Saturday 14 April 2018

The next best thing for Pakatan - capturing Johor

In my  last post I predicted that

BN will win

Just now someone asked me via WhatsApp whether Pakatan still have any chance at all.

This is my reply,

-  Not impossible but it will be an upset if opposition wins. They need to totally overwhelm BN in all the states in the West coast to do that. Pakatan is very weak in the east coast and Sabah Sarawak.

Well, the chances of Pakatan to "totally overwhelm" BN in the West coast are actually rather slim, if you asked me.

They may win quite a lot of seats and even be dominant in Penang, Selangor or even Kedah, but that most likely will not be good enough.

That, unless something spectacularly incredible happen in the East coast and Sabah.

Sarawak is totally BN's, okay.

So, really, despite me not yet being on the ground, I can calculate that the odds are against a Pakatan's victory.

Nonetheless, I'm of the opinion that the next best thing Pakatan could achieve is to capture Johor, the birthplace of Umno.

Seriously, I don't think Umno will ever recover if Johor falls.

If I'm a Pakatan strategist, I would throw all I have into the fight in Johor.

Of course it's not going to be easy, but I think the chances of Pakatan capturing Johor are actually better than the chances of it capturing Putrajaya.

Further more, looking at the BN's preparations for GE14 in Johor so far, I don't think it will do any better than in 2013.

If Pakatan pushes hard enough, I think an upset could be possible.

Still, the chances of this happening are just about 35 per cent, at most.

Pakatan parties, with the exception of DAP simply do not have the proper machinery or even enough credible candidates in Johor.

This is especially so in the case of Pribumi, which will contest the most number of seats in Johor from among the Pakatan component parties.

Most are ex-Umno people who are no longer in  mainstream politics.

Honestly, I prefer the Amanah people in Johor than those from Pribumi. I personally knew some of the Amanah people there and I think that they are quite decent people.

Therefore, I think Pakatan would have better chance if Amanah lead the charge instead of Pribumi, especially in trying to break the Umno's stranglehold on the Johorean Malays vote bank, which remains solid till the last general election in 2013.

But that's just me and my thoughts.

Doesn't really matter, okay.

So, yes, if I'm a Pakatan supporter I would not despair if the opposition coalition losses GE14 provided that it wins in Johor.

Imagine this, Pakatan controlling the three richest states in the country - Selangor, Penang and Johor.

Okay, they may also capture Kedah and Perak too.

Not bad, what.

For one thing, losing Johor will at least force Umno to do something drastic.

It can't remains the way it is now after losing its birth place and once strongest fortress.

It has to change for the better.

All the shits within it must go.

They have to get rid of the ugly faces who caused Umno to be hated so much by so many people that they even lose Johor on top of everything else.

Well, see lah how.

I will only be able to go on the ground just before nomination day.

Quite frustrating, actually, being forced to remain cooped up in office at a time like this.

But what to do....

Have to earn a living, okay.


  1. salam

    syndrome of denial...
    em em em...

    pernah dengarlah dulu...


    1. Patut la byk bangla skrg dah buka business rupa2 umno yg benarkan... patut la x de polis kacau diorg.. di serdang dan cheras byk bangla buka kedai kecil2 jual benda handphone dan kedai gunting rambut... i pon heran mereka ni mcm org msia x perlu modal besar utk berniaga di msia? Mcm ada 5 ribu dah boleh business? Ni pelabur yg dikatakan oleh najib ? Patut la ekonomi kita semakin baik.. sesiapa ada sikit wang pon boleh dtg msia buka kedai mcm msia ni hotel... sdgkan Australia hadkan Aussie dollar 1.5 million minimum investment dan canada pon minumum 200k dollar.. senang je warga asing dtg sini business pastu jd warga negara haha.. patut la org cina dipanggil balik china... sbb tengah welcome bangla...patut la nama msia semakin famous..patutla keselamatan negara semakin baik sbb byk warga asing tolong jagakan negara kita....

  2. What do you make of the comments from caretaker deputy home minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed when he criticised the PKR flash mob campaign Jom Balik Undi :
    "... the principle of using outstation voters to influence the result of the constituency is wrong because at the end of the day they (the opposition candidates) do not hold their seat for every election.
    “The candidates keep moving around. Even if they win, they don’t serve their constituency and the next election they look for another place to avoid the issues in their own constituency,”

    1. This guy is a joke. What principle he’s talking about? Licking bosses backside principle? Licking till you drop la bro..

