Monday 3 February 2020

Shooting down AirAsia, the Malaysian whacking culture

Saw several tweets celebrating statements by Securities Commission and MACC that they will investigate AirAsia for alleged involvement in the Airbus probe, which has since been settled.

Typical of those Malaysians who made that tweets.

We do enjoy seeing anything good that actually ours getting in trouble, don't we?

Especially if we have personal grudge against the entity such as AirAsia or the people there.

We don't even really care whether the allegations were true or false.

Whack first....truth can come later.

Seronok whacking other people ni....good ego booster, yes?

Well, in response

AirAsia denies involvement as alleged in Airbus probe by the UK

But, do we care?


We just want to whack the budget airline because its successful and its Malaysian. Really.

Somehow, it irritate us to see something Malaysian being so successful.

If we can make it crash and close shop, the better, right?

What? Because AirAsia's boss Tony Fernandes is an irritating guy? Come on la, I'm no fan of Tony too, but what that has anything to do with Malaysia having the best budget airline in the world.

In fac,t I think AirAsia is just about the few remaining things that we Malaysians can still be proud of in this age of Malaysia Baru.

Seriously, its mostly bad nowadays, okay.

Malaysia Airlines? Well, I don't have to comment on the state of affairs of that national carrier, don't I?

But as I wrote above, we just can't stand someone like us or something like ours doing better. We are just itchy to see others' failure.

Malaysia's national news agency Bernama even have a story about AirAsia shares going down after the allegations against the airline. Hello, the market is bad all over la this morning, because of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak getting worse.

Never mind. I know, it's pointless trying to get people to correct themselves over these sort of things. They just enjoy whacking so much.

Just like during the run-up to the last general election.People want to believe the stories told to them so much because they enjoyed listening to those stories.

They don't want to believe the truth because there's no fun in it.

And of course those assigned to tell the truth were lousy at their work while those who told the lies did a great job.

Now that we know the truth, we simply have to bear with the lies and be patient until the next general election.

I hope it doesn't have to come to something like that in this AirAsia case.

If the airline does badly, thousands of its employees would be affected and the impact will be quite bad for the country's economy as a whole.

I don't think we want something like that to happen.

We may change back the government to BN if we don't like the current Pakatan one but I don't think we can easily replace AirAsia if it closes shop just because some people don't like it due to some old itchiness.


  1. If big companies do badly, the top and the CEOs will still get raises, bonuses and golden parachutes while the lowly workers get laid off.

    Just like politicians giving themselves raises in the tens of thousands while saying that 1000 something minimum wage is good enough for the people.

  2. “We do enjoy seeing anything good that actually ours getting in trouble, don't we?”

    You missing the whole point here. It was about gaining kickback by the executives for the company.

  3. a wrong is a wrong annie. airasia has been named by airbus in their settlement. its an acknowledgement of their crime.

    AA ia a successful msian story, doesnt mean they have immunity to a crime. This is so BN / old malaysia thinking.

    1. Anon 19:07

      Corruption has nithing to do with BN. Many in PH wr once in BN too yes? Are u sure they are free of corruption? Very very sure?

      Its just a matter of "who" to catch, thts the main problem we are facing today. Today tht "who" is a question mark?

      Rasuah dMalaysia pandai target and select mangsa2nya. Bukan macam coronavirus. This virus tak kenal if ur a Wuhan Chinese ke, Mainland Chinese ke, PATI chinese ke atau Malaysian Chinese ke.

      Local Msian Chinese sorang dah kena. Tak kira dah skrg virus tu akan cekop siapa saja.

      Klo MACC macam coronavirus I am sure everyone will be exceptionally cautious and alert where corryption is involved.

      Helloooo. Corruption is a silent disease. Worse, most often even your own spouse, anak cucu, ibubapa sendiri pun are not aware tht you are infected by rasuahvirus..

      Nak tangkap, tangkap semua. Jangan sekadar pilih2 ikut selera ya.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  4. so its ok to be corrupt & bribe ? have you, annie, actually read any details of the settlement between Airbus & the UK authorities?

    what are we not getting here ? najib is still bossku, zahid is still umno prez. its unbelievable the attitude of you BN supporters. where are is your moral compass ?

  5. corruption is corruption. aa was named. so what is a problem. no point denying. ask airbus to deny.

  6. Behemoth business like AA is too big too fail. It’s net worth contributing around 4 to 5% of Malaysia’s GDP. With millions of jobs created, billions of revenue, billions of taxes and other various contributions to Malaysian economy, the falling and failing of this giant would have a severe and catastrophic to Malaysian economy.

    Looking back that’s the reason why at the height of Asian financial crisis in 97/98, the government broke its coffers, pouring billions upon billions bailing out Malaysia big companies. These businesses couldn’t be allowed from complete capitulation and and the government doing its very best to keep them afloat. The government thought at that time it was their turn return the favour after decades of wealth creations, prosperity and a booming economy.

    The US did the same to failing state enterprises like Enron and GM back in 2000-2010. You know what, it is easy to bash, to critisize, to point fingers, to look for wrongdoings, but at the end of the day, it is the government and its people who will suffer.

    1. @0750, AA is bigger than tony. Airbus is also too big to fail, the cleaned up the executives & boardroom, paid the fine & moved on.

      Being too big to fail is not an excuse for corrupt behaviour. Tony did the right thing to step away until investigations are done. But condoning corrupt practices because its too big to fail is absolutely wrong.

    2. isnt it an indictable offense?

  7. Change gomen back to BeeEnd?...wait one. Dumgok ahs are fighting among themselves.Hahaha

  8. Tony pun makin membulat....faham2 la...