Tuesday 24 April 2018

Sleepless in JB

I was about to sleep and a bit blur when a friend sent me a picture via WhatsApp,

Guess the guy was a bit excited to see Sultan of Johor and BN candidate for Kukup Datuk Md Othman Yusoff who was said may replace DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin as the menteri besar.

I told my friend that it's not a done deal yet.

After all,

Khaled is to contest Pasir Gudang parliamentary, Permas state seats

Yes, I don't think Khaled is yet to let go of his MB post.

For one thing, I knew that the prospect of going back to Putrajaya doesn't appeal to him.

I learnt from another friend that Khaled actually wishes to end his career as a menteri besar.

But of course, not just after one term.

Members of his team were also very unhappy with all the talks that Othman will replace their boss.

Khaled has a huge team, actually.

If he goes back to Putrajaya and becomes a federal minister again, he may not likely be able to find enough places to accommodate all of them.

Some may simply lose their job or not find things being so rosy anymore.

This is especially so for those of them who drive all those expensive cars seen parked at Kota Iskandar.

Well, I actually do sympathise.

I don't really wish to see them suffer this sort of things, which I witnessed five years ago,

The eradication of Datuk Ghani 

Please click on that link and read what I wrote back then.

Anyway, Khaled people shouldn't lose too much sleep about Tok Moy for now as they have a more pressing matter at hand, which is GE14.

If they don't focus on that, they may still be out of job with or without Tok Moy, okay.

I also need to get my sleep proper now. Really hate being sleepless in this hotel room.


  1. Betul tu annie, periuk nasi kroni²MB dan bekas MB kena dijaga sebab mati hidup mereka "bergayut" dengan dedak.

    Biar rakyat mati asal jangan kereta mewah mereka kena tarik.

    Hidup Barisan.


    1. Johorean's expect to see a new MB , but not from UMNO .

  2. Annie,

    Re: Khaled has a huge team.

    Now, Khaled has never been a 'huge-team' guy.

    Not since his school days, not during his Ahlus Majlis days, not during his menteri days, and certainly not during his MB days.

    Five fingers are enough to count his inner circle members. He has no other circles for that matter.

    He's not an approachable guy like many malay politicians. Always deeming himself to be part of a system, he wouldn't help anyone not within his inner circle and instead would push any requests to follow the so-called correct channel.

    To be in the inner circle one has to be with him for a very long time. Ability is not a virtue, an ever-willingness to play together is a must. That's the quality his inner circle members have shone bright and shining.

    As for those in kota Iskandar, they would be replaced immediately when khaled goes to ministry.

    They have not been with him that long, there's no strings attached.

    After all, like you said, even any cho kia can be deemed as a mb candidate just because what, having a picture with Sultan?

    BTW, one look at the picture you posted, one could laugh if that's what you meant by having a high chance for MOY to be next MB.

    Obviously you and your friend do not know anyone in the istana and have never been near to the Tuanku.

    1. Maybe we can organise "supermarket sweep" to campaign for Datuk Ah Moi.

      Looks like budaya "cash is king" has even reached some istana.

  3. I don’t understand your infatuation with this Tok Moy. Are you both lover? Did you go out with him behind his wife?

    1. I don't understand why China company installed a malay guy who is head of company where "some people " have a lot of shares.

      Then the "some people" suddenly start writing long pro umgnok essays in FB.

      Can you please solve this mystery for me?

    2. Anonymous 24 April 2018 at 14:56,

      Yes let me help you out bro......

      Three words:


      What you call 'some people' may be 'orang atas' but they are not immune, bro.....

      In Malaysia, EVERYBODY is for sale.....

      ....only the RAKYAT who gets screwed, in the Forest behind the City....kih kih kih....while your 'some people' makes billions.....

    3. Anon 1456,

      Firstly, Annie had stated that this MOY guy is a ‘professional businessman’ of some twenty over years, which means he was not from amongst the JCS nor having any experience in State Administrations. That is a handicap as far as Undang Undang Tubuh Negeri is concerned, unless of course if there’s any attempt to ignore that piece of legislation.

      Having said that, for a Melayu to be a professional businessman and being successful for twenty over years that must be a rare gem to say the least. But what did he trade? What type of business did he do? How successful was his own business?

      You see, serving in other people’s company however high in position or powerful you are, does not make you a businessman. The late Tan Sri Ali Hashim served JCorp for thirty over years as the chieftain, even wrote books on business jihad, could be plucked out just like that at the pleasure of others. So don’t confuse ahlus korporat with ahlus perniagaan. And this is a reminder to all those ahlus ahlus korporat Melayu out there who may think that themselves are some kind of businessmen for goodness sake. Playing with other people’s money would never make you a businessman remember that.

      Secondly, declaring MOY to be the next MB is something that must be done responsibly. First you must ask Johor UMNO members. You may want to forget them but let’s not forget that MOY only had one criterion that fits the bill and that’s the UMNO membership. Don’t ask MO1 and don’t ask incumbent MB and that’s ok. After receiving watikah from the ketua perhubungan Negeri MOY still need to register himself at the nomination day.

      So all these talks about MOY that came from nowhere are just some kind of diversion tactics that were employed to see ‘reactions’.

      Whose reactions? Well, that’s for you to guess.

  4. Restless Annie? Well, go on a trip...


  5. Bodoh Nasional MO1 admitted he also cant sleep, that altantuya ghost harassing him wakakaka

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