Wednesday 26 February 2020

Even better to let the rakyat decide

Things are actually getting even better as far as I'm concerned.

I fully support the decision by BN, Pas and their allies to reject the formation of a unity government with people of the currently defunct Pakatan Harapan, especially from the Anwar camp and DAP.

I also support their call  for a fresh election.

I'm not sure why Dr Mahathir proposed to have that unity government, but I suspect it's because of pressure from the people around him.

It's just too bad for him, actually. He almost managed to win back the support of many who turned against him for working with the likes of Anwar and DAP but as it is now, he may be consigned forever in history as the one who betrayed his people.

Well, never mind that, as tomorrow may brings new development.

After all, I actually think it's a good thing.

BN, Pas and their allies are not losing anything and in fact they may likely gain something invaluable from the whole episode which is an eye opener for the rakyat as to who these people on the other side really are.

Now the people will see the Pakatan gang as just a bunch who only care about their politics and gaining power instead of taking care of the country which is now suffering economically due to the uncertainty and their mismanagement for almost two years

Let's say, the new coalition government is really not happening. Pakatan gang are going to kiss up and make up to set up their government again, is it?

All the drama for just that?

Is that what the people want?

In and out of office as they please?

What? The same bunch are going to take another round of oath as ministers?

It's a joke, is it?

I wonder what the Yang di-Pertuan Agong thinks of that.

Does his royal highness willing to be part of such farce.

Now that will really put everything out in the open.

Whatever it is, BN, Pas and their allies can always go back to being the good opposition and bid their time.

They already won the moral high ground over all these and the people can see now that they had initially agreed to support Dr Mahathir not because some of their leaders were being prosecuted or they were crazy for power.

Otherwise they would have take up the unity government offer.

They are now the ones calling for a general election so that the nonsense could be resolved once and for all.

That's better because if BN, Pas and their allies win, they will owe nothing to anyone except the rakyat for trusting them over the other bunch who were proven to be liars and hypocrites since May 9 2018.

But it's still okay, if there's no election. They can just let the other side go on playing their stupid political game.

I'm quite sure the country will further suffer from the Pakatan's nonsense but that's the price we have to pay for putting them in power that day.

Still, it's not so bad, okay, as we can just be patient and wait for the time when the people punish them.

It may not even take too long for that to happen.


  1. This is a weird write-up by you Annie. Umno, Pas and their allies having the moral high ground? You got to be kidding me.

    There might be good men and women in Umno, though because of the leadership, they sometimes appear to take questionable acitons. But Pas? Come on. Never trust people who have no qualms to use religion to achieve their agenda.

  2. I think his idea is to work with some DAP and UMNO MPs and not DAP and UMNO en bloc. Literally, he is an independent MP without party. That is why YDPA has to interview one by one the MPs. The endgame is to create a cabinet based on Islam and Bumiputera.

  3. In the first place, Syabas Tahniah dan Sekalung Penghargaan buat team S.u UMNO dan PAS, PBRS, MCA dan MIC kerana berani melawan arus Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Tengku Adnan dan Pondan Siam Sembrong.

    At the end of the Day, PEOPLE POWER RULES


  4. BN PAS Cartel mula2 nak kerajaan baru Di tubuhkan serta merta. Tapi bila tau PM takkan pilih mereka2 Yang Ada kes jenayah(penipuan, penyamunan Dan rasuah) pimpinan trrtinggi tak terpilihlah spt Zahid Najib Dan rakan2 sekutu termasuk kes 90 juta. Junior MP yg tiada kes akan terpilih sbgai menteri. Alamatnya jawatan dlm parti pon bungkus.

  5. Interesting developmentlah Annie. He already quit as chairman of Bersatu and Bersatu already quit Pakatan Harapan coalition.If Muhyiddin decided not to U turn, things will become more interesting.Bersatu will split , some MP will follow Mahathir and some will follow Muhyiddin.

