Tuesday 25 February 2020

True end of Pakatan Harapan

I was actually not sure whether to laugh or....laugh very loudly, as I look at the reactions of the Pakatan people who still believe that they have not yet lost and Dr Mahathir was still on their side.

Those images of Guan Eng, Mat Sabu and others begging and crying for Dr Mahathir to save them were hilarious.

Were they in denial or just plain stupid?

Did they really believe that Dr Mahathir has noting to do with the collapse of the Pakatan's government?

What's wrong with these people lah?

The handsome old man must be sniggering when he watched all those statements by Pakatan leaders calling for him to be reinstated as PM.

That''s despite just on Friday, during the Pakatan presidential council meeting, they were pressuring him to step down.

Well, Dr Mahathir didn't need them for all that.

He got the Agong to make him PM again just hours after resigning yesterday afternoon.

Never mind the interim part as that's just a technical thing.

The important thing is that DR MAHATHIR IS STILL IN CHARGE.

Now he can do whatever he chooses as he's no longer tied to his promises to Pakatan.

No more Anwar, Guan Eng, Kit Siang etc to bother him.

Just wait for who will be appointed to his interim premiership team. Surely Dr Mahathir can't run the country alone, even for the next few days.

And of course a new coalition government will be officially set up  at the start of the next parliament sitting next month.

The way I counted it, DAP and Anwar only have 92 MPs left which is definitely not enough.

Really, it's game over.

Oh, and this was the final blow yesterday,

Agong revokes appointments of entire Cabinet

Okay, if they still want to remain deluded, that's up to them.

I need to get up now and get ready for work.



  1. But.....the night in Malaysia is still lingering on..!!
    The new dawn that you've envisaged is yet to be seen.
    Hopefully a new dawn for Malaysia shall begin with the appointment of cabinet ministers and deputies not from those thieves and aspiring power grabbers...!!
    I do believe Mahathir is a wise man...!!

  2. Thank you Azmin n Co😁😁 you did us a big favour.

    1. Why blame others.. Blame Anwar and DAPlah...If Anwar did not push for Tun to pass the premiership to him and if DAP was not too Chinese chavinistic, PH will remain the government. This is a good lesson.BN government can last for 60 years.PH government can only govern for 2 years. You deserve it.Padan muke.

    2. Anon 16:00 saya setuju
      If only he wasn't 'diampunkan'
      Oleh u know who surely all this sh_t Tak happen punya..
      Btw I voted ph the last election
      Due to dr m factor not coz of that rear admiral..

    3. TQ Azmin. Now we know Tun prefer PH I/o Backdoor gvmnt.

  3. If there's another election, I do not want those sons of butches from umno or pus including that homo Sandakan fler to rule my country! Theys real bastards!

    1. neither of new thieves, clowns and otak udang low class uneducated ministers I prefer to be in the new cabinet.

  4. To all PKR members and supporters who all this time been visuosly demanding for Azmin and his group to be kicked out.To all PKR and DAP members and supporters, who who have been earnestly urging for Tun M to resign from being the PM appointed by PH; and for BERSATU to leave PH.As of today all your hard work and sacrifice had borne fruit .Enjoy and celebrate your hard earned success.Even if its just for a few days..or few months..enjoy while it last.......YAMMM SENGGG!!


    The PH diehards are still in denial to think the government is still PH.
    The Anwar camp is still busy whacking Azmin.
    The UMNO PAS supporters are claiming Muafakat will be the new government.
    But everyone got it wrong.

    While everyone is busy fighting everyone, the Grand Master has now support from DAP, from Amanah, from PKR, from Azmin's 11, from UMNO, from Pas, from Warisan, from GPS. And some still don't even realise it.

    The entire Parliament except a few, have pledged support to the Grand Master as Prime Minister. And he did so without having to be the Chairman of PPBM. He is an independent PM with majority support in Parliament. The first in Malaysian history.

    How did he do that? The dinner at Sheraton last night, one of them.

