Friday 7 February 2020

With Anifah on possible Mahathir-Umno cooperation

Much has been said about the possible cooperation between Dr Mahathir and Umno.

Some were very unhappy about it, while others were quite okay with the prospect of it happening.

I actually agree with the latter - better Dr Mahathir than Anwar, supported by especially DAP.

My view on the matter is actually the same as my favourite minister during Najib's premiership that is Datuk Seri Anifah Aman, who feels that it's better to change the government as soon as possible if the current one is bad for the country.

But of course, as per Anifah's view, such a cooperation to form the new government must be made carefully and that the end result would be better for the people and country than the current Pakatan Harapan's messy administration.

Well, whatever it is, all indications were that things will just get worse if Anwar takes over the premiership from Dr Mahathir and I don't think we should continue to suffer for another three years till the end of this current term.

Don't know what else Anwar and his gang, especially DAP, will impose on us once they have full power in Putrajaya.

Yesterday, Anifah, who is a Sabahan issued a statement on the matter with the emphasis on his state which I'm publishing here in full.


Baru-baru ini terdapat desas-desus usaha pembentukan kerjasama parti politik baru yang dikatakan bakal melibatkan beberapa parti dalam Kerajaan dan beberapa parti dari pihak pembangkang.

Secara tidak langsung, sekiranya kerjasama tersebut benar-benar termeterai maka ianya boleh menamatkan gabungan Pakatan Harapan sekaligus menukar Kerajaan yang sedia ada. 

Tidak ada salahnya menyokong pembentukan kerjasama politik baru ini sekiranya kelebihan kepada rakyat untuk berbuat sedemian. 

Apa yang penting adalah para pemimpin politik harus menyedari amanah kekuasaan terletak pada prestasi mereka memperbaiki kualiti hidup rakyat.   

Sekiranya Kerajaan pada hari ini tidak mampu memberikan prestasi yang diharapkan oleh rakyat maka sewajarnya kerjasama baru dan Kerajaan baru yang lebih cekap dan berwibawa dibentuk dengan segera.   

Namun begitu kita tidak seharusnya membuat keputusan dengan terburu-buru dan terdapat beberapa faktor yang harus dipertimbangkan sebelum menyokong atau tidak pembentukan kerjasama politik baru ini.   

Setiap pemimpin seharusnya mendahulukan kemahuan rakyat terutama para pemimpin di Sabah.

Jangan sampai rakyat Sabah sekali lagi dipermainkan dengan janji-janji manis. 

Sebelum sokongan diberi, para pemimpin dari Sabah perlu mengambil kira dan hanya menyokong sekiranya perkara berikut dilaksanakan dengan serta merta:   · 

Perjanjian Malaysia 1963 dilaksanakan dengan sepenuhnya tanpa memberikan sebarang alasan lagi mahupun membentuk jawatankuasa-jawatankuasa lagi dengan alasan ingin mengkaji semula sedangkan kita telahpun membuat kajian bahkan cadangan telah diberi sehingga ke peringkat Kabinet bagi pelaksanaan Perjanjian Malaysia 1963 dengan serta merta. · 

Royalti Minyak diberikan segera kepada Sabah seperti yang telah termaktub di dalam Perlembagaan.

Masalah Pendatang Tanpa Izin di Sabah diberikan tindakan serta jalan penyelesaian yang serius dan sewajarnya tanpa melengahkan masa lagi.   

Sekiranya semua perkara yang disebutkan dilaksanakan maka sudah tentu tidak ada sebab mengapa pembentukan kerjasama politik yang baru ini ditolak. 

Namun hanya jika perkara yang dinyatakan dilaksanakan. Jangan hanya janji manis diberi dan hanya mencari sokongan pemimpin-pemimpin dari Sabah bila perlu sahaja tetapi tidak melaksanakan apa yang dijanjikan. Jangan sampai pisang berbuah dua kali.

