Wednesday 25 April 2018

Jason better than Kit Siang, Khaled better than Tok Moy

It's past 3am.

Just got back from Kampung Tanjong Kupang in Gelang Patah.

Went there after Maghrib prayers with a friend to meet a local veteran Umno grassroots leader.

The guy is among the better ones that I know. A real Umno idealist who really does things for agama, bangsa and negara, so to speak.

We talked over a wide range of political issues in Johor, particularly those directly affecting his village and the surrounding area.

He said things are not so bad for Johor BN as perceived by outsiders like me.

Among others, he believed that even DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang is at risk facing Jason Teoh of MCA in Gelang Patah parliamentary constituency which is now called Iskandar Puteri.

He said Jason's pre-campaign rounds were well received not only in the Malay villages, but also in areas with large Chinese constituents such as Skudai.

"Jason is quite good at  what he does. I think he will get the bulk of Malay votes and I have a feeling that he will also get quite a lot of Chinese votes too. I believe it will be a 50-50 fight here," he said.

I wrote these posts about Jason just weeks before the last general election in 2013,

The Umno grassroots leader nonetheless admitted that it's going to be a tough fight in most part of Johor.

He was hoping for no sudden changes in Johor BN plans so that its candidates could concentrate on winning.

He totally disagreed with any plan to replace DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin with Datuk OthmanYusoff as MB.

Please read this for context;
Tok Moy likely to be the new Johor MB

"I have my complaints against Khaled but the thought of Tok Moy becoming MB was not very comforting," he said, adding that Othman is too close with the Johor palace, which would make it difficult for him to function as MB.

The guy has indeed quite a lot of grouses against the current state administration but he was of the opinion that Khaled should be given at least another term to prove his worth.

Okay, fine....that's maybe quite fair, I guess.

Still, that's up for PM DS Najib Razak to decide as BN chairman....not me or anyone else.


  1. Jason may be better than Kit Siang. Agree. But the party is not. The party is oppressive, and people want to be respected not oppressed. Sorry Datuk Jason, you are not getting my vote.

    1. Why Jason want Melayu vote? I thought the Malaysian CHINESE Association should look for Chinese vote?

      Looks like these MCA China Dolls have to hang on to their Umno sugar daddies.

      Kalo tak...jadi MCA (Mampus Corpse Association.)

    2. "I have my complaints against Khaled but the thought of Tok Moy becoming MB was not very comforting," he said, adding that Othman is too close with the Johor palace, which would make it difficult for him to function as MB."

      This guy is naive.

      The Tok Moy was pushed as MB BECAUSE he is chairman of Forest City lah.

      Why you think "high & mighty" people suddenly write political essays for Umno on football page?


      HA HA HA HA HA HA!

    3. Barisan Nasional (BN) parliamentary candidate for the Sungai Petani seat Datuk Shahanim Mohd Yusof has defended her action of distributing packets believed to contain cash at a residential area in Sungai Petani.

      Shahanim said what she did was not wrong as it was done in her capacity as a senator and to help the under-privileged community in the area.

      “I don’t think it was wrong, it’s not even nomination day. I was only helping the Indian community there by using my allocation as senator to help the people in Sungai Petani,” she told reporters when approached at Seri Mentaloon today.


      Cash is king.

      Umno has unofficial "KBU" in





      PisPASPus (Hadi Wang, Pak Turut Jibbo)


      etc etc etc

      All because....

      .....souls sold for cash.

      Cantik la tu.

    4. All the opposition accused are slander then 1MDB scams n PencuriMO1 are sourced from the foreign media...where you are ducked to be labelled by them is MO1 n perombak terbesar in the you have guts to suing them.
      Come on our beloved MO1,why not we as malaysians to donate for sums as used for u to take legals action against the foreign media n DOJ

  2. Yes indeed, my vote is nay for MCA


    1. We have enough of BN manipulation ,it's time to call a quit .

  3. last GE13 annie whacked chinese kawkaw for not supporting BN adoi. And, this GE14 a malay tsunami is likely to topple BN, is annie whacking malays kawkaw for not supporting BN wink.

  4. Annie ...

    Are you implying this Tok Moy fella a crony of Sultan ?

    Manyak susaa ini machiam !!!
    Tooo many crony , proxy , warlord laaa


    1. More easier to sell state land to foreigners?

    2. Pas can afford to contest in almost all constituencies and spend lavishly on election like banners, flags and etc . Where is the fund from, most probably from receiving from BN money.

  5. I am really peeved when I hear people/politicians doing things for " Agama, Bangsa dan Negara " Which agama ....Islam, Which bangsa...Melayu - so what about the other agama and bangsa? Irrelevant?
    We should all do things for "Raja dan Negara". Let us all be inclusive and not further divide the people. If we could only keep our agama and bangsa in the private/personal domain, Malaysia will truly be great again!

    1. Agama bangsa dan negara by UMNO is nothing but lies to prolonging their rule

    2. hadi never ever questioned where did the 2.6 billion come from.. instead, he asked WSJ to provide 4 witnesses to prove that najib received 2.6 billion..

