Monday 24 February 2020

A new dawn for Malaysia

I just woke up and the sun is about to rise for the day as I'm writing this.

As most of you all know, this is a new dawn for Malaysia...after almost two years.

This is the last story I read last night before falling asleep,

Consensus dinner ends with 131 MPs all smiles

It's in The Star and written by Zakiah Koya, the little sister of MACC chief/ex-PKR politician Lateefa Koya.

I know Zakiah and her anti-establishment sentiment from many years ago.

I wondered how she felt as she wrote that story.

That's about it, Dr Mahathir with the help of Umno and Pas as well as support from others have check-mated Anwar, DAP and their cronies.

It's game over.

Why this happened?

I dare say I had answered that when I wrote this,


Well, can't really blame Dr Mahathir because I strongly believe that if Anwar is the one who have the number, he would have already tabled a no-confidence motion against the PM so that he can take over the whole show.

And once he's in power, Anwar will go after Dr Mahathir and his family, Umno and others whom he deemed to have wronged him in the past.

I have no doubt that will happen.

So, that's it, Dr Mahathir outgunned Anwar.

Plain and simple.

I actually wrote about Dr Mahathir's shooting prowess back then at the start of his fight with Najib,

Quick gun Mahathir

Heck, I never for one second believe that Dr Mahathir would ever let Anwar take over power in Putrajaya.

You can read that in my other previous posts.

Remember this from the late 1990s?

Yup, no way he's going to let Anwar be PM after that.

Well, it's done.

There will be follow-ups and fall-outs from all these, but those are for the coming days.

I will write more on the latest later.

For this moment, I need to get up and do the necessary and go on my routine morning brisk walk.

Need to stay fit for things are getting interesting to watch again now.

You all stay cool, okay.



  1. So long it's good for the country..we support all decisions. We are not stupid.

  2. A BIG NO.
    Game not over yet
    Ketua Negara Malaysia akan memanggil dan berjumpa Ahli Parlimen Port Dickson hari ini.
    Langkawi hanyalah Ketua Kerajaan Malaysia.
    Langkawi belum mendapat ENDORSEMENT Ketua Negara Malaysia

    -pejuang tanpa nama-

  3. Yajuk berita hari ini di akbar The Star…..

    “A dinner of 131 MPs from both sides of the divide but in support of Prime MinisterTun Dr Mahathir Mohamad serving a full term ended with all smiles at the Sheraton Hotel in Petaling Jaya Sunday night”.

    He he he
    Hi hi hi
    Ho ho ho
    Ha ha ha

  4. PH cabinet failed, so its time for mahathir ubah segalanya. Banyak sgt drama yang merugikan pasaran saham malaysia.

  5. I don't want anwar as my next pm & I do notice some in ph becoming besar kepala but I oppose the changing of govn via the back door.

    Agong should ask for new GE, otherwise with our fickle money minded MPs, msia will become a basket case, changing govn every other year.

    1. wht back door gov ? This is a democratic move. Since we all wanna embrace democracy u suggest we understand wht we are getting into. u should vote with this possibility in mind.

      Now the dapster and anwar are coining the terms "back door gov". Using the words like "rakyat" to rile the people up. Leave it to dapster to play the victim cards when they are the one in cohorts with anwar trying to cast the vote of no confidence much2 earlier.
      Be smart enough not to be played by these people.
      it is a joke to think tht the ph coalition would last. Im suprise people dont factor this in when voting. We should be a bit more mature when voting.

      On the other hand the one who would resort to back door tricks would be anwar himself.

    2. Anon 15:06, looks like Tun has a bit more moral integrity than u do.

      Kudos to Tun for refusing to bersekongkol with Zahid Hamidi & Ku Nan. I'm sure the price of their votes is to sweep their court cases under the carpet.

    3. I mean, this guy dont understand democracy system and he blame me as having no moral integrity ?

      Haha wht u think dap played fair when in cohorts with anwar to cast tht votes of no confidence ?

      Wht a naive punk. Woudlnt know left from ur right. Dont embrace democracy if u dont know the system. Or dont vote if when u dont know rule of the game.

      Its ur own fault for not being bright enough to see this. Ive said this long ago. Push comes to shovel the bumi will unite. Thanks to u guys being chauvinist. Next time maybe dont jump the gun too much ? Problem with u guys u dont know how to stay modest. Now we all know ur true color. And like jigsaw likes to say: game over.

