Saturday 21 April 2018

Selangor Sultan is cool

I like this,

Selangor Sultan above politics & always impartial

Yes, that's the way it should be because ours is a constitutional monarchy.

It's not absolute monarchy like Brunei, okay.

Anyway, I always like Sultan of Selangor since back then.

He's cool.

Okay, he may not be perfect but I think he tried his best for his rakyat.

If he says he loves his rakyat, I would have believed him.

One thing for sure, I'm not aware of him taking advantage of his people in anyway.

For me, that's good enough.

Well, that's actually my only message for today.

Can't write much on GE14 for now because I'm still not on the ground yet.

Things are getting exciting, I guess.

Others were lucky because they got to see how things actually were and therefore could write properly about it.

Me, for now I have to agak-agak only.

You can read what I write but I don't blame you if you don't really believe what I wrote.

At least that's for now.

So, it's better for you all to read more of those written by the ones on the ground and see things for themselves.

I hope to go down to JB later.

See lah how.

For one thing, I have not yet decided whether to vote for Jazlan or Salahuddin in Pulai.

Want to see them in action on the ground first.

Seriously, I'm really politically neutral for now, like Sultan of Selangor.

Okay, at least I'm trying.


  1. NEUTRAL?????

    Ha ha ha.

    Please look up recent statements on Dr M.

    No further comment...



    Ha ha ha.

    1. Dont overconfident. Menang atau kalah kali ini di tangan SPR. Paling bahaya PRU14 adalah SPR. Kalau boleh semua tempat mengundi, kiraan undi dan simpanan undi pos perlu di pasang CCTV.

      Scary SPR. They already proved what they are capable of, the delineation and chosen wed polling day. Same like if you successfully have done a business. No matter how big profit, how successful, how easy, how fast, how smooth, how much effort, how much cash you collected, the main last obstacle is you still need to successfully bank in the money you made to hit 'home run'. What if while reaching the bank you got rob of that cash? All bladee hard long effort gone with the wind just like that. Everything goes back to ZERO. The last hurdle is still within SPR hand.

    2. EC are miracle workers who can do the seemingly impossible.
      1. They can return the gift of life to dead people.
      2. They can sustain the life of 150-year-olds.
      3. They can help register you as a voter even though you've never registered before, even though Malaysia doesn't practice automatic voter registration once you reach a certain age.
      4. They can make 30,000 people "approximately equal" to 150,000 people. Even Einstein can't do that.
      5. They can have someone with your IC number "help" you vote before you actually go to the polling station to vote.

      In short, EC can do things that no ordinary human could ever hope to do. They are like Superman and Wonderwoman - except they don't need to put on a red cape or wear incredibly short skirts for carrying out their "super-heroic" duties.

    3. All these are dirty works of our DPM bringing in by the millions. Firstly, snapping up jobs meant for Malaysians, creating social problems for the kampungs, bringing in diseases and obtaining citizens etc.

  2. Sesuatu pendirian baru yang bagus dari annie, perkembangan terkini.

    Ubah dan perubahan yang ke sejuta, you are not alone annie.

  3. Jibby al-Songlap said in 2015, Umno elections must be held in 18 months - kih kih kih!

    Will the KBU of ROS also "cari makan" this time?

  4. Who paid for this?

    A researcher at the Digital Forensic Research (DFR) Lab of the Washington-based Atlantic Council think tank said over 17,000 bots tweeted content related to the Malaysian election over the last week.

    Nine of the top 10 most active bot accounts containing anti-opposition hashtags and pro-government messages had Russian-sounding names and used the Cyrillic script, said Donara Barojan, a research associate at DFR.

    “The prevalence of bots with Cyrillic screen names does not suggest that Russian social media users are meddling in the Malaysian elections, but does indicate that whoever is behind the campaign purchased some bots created by Russian-speaking bot herders,” she said."

    Why Salah Ketiak can block websites but cannot handle this?

  5. What about the press conference he called to screw Tun M publicly? Impartiality?

    1. That was long before parliament dissolved. There’s a new letter being released from His Majesty private senior private secretary regarding the issue.

      Your point too has been adressed in it. It has being viralled in cyberspace for quite some time now. Go check it out.

    2. Looks like quite a few royals cannot stay out.

      Very bad if from state that just got fat land deals.

      People will put 2 + 2 together.

      Anyway rakyat thank Dr M because now nobody can beat, rape and murder the people and claim "immunity".

      That is Tun's great legacy for Malaysia.

      HIDUP TUN!

    3. Revolusi paling indah


  6. If everybody knows where they stand , Malaysia would be a beautiful country to live in .

  7. Business contracts in jeopardy?

  8. 'Seriously, I'm really politically neutral for now, like Sultan of Selangor.'...exactly, like the Sultan who made a statement againts Tun M recently..

  9. tebing tinggi,

    //Malaysia would be a beautiful country to live in//

    Yeah, beautiful for those who want to sapu everything and leave nothing for others who fail the test of race, religion or politics.


  10. Yeah theyre impartial, detached from our world. Their with theirs and us with us. We had nothing to do with each other. Best they just live in their world and us ours. Lets all forget about demang lebar daun and sang sapurba. The oaths has long been forgotten. Best to ignore each other.

  11. betulkah ni BN hidup rakyat kerana rakyat ingat tu BN MO1 hidup jho low + paris hilton saja aduhai

  12. Annie,

    I think Sultan Terengganu is great.

    He won the gold medal recently for the Asian Games.

    He is impartial about politics.... There is no need for bangsa Terengganu and so forth.

    Sultan Kedah and Raja Perlis is also good. Berjiwa Rakyat.

    Sultan Selangor is good. But I do not agree about the statement about Tun M.

  13. Serendipity for the Sultan

  14. WOW.........

    BN has named Tanjung Piai Umno division head Md Othman Yusuf as its candidate for the state seat of Kukup in Johor.

    Md Othman is better known for his role as the spokesperson for the Forest City project, a massive man-made island-city project in south Johor aimed at foreign investors.


    This looks very, very, very bad if you see which "family" has been making the most pro-Umno noises recently.

    Supermarket Sweep cannot cover the stench, lah......

  15. Will not comment on this topic Annie, mana tau nanti kena lawatan oleh SB. Want members here to comment on UNMO's legality. All lawyers, legal eagles on this site...your views please. Am surprised that Gopal Sri Ram (former Supreme Court Judge) has not commented on this. If UMNO tak present for the country.