    If Tun lead the coalition with smallish Bersatu, Tun will become a lame duck Prime Minister. The support he get from other PH conponents will be lukewarm and anytime he can be forced to relinquish his post and if it happen in future, there will be no lifeline from PAS and UMNO.Once bitten twice shy.

    My advice to Tun.Take a rest Tun and let somebody else take the lead. You were given 2 years but minimal results to show. Can we sustain another 3 years with you at the helm.You cant even control DAP and Anwar.

    Let new leaders offer their services and dont interfere at all as you had a very poor record of choosing your successor.

    1. Anon 8.49
      Since when is
      TDM in control of PKR and

  6. Quote from Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
    ‘ Order Comes Out Of Chaos ‘

    Or read the Chaos theory

    Tun M is visionary leader


  7. Annie,

    We are all tired of having to choose (vote) between the Lesser of Two Evil.

    If Malaysia goes to the poll now, it almost a sure thing the new government will be of a Malay-Muslim dominated one. That maybe good for the Malays but, many of those would be the same evil we eliminated in the last poll; we didn't want them. If they are going to be back in power, who loses ?

    We knew the present cabinet is only a little better than cabinet kayu; they just keep on politicking without much work for a progressive Malaysia (they promised) and the people got fed up too. Your Hensem Old Man was taking blame for this when he should not be. The cabinet line-up were just incompetent and we see them not having the majority people in mind but their people. This is not healthy democracy.

    So the scarecrow.

    If Hensem Old Man trick works, Malaysia may have a chance. If it doesn't and we go to the poll again, MAY ALLAH HELP MALAYSIA for we will have to live under the CORRUPT and the USTAD SONGDANG. Peninsula Malaysia loses but Sabah and Sarawak win; either way Sabah & Sarawak have already won.

    Let us pray for the wisdom of Sultan Abdullah.

  8. Well dumbo + pas can boycott parlimen sampai dipecatkan kakaka

  9. Dear Annie,
    I sometimes concur with your opinions on our local political matters and issues but I have to say I strongly disagree with you this time..

    When Tun resigned and PPBM pulled out of PH leading to its collapse, did you object and opine to let the Rakyat decide..??

    When those thieves and morons were trying to usurp power through the backdoor, did you object and opine to let the Rakyat decide..??

    I think the night lingers on to an even 'better' dawn..
    And, that said... 'When night's darkest, dawn is nearest'

  10. Anon on. Aisey Annie you on weed or missed yr medication? The opposition on moral high ground...huh! they are a bunch of crooks who screwed this beautiful country, big time. You want them to come back and screw us again? Yr hatred for DAP is clear, but most of their MP's have done well...they have not robbed the country unlike your frens from UMNO.

  11. The Sheraton dinner on Sunday nite had 132 MPs including UMNO-PAS. Next 2 days all chaos. LGE said Tun said he won't work with UMNO. Did Tun really said that or according to AKJ Tun said,no positions (read protection for OKTs). Next UMNO said won't work with DAP. This is obvious something which is time immemorial. Reject Unity govt. Was there any proposal?. UMNOPAs retract support for Tun M and call for GE. And that's a high moral ground.

  12. I dont know our interim pm anymore. According to kadir jasin he insist on passing the baton to anwar thus causing split among bersatu.

    Apparently he thinks rear admiral who is not acquitted but pardoned through back door accuse of liwating and chinadolling is so much better than najib. Najib may have brought the country to the brink of bankruptcy due to his stupidity but anwar knowingly works with imf during the 97 crisis. during reformasi his staunch supporters is tht US. U ask me whos the biggest traitor..syed saddiq thinks he works with model citizen. Wht a hypocrite. As if all the cabinet he works with is squeakey clean. Their logic makes no sense.

    Well old man claims he has his principle and want to merajuk so he resign. But I too have mine. This is where i part ways with him. He is no linger who i think he is. At every turn he choose to ignore the malay sentiment. He will pay dearly. Ill wait for pru. The silence among the majority population is defeaning. It is not a good thing. He'll be lucky if he can keep langkawi. Heres a question. Who the hell is gonna vote for bersatu ? Bravo

    1. So you listened to AKJ said what TunM said about handing over power. And LGE said what TUNM said about UMNO. And DSAI himself said what TunM said about BERSATU-Azmin 11.But did anybody said anything about who must have whispered to the Agong to interview all 222 MPs INDIVIDUALLY.No need to speculate that actually the Constitution is clear about it.