    3. Rukunegara starts with Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan. So cannot exclude Agama, which is not necessarily Islam. It is simply the belief in a God Almighty and is not divisive, or is meant not to be. It is just being twisted at times by politicians from both divides to meet or align with their own respective agendas.

    4. PAS claimed that the angel will cast the vote in this coming PRU, And then why can't the angel give donation to Pakatan Harapan. Just that plain simple my stupid Hadi.

    5. Provided Pakatan Harapan money is not coming from amnur-BeEnd, then it is alright! PH till now does not sell its principle, dignity and soul!!! Not like the so-called 'islamic party', little bit of benefit received, 180 degree change from its original course!!!! The teaching of of its religion, totally put aside!!! Even worst, the current deviated leaders mislead their hard-core and fanatic supporters and followers!!! Shame on you!!!

    6. Pas got funds from Umno baru to contest most of the seats in peninsula Malaysia . You can observe along the North south highway the BN flags flying side by side Pas flags.

    7. When this fella asked this question, he has checkmated himself! Never once he queried Najib’s billions into personal account and also never queried the billions scandals of 1MDB, yet he now queried PH?? Indeed this guy is a very very a dishonest man! Called himself what??

    8. "Pas got funds from Umno baru to contest most of the seats in peninsula Malaysia . You can observe along the North south highway the BN flags flying side by side Pas flags."

      My area too.

      PAS = Pelacur Agama Sial

      Munafiq party.

      Hadi is one big crook.

      Nik Aduh as insulted TGNA's memory.

    9. You know yourself that the slogan is bull.Everybody in the ruling party is fighting for his or her welbeing but it sounds alot nicer if you say youvare fighting for bangsa,negara and agama.That way you may convince some supporters and if you are good,you may convince yourself too!!

  6. annie pls cease your selling of Bullshit Nasional candidates, i tell you why rakyat wont vote BN - gasak sampai tulang, Barang Naik, kos sara hidup melambung, nilai ringgit menjunam, faildah, MO1 makan dedak quinoa, dll adoi

    1. najib dont even eat rice, he eat overpriced quiona and we are paying for it

      is this the function of GST? to sastify this sicko belly?

  7. The fact that UMNO can only say that the running dog has a 50:50 chance of winning means the dog will lose la.
    Please la dey.

  8. Annie,

    Re: Jason better than Kit Siang

    First question: which Jason? If you are talking about that Jason in the Friday the 13th movie “Jason goes to hell”, then, yes, he is better than Kit Siang because at least he is famous even in Hollywood. Nowadays being famous in Hollywood is a big plus point, just like Riza Aziz and Jhb Low, you get free f..k and protection from entire Malaysian government.

    Tokoh tokoh nasionalis, the Melayu Islam would call them.

    But if you are talking about that Jason of a MCA fella in Gelang Patah, then you must be joking. If indeed he’s better, why would Ghani ibn Othman replaced him in PRU13 in the first place? Either way, that Jason also was asked to go to hell back in 2013.

    During the last Gelang Patah MCA CNY gathering, his MCA president and deputy president told him to f..koff and Jason cried on stage, thinking that he’s going to be asked to go to hell again this time.

    But luckily some UMNO guys helped him and he got watikah finally.

    But still, who can guarantee that he won’t go to hell this time round?

    Re: Khaled better than Tok Moy

    First question: better in what sense?

    Second question: better in whose eyes?

    For first question, Khaled was a lawyer by profession. He was trained to think analytical and therefore he entrenched himself with fools (who only eat and sleep) as inner circle and he does things like a lone wolf.

    Whereas MOY, like you said, is a PROFESSIONAL BUSINESSMAN. What would a bloody businessman do for survival? He sells. What has he got to sell? Himself? His underwear? And he sells to who? Who, exactly, will be his buyer? What would he get? How much would he get? Where would he deposit what he will get?

    So before answering the first question, it is perhaps prudent to ask if MOY is another DONALD TRUMP!? You know, Trump was also a businessman before he became the great president of the us of a. If Melayu Islam are longing for their own TRUMP, then yes, MOY is far better than Khaled.

    Because otherwise there’s no other PROFESSIONAL BUSINESSMAN from amongst the UMMAH because majority of them are BR1M eater, the rest are FELDA settlers. It’s therefore almost a fardu kifayah to choose MOY.

    Answering the second question, one should first ask Azmi Rohani better or Ismail Karim better? You know, both are SUKJ one serving the other retired. Many think both are greatest SUKJ the State has ever seen, but the word GREATEST means there can be only one. So, who is greater amongst the greatests?