      I have never heard public officials in countries around the world where democracy is the system of government whom discourage voters to return home to vote.

      This guy, together with his boss the Jawaman clearly VIOLATING the constitution. Not upholding it. They’re not suitable, let alone qualify to live in democratic country such as Malaysia. What more to be minister. They both should live in autocratic country like North Korea where tin pot dictators rule with iron fist.

      The right to vote is enshrined in the constitution. A basic and fundamental right for every living citizen. It is HIGHLY CRIMINAL to deny this fundamental right. That’s why you have laws under EC Act where employers can be punished if they deny their employees to vote.

      Geeeezzzz what the hell happen to this country? Ministers telling voters not to vote? We are not longer living in democratic country but a country which bordering full fledged dictatorship.

      There is a climate of fear spreading all over country. They actually AFRAID of people power!!...

  3. IMHO Umno is still important for this country. And like you said all the shits within must go. However all these shit will not go unless BN is defeated for once, then a new generation of younger and able leaders can emerge to bring the party and country to greater height.

  4. Annie,
    If Johore falls, Putrajaya will fall too.......

    1. Massive gerrymandering.

      If follow our FC, Umgnok & Barisan Neraka already lost GE13.

    2. UMNO will win

      Jho Low
      Adun indonesia
      Parlimen Hong Kong

  5. Jika calon PAKATAN, MONYET pun saya akan undi!
    Apatah lagi Syed Saddiq. budak pintar tu.
    After all Najib pun jadi anggota Parlimen at 22.
    At least Syed Saddiq ada degree dan berjaya
    Najib cuma bergantung pada NAMA BAPA.
    So all in all, it is alright kalau saya pangkah

    1. monyet mestilah suka monyet mana ada monyet kongkek dengan beruang

  6. komedi best NOT to vote 2 msians working in spore adoi sorry annie BN johor or other states will be buried this GE14, rakyat angry & they want Harapan...

    1. You are right, now even the taxi drivers turn their back on the man who offer them 800 ringgit fuel voucher. Just watch the video. Pemandu taxi keluar dewan on youtube


  7. Pakatan menang Johor !, Wa manyak sukak itu macam maa aa !!!.

  8. BN must go,then only we will have a gov for the people n a gov who is afraid of the people, guys bn defeat will send a strong message to every political party, no matter how long u rule the people are there to bring u down

  9. Possible for parti pribumi MP to form a malay unity coalition with Umno ?And bugger with the rests ie pakatan harapan, najib,dap and possibly the constitution.

  10. Annie,

    Most impotantly school dropout Pros Kangkang must not starve.

    His crumbs of dedak are secure if PM Badak Air Betina wins another 5 years.

    She still has to clean out KWSP & Khazanah.

    So far only TH, Felda and KWAP have become her victims.

  11. MO1 accused Tun M for hitting below the belt. As if what he did all these while is very manly and democratic. This crook is increasingly famous for saying something but doing exactly the opposite.

    He accused Pakatan of hitting below the belt but he himself :

    1) Denied Pakatan registered as official coalition and thus denied them from using common official symbol.

    2) Deregistered PPBM a day before dissolving parliament.

    3) Redrawing exercise the electoral boundaries which is lopsided. Giving unfair advantage to ruling coalition.

    4) Enacting fake news laws to intimidate public expression and choking free speech.

    5) BN flags and banners sprung up all over the country weeks before dissolution of parliament. Violating local authority directives and against EC rules. But again, when it comes to ruling coalition, all of these thrown out of window.

  12. annie can you share 'why BN will win' despite enormous anti BN sentiments unless:-
    1. phantom votes?
    2. postal votes?
    3. Dr M, anwar & harapan not appealing to kampung & felda folks?
    4. 1mdb songlap by MO1, jho low & riza aziz (unlike simple indonesians who despised suharto corruption, advanced msians dont despise BN corruption)? enuf said

    1. Ini semua fitnah
      UMNO Sentiasa telus dan tidak pernah membohongi rakyat

      Jho Low
      Adun indonesia
      Parlimen Hong Kong

  13. if johor kalah... built the wall

    1. Kalau UMNO menang felda
      Saya akan hadiahkan 26 kilo bar emas kepada setiap satu kepala Warga felda
      Women and children will also be qualified
      Inilah janji saya

      Jho Low
      Adun indonesia
      Parlimen Hong Kong

  14. Today's news:
    Supermax boss (Stanley Thai) apologises to PM for supporting Opposition in GE13.

    You may wonder why is he apologizing.

