Sunday 1 April 2018

Angry angry


Don't be angry all the time.


Life is not so bad.


Things are really not so bad.

If you get angry once in a while, it's still okay.

I do got angry myself from time to time.

That's only human.

But not all the time.

I manage my anger.

Well, I also manage my ego, pride and all the other things.

You all should do that too.

At least try, okay.

People who are angry all the time are actually people who can't manage themselves.

Try not to be like that.

You will go mad if you let yourself be angry all the time.

I's only politics, okay.

Why do you let yourself be angry all the time because of politics?

A bit a bit can la....but not all the time.

It's not healthy.

Come on....does politics really make your life now so bad?

Please think first before you answer that.

Anyway, is your life so worse off now that you need to be so angry all the time?

If it is, was it really because of politics?

Be honest with yourself, okay.

Well, if the answer is yes, then okay la, go ahead and be angry.

But do try to manage it.

If not, try to relax and be cool.

Think of what went wrong and try to fix it.

Don't simply simply get angry.

It's not good for your state of mind.


Anyway, you shouldn't be so angry when you just got back from a nice overseas vacation....

...or when you have a good job....

---or when your business is doing well...

---or when you are living in a nice home with your beloved spouse and kids...

Relax, think about it.

Don't get angry simply because other people tell you to get angry.

Try to think for yourself.

Too many angry people already la these days.

Some of them , I think, simply get angry because they enjoy being angry.

I look at them and see people who are doing well in life.

Yet they are so angry.

And they are angry all the time too.

Everything also they want to lash out.

Don't know lah.

Me, when I'm angry, I just curse around a bit.

After that, I'm alright and cool again.

I don't get angry all the time.

And when I curse, I mostly curse in English.

I find cursing in English not being so vulgar.

Not like cursing in Malay.

I find cursing in Malay a bit too disgusting.


Pukimak engkau menanah la sial

That's disgusting right?

You all use that sort of words in the comment section and I'm going to spike it off.

Okay, I need to get up now.

Long distance early morning drive for me today.

Cheers and ciao.


  1. These fuckatan people have split personalities.Like Dr.Jackyl and Mr.Hyde.I am sure many of them who write with so much anger in this blog are really timid in the real world.Kalau depan bini pijak semut pun tak mati.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. I bet you’re one of the people that you mentioned dude. You’re a coward too. Like the rest of us here.

      Otherwise you would have use proper account to post comments here. With your real name on it. The fact that you never did that shows you’re not as brave as your ‘bravura’ been regurgitated in this blog every now and then.

      I have a Malay ‘pantun’ for you. It goes like this:

      “Paku dulang paku serpih,
      Mengata orang dia yang lebih..”

    2. Korg yg menteri2 ni bgaduh mcm budak2 ..,.
      Dah tua2 dah semua,kubur dah panggil da..,.
      Ape yg nk direbut kan???
      Semua politik memburukan antara satu sama lain...
      Habis,kami ni nk undi yg mane??? Semua yg buruk2

    3. You mean prof Kamarul zaman berzaman yang cukup hensem?


    4. If you wanna be a thief, dont be the RM2.60 one. Be the 1 billion times more one.

  2. “Long distance early morning drive for me today..”

    Drive safely Annie. Have a nice trip.

  3. It’s natural to feel angry but the way you deal with your anger what really matters.

    If you want of those who feel angry all the time and can’t resist acting on your impulse like shouting, cursing and break things, it means you’re lacking self control. You don’t know how to manage your emotion. You have issues with your mental health.

    If your in a relationship, it means your other half is in for a roller coaster ride. Living in highly toxic environment. It won’t be good for his/her mental health as well.

  4. Annie,

    There is no need to be angry all the time. True enough.

    Is Tun M angry all the time?. No right.

    He still smiles and be sarcastic a lot of time.

    If we are not angry and oblivious to the things around us, that is also not right.

    Rafidah Aziz gave an interesting analogy of the Ostrich.

    When a lot of things that around us are wrong, we cannot be like the Ostrich buried the head under the ground.

    She said that some people not only buried their head under the ground but under the concrete and oblivious about things around them.

    Things are ok at the moment, we are not bad like the middle east countries.

    Election is just around the corner.

    We should not just say that, hey, everything is ok.

    We should ponder whether we are going from good to better or from good to worse.

    It is not only about us at this point of time but the future for our generation, Malays, Chinese and Indian.

    What is going to happen 5 years, 10 years from now if the country is managed by corrupt people.