Dato’ Sri Anifah Haji Aman 6 Februari 2020


  1. Anifah is a big loser just as GPS di Sarawak.
    Masa saat senang mereka bertempuk-tampar dengan Barisan Nasional.
    Bila tombang, lari meninggalkan KAPAL
    7. Pemimpin SEJATI tidak begitu. Susah senang mesti bersama Organisasi yang bangun jatuh untuk kita.
    8. Kita tidak perlu memuja SOSOK. Entiti Perdana Menteri Malaysia bukanlah mengenai sosok bernama sekian bin sekian atau sipolan binti sipolan
    9. PM of Malaysia adalah sebuah INSTITUSI yang berfungsi dengan sokongan CIVIL SERVICE plus MANDAT RAKYAT
    10. MANDAT RAKYAT hanya di endorse oleh PRU. It's a Must. A MUST

    Usah KENCING konon nya nak kuatkan Muslim Political Power lah! Awak suka berdansa bertepuk bertampar Ngan Vincent Tan dan Lee Kim Yew tu pulak apa jadah nya? Anak awak the Funder of Ateis Melayu tu pulak menatang apa?
    CHARITY START AT HOME deyyy annner 😉

  2. rubbish. any administration is better the thieves of BN. If these idiots come back to power, the likes of najib, rosmah, zahid will get off scot free - more bags of cash for rosmah.

    as messy as this administration is, its going in the right direction.

    1. thieves ? go fak yourself....even if they steal...i dont care...they gave me br1m and guan eng steal too bunglo terowong

    2. Saudara Fak,

      Better learn to use fishing rod. Don't expect free fish for life lah kawan.

    3. saudara fak, in one sentence you show exactly the problem with malaysia ‘ as long as the govt gives me money, its ok for them to steal ‘. shows how far msian education has dumb down people.

    4. 09:28 & 10:40

      display your evidents that i dont know how to use my fishing rod....i know how to use my fishing rod and while i used can go and give all the shit you want wheater if they did steal or not.

      but the thing now is.....saya sudah RUGI tak dapat br1m dan awak boleh bayar saya kah? boleh kah ? kalau tak boleh diam lah ...pnudek

    5. Haha ko guna fishing rod ko mastur**** kah ? Mcm mana still depend brim lagi ?

    6. the 2 hands & half a brain you uae to type, go find a job instead. make yourself useful. dont depend on handouts. a disgrace to rest of tax paying malaysians.

    7. Right direction my foot
      Economy in shambles, almost every new hutang, no jobs created, banyak jual aset, Klse in shambles, racial issue worsening..etc...Tell me, which partvis better under PH

    8. Saudara Pundek atau Pnudek,

      ".....but the thing now is.....saya sudah RUGI tak dapat br1m dan awak boleh bayar saya kah? boleh kah ? kalau tak boleh diam lah"

      You just proved you want free fish.

      Hang nie buta huruf ke????

  3. Very true that Anwar is worse than Mahathir. However all Atuk wants is to consolidate his agenda for personal gain. UMNO and PAS will just become pawns in his game. UMNO PAS should keep away from this treachery. MN has gained traction while Pakatan National support is very uncertain. By divorcing Atuk UMNO has cleansed itself of his corrupt practices. By accepting him back will bring back this old burden plus the new current burden that has been caused by PH. The economy will suffer further from PH lack of direction and internal power grabbing and conflicts. I say let PH implode. Maybe a fresh PRU will be called. Once the people suffer enough from Atuk and PH the painful memories will linger and allow UMNO PAS to govern longer. Once PH comes down it will take a long time for them to reform. They are a very treacherous group.

    1. "By divorcing Atuk UMNO has cleansed itself of his corrupt practices."

      What, like Wak Jahid?

      "Not a single sen went to charity".

      Hang pi defend si Indon tu in court, lah.

    2. Voters should be bright enough to decide. Another pru isnt the only way to exercise their right. They can for example choose to give consent to such national pakatan or not. Of course tht goes for bumi non bumi. To each their own.

      Wht we should always remember is especially the bumi is tht party is just a tool. Nothing nore nothing less. If its benefit the perjuangan then support whichever tht lean towards this. Otherwise be flexible enough to change ur support. U know like how the other side has been doing.

      We cant be blindly loyal to a party. After all they all their own agenda. Let the party know if they want our votes there are certain thing tht they must champion.

    3. Anon 1227, let the court decide on Zahid. If found guilty then Mohamad Hassan can take over. Lets not get overly excited about some words that witnesses utter in court.
      Whatever Zahids sins maybe they are not even a fraction of Atuk's scandals. The forex alone is worth over 100 billion currently. Lets not even mention others yet. Amazingly we put the biggest crooked robber in history to Head the country just because we thought that the leaders were pick pockets....

