Saturday 28 November 2020

How to avoid being drunk and racist

 Well, as I thought, nothing actually happen with the budget voting.

Just lots of hot air as usual.

Wasting time only paying attention to it.

So, I'm not going to waste my effort on that one anymore.

For this posting, I just want to comment a bit about this piece of nonsense which my friend forwarded to me just now;

NST Blasted By Netizens For Racial Stereotyping


A few hours ago New Straits Times (NST) had headlined an article titled, ‘Help Minimise Threat To Society’  which referred to a study by the National Health and Morbidity Survey 2019 that stated alcohol drinkers in Malaysia made up 11.8% of the population and 45.8% drank excessively. This content had an image of an Indian middle-aged man as its feature image.

Hmmm...I saw the picture and I wonder why they put it there. The guy was not even drinking.

Must be a slip up of some sort.

NST being racist towards the Indians? I don't think so. There are lots of Indians working and holding senior posts in that newspaper.

Anyway, NST has already replaced that picture and apologised to those offended, saying it didn't intend to insult anyone.

Ok, I'm fine with that, but for its next story, I think NST should do a racial breakdown of the drinkers so it could dispel the perception that Indians have a drinking problem.

Break the racial stereotype, kind of.

Hopefully the frogs will not get offended. It's just Kermit being drunk, not a frog being drunk, okay. 

Well, the whole point of the story was that we need to tackle the drinking problem in our society.

Don't drink too much lah, okay.

I'm not one of those who demand for the ban on sale of alcoholic beverages, but I prefer people who drink them not to do so just to get piss drunk.

Just drink to have fun is okay but not until you lose your senses and do stupid things. And of course, those whose religion forbid them from consuming intoxicating drinks shouldn't drink at all.

There are so many cases of people getting drunk and went driving, causing fatal accidents.

Yeah, there was even the case of a man who got drunk and drove through a police roadblock during the MCO, killing one of the cops.

That's terrible and for that, I'm totally fine with the recent decision to impose heavier penalty on drunk drivers.

Eh, you drunk already, call Grab la. Save yourself and others lots of trouble.

Then there was also once the extreme case of a bunch of people getting drunk and went rioting and beating up a fireman to death.

Maybe we should increase the penalty on beating up a fireman to death too. Or at least take some sort of action against the drunk bastards. Last time they did that, no one got punished, okay.

See, that's why there's a need to educate people not to get drunk.

People should know their limit when drinking.

Don't try to be macho and drink more than you should.

If two cans of beer can make you get drunk, drink only one. Or better still, don't drink at all. 

It's really pathetic actually to see a man trying to be macho and getting drunk after just two cans of beer.

Oh, and they talk so much shit some more. And loudly at that.

Really irritating.

It's one of the reasons why I don't really like going to the clubs where that sort of drunks hang out.

If you want to get drunk, please make sure you don't disturb others like that, okay.

The best way to to do so is by drinking at home.

Do drink all you want at home until you pass out. I'm fine with that.

But of course don't go beating your wife and children after you got drunk.

Maybe the wife should chain you to something before you start your drinking binge to make sure you don't get violent once you lose your mind to the alcohol.

Well, that's my take on the issue.

Happy weekend guys. Cheers.


  1. regulation & education is the way forward. A ban is just to politically appease certain quarters - banning will only push it to the black market - with govt losing tax dollars. dont have to look far for example - cigarettes.

    alcohol is not a bad thing - its people who are irresponsible, same as speeding.

    dont let the towel heads bully the rakyat into submission

  2. rupa nya bukan aje "kuih nya lempeng" otak pun lempeng cetik.,foods%20(carbohydrates)%20into%20alcohol.

  3. walau macam mane pun bila ada kerajaan isle "keberanian" nak tutup kilang toodi karlbergy di shah alam.
    dah lama Sri Langkan tunggu. untuk merasmikan kilang carlsberg di sana

  4. Hi Annie. Can I trouble you to highlight and dissect the FB exchanges between YB Wong Chen & Ds Najib Razak? For a layperson like me, these kind of exchanges are refreshing and gives me hope that perhaps things are not so gloomy. Looking forward to your thoughts if possible. Thanks in advance,from an anonymous fan.

  5. Mmg buang masa pun. Majoriti ahli Dewan nampak blur dok merepet sja when debating the budget.. basic financial or economic knowlege yelek so menyalak2 macam anjing konon nak tunjuk pandai.

    One sessi si cekiut clueless Syed Saddiq minta izin fm FM nak mencelah... mujuq ignored.


    Dulu2 omputih yg galakn their imported labourers to get drunk all the time.. toddy and candu. Drunk dn sentiasa hayal these people will WORK WORK WORK for them like fools.

    Zaman skrg lain plak. Terikut2 budaya "high society elite2" konon, nak socialise dan gebang meghapu2, ada pulak minum konon to unstress!

    Elok klo police tangkap mrk campak masuk dalam kandang babi. Hehehe

    Kilang carlsberg guiness tu apa salahnya convert produce air kelapa or air limau kasturi camtu?

    Teresa Kok seru raykat minum minyak kelapa sawit.. carlsbeg shld take up her suggestion and produce air minyak kelapa sawit???

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  6. Speaker Dewan Rakyat Azhar Azizan Harun kemudian membenarkan permintaan itu dan menangguhkan sidang selama 10 minit untuk proses undian setelah undi belah bagi dilakukan. Loceng dibunyikan 2 minit untuk menarik perhatian MP.

    Keputusan :

    Setuju (PN) : 105
    Pembangkang : 95
    Tidak hadir : 20

    Jumlah MP ketika ini adalah 220 ( setelah 2 MP meninggal dunia).

    Maka MP Kerajaan adalah 111 (mati 1) manakala 105 (mati 1) dari pembangkang.

    Jadi boleh diandaikan yang tidak hadir dari MP Kerajaan adalah
    seramai 111-105 = 6 orang

    MP Pembangkang yang tidak hadir 105-95 = 10 orang.

    Ohh mungkinkah Pembangang tidak hadir dirasuah, dibeli atau sudah dibailout...!?

    Siapakah yamg tidak hadir itu..!? Boboi, atok dan gang PejWang sudah main balik..!? Round 2

    Kita tengok sapa yang kenaaa..!?

    kikikiki.. haaahh tepokkk... pop corn baru abis supering tinggal sikit wayang makin klimaks coconut shake dah abis..

    hahhh tepokkk dolu kita order grab food panda food pulak hahhh..!!

    Terbaekk dari bossku..!!

  7. 3rd world people like malaysians can only be discipline through extreme compound or any form of harsh punishment. 10 years jail time would be good for a start. if u r caught drinking and drive tht is. like a stupid mule, we only response to punishment.

    believe me u will see some drastic change. people will make noise and hu ha. but will soon see some pleasant change. people will adapt. they always do. will those in power have the guts to do this though ? why are we pretending like we are better than the third world people ?

    u ask malaysians to be responsible and think. thts impossible. not right now.

    why insist on existing legislation when it doesnt work. people die u know. how much death is gonna be enough ? not my problem ? later it might be ur dad mom daughter etc