Saturday 22 February 2020

Parasite - a Malaysian political movie review

I believe most of you all should know by now about Parasite, that Korean movie which won multiple major titles at the recent Academy Awards.

I watched it last night.

It's a good movie.

It was touted as a social critique movie but the way I see it, the story is a black comedy with very depressing ending.

Very much like the story of our Pakatan Harapan government, actually.


It started with a contrasting look at the rich and poor families and their struggles.Very idealistic and all.

Then it became more of a comedy as the poor tried to get better by whatever means necessary, including lies to get what they wanted. Much like what Pakatan did, right?

And then there was that brief sense of elation when they got what they wanted before things turned horribly wrong as it always does when we try to get what we want the wrong way.

Yup, exactly the same as our Pakatan story.

Lied all the way to victory and now the people realised the con.

Things are bad now after the jubilation of winning GE14 almost two years ago.

They are fighting among themselves and the government is in horrid shape.

Just yesterday, they let off a bunch of terrorist sympathizers because the LTTE fanboys are from their gang.

There are no doubt now about the selective prosecution being practiced by the AG's Chamber.

Before this, all their gang had their charges dropped too, including that Guan Eng's corruption case.

And as for you all the normal people out there, just look at this story today,

Lowest EPF dividend since 2008 — 5.45% for conventional, 5% for syariah

Guys, that's your simpanan hari tua anda under the Pakatan rule.

Well, I can go on and on about Pakatan as there were tonnes I could bitch about, but why should I bore you all with it.

As if you all don't know how fucked up it is already.

Back to the movie, my favourite is Park So-dam, who plays Kim Ki-jung or Jessica, the daughter of the poor family.

She's brilliant, especially in the scene where she went for the interview to be the art tutor for the son of the rich family. I love her in that scene.

The other casts were quite good too.

The story is a bit too fantastical to be truly believable but then again in this age of people getting hooked on superhero movies, I guess I have to accept the Parasite's plot as it is.

 Well, as I said above, Parasite is a good movie and I enjoyed watching it.

However, I don't think I want to watch it for a second time.

It's because the ending is so disturbing that it made me quite depressed.

Why should I want to get myself depressed for the second time over the same thing, right?

Again, it's very much the same as our Pakatan Harapan story - it started with ideals, then turned into a comedy and now it's just plain depressing.

Once is good enough, I think.


  1. Mahathir started with ‘for sure’, then went to ‘maybe’, then ‘maybe not’, and now ‘no way’.

    So, what does Mahathir really want? Does he want to become Prime Minister? No, he is already Prime Minister. Does he want to stay on as Prime Minister up to the end of his term? He already knows he can do that because he controls the ‘hill’. So what does he want then?

    Mahathir wanted to ‘own’ DAP. And now he does. He wanted to checkmate Anwar. And now he has. He wanted to break up PKR. And now he has. He wanted to split Umno. And now he has. And he wanted to break up Muafakat Nasional by playing PAS against Umno. Hmm…not sure whether he has done that yet, though.

    1. Wisemen say
      Only fools rush in
      Can't help myself
      Trusting totally
      In him.

    2. AG Thomas’ Rule of Laws pertaining to LTTE vs Tun M’s Malays Majority Power and Constitutional Rights.

      Only a Grand Master Gem politician like Tun M knows…..the nation leader needs a non-shaky bloc support base to ensure Malaysia is politically stable.

      In Malaysia, THAT BASE IS THE SOLIDATORY-MAJORITY OF MALAY VOTERS. whether we like it or not.

      Don’t forget, this state is MALAYsia in the Malay Archipelago, not India nor China.
      MALAYS are the Founding Fathers and indigenous people here.
      ISLAM is the Official State Religion.

      ‘Rear’ Admiral Anwar Ibrahim & DAPsters have arrogantly disrespect Malays’ sovereignty.

  2. neither ZN or LTTE 12 are terrorists. the deep state & some towel heads went apeshit abt ZN comments & decided to teach minorities a lesson. simple bullying. The IS is a diff ballgame. Indonesia has blocked their citizens from ever coming back but of course, idiots here are calling for their release.

    stop being racists annie.

