Thursday 6 February 2020

Malaysia Baru's freedom of speech

Yesterday, there was this story,

Journalist charged over 'fear-inducing'

 coronavirus social media posts


Wan Noor Hayati faces a maximum two years' imprisonment, or a fine, or both, if convicted.

This story actually made international headlines, with some focusing on particularly the freedom of speech part.

So, what did this journalist actually posted on her Facebook page that they came down so hard on her?

Turned out that it was this,

Well, is that fear inducing?

Yup, going to prison for two years for writing that is indeed fear inducing.

Truly Malaysia Baru.

Personally, I think the journalist would have been okay if she didn't put that "LGE" bit in her post.

Well, guys, do be careful with what you write these days.This is Pakatan in power.

So much for freedom of speech and expression in Malaysia.

And they said BN was bad....sigh.

Well, there you have it.

I better not write too much. Don't feel like spending two years in jail.


  1. Tepat, awak.
    Jika dia tak tulis LGE, confirm nothing.
    By the way, sebagai seorang MILF (Mother I like to Follow) apatah pula sebagai Undisputed Journalist, she sepatut nya Thinking outside the Circle...

    7. What I meant here manusia SELURUH DUNIA bukan sahaja di Tanah Melayu, Sarawak dan Borneo Utara memang amat terkesan oleh 2019 n-CoV
    8. Saya ada terbaca di premis media antarabangsa, berlaku satu kes di Australia seorang warga emas Chinese dikatakan terjatuh di tepi jalan yang sibuk only to digest that NOBODY even bother to call for any assistance
    9. Hanya apabila pihak berkuasa tempatan yang kebetulan lalu available, the Chinese dead of heart attack.

    Warga Seluruh Dunia terlalu Panik dengan 2019- nCoV ini, para INFLUENCER Tak boleh main sapu jer...the consequences would be overwhelming✌️

    1. PH takut dengan bayang bayang sendiri. Kini nak serang semua yg dirasa 'bahayakan' rejimnya. Teruskan. InsyaAllah lagi ramai rakyat akan benci.
      Pemerintahan PH penuh dengan balas dendam. Institusi negara dilacurkan untuk puaskan nafsu mereka. Masih ada yg buta? Kerajaan sepenggal...

  2. Malaysia Baru created the untouchables Chinese... the DAP Chinese.

  3. Sebut Nobita boleh tak? Nobita dah jadi lembu suci, tak boleh disentuh dan di usik.Aku bukan undi PH dulu, nak dapatkan kebebasan yg disekat sekat.Bagi pengajaran untuk aku.Hu Hu.

  4. Freedom of speech and expression is not an absolute right though it is a fundamental rights. This is an accepted norm by the previous attribution and present attribution, Malaysia Baru, too.

    Malaysia is not spare. Malaysia is still under going continuous tests to the meaning of freedom as stipulated in Article 10 of the Federal Construction.

    Freedom of speech and expression to Malaysian citizen is not absolute which means our freedom is governed by other laws. There are restrictions to freedom.

    In human right, the freedom of expression is not absolute too, given that the right to be tortured or enslaved.

    Furthermore, it is wrong to express messages aspired to encourage hatred towards members of particular groups. As a result of this, three new laws to criminalize hate speech to be passed in parliament soon.

    As for the false or fake news law is still a crime. If Wan Noor Hayati found guilty, he or she will face maximum 2 years jail. That is the law. It can be LGE name mentioned or for that matter who ever.

    1. “Freedom of speech and expression to Malaysian citizen is not absolute which means our freedom is governed by other laws. There are restrictions to freedom. “

      -Wrong. If we could only say stuff which is safe, pleasing and politically correct, that doesn’t constitute as FREEDOM. Freedom means it can go both ways. Either to please or to offence, nevertheless your freedom to say it is guaranteed under the constitution.

      If you could only say stuff only when only allowed to be said, or what you expected to say or supposed to say, or saying stuff when only appropriate, that is not freedom. There’s restriction there. Otherwise it should be coined as “restriction of expression” in the federal constitution if our forefathers meant it that way. Freedom of expresion is the right to offense.

  5. Korang x tau krr, dia sanggup potonggg jadi Mad Guan Eng Lim...
    Big Brother Mad Sapu....

  6. you cant see through your hatred for dap or anything pakatan annie. her post was intended to create panic that a thousand mainland chinese with or without virus coming through the gates of penang.she ties this xenophobic post to dap, to ensure the corona virus are linked to msian chinese. its racist, irresponsible & has no place in a multi ethnic society.

    Pdrm is investigating 13 other cases similar to above, from all walks of life, all races. its got nothing to do with dap.

    Take those blinkers off annie

  7. Are you sure she just posted that? Please go check what she posted about 90k Chinese died of corona virus and the government is letting in the Chinese to kill Malaysians. As an award winning journalist she should be more responsible with what she says.Freedom of speech must come with some responsibility

    1. Since when public reflecting opinion on PHs messed up administration is that dangerous. Was it not PH that abolished the fake news law? In truth PH is arrogant. Anyone questioning them can now be targeted. They have already messed up the economy and racial harmony. Pakatoons still blur??