    We should ponder what kind of country we are going to be, a country like South Korea where the people prosper. A country that our generation can rely on.

    Or, we want to be like African country like Zimbabwe, Kenya, ...etc.

  5. Annie,

    About swearing.

    Agree with you, swearing in English is not as bad as "mencarut"

    Sometime, mencarut is so awful.

    I prefer the british style of swearing.

    The American often say, "Fuck you"

    The British often say, "Fuck off"

    The British way is better. Fuck off means, in some way, to ask the other person to migrate to another planet, get the hell out of lives, something like that.

    Saying Fuck you might resulted in the other guy retaliated back but Fuck off, normally the other guy just fuck off and leave.

  6. "I's only politics, okay."

    You're being misled, Dear Annie. Or maybe this posting is just to curry-favour or some sort of apology for your previous rants towards BN's media-handlers.

    Whatever it is, 1MDB & Jho Low is not about politics at all. If it was, surely Najib, as soon becoming PM cum Finance Minister, would have discussed with his MT and his cabinet members before transforming TIA into 1MDB. Due-diligence and risk assessment should have been done before accumulating huge debt.

    If it was 'politics', Goldman Sach would not have gotten a whopping 10% commission for underwriting 1MDB's bonds aka debts, when worldwide normal practice is only around 1 or 2%.

    If its about 'politics' or Agenda-Melayu or to uplift the Bumiputera economy, a Malay, Orang-asal or a Bumiputera from Sabah/Sarawak should have been solicited, instead of Cinakui Jho Low.

    If it was about 'Politics' or Demi Bangsa, Agama & Negara, why the need to incur huge debt, resulting parts and pieces of the country, including islands, needed to be sold to foreigners, just to pay interest.

    If its about 'politics', why pay 2(two) times, including penalty for late payment, to IPIC?

    If its about 'politic' where is 1MDB's Audited Financial Statement for 2015 ~ 2017?
    What become of 2013/2014 Account Statement after being rendered, 'no longer be relied upon' by its own BOD and Deloitte, 2 days after DoJ's Civil filing in July 2016?

    1. Well RD,
      Fuck the BN media handlers.
      There, I said it again.


  7. Annie,

    Wa manyak angry pasat halga balang semua naik sikalng maa aa ,lagi sutak naik lu kena bayar itu GST lagi lor rr , sutak belapa kali naik maa aa.

    Manyak luit punya oang ,itu mampu luar negeli jalan, mungkin ini hat tatak apa punya maa aa ,tapi miskin punya olang ini hat manyak busar lor rr,lata-lata pimpin punya olang manyak luit punya ,tatak piki ini macam punya hat lea aa.

    Baik punya pimipin mau kasi pikir bawah punya olang lulu maa aa ,negala maju lamai lakyat susah ,apa macam ?.

    Sikalang Bulayu lagi manyak kesian lor rr ,itu lumah untuk Bumiputla pon tatak bolih lapat ,apa macam buat Wa tatak paham lea aa.

  8. politic..? it’s a matter of believing. i put it like dis. is malaysia would be lot better off without ds najib? ha..haa…to me, wat is missing is a much sense of wat new idea is to grow. d cost is worth considering.

    if dun believe it…then ask prof kangkung there for his well consideration of d situation.

    well…it a reduced stress. xyah nak marah marah lagi. we do've choice really.

    1. "wat is missing is a much sense of wat new idea is to grow. d cost is worth considering"

      Apa lu cakap ni, tak faham aku........?????

    2. too?

      c.minah, kire gini le apa dlm kepala gue.

      if pm najib gone missing it rather good la for d new political crops to take over. u know, something i want to hear in exchange for my vote. kira berbaloi la gitu.

    3. mabuk ketum lar dia ni. jika kita cuba nak faham sangat, kita juga jadi mabuk ketum pulak.

  9. What anime is this? I would like to watch it

  10. PRU belum start, dah jadi begitu vocanic, apa akan jadi bila parlimen bubar dan tarikh PRU di umumkan?

    Macam perang dunia ketiga akan bermula di Malaysia.

  11. Kita nak marah kat sapa. Why pening2 kepala. Marah kat present gomen pun dia peduli apa. Jgn pangkah dacing PRU ni. Pastikan kwn2 kita semua sama kita. I know ramai wartawan memang tak sokong tapi dia cari makan marah kita pun kurang.

    1. yes, lets get excited. we'r gonna make it happen. put all other thing aside. show our magnanimity to stay as a force n bring back our pride n glory.