    2. It is not a speculation if his media advisor himself is telling the tale. I also look at the development to confirms the the whole thing. This includes syed saddiq press conference. Sure nobody knows until it finally happen. But by now he can guess where it is heading too.

      Wht u r suggesting on the other hand is a pure speculation without anything other than the interview.

  13. Didn't realise Annie is also very good at making jokes......

    1. Geee....U must be joking, Annie. I can't believe my eyes reading what u have written - the umno goons are high moral principle people!!!.

      Eith joking or being scarstic. The like of Anwar Musang, Zahid Komidi who set up a yayasan to launder duit haram and a goon like Najib who scounder hundred of billyons lraving us to pay the debt as men with high principle....????

    2. yeah! rakyat already decided. annine should have told the "PAKATAN semburit" on last sunday decide at sheraton.
      hmmm so much for supporting malaysia economy. not sure is hotel Malaysia or Pan PWTC hotel closed???

  14. Announcement just made at PKR HQ. by Amanah Strategic Communications Chief Khalid Samad:
    PKR 39
    DAP 42
    AMANAH 13
    GPS 18

    123 seats....PH back in power...

    1. Hahahaha....still counting the chicken, ke....???
      Semua telor tembelanglah.
      According to the MPs who went to seek audiance with the KING, they were given TWO questions:
      1. Sokong Mahadir atau tak?
      2. Bubar atau tak bubar Parlimen?

      So, how do PKR got the numbers....????

      Look like, Pak Sheikh has never change. Still gila nak jadi PM. And gila with numbers!!!!.

      Tunggulah Parlimen bersidang in March. Just a few more days. Masa ni, barulah boleh counting the chicken.

    2. Perasan tak Pak Sheikh Al Jub tiba2 hilang ghaib, bisu seribu bahasa, sejak semenjak kesipuan, angan2 tak kesampaian.


  15. I just wanna go to Istana and get free food.

    1. 14:46. Among all political observers, u r the most observant n wise.

  16. Relax....
    Khalid tu kaki Ketum macam Abam .
    Jangan2 awak pun kaki Ketum.
    YDPA belum habis jumpa semua MP.

  17. democracy is messy. more so msia where we have history of jumping MPs - makes a mockery of elections. UMNo & PAS just showed their true colours by withdrawing their support for Tun - who most likley told them the zahids, kunans, jibby & their kind that court cases will go on. bs about not wanting to work with DAP etc. too bad for azmin - he has only himself to blame

    1. 1.Last monday,all PH Leader support Madey as PM.Nobita Lim even begging for Madey to continue as PM.
      2.Today , all PH Leader support Ex Sodomite as PM.
      Q : What is their true colour ????

  18. PPBM + azmin + umno + PAS = ular makan ular

  19. when this is all over, i’ll buy all MPs a nice holiday in a cruise. hopefully coronavirus strikes

    1. Cadangan yang paling bijak.
      Jangan tak buat, brader. We are couning on you

  20. Best Show - in umno + pas there are parasites who want Dr M to lead kakaka

  21. Annie,

    Thank you so much for letting me to say something here.

    Tun is a true statesman. He is attempting to create history.

    He envisions a governance through a parliament consisting of members who are free from political parties.

    Free to express themselves, free to help the people, free from the need to toe the party lines. Above all, free from the sinister plots and sinful orders of their party boss.

    Imagine that you and I will be able to choose the best candidate as our member of Parliament, the best person, not because of the flag of his political party.

    Imagine the Cabinet Ministers will be the best Malaysians there is to be in charge of the ministry, not chosen because of some quota reserved for the political party.

    Malaysia will be the envy of the world. Creating history for the rest of the world.

