Friday 27 April 2018

Art of war - enemy too strong, joke around

I'm resting today.

Tomorrow, I'll be in Pekan for nomination day.

Just wanted to check out how things are with Najib's fortress.

I was there on nomination day of the 2008 general election.

Najib almost had a disaster in 1999 when his majority was reduced to just 241 votes.

That's Reformasi time.

Najib was back then fighting for Dr Mahathir against the forces of Anwar Ibrahim.

Now he is fighting against both Dr Mahathir and Anwar.

Quite weird, come to think of it.

Anyway, things turned around for Najib in 2004 when he won Pekan by 22,922 majority votes), and it continues to improve in 2008 (26,464 majority votes), and in 2013 (35,614 majority votes).

So, I think it's almost impossible for him to lose in Pekan.

This time Pakatan has sent some sort of a joker to fight against Najib.

Okay, Zahid Mat Arif is the grandson of former deputy prime minister Ghafar Baba, but other than that, the only thing exceptional about him is his ability to tell quite hilarious political jokes in his speeches.

Guess they know they can't win and decided just to make things fun for the people of Pekan.

Actually, it's quite smart of them to do that.

I would have done the same.

Sometimes when an enemy was too strong, I just made fun of the whole fight.

Like pointing out that my enemy was smelly or something, which was true by the way.

I think Pakatan is doing something like that as far as Pekan is concerned.

Who knows, maybe they can reduce Najib's majority by just joking around.

Or maybe Zahid's jokes become so good that all Pekan folks actually turn around  and let him win.

Eh, anything could happen, okay.

Well, I'm going out to get myself some breakfast now.

Going to just lepak around the whole day.

Away from the GE14 nonsense for a while.



  1. It's take a joker to take on another joker ,Malay are like to be entertain anyway , probably Pakatan able to bring along Siti Norhaliza ,then the crowd's will be hilarious .

    1. Couldn't agree more.

      Malays like entertainment. That's how Puad won his MT seat when he brought in a big bodied joker with tallest songkok of about 10 inches high to the PAU. UMNO members got amused and started asking who's that? And they were told budak puad and were thus entertained.

      All popular ustaz are master in entertainment. Ilmu is not a requirement. When lacking in the ability to entertain, he must be racist and starts to make racist remarks against the non Muslims and then putting forth the conspiracy theories like yahudi want to hancurkan Melayu Islam, new world order and najib is being attacked because he is the imam mahadi etc..

      The problem is not the entertainer, not the ustaz, not the way they employed to win the sokong of Melayu.

      The problem is in the brain of the Melayu, or the lack of it so to speak.

    2. These pakatoon people is always a joke
      If they just channel that passionate energy to a proper channel like me, they can do much better

      Weird lah these nosy pakatoon

      Jho Low
      Adun indonesia
      Parlimen Hong Kong

    3. EC is an UMNO shithead goon

      Don’t trust what they said, persetankan mereka

      Go to hell with najib and bastard macai with it

  2. Grandson of the only DPM without a title but with a double degree BA, BA tapi tak tau dgn honours atau tidak. Sadly this paternal relationship is the only thing going for him. Annie you say he is quite a should have given a sample or are you just parroting what others say. Whatever, Jibby will trample over this guy.

    1. I don't think that 'Jibby will trample over this guy' so easily.
      In Pekan, there is this UMNO's veteran by the name of Dato Rahman JPC who once was an aid, looking after Najib when he was studying in UK.

      Together, Dato Rahman and Zahid Mat Arif could make a good run for their money.

  3. Why bother wasting rm10000 just to be a pelawak, the rm10000 he might lost if he did not get enough vote. People complain about high cost of living and here he is wasting thousand of dollars just because he has an ego the size of football field. There is time to fight and there is time to f.....k off. Sorry Annie don't mean to be rude.

  4. PH makes fun of him because He IS a Joke for a pm!

  5. "Anyway, things turned around for Najib in 2004 when he won Pekan by 22,922 majority votes), and it continues to improve in 2008 (26,464 majority votes), and in 2013 (35,614 majority votes)."

    We all know how, lah.

    His KBU in the EC transferred here and redrew there.

    Voila, the pinklips crook lived to steal another day!

    1. Anon 12:30, do u know how much pekan has grown the last 15 yrs? It is a hub for car assembling plants. We are now seeing the same with Zahid & Bagan Datok. Development in msia equals u help me I help u :(.

    2. Pekan can do much better without UMNO and Pekan minister

  6. Isn't najib himself the mother of all joker? Sigh..


    1. Yep najib is the joker of the century and Zahid can’t beat him

      After all he is always absent on Parliament

  7. If Ali Rustam and Raja Nong Chik who had lost before in GE-13 are given second chance to prove themselves, why can’t Dr. Puad Zakarshi?

    Now I kinda understand and can relate to Puad’s predicament. He felt betrayed after all the hard work he put into it. Puad feeling sore about the whole thing is actually make sense. He had been short change big time.