    4. Anon 1246, true that we should not blindly follow the party. This is exactly what happened in PRU14. Many blindly voted for PH to teach BN a 'lesson'. In the end we received a very painful lesson ourselves with PH in power.
      Like in everything the thinking must come before the action. In PRU14 this did not happen. The writing was all over the wall before PRU14 that PH was a failed experiment that would hurt the nation. Many did not take heed. To start off the coalition had absolutely no policies. Apparently they did not think that these were necessary. They did not even have a shadow government to put in place the plans for when they came to power. PH could not do this firstly they did not deem it important. Secondly they did not want to start internal conflicts bikering over which party deserved which ministry. To win votes they promised popular goodies to the people which were impossible for the nation to finance. True enough they U turned on this and earned the title Pakatan Hancing. PH was formed by quickly patching parties with ideologies that were incompatible. As a result PH never had a political platform to provide policy direction and make effective decisions. PH put up a farce 'harmonious' front prior to PRU 14. Offcourse post winning the internal fights continue to this day. There is no common direction. Each Ministry carries the flavour of the party the Minister is from.To those DAP Chinese who thought that Chinese were superior than Malays in running government now have solid proof. Proof that buffoons like LGE and Tony Pua although Chinese have no clue how to run nation's finances. The country is ever sliding downhill with escalating debt and more burdensome taxes killing peoples purchasing power. Lets not even mention performances of Teresa Kok, Yeo and our good friend Anthony Loke. Under his stewardship the country's aviation got downgraded by FAA with consequences to our airlines and tourism.
      It is actually a no brainer to tell who governs the country better. But will some people admit?

    5. mr j

      What do you expect ? A magic bullet ? 50yrs of garbage needs to be clean up from the previous govt. civil service is full of brainless ppl who cant get a job in private sector - handouts, contracts, corruption is all they can manage. Sure, the PH, while not being perfect, can always have a people / voter friendly policies, but who loses ? Its the next couple of generations.

      but if you are happy with your handouts, corruption & rosmah’s greed, good luck to you - in ge 15

      Meantime, stfu.

    6. Mr j while i thank you got ur comment i dont think those tht voted for ph is blindly loyal.

      If anything it is the complete opposite of blind loyalty. Bn which never lose the pru lost. I believe in in the national pakatan the bumi can once again prove this. However some mistaken people would rather die in glory of their party forgetting the reason why the party was formed in the 1st place.

      In the end they should realize tht a party is merely a tool. Nothing more and nothing less. There is no value in staying loyal to any party as theyll dissapoint u with their corrupt practices. Instead they should answer to our vote. We hold the power. As long as we are not attached to any party.

      This is a formula i would advocate to all bumi. Lets not waste our time arguing and look at the bigger picture.

    7. Mr J8 February 2020 at 17:57

      Forex scandal is a stupid error.

      Zahid and Najiv is theft.

      You get the difference?

    8. Why so angry Anon 1850. The truth hurts. However let us take this maturely. It is also naive to brand one party as wholly corrupt and the other party as wholly sparkling clean. In truth corrupt elements are everywhere. Take PH for example. What happened to the forex RCI? Or the invisible terowong case? Or the Sabah Air corruption case? I can go on... Under PH corruption is institutionalised by appointing politicans to GLCs, and even MACC. Now the MACC is busy looking for revenge on BN and at the same time hiding PH corruption.
      Putting all things together BN wins hands down against PH. People and nation is much better off. Rakyat believes so. Recent byelections in Tg Piai and Kimanis are a living proof.

    9. dear mr j

      by elections are exactly what its means. nothing. PH has it for 5 years & you can already see the quality of the opposition in trying to back door in. you are right shit smells the same in every govt, its just a matter of which stinks the most.

      Throughout your rant, you ignore the elephant in the room, which is najib, rosmah, zahids of malaysia. The sheer greed & lawlessness during their rule can never be repeated. MACC compromised ? revenge ? Right. Dr.M is DoJ’s puppet master. You know how stupid & blind you sound ?

      Putting all this together, yes PH not perfect. They dont give handouts for votes, they dont compromise the future generations. PH is far far cleaner & better for malaysia than Bn will ever be.