  6. It's not even a done deal yet. Anything could happen.

  7. You are 101% wrong . Latest news , TM is resigning as PM and DSAI if having an audience with king today to be appointed PM

    1. Helloo anon 14:21, are u gen Z ? Anwar doesn't have the numbers (yet) to form govn la.

    2. In ur dreams :)

  8. Selepas 60 tahun Malaysia akhirnya merasa betapa bestnya apabila pembangkang bertunjangkan DAP dapat memerintah. Dahlah lantik PM orang yang mereka kutuk berpuluh tahun, akhirnya discrew oleh orang yang sama membuatkan mereka memerintah sepenggal, tak, separuh penggal pun tak habis. PADAN MUKA.

    Apa pun jadi, satu benda pasti ialah,


    1. dap is the best thing that has happen to the ruling govts. No yes men in there. No rent seekers

    2. They wanted yes man. Thts why they backed anwar even though they knew wht he did.

      Dap is the worst thing we could have had.

    3. How much is DAP paying their cybertroopers these days?
      So low quality.

  9. Tun also resign from bersatu. DAP say they will nominate Tun as pm if the get simple majority. Looks like bersatu members and azmin backstab tun.

    1. Hard to say this had all tun signature all over it. He might just be really looking fwd to tht long retirement.

      This move i dont think its about him staying in power. He had to before to check anwar and dap in ph and to topple najib. Just as he said so.

    2. Mana ada - semua cakap, mereka sokong Tun M, including Mat Sabu. Tun sekarang mengadap Agong. Tunggu jelah apa keputusannya. Don't jump the gun, okey.

    3. Tun kalo xnak dia xnak haha. I think dia naik as pm under ph pn just to check anwar and dap. Kalo x anwar yg naik. Otherwise tok dh x ingin jadi.

      If im 95 i wont want anymore politics. This is his last gift to all as negarawan. We just got saved from having anwar as pm

  10. Why did Mahathir do this in the first place?
    Does he hate Anwar that much?

  11. Annie, Looks like arsemin coup de'tat failed! Hahahahahaha

  12. Where is tht monkey ? (U know who u r). Lost ur tocang ?

  13. Semburit kena liwated?

  14. Azmin tries to take on Anwar, looks like he lost, badly.

    1. He lost??, He made Anwar looks like idiot. Notice after Tun M resigned, no one from PH recommend him to takeover.
      For the record, Azmin trigger the collapse of PH government and 3 state govts will also follow suit.Dont you think this is a work of a master tactician

    2. Anon 01:35, ni orang melayu kata, marahkan nyamuk sekor, kelambu dibakar.

  15. Tak laghat habaq.. 12/222 is a no no. Pusing la kut mana sekali pun, payah.

    Terpaksa berpakat dgn DAP to brlagak powerful. Dah plak tak menjadi trpaksa berpakat dgn PAS+UMNO+++. Tun must remember. 22yrs dulu as PM he had 100% backing from BN.. 12/222??? No way la.

    DAP pula macam kera dapat bunga. 20 bulan gedik performance yeelek. Galak tak tentu arah tujuan sampai majority Malays/Bumis on this beloved land sulah mayak meluat sama lu olang tau.

    Nak kasi nasihat sikit. Stop the names calling nonsense. BN corrupted, perompak, pencuri, PAS+BN TALIBAN, monkeys and whatnot.

    Nanti dunia starts calling you "COVID19" lagi payah tau.. Lu ingat olang ada masa nak tanya you latang dari negara mana? Tengok dari jauh dh cabut lari sikalang lunia mayak takut.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  16. mahathir hates najib more than anwar.

    azmin & his backdoor idiots just got checked mate

  17. New dawn,yeah right. Yet another day where a 90 plus year old man screws the citizens of Malaysia for his sick twisted games.

    He must be enjoying seeing those politicians from all sides all busy trying to suck up to him now.

    I bet he would let DAP be the next DPM if they would kick Anwar and let Mukhriz be the next PM.

    1. And boy would u lose ur bet haha

  18. Tun will be the 8th PM supported by Bersatu, BN, PAS, Warisan, GPS, Azmin team, and few others. DS Hishamuddin will be the DPM. Insyaallah, maybe tge new cabinet will be formed tomorrow.

    1. Why not tok mat as dpm ?

    2. "ais-kim" already looking forward to be PieM ke-8. of course with umngok support. and side kick zubiadah be DeePieM ke 8. LOL!!!