    Tun is an independent member of Parliament now. Let's hope that the rest of the members of Parliament will support him, his idea. Give true democracy a chance.

    If they don't, we Rakyat will.


      Feedback terkini:
      4 kumpulan 222 Ahli Parlimen

      A – 61 MP minta bubar parlimen
      B – 65 MP sokong Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad jadi PM
      C – 92 MP sokong Anwar Ibrahim jadi PM
      D – 4 MP tidak pasti

      Oleh kerana itu, tiada yang lepasi simple majority 112 kerusi.

      Ahaa…Anwar-pkr/dap/amanah bersandiwara klentong dgn penuh kepura-puraan semalam konon sokong 100% Tun jadi PM, nyata kini belot.
      Padan muka, Al Jub & geng masih lagi terkial-kial gagal mendapat 112 simple majoriti.

      Sekarang terserah pd budibicara YDPA.


      (Kerajaan Perpaduan BerPMkan Tun Mahathir)

      Kuasa Seri Paduka Baginda YDPA Berdaulat & Mutlak.
      Kuasa Seri Paduka Baginda YDPA bukan simbolik.

    2. ……does YDPA has the authority constitutionally to appoint a PM based on UNITY Government although Tun has no majority votes…??

      For the sake of the nation’s stability, His Royal Highness YDPA is empowered with absolute authority to do so as he deems fit according to The Constitution.

      Kuasa Seri Paduka Baginda YDPA Berdaulat & Mutlak, bukan simbolik…..!!


      Anwar-pkr/dap/amanah bersandiwara klentong kepura-puraan semalam konon sokong Tun sebafai PM, kini belot. Tengahari tadi dia bukan kemain tak sempat2 ngoyok buat press conference umum sendiri dia calon PH.
      Padan muka, sampai laanie masih juga terkial-kial gagal mendapat 112 simple majoriti.

      Sekarang terserah pd budibicara YDPA.

      Heran….nanti jam 4;00 ptg, kenapa pulak Tun M masih jugak sandang jawatan PM yg akan mengumumkan ‘Pakej Ransangan Ekonomi Negara 2020….kenapa bukan ‘Rear’ Admiral yg kemaruk ngotot PM tuuu…..??
      Janggal..teramatlah janggal, brader Al Jub perasan syok sendiri lagi macam ‘gerakan September era Pak Lah, kerrr….??

      Hari dah bersilih ganti, jam pun dah tunjuk hampir pukul 07;00 pagi, belum juga lagi ada pengmuman rasmi pertukaran PM
      Kenapa, yerr…..?? He he he


      (Kerajaan Perpaduan BerPMkan Tun Mahathir)

      Kuasa Seri Paduka Baginda YDPA Berdaulat & Mutlak, bukan simbolik…..!!


      Cukuplah dgn undi majoriti, tak perlu semua untuk saya jadi PM kerana ini akan menyulitkan saya untuk buat keputusan

      Saya bukan kejar populariti, tapi berkhidmat demi kestabilan & pembangunan semula negara.

      Saya kini bersendirian, bebas tidak akan memihak kpd mana2 parti politik yg rhetorik, berfikiran sempit & penting diri.

      ASTRO Awani
      Tue, 26 Feb, 2020
      5:00 pm

    5. PH without Tun Mahathir is now “PAKATOON HOPELESS ” steered by ‘Rear’ Admiral Al Jub……!!

      Vessel Name – “Lancang Kuning” full loaded with ‘Stor Kunyit’.

  22. Annie you shud alert Najib to unleash lobakmen to identify & destroy all these pro Mahathir parasites in Umno?

  23. Well its only a matter of time until anwar buys enough mp. Can u guess whos gonna be tpm. All this to ensures najib n co get punished. U just have to say no didnt you tun ?

    But will they ? All it took is the right AG and some money game and boy do they have plenty. Weve seen it happen. We can argue and protest but did apandi say im sorry im gonna review it back ? And weve seen the myth tht is dap. CAT ? Haha.

    Was it worth it ? Tun ? Yeah u have principle.