    While many are cursing Azmin for the so called treachery, many didn't realise the dinner and the SD was not for Azmin to be PM. That was not a goal. That was a move towards a bigger goal.

    The dinner and SD then triggered the exodus of support for the Grand Master.

    Following the dinner and SDs......
    1. DAP and Amanah are now begging the Grand Master to return (which they didn't before the dinner)
    2. Anwar and his faction can no longer play the transition date (because there is no more PH so there is no more so called agreement)
    3. The UMNO and Pas are supporting a PM that doesn't belong to their bloc (because they are in a deadlock too)

    Now those who plotted for a quicker transition date, those who pressed for a fixed timeline, those that called him Atuk, those that sabotaged his Cabinet, will all be begging to be spared. Because he is the only entity that has majority support. Not PH. Not Muafakat Nasional.

    This Grand Master is called Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. He is above everyone else in his league.


    Let's also save the “moral/principle” discussion for another date. The losers have no locus standi to play victim card, let alone preach of “moral/principle”. They made their moves too. The only difference is the Grand Master came out on top, and they lost.

    1. He is the true grandmaster. But i do believe he did orchestrated the whole thing. And i dont mind it at all. Theres more to it tht meets the eye. For instance he didnt quit bersatu. Resigning simply allows him to distant himself from bersatu deciding to split from ph. And bersatu will be saved from total defeat in the next pru now.

      One way to know for sure is to observe the outcome: new gov and the new cabinet. They wont be love for dap and anwarista/ amanah. Possibly from zahid and co as well.

    2. Bravo to Tun. Beautifully said. 👏👏👏

    3. Zaharuddin Abdullah
      Yes that posting from The Coverage was a good write up.


      PM1 – Tunku Abdul Rahman Putera Al Haj
      PM2 – Tun Abdul Razak Hussein
      PM3 – Tun Hussein Onn
      PM4 – Tun Mahathir Mohammed
      PM5 – Tun Abdullah Badawi
      PM6 – Tundun Najib Rosmah
      PM7 – Tun Mahathir Mohammed (Dipih semula)
      PM8 – Tun Mahathir Mohammed (Dilantik oleh DYPA & disokong sebulat suara oleh semua parti2 politik)
      PM9 – …………????????

      Baginda YDPA Sultan Abdullah juga telah membuktikan bahwa baginda adalah seorang Raja yg Berdaulat, berkharisma, berwibawa, yakin diri & bijaklaksana.

      Hidup Tuanku.
      Hidup Tun Mahathir.
      Hidup Malaysia.

    5. His Excellency YDPA Sultan Abdullah has consented Tun Mahathir to continue running the country as 8th Prime Minister and form an interim Cabinet until a new premier is appointed after the 15th General Election.

      Earlier on, The Yang di-Pertuan Agong had cancelled the appointments of all PH Cabinet ministers.

      Following to that, the newly appointed Prime Minister will be meeeting…..

      PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim,
      Bersatu president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin,
      Umno president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi,
      Parti Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu (PBB) president and Sarawak Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari Openg,
      PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang,
      DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng,
      Amanah president Mohamad Sabu,
      former PKR deputy president Datuk Seri Azmin Ali. and
      Warisan Sabah’s Datuk Seri Shafiee Afdal.

      Bernama, Tue 25 February, 2020

    6. Selaras dgn Perkara 42 (2) (a) Perlembagaan Persekutuan, dan

      Mempertimbangkan tidak ada pihak lain yang ada sokongan majoriti sekurang-kurangnya 112 itu,

      Maka Tun Mahathir yang mendapat sokongan sebulat suara akan menjadi Perdana Menteri.

  6. During this times,we must be glad that we have DAP and PKR in the Malaysian political arena .In spite of the tense and seriuos situation Malaysia is in, we have been provided with hilarous momnents and hi class comdey from the reactions of DAP and PKR people.Topping it all was LGE press conference yesterday.
    Yes Annie ..I dont know whether to giggle and snigger or just to let out and LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL..!!!!