    10. Anon 2254, you misread the situation. It is actually Atuk who needs talian hayat as his promised 2 yr term is coming to closure. He has kuncu in UMNO that are testing waters for PN where Atuk can continue being the PM. Fortunately the UMNO MT has to date not agreed to it. You can read statements from Mohamad Hassan and Asyraf Wajdi. There is no appetite from UMNO to extend the talian hayat to Atuk.
      The backdoor government is Atuk's specialty. He has no principles - whatever that suits his desires is fine. Did Perak and Sabah not form backdoor governments through enticing the kataks?
      PH is a catastrophy - not perfect in an understatement. The elephant in the room is the suffering of the rakyat by PH mismanagement and basically zero direction. Economy low, currency low, debt high, price of goods high, unemployment increasing. Unfortunately Pakatuns focus on Najib and Rosmah which the rakyat are not interested in anymore. Rakyat more interested in their wellbeing which was promised by PH. Post election the opposite happened. Distracting people with tales of Najib and Rosmah dont work anymore. The byelections prove it. If Pakatuns want to ignore the byelections as 'nothing' please go ahead. MN has gelled very well and received great response. PRU 15 will turn the tables.

    11. Mr j

      1. MYR / USD 2015 vs today 4.4 / 4.1
      2. unemployment 2015 vs today 3.3/3.3
      3. growth rates 2015 vs today 4.5 vs 4.45

      pls do some homework before you bs around.

    12. encik J

      Why would dr.m back door when he is already the pm ?

  4. The country is as divisive as it has ever been.
    And you sit there behind your computer and fan the flame.
    You are disgusting.

    1. Dap has bern very very very quiet about this. So its their cybertroopers we should be looking at.

      Behold and no suprise there. They dont like this pakatan national not one bit. Haha. Of course they disguise it under the fake concern of malaysia.

    2. anon 12:48

      DAP jugak yang kono ekkk?
      Baghal jadian kau nih

    3. Aih disguise lagik ?

  5. Apa ke bebal nya 23:00 ni...

    What is there is BRIM ?
    We need progress..economic & social. Tak boleh faham. Lu dapat BRIM lu boleh buat apa dengan BRIM ciput tu ?

    There are better things to come if you care to recognize it. Yang merimaskan hari ni is kalut kuasa orang yang tak layak. Dia bukan hilang kelayakan, dia memang tak layak.

    Kedua nya yang merimaskan ni, ada banyak kaduk dah naik junjung dan kera dapat bunga. Dah le tak pandai kerja, teriak nya kalah ayam bapak kokok subuh.

    Ketiga perkara yang merimaskan ni ialah dendam orang kalah dan orang kalah ni disuruh tengok cermin tapi dia nak tengok teropong benda yang bukan2.

    Keempat rimas ni umno dah mula berperangai pkr & dap manakala pkr & dap ni pun tak sedar diri.

    Banyak lagi ada. Empat cukup la.

    Nak sokong Dr.Mahathir tu bagus jugak. Biau keparat keparat ni mengelupor.

    1. Saya sokong!

    2. anon 0123

      pkr n dap behaving like umno?kikikik..izit for self healing…d reverse order?

      dr.m …..not he supposed to lead pakatan to a new msia as explained by d trust of citizens who voted him in? but he…..uknow…x stand a day without causing political trouble. he’ll go to any extant to preserve his norm. a norm tat incline d decision playing field only to his direction. it vehemently tells. so where he has time to look for d country ? n yet, u;ll appraise him more if he can cut d throats of those who had helped him? tats d act of godless bro!

  6. Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad says he did not invite anyone to form a new government under the “Pakatan Nasional” banner, adding that his openness to meeting opposition leaders had been misinterpreted by some. Mahathir said in an interview FMT

    ulasan aku senang jerr.. !!

    sapa nak ngaku berak tengah jalan yerrr takk..!???

    berak mamak lah yang paling senang nak dikenalkan kat tengah jalan..!!!


    1. Ditanya sama ada beliau akan menimbang untuk menjadi perdana menteri sehingga tamat penggal jika sokongannya di Dewan Rakyat meningkat, Mahathir hanya tersenyum dan berkata, "Tak tahulah."

      kikikikikikiki...!!...Bang Non Terkene lagi kena akal sama itu olang Tua....

    2. Benar tu... Anon 23:41.

      Yang pasti... PAS 'pimpin-tangan' UMNO dan telah terpijak taik-mamak kat tengah jalan tu.
      Akibatnya, Lokman lobak dipecat dari UMNO dan kesatuan-dalaman Party PAS dan UMNO masing-masing, semakin retak.

      Jangan-jangan... ia adalah 'silap-mat' atau legan-tangan (sleight of hand) yang 'dimainkan' Dr. M untuk huru-hara dan menyerlahkan temberang Muafuckat Nasional.