    1. Only Malay Solidary could remove curent AG. Tun M had plan under his sleeve.

    2. Pak Othman, Atuk hanya ada rancangan untuk kekal kuasa dan bantu kroni dan anak. Atuk merupakan bencana atas negara terutama org Melayu. Atuk dah kompromi segalanya dengan DAP untuk talian hayatnya. Apakah melepaskan penjenayah LTTE dari DAP itu kebetulan atau sebahagian dari kompromi untuk kekal PM.
      Orang Melayu kini nampak Atuk bagai pemimpin yg menjual maruah dan kepentingan Melayu untuk menafaat diri, kroni dan anak.
      Dah dua tahun Pak cerita 'plan' Atuk ni. Hari ke hari nampak DAP yg lebih berkuasa. Hina Sultan tak diburu. Komen LGE dicari sampai lubang cacing.
      Negara makin merudum dan kusut. Bila Pak nak bangun dari mimpi?

    3. J.,,

      You're too naive to inderstand The Maestro's political game plan. He is World Class, what have you got, hmmmm.....??

  3. The decision of the Presidential Council meeting raises questions as to what hold Mahathir has over the other member parties of Pakatan Harapan, and whether anyone amongst the member parties objected, who agreed and who they are.

      ANWAR IBRAHIM BENAR2 PKR (PAKAR KLENTONG RAKYAT) - Pheweeet..pheweeet....!!

      At last, It is decided by the Pakatan presidential council which met till late Friday, Feb 21…….

      “I am proud that everyone has left it ‘UP TO ME’ to decide when I should relinquish my post. I, MYSELF WILL DECIDE. So, (as far as we are concerned) tonight, there is no time, no fixed date,” said Tun Mahathir after chairing the presidential council meeting here.

      So, Mei 2020 – Can go to hell….!!
      Nov 2020 – Also go to hell…!!

      PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was tight-lipped (terkedu) and was forced to accept the consensus for The Grand Old Statesman to continue governing the country.

      It is crystal clear that there will not be any more hoo-hah..hoo-hah or any ridiculous talks or wild gossips pertaining to 'power transitition' after this....!!

      Prior to this, hordes of media personnel had gathered at the meeting venue at the Perdana Leadership Foundation here as early as 6pm, following all those bullshit talks that “Pakatan would set a date for Tun Mahathir to step down as prime minister” ....where in reality is nothing but mere bullshit & hoax created by ‘Rear’ Admiral & his Deformasi loyalist & DAPsters.

      Brader cakap berdegar-degar, tapi bila berdepan dgn Tun, habuk pun tarak….!!

      Apa nak jadi?
      Apa nak jadi?
      PM8 tak jadi-jadi.
      Haiiiii, melepaslah lagi.

    2. Basically Atuk's message to PH is accept him for PM or alternatively bubar Parliment as a consequence of PPBM pulling out. I doubt PN has enough support to form government. Interesting to note that DAP and PKR afraid of bubar Parliment. Maybe they know that they will be kicked out. They made a deal with the devil now they have to bear consequences. Anyway DAP thru its proxies is busy dismantling Malay economic power. From selling of assets and shutting down Malay enterprenuer support like in MARA to attacking and weakening civil service. Atuk seems to happily go along with this.
      Atuk is truly a traitor to the nation, religion and Malay race. Being a Keralan he has no qualms to hina Malays. People who worship him please reflect. How for down do we want to see this nation go?
      My suspicion is that the infighting will get even more bitter. Whether PH implodes remains to be seen. Anyway please stock up on popcorn....

    3. start by buying harta melayu like eagle high plantation. banyak harta melayu lim guan eng dap is lelong. by the way the economy minister is "ais krim" lollipop guy relate to diva AA.
      Anyway DAP thru its proxies is busy dismantling Malay economic power. From selling of assets and shutting down Malay enterprenuer support like in MARA to attacking and weakening civil service.

    4. Aku tak rela berPMkan abdi suruhan penjikat Amerika/Zionis Jews, jantan dayus yg takut & tunduk bongok ikut telunjuk bini.

      Aku juga tak rela sama sekali berPMkan abdi penjilat Amerika/Zionis Jews yg bernafsu serakah, membujur lalu melintang patah, atas bawah semua diredah, depan belakang disondol belasah, jantan betina semua dilapah.

    5. Aku berbangga berPMkan pemimpin yg diiktiraf & diberi Penghormatan Tertinggi seantero dunia......

      1. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has been recognised as one of the world's most influential men.

      2. In fact, earlier in January 2019, he was named the Muslim Man of the Year by The Muslim 500, a ranking of the world's 500 most influential Muslims.

      3. In April 2019, Tun Mahathir was ranked among the 100 most influential individuals in the world for the year 2019 by international news magazine 'Time'.