    Isn't this the same guy facing a 5-year jail term and RM5 million fine for insider trading?

    1. bro...

      kan tun dah cakap mereka2 yang d lihat cenderung kepada pembangkang akan d siasat telitinya failnya oleh lhdn...mmc dah kena dah aritu kes tahun lepas lepas...


  15. And then you have the elections date being set on working day. Not on the weekend as it should be. If that is not bad enough for prospective voters, the EC pushed it even further but set it on midweek of working day. Which is on Wednesday. Throwing further confusion in the air.

    But still, it wasn’t the most shocking part of the EC press conference. You know what the most shocking part is?

    The EC boss himself bolted the PC as soon as he finished his last sentences; with his officials on tow. Refusing to entertain questions from the waiting press. Leaving the people who watched it live throughout the country shell shocked and disbelief.

    You know what, witnessing this type of behaviour coming from the entity which supposedly to be apolitical and fair, and independent, you can’t blame the people for not having faith on them.

    What is the rationale for having such date to hold elections? It is just shocking and bizzare. Having the EC boss stormed out from the room with his tail between his legs. Not having a courage to face the media to answer questions arising from such controversial announcement. What a shamble.

  16. If you have told me 10 years ago that one day Mahathir would become opposition leader and Hadi in turn would get into bed with BN, I would have told you that you are fucking crazy.

    And yet, here we are today.

    Now, you tell me BN will not lose GE14....

  17. Annie,

    10 years already and based on the survey by IDE, the Selangor folks do not want to return back to BN.

    Same thing with Penang folks.

    Johor must not loose to Pakatan or otherwise, if Pakatan wins, then the same thing will happen, Pakatan will perform better and Johorean will not return back to BN.

  18. As a Johorean myself I do agree with Annie that Pakatan have no credible candidates.If TSMY is not really credible when he cannot deny his relationship with Nika Gee.Don't tell me kampung folks have never heard Nika Gee's name.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. As if Kak Ijat and Isa Samad are SO credible..

    2. Credible or not, it is not us to decide but the rakyat. And you brought up old story to smear him as if your beloved leaders up there are so innocent, pure and sinless.

      Whose the guy who caught with his pants down with popular singer in PD in late 80s? Whose the guy who used to frequenting massage parlours before winning parliamentary seat and being appointed as chairman one of Malaysia’s GLC?

      What happened back then is not an issue anymore. What happened while he was an MB is old story which didn’t involve people’s money. It is personal and whatever happened is between him and God.

      At least TSMY didn’t caught with billions of unknown money in his bank accounts. While in gomen, he never sold/privatize an an inch of gomen land to line up his pockets. Please read TS Rafidah open letter to former Defence Minister.

      He’s not the one who sold valuable gomen’s lands to pay debts. He’s not the one who slapped GST tax to rakyat which contributed to high cost of living.

    3. I have see a video where TSMY defended the government's decision to impose GST. Why the u-turn now?

      Prof Kangkung

    4. Prof Kangkung & BN johor better prepare yourselves against malay tsunami tambah lion tsunami (no chase the lion adoi) sigh sure BN kaput

  19. Copy Paste dari FB
    Masalah utama negara adalah penindasan ekonomi melalui GST dan penarik balikkan subsidi minyak. Yg paling terkesan adalah mereka yg miskin. Majoriti yg miskin adalah melayu.

    Nak tolong melayu miskin, kasi bungkus itu GST. Nak kasi bungkus itu GST kita kena kasi bungkus itu penyokong utama GST. UMNOBNPAS.
    Sudah bungkus, kasi tanam dlm2 agar tidak akan dapat bangkit lagi walau utk seratus tahun mendatang dan supaya GST mampus terus.
    Masalah melayu bukan DAP, tapi melayu UMNO yg setiap kali dapat projek akan meng-alibabakannnya kpd cina MCA.
    Kebanyakkannya AJK UMNO bahagian. Cuba ko tengok life-style dia org. Nak apa pun pakai tunjuk, kekayaan projek tak henti2.
    GST lagi seratus tahun pun dia tak peduli. Duit dia dah berlori. Kita nak mkn sardin pun korek tabung anak. Jahanam punya melayu. Inilah group yg mendalangi dan mempertahan GST walau menindas melayu miskin.