      Sedikit-sebanyak, kemaruk atau kegilaan Pemimpin PAS terhadap kereta-mewah buatan-kapir, menyerlahkan hakikat bahawa mereka lebih mementingkan-diri dari agenda membantu memajukan industry kereta-nasional hasil-tangan anak-Bangsa sendiri... seperti Proton & Perodua... walaupun diciplak atau dijual 49% kepada Geely.

      Faktor kerisauan orang-Melayu... jika pemimpin paling digemari kebanyakan Bukan-Melayu, terutamanya dari DAP iaitu, bekas-banduan salah-guna-kuasa & liwat ambil-alih jawatan PM dari Dr.M... digunakan sebaik mungkin oleh Dr.M supaya Haji Hadi terdorong untuk mengajak Zahid Hamidi supaya menyokong beliau jika berlaku apa-apa perebutan-kuasa dalam PH.

      Maklumlah... Haji Hadi dan Zahid, masing-masing ada 'skeleton in the closet'.
      Haji Hadi percayai pernah terima RM90 Juta duit-curi-1MDB dari Najib. Oleh itu, Haji Hadi boleh dimanipulasi atau di'picit-telo' untuk melakukan apa saja, termasuk mempelawa UMNO sokong Dr.M. atau sebagainya.

      Objektifnya... menjelang PRU 15... akan menampakkan kepada orang-Melayu, bahawa pemimpin UMNO dan PAS hanya mahu menyelamatkan diri-sendiri dan lebih mementingkan keselesaan hidup diri-sendiri.
      Kepentingan Bangsa, Agama & Negara adalah perkara kepentingan kedua.

    3. lol…u just cant get away with it sir. even d poo pooped depicts his logic. while pretending innocence he looks for some idiots to poop their pants too n passes d blame. kikikiikkk…..cunnina lu!.

    4. After all the hulla-baloo…..ujung2 The Handsome Grand Old Statesman is still in power at Putrajaya. The rest incl the “Rear” Admiral Bang Non and “Nakhoda Tegang Derhaka” Najib Malim Kecundang are merely amateur, i,e. still far away in the league of the World Class Living Legend Statesman, Tun Mahathir.

      Beranikah “Rear” Admiral mengusul Tun M serah jawatan PM di Majlis Presiden PH……??


      Beranikah “Rear” Admiral bawa usul pecat Tun M di parlimen….??+

      He he he
      Gerenti tak berani punyer cause Anwar surely be pushed aside with only Melayu2 Stor Kunyit, Racist DAPsters & some clueless umno desperados backing him.

      – Aku tak rela berPMkan jantan dayus tunduk ikut telunjuk bini.
      – Aku juga sama sekali tak rela berPMkan seorang Peliwat Buas.

      Hiiiiii, Naudzubillah Mindzaliq, SELISIH you……!!

  7. Ini semua nak distract rakyat daripada masalah sebenar negara iaitu ekonomi negara yang sedang teruk ni.

    1. With the on-going NCoY triggered by the damn Communist China Republic, name me one country that is not facing economuc turmoil, why you bloody fool....??

    2. Kepada macai2 UMPAS dan Muafakat tak payah lah nak bagi komen atau pendapat lebih2. Korang ikut je pemimpin2 korang . Konon nak bagi pendapat takyah2 la nak lebih2, nak tunjuk bijak nanti terserlah pulak kebangangan jadi macam Lokman Adam.

    3. Tok Othman Ahmad 16:26

      Yang ni satu2nya yg tidak sekali akan terjejas. Hang ngaku depa terPOWER, terkaya, tercerdik pandai, comel ke handsome ke, umuq 100tahun ke dan terhebat dari segala apa pun.. you better pikiaq byk2 dan jangan nak besaq kepala sangat tau!

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    4. Apa pulak ke situ kau alih tiang gol, dah ketebiat nak mampos, kerr....??

      Baca nih.....


      Sebelum ini di UNGA 2018 New York, Tun cakap depan2 membalun Trump, USA & Israel di ucaptamanya sampai Trump tak cukup tanah cabut lari. Ekoran itu, Trump tak berani hadhir (mengelak face-to-face dgn Tun) ke Mesyuarat APEC terakhir baru2 ini. Nuwar & Najib ada jati diri seumpama itujah.....??