  7. The role of Tun is to ensure Roh UMNO remains dominant in our politics. Before this it was UMNO and now is Bersatu. I think eventually the two brothers will make up and be united again.

  8. Okay...so the federal government of PH is effectively no more, what about the state governments then?Heard something about Melaka and Perak, what about the rest of the states?

    Also, does this old man even have any plan on restoring proper government rule?New general elections or what?This old man keeps mum and doesn't say anything. I don't know how long can there be an interim PM, but he can't really be planning on being one and picking cabinet ministers of his liking until the 5 year term runs out, can he?

    I also wonder if there's going to be firings of other government officials incoming.

    1. Melaka, Perak and Kedah had fallen if Bersatu switched side. For Johor, if Bersatu switched side, it will be a hung state with no party obtain a majority.Of course, there will be horse trading in the back and Johor is expected to fall to.

  9. Call new election la...habis cerita. If not, the political intrigue will continue till next GE. In meantime, the economy & ordinary rakyat will suffer. The T20 & bangsar elite won't care coz they'll just move their money elsewhere.

  10. Doesn't mean things will go okay for the rest of Malaysians, things may even go worse. Other than the economy there's even a world wide pandemic still going on. Anything bad happens to Malaysia for now, Mahathir better be prepared to be the sole person handling and taking the blame, no more Pakatan ministers for the rakyat to be mad at. No more excuses, if he can't handle it, better appoint people who can quickly.

  11. It's likely a new government not representative of a multi-cultural Malaysia will be formed. Those who have wished for a more inclusive government should think deep if there is still a place for them dalam negara tercinta ini.

    1. Let them sweat and be opposition. No hurry to include them

  12. the movie 'M for Malaysia 2.0' is in the making ... ha..ha... ha...

  13. Bertambah hensem TDM....
    Now suka suka hati dialaaa nak buat apa....
    Pernah dengar hadis niii..
    At 90 All ur sins r forgiven N ur under my custodian...
    So biarlrrrr Tuhan menentukan...
    I dah suruh Guan Eng potong masuk jawi, bapak dia x bagi..
    Pandai IGP buat lawak..
    Jho Low last hiding place, Wuhan China. Pandai lagi budak Min..
    Dia kencing Pakar Kencing Rakyat..
    However. Pandai lagi PM7 buat lawak x tau xtau... Ngongek Ngongek dia juga PM8....
    Kusufian Write

  14. What is the point of having a general election when we know the result won't be much different from the present MPs- cindia will vote DAP, Malay will vote either umno/pas, pkr or Bersatu.

    So, better let our wise king solve the problem. He has already appointed an INTRIMPM. Now he is interviewing the 222 MPs, to find out their opinion and choice of PM. Just waitla. Kalau tak selesai, kitakan dah ada InterimPM. With this in view, no more politiking, nak mintak power transisition. PM interim dilantik Agong. Nak menderhaka ke,.mintak dia letak jawatan....?

  15. "That''s despite just on Friday, during the Pakatan presidential council meeting, they were pressuring him to step down."
    Hello Annie where do you get your info. Well every one gets the right info that even TDM said he was given free hand when he want to step down. Fuh maybe TDM secretly whisper into your ear that he was pressured to step down during the meeting. As a blogger I think you should write what came out from the horse mouth. On Opinion wise is totally up to you to write.

    1. Stuff like this u cant keep secret.

      Dap so desperate they even resorted to denying this ?

  16. Padan muka Anwar and geng...come on...u don't undermine Tun's ability to kaotim all those who pressured him. Hahahaha...now they know who's the BOSS....Thumbs up TUN...LOVE U...

    1. Anon 17:10

      Hello.. doksah dok galak hero worship individu ya. Its the "PM" seat, bangsa, Agama dan negara everyone was concerned about and came out full force to give their support. Takyah le syiok sendiri sangat.

      Habaq dari awal. BERSATU ***12/222*** Nak buat apa takleh move forward wan. Tangan2 dan kaki2 sekali kena ikat.

      Dalam keadaan sedemikian, opportunist dan parasites as usual kalut la godek2 and suck everyone including our country dry.. aduhhh hang ni, blur lagi ke wht happened during PH short stint??