    Kalau ko sokong dia org, ko pun jahanam mcm dia org. Rakyat miskin sumpah ko jadi biol dan siol tujuh keturunan.

    Kemudian, yg paling menakutkan adalah penjajahan ekonomi oleh komunis China secara senyap dan tersusun. Penggadaian aset negara kpd komunis China berlaku secara senyap dalam jumlah yg menakutkan.

    Penjajahan ini akan bertukar kpd penjajahan sosio politik kerana yg berhutang terpaksa akur dgn perintah sipemberi hutang.

    Tergadai maruah dan pegangan bila komunis China sudah menjadi raja. Sapa yg terkesan? Kita melayu miskin yg cintakan negara ini jugaklah yg akan diperhamba dan diperkulikan.
    Enam jahanam yg menjual harta negara tu, apa dia org peduli?.

    Harta dan gundik mereka merata di tujuh benua. Kita melayu papa nak lari kemana?
    Ciumlah tgn komunis China puas2 semoga banyaklah dpt tepung dan beras.

    Melayu, buka mata kepala mu.
    Buka mata hati mu.
    Buka minda waras mu.
    Penjahanam kita bukan DAP tapi seluruh kepimpinan UMNOPAS yg bernafsu buas. Rakus mengganas melibas harta dunia tanpa merasa puas. Tanpa peduli melayu miskin yg tertindas.

    Melayu, kalau ingin membebaskan diri kita dan anak cucu kita dari kejahanaman ini, kita harus menjahanamkan org yg sedang mejahanamkan kita ini sejahanam-jahanamnya.
    Siapa lagi kalau bukan UMNOPAS. Tanpa setitik pun rasa belas kita jahanamkan UMNOPAS dlm PRU 14.
    Ingat mereka jahanamkan kita atau kita jahanamkan mereka. Keputusan ditangan kita.
    Kita penentu kerana kita melayu merdeka yg cintakan negara dan sayangkan bangsa.
    Bertindaklah sebelum komunis China jahanamkan kita.

  20. @ Anonymous15 April 2018 at 07:58

    "Ciumlah tgn komunis China puas2 semoga banyaklah dpt tepung dan beras."

    One thing is for sure. Even when PH comes into power, the relationship will continue.
    So you can forget about raising the prospect of May 13 2.0. The Chinese Navy and the Liaoning aircraft carrier is just hours away.

    Motherland 萬歲, 萬歲, 萬萬歲!!!

  21. This is what Prof Kangkong wrote:

    "As a Johorean myself I do agree with Annie that Pakatan have no credible candidates.If TSMY is not really credible when he cannot deny his relationship with Nika Gee.Don't tell me kampung folks have never heard Nika Gee's name."

    Let's do this:

    As a ...(1).... myself I do agree with ...(2)... that ...(3)... have no credible candidates.If ...(4)... is not really credible when he cannot deny his relationship with ...(5)....Don't tell me kampung folks have never heard ...(5)...'s name.

    Fill in the blanks:

    (1) Malaysian / People of any State in Malaysia or any City or Town or Kampung

    (2) Anyone who made any suggestion

    (3) BN / UMNO / MCA / MIC / PAS / anyone associated with Najib

    (4) Najib or any BN or PAS leader

    (5) 1MDB / Jho Low / Altantuya / Kevin Morais case / Hussein Najadi's case / 90 million corruption money for bekalan akhirat / any other scandals involving UMNO BN

  22. wow despite susah cari makan a spore tsunami coming home to vote against komedi BN best not to vote...BN will lose for now wakakaka
    Hidup tsunami rakyat tumbangkan BN!!!

    1. Declare state of emergency

      Jho Low
      Adun indonesia
      Parlimen Hong Kong

  23. MO1 extremely profilgate way of doing things to canvass massive support is kinda scary. Cold hard cash, billions of it, together with goodies, lots and lots of goodies, being thrown around like no tomorrow. Everytime he’s out and about, the only thing he does is throwing cash. And the amount is simply outrageous.

    The thing is, all of those monies/resources didn’t grow on threes. They didn’t fall from the sky. It has got to come from somewhere. And that somewhere are not limitless. It is not always full to the brims. It takes time to grow. It will get shrink, depleted and eventually dry out.

