  10. I DONT CARE !!!

  11. After an "emergency" scare, the 2nd "scheme of things", whole episode of Langkah Anu has finally come to a total revelation, out in the open, simply means that the end of a devious puzzle game. So, it was reported that the Istana car had specially delivered the UMNO duo's letter to the doorstep of Abah. Whether true or otherwise, rumour has it. What is more concerned to us is, a threesome of two-faced scandalous slickers can be a very lethal combination to the nation, if allows them to gang up. As we know, they are all in the same boat, dealing with fast approaching court cases and journeying to Sg Buluh. Logic tells us, they must have struck some "you help me, I help you" deals. Some may argue that politics is dirty. So, finding a common ground among themselves to attain personal benefits and interests by putting the destiny of the nation at stake, is totally ok for them but to us, it says otherwise. Who cares if the Blue-eyed chief really has the number 121 or 131 or can even rise up to 158? Just go to the hell with his imaginary new government. Full stop.

  12. What a retard mp from nothern state blaming peoples for thier voting preference. That is a quality if d.minster the country has. Bodoh tak bilih di ajar.Pity the people from this state for choosing this person.

  13. Beza antara Mahyuddin dan Mahathir bila berhadapan dengan Raja Raja Melayu.

    Perlembagaan Negara Perkara 40 Jelas Menyebutkan YDPAgung Di Kehendaki Bertindak Menurut Nasihat Perdana Menteri….

    Perlembagaan Negara Perkara 40 Jelas Menyebutkan YDP Agung Di Kehendaki Bertindak Menurut Nasihat Perdana Menteri….

    Malangnya Perdana Menteri Mahyuddin pula yang mendapat tunjuk ajar dan nasihat Yang Dipertuan Agong.

    Maka segala otai macai dan walaun dari PejWang, PH DAP PAN dan Otai Reformasi bersahut sahutan dari satu bukit ke satu bukit menghentam dan melekehkan Mahyuddin.

    Tapi yang nyata Mahyuddin relex dan tenang seadanya.

    Katakan Tun yang jadi Perdana Menteri dan nasihat ditolak oleh Yang Dipertuan Agong. Apa kah agaknya reaksi dari Tun..!?

    Sudah dikenalpasti sikap Tun ini yang suka bergaduh, mencaci maki, menuduh tuduhan buruk , memfitnah jijik dengan lidah bercabang dan memburuk burukkan Raja Raja Melayu sekiranya perkara yang sama berlaku pada Tun Mahathir.

    Ingatkah kita kes Prebet Adam bila Tun berhadapan dengan Sultan Johor dulu. Segala fitnah dan caci maki serta menarik segala kuasa Raja Raja dilakukan oleh Tun. Akhirnya bila informasi dihujung jari apa yg tersembunyi kini jadi nyata dan terbukti kes Perebet Adam adalah fitnah jijij si lidah bercabang.

    Ini lah bezanya contohhhh..!! sikap dan perangai pemimpin Utara dan Selatan bila berhadapan dengan kes kes berat melibat kan raja raja Melayu.

    …Darurat Covid Yang DiNasihatkan Oleh PM Selepas Mesyuarat Khas Kabinet Bersama Panglima ATM,Ketua Polis Negara DLL..YDPAgung dan Majlis Raja Raja TOLAK…walau ditolak oleh Agong PM ke 8 tetap kool dan tenang.

    Nampak Sangat Kebodohan dan Kejahilan PM Utara spt Tun dalam situasi kes yang berat berat dengan raja raja Melayu bila diberi Memerintah Negara..

    Apatah lagi kes kes berat melibatkan pulau strategik seperti Singapura yg pemimpin sebelah atas sana sedekah pada Lee Kwan Yew, P.Pinang sedekah pada Francis Light, elok cantik akidah dan iman digadai dng pluralisma, COMANGO LGBT yang mirip Syiah asyik nak lelong harta Tabung Haji. Ini semuanya kerja pemimpin dari sebelah atas sana.

    Ternyata Tun Bodoh Piang bila berhadapan kes berat dengan Raja Raja Melayu..!! Dengan senjata lidah bercabang fitnah jijik caci maki akan didendang semahu mahunya.

    Melayu tak mudah lupa apa yang terjadi dalam kes Prebet Adam.. Segala yg terjadi dituduh semuanya salah orang lain. Sebab apa...!? Sebab perangai mudah lupa ada dalam dirinya sendiri.

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