      Neway Zahid, Muhyiddin, Hishammudin, Tun even YDP Agong adalah org2 lama dn these people were/are directly involved dlm soal2 risik Negara (Kem Pertahanan, Kem dalam Negeri.. triStar) eh eh bukan jenis2 macam loudmouth Tipah tau)... so mereka lebih arif dan "informed daily" akan kegiatan dan pergerakan cilaka2 dan pengkhianat2 yang dalam diam sedang cuba meranapkan negara yang bertuah ini.

      Haiyaa. Do not underestimate kecekapan badan risikan negara ini ya..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Credits given where its due. Architect semua ni tun jgk. Nk harap komedi n co x dpt la. Kalau penyatuan ummah berjaya jasa dia jga

  17. Diberitakan Gabungan Pakatan Nasional menyokong kerajaan yang dipilih nanti hingga habis penggal.

    Dipercayai SPR yang dikuasai boleh DAP dan PKR@ Anwar sudah menjalankan aktiviti persempadanan semula. Ribuan pelancung Cina yang hilang sengaja disimpan untuk tujuan Pilihan Raya akan datang.

    Anwar dan DAP amat gelisah cemas dan marah usaha usaha untuk menguasai SPT tersekat ditengah jalan. Peluang manipulasi sistem PRU akan datang terbantut dan tersekat ditengah jalan.

    Sumpah laknat jadi kenyataan dan PH hancur berkecai betapa besarnya pengorbanan boss ku Mantan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak pun menyokong rancangan kerajaan baharu itu walaupun Dr Mahathir bertegas Najib mesti menghadapi tindakan undang-undang atas pertuduhan yang dilakukan.

    Jika Najib memikirkan kepentingan diri dan populariti beliau yang sedang mencanak sekarang tentulah beliau akan menentang sebarang usaha membentuk kerajaan bersama Dr Mahathir. Namun bagi pemimpin UMNO dan Pas, agenda Melayu dan Islam dalam kerajaan lebih penting daripada kedudukan mereka.

    Selagi mahkamah belum jatuhkan hukuman sesorang itu belum dituduh bersalah ..

    DAP LGE terdesak untuk sokongan dari Tun (selama ini DAP dan PKR yg sabotaj Tun) hingga menuduh pemimpin kleptokrasi global utk menjadi kerajaan... Tokong hanya tunggu masa kes kamu dibongkar...!!

    Bila kerajaan Islam dibentuk tangkap Lim Guan Eng dan konco konco DAP dan bongkar semula kes kes rasuah nya. Mujahit juga perlu di soal suasat tubuhkan RCI dengan penjualan assets Tabung Haji

    1. Hahaha....apasal umno/pas tak calonkan nama Najib as PM kpd Agong....???
      Pelikkan sedangkan dia dah berkorban berbillion mencuri duit rakyat untuk kamu. Dia patut dicalonkan, tak gitu...?

    2. Well cikminah,

      I dont know our interim pm anymore. According to kadir jasin he insist on passing the baton to anwar thus causing split among bersatu.

      Apparently he thinks rear admiral who is not acquitted but pardoned through back door accuse of liwating and chinadolling is so much better than najib. Najib may have brought the country to the brink of bankruptcy due to his stupidity but anwar knowingly works with imf during the 97 crisis. during reformasi his staunch supporters is tht US. U ask me whos the biggest traitor..syed saddiq thinks he works with model citizen. Wht a hypocrite. As if all the cabinet he works with is squeakey clean. Their logic makes no sense.

      Well old man claims he has his principle. But I too have mine.

  18. https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2020/02/25/umno-calls-for-fresh-polls-says-support-for-dr-m-conditional/

    Looks like dumno/pus destroyed their own backdoor gomen!

    Look what semburit has gotten himself into.

  19. Annie you celebrated too hastily typical dumbos, my advice to you mahathir is the grandmaster I won't tell you much let you suffer the dumbo stupidity kakaka