    And you can’t just recklessly spend it all now and treat it as if your own piggy bank. It has got to be some kind of restrain and self-control. Measuring at the way the guy conducting himself lately, it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down.

    Recent report showed we already spent a whopping 31 billion for interest payment alone. The figure is staggering. FYI it is not his money/resources that he recklessly and extravagantly wasted. It is not even Umno’s money or BN’s money. It is gomen’s money. The taxpayers money. It is YOUR money.

    When too much monies/resources meant for future consumption/generations all ridiculously spent and wasted right now, right here without much thinking and savings for the future, it’s gonna affect you, us the rakyat because some of them are meant for the future. It is not supposed to be finished it all at present time.

    Those monies are meant for your children and your children’s children. It is of utmost irresponsible for an elected leader entrusted with public purse to splurge it all in one strike just to save his arse.

    And you trying to give this guy another 5 years. Well good lick and luck..

    1. Fikir positif, tak baik fitnah, Sokong PAS

      Jho Low
      Adun indonesia
      Parlimen Hong Kong

  24. Do check out the site "". The guy gives quite an insightful analysis of the voting patterns. Regulars here...Glad he ate her, Cik Minah & the 2 professorry...your take on this?

  25. Thanks Lai Panjang.
    Sudah masuk '
    Here it is for everyone to read.
    Panjang sangat, edit separuh.

    As a Fund Manager, we have to be right. Not only on the call but on the timing. This is not easy because we risk our own capital. If we are right we make, if we are wrong we lose. And we can lose badly, even if we are slightly wrong but because we take a big position.

    And The Rembau Times is betting big that Barisan Nasional will lose this GE. There are no two ways about it.

    Let me explain with a story about my favourite analyst, Stephen Tusa from JP Morgan.

    If you followed what Stephen Tusa said in 2017, you would be a multi-millionaire with a capital of $10,000 to $20,000. This is the man who became famous because he predicted the collapse of General Electric share price.

    Stephen Tusa delivering his death blow analysis of why GE is a disaster. Today it is worth only $13 a share.

    His thesis however was spot on. Today GE stock is “a curse word.” It is trading at $12.97. If you’re an analyst and you tell people that GE will go back to $23.47 by October 20th, 2018, the same price it was trading on that fateful day in October 20th, 2017, your boss will fire you. It fact, people are afraid of “badi GE” or the GE curse. A lot of people do not want GE in their portfolio.

    But why was Stephen Tusa right and the rest of Corporate America wrong?

    His secret, – good, solid analysis. Not afraid to give a dissenting opinion.

    For the Rembau Times the analysis is not very difficult. Malays are not a homogenous group. They are segmented by age, by gender, but many different tastes. Moreover, for the Malays, a sizeable group will be below 40 and BN is “destroyed” in this segment. They will lose the bulk of the Males Below 40 segment to Pakatan Harapan by at least 10 to 15 percentage points. That means they are dead on arriva in the election booth because they have lost the majority of the Malay segment. They have to rely on the women voters, but only the Wanita UMNO and Puteri UMNO “type” voters will vote for them. They may still carry this segment, but only by a few percentage points. They will not dominate the Malay segment like they had previously. They will lose the non-political young mothers and single slim lady segment by a very wide margin as many of them accept Tun as a ‘father figure.’ They, however are expected to win the ‘non slim’ single lady segment.

    But the GE CEO then, Jeff Immelt was just like Najib. He told the world that GE was going to earn $2 per share in 2017. In the end GE had a horrible loss, worse than ever imagined as GE Capital was under-reserved and had to take a $6 billion hit and replenish $15 billion of capital.

    Same like Najib is promising there is no Malay tsunami, because he said that a Malay tsunami meant a rejection of UMNO and so far he has not seen signs of a rejection of UMNO.

    BN leaders have been caught off camera looking sad and stressed.Er, maybe a Malay tsunami is caused by a rejection of Najib? And UMNO is collateral damage.

    Can you see signs of a rejection of Najib? Does any analyst want to dare say whether the Malaysian public rejects or supports Najib as a leader?

    Once the darling of Corporate America, GE is a cursed stock and many feel GE may remain a cursed stock for some time. And the same will be true of BN, the storied party ruling unbroken for 60 years. As in the words of Tun Dr Mahathir, come this election and “Wait and See. This election will see a Malay tsunami which will bury you forever.”