      And.... earlier, international portal,, ranked Dr Mahathir 47th in its 'World's 50 Greatest Leaders' list.

      The three publications described Dr Mahathir, 93, as an extraordinary man for leading the coalition of (formerly) opposition parties, Pakatan Harapan, to win the 14th General Election in May last year and for being re-elected as Malaysia's Prime Minister.

      As the oldest prime minister in the world, many know Dr Mahathir as a bold and vocal leader, who always stands firm in his decision, trustworthy and has a high level of discipline, especially in terms of punctuality.

      With a modest and tranquil look, Dr Mahathir is highly respected by many and regarded as a credible leader with a sharp mind and who is not afraid of giving or receiving criticism.

      In his speech at the 73rd United Nations (UN) General Assembly in New York on Sept 29 last year, Dr Mahathir made a bold call for a reform of the world body and suggested that a veto should not be by just one permanent member but by at least two and backed by three non-permanent members of the UN Security Council.

      He also captured the world's attention when he condemned the Myanmar government for the massacre of Rohingyas in Rakhine, and Israel for breaking international laws and moral codes.

    6. Someone wtote at Blog Shahbudin late kast n7ght...

      ".....Adalah terbaik dengan perkenan YDPA, kerajaan perlu membubarkan parlimen dan PRU15 akan diadakan serta-merta".

      My Response:
      Tuuu 'Rear' Admiral pun apa lagi melenting kepanasan dgn muka monyoknya dalam tv keluar malam tadi membentan-bentan konon "Ada pihak berkhianat terhadap kerajaan PH.
      Habislah angan2 tak sudah2 dia nak jadi PM,
      Hancusss, mampusss.....!!

      Tuu lah padahnya, bila dgn The World Renowned Statesman, Nuar & geng2 Stor kunyit nak buat gara2 & ngacah2 ganggu gugat. Dia dah terjolok sarang tebuan, daaaa....!!

      Kita semua tunggu episod selanjutnya besok - Tun dgn pasukan barunya akan membubar kerajaan PH atas perkenan YDPA.

  4. You mean the Pakatan voters. The politicians are laughing as they are filling the bank accounts of themselves, their families and their cronies while distracting voters with endless inane politicking and worthless governance that is not what they promised to the voters before GE14.

    The LTTE already killed an Indian PM. Perhaps they wouldn't kill a Malaysian PM, but I'm confident there's a lot of Malaysians want to see the 7th PM not PM anymore and maybe use LTTE as scapegoat. Hell, maybe the 7th PM himself would use them as scapegoat and make DAP regret having Indian LTTE supporters as their members.


    -These guys were let go off the hook (even allowed to see family members during festivity) while the alleged IS symphatisers or other group received NONE of such treatment. Some even got thrown in jail for 5 years for possessing some materials.

    Siti Noor Aishah Mohd Atam, a former UM Master’s degree student was jailed for 5 years just for having 12 books related to extremism in her possession. She claimed the books were part of her references in her Master’s degree. The authorities and the court refused to believe her. The books not even banned by Home Ministry at the time of her arrest.

    In 2016, a team from the peace hill, complete with anti terrorism gear and balaclavas stormed her shanty wooden house in Dungun, Terengganu. The shocked and confused Aishah suddenly taken away from her family who also looked stunned. Trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

    If your follow her case you can’t help but felt extremely sorry and sad for her. Coming from a poor but religious family in Dungun, Terengganu, the eldest of five siblings was left to fend on her own facing her predicament. Nobody on her side. Not even her family members who couldn’t afford to travel to KL. She’s on her own till the end. A strong and tenacious woman.

    Throughout her trial, there was no self righteous MPs or lawyers making unnecessary noise speaking up on her. Justice means different thing to different people. If you’re not part of the group, there is no justice for you. There was also no family members broke down in tears, rolling on the floor as if creating a scene in a drama and played victims. There was no such thing. These entitled attitudes can only be reserved to one such group.

    None of those happened to her. She just couldn’t afford them. She was all alone from the beginning till the end. She could only just pray, not for her but to her family at kampung who went through a lot throughout her trial. Her jail term was then reduced to 3 years by Court of Appeal.

    1. How useless Atuk has become. Cannot even stop his own AG from this clearly abuse of power. Certainly selective prosecution has become institutionalised. There seems to be no shame anymore and PH does injustice with impunity.

    2. mr.j did u actually read the 11 page explanation or just fire off because of race. stupid as stupid does.