  9. Tambah lagi......

    And 1,4 BILLION MAINLAND CHINA to occupy all those CITIES. No doubt, they cannot take the land back to Tongsan as The Sultan said, but don't forget tok nenek moyang DAP, MACA & GERAKAN dulu pun dibawa masuk ke Malaysia by the Sultan and the British, jadi kuli di ladang gambir dan lombong bijih timah. Look, what happen now - bukan ke U all memaki hamun British for this...?????
    Dan semuanya sungguh gerun memikirkan DAP bakal menguasi KERAJAAN!!!!!
    Arn't U all scared to death thinkking what will happen in, say 20 years time when anak cucu of the 1.4 BILLION jadi BANGSA MALAYSIA................??????
    Who is going to fight for AGAMA, BANGSA & NEGARA, than...???????

    1. Kontraktor berskala besar dari negara China, yang bertaraf antarabangsa, yang setiap tahun untung berbilion-bilion US dollar, MUDAH-MUDAH boleh dapat pelepasan GST dari Kerajaan.

      Kontraktor Bumiputra kelas E dan F yang tenggelam-tenggelam timbul, kembang-kempis2 tiap bulan bayar GST macam nak mati. Takkan orang Melayu tak boleh nak fikir. Kononnya Umno jaga orang Melayu. Jagalah sangattttttttt.........

      Syarikat-syarikat dari negara China datang buat projek keretapi di negara ni dapat layanan TERSANGAT istimewa. Boleh bukak bank di sini. Kerajaan meminjam dari mereka. Berhutang dengan mereka. Mereka bawak masuk pekerja dari negara mereka. Lepas tu dapat pelepasan cukai lagi. Ini bukan FDI. Ini namanya MENYEMBAH China.

      Anak-anak Melayu baru habis belajar Kerajaan HAMBAT keliling dunia suruh bayar balik PTPTN. Nama semua black list. Kena sekat tak boleh pergi overseas. Tak boleh buat loan.

      Shahrizat Jalil masih berhutang dengan Kerajaan 248 juta dari 250 juta yang di pinjam untuk projek ternak lembu. Projek gagal. Lembu entah ke mana.

      Kak Ijat tak pernah dikejar Kerajaan suruh bayar balik hutang yang di ambil. Kalau PTPTN bukan main lagi kejar suruh bayar balik.

      Apa yang Kerajaan buat adalah memberi pingat Tan Sri sebagai mengenang usaha beliau menternak lembu yang tak jadi. Beliau juga telah dilantik debagai penasihat hal-ehwal lembu errrr sorry...hal ehwal wanita.

      Itulah dinamakan HEBATKAN NEGARAKU!!!!....


    2. Chik Minah ,

      Lu cekap manyak betut , Wa pon lengar itu macam punya celita ,apa lagi kita mau halap maa aa .

      Wa mau taluk itu halapan !!!!.

  10. The Rajamanikam will fight for his bangsa first!

  11. not sure what you drink but your joke abt Jason winning over Kit Siang made me fall off my chair. not sure if you really understand the ground sentiments in Johor....

  12. Haiyo still vote BN.. you think we Chinese so ‘so high’ like some Malays here meh.. the whole world ridiculing and making a joke out of no face .. where got maruah

  13. in 2016 americans voted a billionaire & made him president but everything is terbalik here, in 2013 msians voted a prime minister & made him billionaire MO1 sigh

    1. If you want to be multi millionaire then join UMNO
      It doesn’t matter if you start poor

      Jho Low

    2. or you jilat baik2 MO1 like jho low (paris hilton can confirm this jilat baik2) LOL

  14. when MO1 back stabbed abdullah, do you expect komedi NOT to back stab MO1??? typical dumbo back stabbing right (like annie amoy backstabbing khaled with tok moy) wakakaka

    1. that bodoh zahid should start rebellion now, if not MO1 will back stab him with hisham...

  15. Jason got 50-50 chance? You must be joking Annie! If Bn wins with less than 40% of the votes, its no win at all. Cos the hearts and minds of the rakyat is then not with Bn anymore.

  16. Derived from comments in annies blog, look like this GE14 is umno bashing & umno problem is that MO1 really bad omen takda ong lah...

  17. As a Malay it doesn't matter who is winning.whether Jason or Lim Kit Siang does not make any difference to the number of Chinese MB.
    Which is one better?A muslim MP from Pas or a Chinese MP from Barisan Nasional?
    As a staunch supporter to BN of course my loyalty is to BN.But given the choice between a non Muslim from a friendly party or an'enemy' who is a Muslim I would rather chose the later.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Pros Kangkang,

      The only thing you will choose is dedak, lah.

      Prof Sawi

    2. its not tat complicated subject. quite d contrary. simply throw d egocentric barang naik into d dustbin of history. then congratulate urself for d only rare chance u get.

    3. Saya sayang UMNO
      Saya sayang khadam prof kangkung

      Jho Low

  18. Annie,

    Thks for "turuning" padang to have a look for yourself.

    Well, at least that is my guess about why you are in Johor.

    Your blog appears to give an "as is" view of what is happening in Johor now.

    Thks again for your views.

    I luv 'em and keep 'em coming.

    I am headed back to my kampung now but I will be dropping into KL to chk it out.

    A bit early you say?

    Nah, got lots to do before May 9.

    My sister has a long list of things for me to do. :(