  26. The writer says Umno must do something drastic if it loses getting rid of the deplorables within.

    Well...that will be the day ! How to rid itself of the deplorables when it is almost 99.999 percent stuffed up with such monstrosities ? The danger lies in winning small...if Umno wins small, that is when we will see the desperados with backs already against the wall take the next step to step to maintain power at all cost......we could see a irreversible slide down the slippery slope where the religious fanatics will gain a stranglehold and that will spell the end of the way we have been living our lives so far.

  27. Annie, there's no need for you to go to the ground.
    Can you not sense the anger against BN? It's everywhere. It's in the coffee shops, the offices, blogosphere, etc.
    You should message that klepto guy and say that even if he wins the elections, he still won't be able to douse the anger. Yes, the anger is everywhere! And tell him that it's high time that he throws in the towel.

    1. Perkongsian artikel Cikgu Abd Ghani Haron. Org Kedah terutama belah SP kenal siapa tokoh ni. Menarik penulisannya. Rugi tak baca.👇


      Ada beberapa rakan fb bertanya saya tentang pendirian saya dalam politik. Mereka tahu saya condong kpd parti Islam,tetapi bila berlaku perpecahan, pihak mana yg saya ikut?

      Saya nak jawab soalan ini seperti seorang orang kampung saya menjawab soalan ini bila mereka bersembang di balai lintang masjid.Katanya kita semua akan dihimpun di mahsyar nanti dan kita akan mengikut pemimpin yg kita pilih sejak di dunia. Kalaulah kita tiba disana kita nampak Datuk Najib dan Datuk Zahid dok pegang bendera dengan pengikutnya,Mat Sabu, Mahfuz dan mungkin Guan Eng serta Kit Siang berserta pengikutnya dengan benderanya dan Hj Hadi serta Tuan Ibrahim serta pengikutnya juga memegang bendera,agaknya kita yg tak reti apa ni nak pilih untuk duduk dalam kumpulan mana untuk mengadap Allah dan perhitungannya?Masa tu dah tak kira soal nak rampas putrajaya,nak kekal berkuasa.Pemimpin mana yg dipilih didunia pemimpin itu juga kita akan ikut di mahsyar.Saya tentu sekali bersama Ustaz Hadi dan Tuan Ibrahim serta pengikutnya.Orang kampung saya yg memberi jawapan ini serta rakan sembang dibalai lintang semua setuju nak bersama Us Hadi dari kumpulan lain.

      Maka itulah jawapan saya.Pemimpin yg saya akan ikut di dunia,itulah juga pemimpin hingga akhirat kerana apa yg kita buat di dunia akan dibawa ke akhirat.Yang bersama Najib,kekal berpautlah pada bahunya kerana anda yakin dia pemimpin yg tersangat baik.Pada anda yg bersana Mat Sabu,Guan Eng dan Mahathir,kekallah berlindung dibawah mereka ketika mengadap Robbuljalil,bukankah anda rasa mereka ini orang yg benar.Tentu ada yg memberi alasan mereka berkawan setakat dunia shj,di akhirat lain cerita.Apa yg kita ikut didunia,itulah juga ke akhirat.

      Jangan marah analogi jawapan saya ini kerana saya tak reti politik,saya rasa jawapan orang kampung saya ini sesuai untuk orang yg tak reti politik,tapi beriman. Jika anda rasa anda pun ingin bersama orang yg kuat pegangan agamanya,berpayung bersama para ulamak untuk mengadap Allah ketika si mahsyar nanti,bukan bersama orang yg tak reti agama,hidup penuh dusta dan putarbelitnya,lebih teruk mereka yg menolak hukum Allah, jomlah bersama kepimpinan PAS.

      Saya sekedar mengajak, berfikirlah.Jika anda masih tak setuju, tidak perlu berdebat disini , kita masih bersaudara, berlapang dadalah kita. Wallahu'alam.

      Jho Low
      Adun indonesia
      Parlimen Hong Kong

  28. ini pukimak punye org, moga kau mampos cepatla babi, ko ni pukimak menyusahkn rakyat sendiri, semue lpsni digalakkan jumpe bangla sial pukol ramai2.. babi punye macai lahanat!!

  29. Ini lah menyebab kn bangla maharaja lela dekat malaysia. Di sebabkan pemimpin slh guna kuasa. Tengok ja nnti negara malaysia akan jadi negara owg2 asing. Owg2 melayu akan di tindas oleh owg asing. Bodoh betol lah owg2 BN nie. Xfikir ke hadapan ke apa. Xfikir ke kalau bangla di beri ic apa akan jadi pada owg2 melayu.. harap2 PRU ke 14 ini. BN akan kalah. Amin. Allah humma amin.