  6. anon@0731

    you cant compare ltte & is. ltte is defunct, inactive since 2009. IS is still very much active, thier strategy is to stoke fear ard the world. they are terrorists who have recently carried out bombings/ murders in sri lanka, germany, uk. they are a clear & present danger. Even indonesia have barred their citizens from ever coming back.

    dont be blinded by race / religion in comparing ltte & isis.

    1. Can i compare ltte then with Nazi then.They were no longer active after world war 2 but does it mean their idealogy can be preached in any part of the world.As far that I know ltte started the suicide bombers and their modus operandi was copied by other radicals.

  7. "I believe most of you all should know by now about Parasite, that Korean movie which won multiple major titles at the recent Academy Awards.

    I watched it last night.

    It's a good movie.

    It was touted as a social critique movie but the way I see it, the story is a black comedy with very depressing ending."

    Go DSAI Go
    Kesabaran tidak pernah MENGECEWAKAN, DSAI
    Mana ada dalam Alam ini Suami dan Isteri adalah TOP 6 Kepemimpinan Tertinggi Gabungan Parti Memerintah

    Go DSAI Go!
    Keling the Legend provoke, KITA SABAR
    Sampai Masa Seluruh Alam akan jadi SAKSI

    bujur lalu melintang patah
    the PRICELESS silent majority on your side, DSAI

    1. nowdays, silent majority are little in numbers...very see nowdays when know that HE... tried to arsefak someone and that someone have speak how to rely on the silent majority

    2. Anon 16:52
      Kamu tulis begitu sebab kamu tidak berada bersama mereka..

  8. TERPULANG PADA SAYA'.., awak, otai dan rakyat menilai moral akhlak perangai kata kata Sang Fitnah Lidah Bercabang

    'Terpulang pada saya' dan anda nak percaya atau tidak yang DAP sangat keciwa dalam mesyuarat Majlis Presiden...

    sementara ada waktu lagiiii..'terpulang pada saya' nak tulis apa..

    'Terpulang Pada Saya' sementara ada waktu lagii... lidah bercabang atok sudah tumbuh subur semula..!!

    'Terpulang pada saya' dan anda menilai nya..!!


    'Terpulang pada saya' selagi fitnah boleh memberi kuasa dan kaya utk anak dan kroni ....!!!

    Rakyat sudah jijik meluat dengan si kepala penipu dan kepala perompak negara.. 'Terpulang pada korang suma'..!!

    satu untuk kau satu untuk aku..
    dua untuk parti kau dua untuk parti aku...
    tiga untuk anak kau tiga untuk anak aku..
    empat untuk cucu kau empat untuk cucu aku
    GLC untuk aku Menteri jadi barua aku..
    Ladang TH untuk aku menteri jadi barua aku..
    Hotel untuk aku.. kau jadi barua aku...
    Babi untuk kau babi untuk barua aku...

    Sementara ada waktu kini.. 'terpulang pada saya'..,awak dan macai semua..!!

    'Terpulang pada saya' hendak Ronggeng sampai mati sebelum siksa sakarat menjemput sang fitnah lidah bercabang

    Sedang bertiup kencang bahawa perdana menteri Dr Mahathir Mohamad bakal menerima tekanan ala halalintar supaya melepaskan jawatannya dalam mesyuarat Majlis Presiden Pakatan Harapan (PH) yang akan diadakan pada *Khamis atau Jumaat* depan.

    Sementara ada waktu ini...'terpulang pada saya..'rakyat Malaysia anda macai semua..!!

    Sumber dari PH sendiri memberitahu sebuah akhbar bahasa Inggeris utama di Malaysia bahawa "suatu yang sangat besar akan berlaku tak lama lagi".

    sementara ada waktu lagi otai reformis beri kata dua pada Tun dan Tun kata 'terpulang pada saya..'


    sementara masih ada waktu

    Hari ini Anwar saya kena bersabar..!! atok kata 'terpulang pada awaklahh...'

    Lepas ni banyak lah telor telor kecut dan telo labuh dan telo kendur dari otai reformasi (maklum lah dah 20 tahun berlalu mau tak labuh telo menunggu nok jadi PM..) acara guling guling jalanraya

    Anwar kata mesyuarat peralihan kuasa boleh selesai dalam setengah jam..'Terpulang pada saya' dan korang suma nak caya atau tidak..!!

    sementara ada waktu saat ini...'terpulang pada rakyat..'

    Rakyat jelata sudah lokos dikencing hancing siang malam boleh lah sediakan pop corn tambah sambil tepok tangan..!! kannnn..!!