  19. Cubaan ahmad zahid hamidi dan abdul hadi awang GAGAL

    BERSATU Tun M : 6
    Amanah : 11
    DAP : 42
    PKR DSAI : 39
    WARISAN : 9
    GPS : 19
    UPKO : 1
    STAR : 1
    PBRS : 1
    PBS : 1

    Jumlah 130


    -pejuang tanpa nama-

    1. Dah bungkus la weh PH tertinggal train ka?😝😝

    2. Just fancy that…..

      PM1 – Tunku Abdul Rahman Putera Al Haj
      PM2 – Tun Abdul Razak Hussein
      PM3 – Tun Hussein Onn
      PM4 – Tun Mahathir Mohammed
      PM5 – Tun Abdullah Badawi
      PM6 – Tundun Najib Rosmah
      PM7 – Tun Mahathir Mohammed
      PM8 – Tun Mahathir Mohammed
      PM9 – ?????????

  20. BEFORE.....betapa hipokritnya mereka

    Shahbudin Husin 24 February 2020Politik

    Perkembangan politik sejak semalam.
    Kumpulan yang berkubu di hotel Sheraton ini diketuai oleh penjenayah diburu rakyat, Azmin Ali. Jangan lupa Azmin adalah penjenayah samburit yang sedang diburu oleh rakyat negara ini walaupun dia terlepas dari cekupan polis setelah ada restu dari Mahaguru Firaun tua.

    menjadi tanggungjawab semua orang Melayu memberi mesej yang jelas kepada Mahathir untuk melakukan peralihan kuasa dan bukannya membentuk kerajaan Pengkhianat Nasional. Jangan awal sangat mencemar maruah.

    Kelak tahi terpalit ke muka pengkhianatan itu diketuai oleh Tun Mahathir sendiri yang berjawatan Perdana Menteri melalui mandat rakyat yang diberi kepada PH yang bertanding menggunakan logo PKR dalam PRU14 lalu.

    dalam usia 95 tahun, Mahathir masih bersifat macam anjing yang makan tahi tetapi tetap akan menciumnya kalaupun sudah tidak berselera lagi kerana ketiadaan gigi dan hilang rasa. Namun jelas dan nyata Mahathir tetap memiliki tabiat anjing itu, menghidu walaupun tidak makan.

    terbukti Tun Mahathir dalam usia tua 95 yang bila-bila masa saja nyawanya boleh dicabut Tuhan telah membuktikan beliau bukan saja mengkhianati dirinya sendiri sebagai seorang manusia dan muslim, malah khianat kepada Anwar yang sudi memaaf dan menerimanya sebagai rakan seperjuangan serta khianat juga kepada seluruh orang yang selama ini mempercayai dianya telah berubah serta insaf.

    Berpuluh tahun orang melayu berpecah belah...dari tahun 1987 membawa pula ke gahun 1998 dan kemudian lagi sekali pada tahun 2008 dan 2016...

    1987 dia mengajak orang melayu membenci pas...tengku razalie dan parti semanggat 46

    1998 dia mengajak orang melayu membenci anwar dan pas..

    2008 dia mengajak rakyat membenci pak lah badawi...anwar dan pas

    2016 dia mengajak rakyat dan orang melayu membenci umno,pas dan dato seri najib....

    2020 dia mengajak membenci anwar sekali lagi...dan kali ini bergabung pula dengan pas dan najib juga umno semula

    Setelah puluhan tahun dia telah melahirkan ahli politik melayu yang boleh di jual beli tidak berprinsip dan tidak bermaruah....itu lah jasa orang tua bangsat ini kepada orang melayu...kepada negara dan kepada negara...

    Atas semua yang dilakukannya, Tun Mahathir pada hakikatnya layak diberikan anugerah Tokoh Pengkhianat Negara.


    Mereka yang menganggap bahawa Tun Mahathir tak mahu serahkan kuasa kepada DS Anwar (termasuk aku) adalah silap. Buktinya Tun Mahathir letak jawatan hari ini untuk memberikan laluan kepada DS Anwar untuk menjadi PM.

    Mereka yang menganggap DS Anwar gelojoh dan tamakkan kuasa juga silap. Buktinya hari ini DS Anwar sendiri merayu supaya Tun Mahathir kekal PM demi

    Dakwaan yang mengatakan Tun Mahathir akan berpaling dari PH dan kembali kepada Umno juga ternyata meleset. Buktinya Tun Mahathir berasa kecewa dan meninggalkan partinya kerana Ahli Majlis Tertinggi Bersatu mahu bekerjasama dengan Umno.

    Maka selepas ini, mari kita buangkan prasangka buruk dan rapatkan saf serta kukuhkan perpaduan.

    Jangan lagi ada kata-kata nista dilemparkan buat dua insan hebat ini yang niatnya hanya untuk memperbaiki negara ini

    Lu fikir sindriii...!! bila aroma jubo dijulang dulu letak perfume wangi aroma jubo tetap terhidu..