  30. Tukar nama la...banglasial....aku nk sebut malaysia pun sbb npk bangla ramai....pemimpin sampah ,tgn sampah yg undi pemimpin sampah!lahirnya pemimpin bodoh dari tgn pengundi yg bodoh!!

  31. Aku lahir malaysia..tggal malaysia dah 22 tahun..mak ayah aku tggl dkat malaysia dh 27 tahun..masih pakai passport sbb mak ayah ak asal thailand tp jd pnduduk tetap di malaysia..tapi,kerajaan xda pom yg bantu bagi ic warganegara..aku sekolah rendah smpai menengah masuk U pom xdpat ic warganegara..skrg pom pakai ic sementara wrna hijau..tu pom status bukan warganegara..ape lah malaysia,senang ko nk bagi org asing ic sdngkan mereka bkan lahir dan menetap lama disini..tolonglah fikir msa depan anak bangsa kita..sekian

  32. Pale bapak kau la anjing.. kau nk suoh diorg kawin ngn org melayu? Jilake tol , nasib tk trjadi kt keluarga aku la, kawin sbb nk berniaga dan nk dpt kn ic ? Wtf sial.. kau ingat org pmpuan melayu ni semua apa sial? Bahan untuk org bangla ke sial?

  33. Bukti dah ada tunggu la kita tukar kerajaan tangkap Bangla X Pakistan ni.#tumbangBN

  34. Sedihnya pemimpin malaysia,klu kat negara lain nak dapatkan Permanent residents bukan main susan lagi,klu nak kawin pun utk dapatkan PR belum tentu lagi dpt taraf.kesiannya..

  35. Yg ckp tu pun mcm bangla! Ko ingat pompuan melayu ni murah sgt ke smpai nk kawen ngn bangla.. asal xnk suruh bangsa ko india. Kawen dgn bangla?! Melayu jugak yg ko sebut.. kebabian ape la ni..

  36. Pihak tentera siang malam berjaga di sempadan...takut penceroboh masuk dlm negara...tetapi umgok membenarkan n memberi ruang pencerobohan secara halal...malaysia makin rosak secara halus oleh pemimpin2 umgok... Ini realiti bukan fantasi.....hidup umgok....

  37. YaAllah apa nak jadi la dgn kerajaan malaysia skrng ni..terdesak utk pertahankan kedudukan sampai mcm ni sekali..aku berdoa supaya Allah swt memberi kemenangan pada PH demi memperjuangkan hak2 org malaysia..

  38. Prof Kangkung,

    //I have see a video where TSMY defended the government's decision to impose GST.//

    Aiyah, what is wrong with you?

    Haven't you worked out that in Malaysia, politics is like religion?

    A person could rape and kill his mother, sister, daughter, the neighbour's gold fish BUT those who share his politics or religion will defend his actions while those who do not share his politics or religion will condemn him.

    As soon as he changes his politics and/or religion to that of those who condemn him, those who used to defend him will now condemn him and those who used to condemn him will now defend him.

    And that person can continue to rape and kill as he pleases.

    So what do we do?

    I'll bet that you were going to say that we can fix the problem by getting rid of that rapist/murderer.

    But that is simply a short-term solution.

    Another rapist/murderer will simply take his place and the whole cycle starts all over again.

    In my opinion, maybe, just maybe, getting rid of the system which keeps producing such rapists/killers is a better long-term solution.


  39. Lai Panjang,

    //your take on this?//

    What is there to say but 16.5%?

    Oh, yes, and throw in a mid-week polling date so your "bulk of the Males Below 40 segment" cannot balik kampung to cast their votes where it matters - in the rural seats, in Sabah and in Sarawak.

    Whilst I have seen a lot of effort by Pakatan supporters in ensuring that voters do get back to vote in their relevant constituencies, I hope that those constituencies are located where their votes matter.

    BTW, I would not be surprised if BN has exactly the same strategy of getting their voters back to vote. I wonder who would be paying for the cost of the transport, etc etc. :)


    1. Gladiator

      BN's strategy is to bus all voters working in Singapore to the wrong destination, or just break down the bus on the way.

      He he....

  40. Pakatan wins:

    N Sembilan