    FormulaTerpulangPadaSaya = Haahh tepok + Pop corn tambah

    1. Herman... 'majority' gay + bakal-penyamun lebih teruk dari Geng-Kleptocracy saja yang dok di'belakang' Panglima Liwat hang tu.

      Yang paling kelakar, dia pun tiru sytle Penyamun aka Kleptocracy, memperkudakan budak-budak Tahfiz berselawat, baca Yassin dan solat hajat untuk mengaburi nafsu tamak-haloba mereka untuk mengaut keuntungan-peribadi.
      Bayangkan... Panglima tutuh-juboq, berselawat mohon Allah mempermudahkan dan melicinkan lobang-jubo, demi merebut 'kuasa' PM untuk memperkayakan kelompok mereka.

      Lebih baik aku sokong Penyamun dari menyokong kaki-main-jubor.

    2. RD...
      saya amat menghormati bacaan politik kamu
      Dan sebaliknya Kamu juga WAJIB Pandangan yang berbeza dari Kerangka Pendapat Kamu
      peace no war ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡พ

  9. Any comments on what's going on today?

  10. Kejora Enon 13:39....

    Have you got the capacity to grasp the meaning of 'JEWEL IN THE CROWN'……??

    Only a Grand Master Gem politician like Tun M knows… needs a non-shaky bloc support base to ensure Malaysia is politically stable.

    In Malaysia, THAT BASE IS THE SOLIDATORY-MAJORITY OF MALAY VOTERS. whether you like it or not.

    It’s MALAYsia.
    ISLAM is the Official State Religion.

    So, rentikanlah aksi gay kamu yg asyik2.,,”tepuk bulu, kolom lollipop-cornnect” ajaran tok garu kamu, anak brahim peliwat tuuu....,!!

  11. The Devil as we know him has spoken again..with profound pride. Can't you tell ?

    PM in waiting pi panggil budak-budak tahfiz baca Yaasin dan sembahyang hajat nak buat apa ?

    Terima aje la that this cabinet is INCOMPETENT and this coalition is only interested in POLITICKING specifically to hasten pm in waiting appointment. And that is for some unspoken motive too.

    The Devil didn't like it. We know what would happen if the Devil doesn't like what he sees or hears.

    Mr.J,lu jangan salah baca. Kerala decenfant or not, the Devil fights for us. In his own way. But first the Devil has to put away the unwanted elements. And the Devil is doing just that.

    Let us see what happens tonight.


    Antara dua siang dan satu malam

    Kita meraba raba dengan penuh harapan untuk mencari sebuah Keadilan

    jelasnya belum ada ketetapan.

    Kita sebenarnya telah banyak berubah

    untuk lebih berAmanah

    apa kata kita pegang pada janji?

    yang kita sendiri memperakui?

    Supaya kita dapat lari dari dikritik

    dan tindakan dilihat lebih Demokratik

    atau ini cuma satu taktik?

    supaya lebih menarik dan mengikut kehendak politik?

    Di empat penjuru yang berlainan arah

    kita bertekak dan bemadah

    ada kala dengan rasa marah

    demi menuntut sekelingkin maruah.

    Katamu, perjuanganmu belum selesai

    dan membutuhkan sedikit waktu

    atau ini satu helah yang terhurai?

    atau sebenarnya dasar si penipu?

    Kata temanmu, aku cuma mahu bersatu

    Tidak lagi perlu empat sepadu

    Punahlah Harapan

    berkecailah kementerian.

    Ternyata ancaman dan besarnya keegoanmu

    bersama panjangnya usiamu

    ‘aku yang berkuasa

    dan penentu masa

    bisa membuat pilihan

    untuk berhenti di persimpangan jalan’.

    Lalu temanmu memudarkan Harapan

    demi menebalkan dinding keangkuhan

    Janjimu tidak lagi perlu di kota

    kerana manifestomu cuma seloka.

    Disepanjang malam

    dalam keadaan yang kelam

    akhirnya diputuskan

    kaulah pemegang segala kekuasaan

    penentu kepada sebarang peralihan.

    Walaupun tanpa persetujuan

    tidak Amanah, apalagi Keadilan

    juga bukanlah Tindakan Demokratik

    kau teruskan, demi politik yang licik dan jijik.

    Aku yang terharu

    terbukti bukan lagi penentu

    dalam dilema pada setiap detik

    dan mungkin berterusan tanpa titik…