  8. Apart being PPBM’s MT member, Zahid Md Arip also is PPBM division chief of Setiawangsa. In one aspect, his candidancy in Setiawangsa should have made much more sense than let say Pekan. He’s a nobody in Pekan. The locals there are not familiar with him.

    He’s chances of winning in Setiawangsa is much much higher there since Setiawangsa is an urban seat. A lot of savvy, educated and well informed electorates are living there. KLites are known fiercely anti-establishment.

    In addition he was based there. That would be an added point. So his candidancy in Pekan doesn’t make sense. He’s already lost even before Pekan folks casting their votes!

    Even if he were to contest in Setiawangsa, it is not a walk in a park though. He’s up against political heavyweight. Zulhasnan factor can not being taken lightly. A familiar face in Setiawangsa. 2 terms Setiawangsa MP. He was also a former airforce officer. An army camp in the constituent could be deciding factor.

    1. Don't forget that Mat Arf used to be an adviser to Isa Samad, the ex-Felda boss. So Zahid must have knew the dark-secrets involving Felda or Port-dick-son affair.

    2. Vote opposition

  9. Hi Annie,

    You call him a joker ?

    But he is a daring joker.He has the scrotal gumption to say it on anyone's face.And he doesn't give a dime or damn to no one.Including members of the yellow family.

    So long as he doesn't behave like comedians who go to nightclubs to drink Nescafe or,waving fake identity cards to holler someone's roots or, claiming Jew prince depositing donation in personal accounts......he is still acceptable to take on some snaky personality.

    "It is not the size of the dog in the fight,but it is the size of the fight in the dog."

    And yet, you want to call him a joker ?

    Rasta Rules

  10. "Quite weird, come to think of it. "

    Nothing is more weird than the monkey business in Najib's 1MDB-Jho Low, Annie.

    1. Annie is always subtle supporter of UMNO

      Weird... hah!

  11. ceramah2 BN ada manyak kerusi2 kosong (takda olang2) hopefully this is BN art of work appear weak when strong wakakaka

  12. Nobody is retarded enough to vote for UMNO

  13. his letter straightening out the facts about Tun M pulling the power of the kings from abusing the people shows character.

    not the kind of things u get from so called pelawak.

    so he makes jokes. najib would jump at it if he is half talented at tht. but hed rather throw money instead. how low does he thinks of us.

  14. Talk about being a joker, this is one joker , almost an idiot--"Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur - PKR candidate Tan Yee Kew, who forgot to bring her MyKad,"

    Don't she know we have to have mykad original with us at all times?

  15. 2018 - take-over
    2023/2028 - win 2/3
    2024/2029 - amend constitution.

  16. retribution to MO1 whacking GE13 chinese tsunami - so donot expect chinese to help fight this GE14 malay tsunami toppling MO1 & BN period...

  17. _*One clarification of PH Rantau candidate failure to submit nomination - not sure if accurate portrayal of incident or not, real or fake:*_

    Copied from MPCN post:

    There are plenty of posts out in the social media blaming Dr Streram for what happened in Rembau/Rantau today. It is all the more disheartening to see such comments here, coming from fellow comrades. Read this before deciding to mock him, call him names (one member here mentioned the word badut) and say other undeserved things about him.

    27/4/18 4.30pm - he was informed by SPR to get a SPR Calon pass from their Office. This is not a “entry permit/entry pass”. Its Just a pass to show u r a calon.

    27/4/18 5pm - SPR Office closed and he was told can collect pass the next morning at nomination centre.

    28/4/18 9am - nomination Centre opens but police hold him back saying no SPR pass. SPR officer refuses to come out of dewan to explain.

    28/4/18 930am - rcvd info that State SPR director has asked the returning officer to allow Dr Ram into hall to file his papers.

    28/4/18 10.03 am - police n officer bring his papers into nomination Centre. Dr Ram is Still not allowed in.

    Soon after that SPR officer comes out and says Dr Ram cant stand for Election as papers were submitted after 10am cut-off time.

    Important to note that :-

    1) there is no such thing as entry permit
    2) no regulation saying entry permit required to enter and file nomination papers
    3) any malaysian citizen above 21y and not bankrupt, convicted of crime etc can stand for Election as long as u have rm15k deposit money.
    4) reason given for Dr Ram unable to stand in the Election was late submission of papers. Not “no entry pass”.

    I’m looking at this from a neutral pov. what SPR did was blatant misconduct. So please guys, dont rush into blaming Dr Ram. He’s one of us, a senior anesthetist and is a victim of SPR’s game today. He shouldnt have been roughed up by the cops like that.

    To top it all now the IGP says the police did not prevent him from going in.
    Despite the video evidence.
    *So viral it*.....

    1. Bring it to court you moron.IMHO there is strategy by PH to sacrifice some of its candidates especially in hard to win seats just to show that SPR is 'cruel'.So that PH can make an issue out of it.
      Prof Kangkung

    2. Samanlah kalau berani

      Jho Low
      Adun indonesia
      Parlimen Hong Kong