      Bukan macam sikap ‘Nakhoda Tegang si Malim Kecundang’, lepas Obama dia sambung menjilat Trump. Dah tuu, adakah patut konon dia ada ati nak perkasakan ekonomi Amerika dgn guna duit KWSP kita untuk membeli berpuluh-puluh pesawat boeing - memang dasar lanun asyik nak klepet jer.

      Datang si ‘Rear’ Admiral Nuwar pulak ketika di Wawancara Hardtalk, bukan main lagi dia mengiktiraf kedaulatan/sovereign negara Israel (mentang2lah dia balaci/budak suruhan Paul Wolfowitz, agen CIA berbangsa Zionis Yahudi). Nasib baiklah Tun halang Nuwar menerima pinjaman IMF ketika krisis kewangan Asia 1997 yg pastinya akan membeban & membelenggu negara.


  9. Apa masalah boboi ni ...!?

    Bring it on..!!

    Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) semalam mempersoal tindakan Pas yang berhasrat mengemukakan usul menyokong kepimpinan Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad pada persidangan Dewan Rakyat yang akan bermula bulan depan.
    Timbalan Presidennya, Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir dilaporkan berkata, dengan jumlah Pas hanya mempunyai 19 Ahli Parlimen, jumlah itu tidak mencukupi untuk beroleh majoriti dalam dewan...macai kata bring it on..!! so PAS bring it on dah nii..!!!

    Konvensyen Kepercayaan (Confidence Convention) bermaksud satu prinsip dimana kerajaan tidak boleh meneruskan tugasnya tanpa sokongan daripada ahli-ahli perwakilan yang dilantik di dalam Parlimen dan ia merupakan asas kepada konsep ‘kerajaan bertanggungjawab’.

    Sir Winston Churchill telah menerangkan Undi Percaya adalah merupakan ‘sesuatu yang normal, berperlembagaan dan demokratik’ apabila beliau meminta supaya diadakan Undi Percaya kepadanya pada Januari 1942. Usul Percaya kepadanya telah di bawa Mr. Attlee yang menyatakan

    That this House has confidence in His Majesty’s Government and will aid it to the utmost in the vigorous prosecution of the War’.

    Dalam konteks sejarah institusi Parlimen Malaysia, hanya sekali usul kepercayaan pernah dikemukakan di dalam Dewan Rakyat terhadap Y.A.B. Datuk Hussein Onn sebagai Perdana Menteri...

    boboi lets PAS bring it on...

    haaah tepokkkk...!!!

  10. Haiyaaaa

    Wabak malapetaka coronavirus sedang melanda satu dunia, sini pemimpin2 masih galak2 belaka?. Langsung tidak mmberi apa2 kesedaran langsung nampak gayanya nuuuu.

    Helloooo. Tamak kuasa, tikam menikam sesama sendiri memanjang, berlagak nak menunjuk POWER dan pandai sangat ke?

    Insaf2 dan ingat2 sikit ya. Sedar2 lah dan belajar sikit dari apa yang sedang berlaku dNegara China...

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  11. Both same...useless to the rakyat and country.
    At least Anwar don't insulted the Malays and the people.

    1. Enon 12:20,18:32....

      Is that so, how about this, hmmmmm.....??


      Sebelum ini, di UNGA 2018 New York, Tun cakap depan2 membalun Trump, USA & Israel di ucaptamanya sampai Trump tak cukup tanah cabut lari. Ekoran itu, Trump tak berani hadhir (mengelak face-to-face dgn Tun) ke Mesyuarat APEC terakhir baru2 ini.

      Bukan macam ‘Nakhoda Tegang’, lepas Obama dia sambung menjilat Trump. Dah tuu, adakah patut konon dia ada ati nak perkasakan ekonomi Amerika dgn guna duit KWSP kita untuk membeli berpuluh-puluh pesawat boeing.

      ‘Rear’ Admiral Nuwar pulak ketika di wawancara Hardtalk, bukan main lagi dia mengiktiraf kedaulatan/sovereign negara Israel (mentang2lah dia balaci/budak suruhan Paul Wolfowitz, agen CIA berbangsa Zionis Yahudi). Nasib baiklah Tun halang Nuwar menerima pinjaman IMF ketika krisis kewangan Asia 1997 yg pastinya akan membeban & membelenggu negara.

      Oh yer….
      Kau pulak bila nak ada pelir & kotey berdepan dgn ku di JB, haaaaa….??