Sunday 29 April 2018

GE14 is turning into an anti-climax

I went to Pekan yesterday for the nomination day.

Was driving from my friend's house near Bukit Istana, Kuantan along the Bypass highway, a bit of Gambang-Kuantan highway and then the Kuantan-Pekan highway.

There were party flags put up all along the highways.

They were mostly BN's, quite a number of Pas', but very few that of PKR which represent Pakatan.

It made me wondered what's wrong with the Pakatan machinery.

Was it the same elsewhere?

It's nomination day after all.

They should had put up more of their flags by then.

When I arrived in Pekan, just before 9am, I got another surprise.

I walked to the field near the hall where the nomination process took place and discovered that among the party supporters who accompanied their candidates, only a few were from Pakatan.

Less than 50 of them, I think.

These are all the Pakatan supporters that turned up at the Pekan nomination centre yesterday.

The Pas supporters there probably outnumbered them 10 to one, while those from BN about 100 to one.

It was nothing like when I was there on nomination day of the general election in 2008.

At that time the opposition supporters were almost equal in number of the BN supporters and they were boisterous.

Those were the Pakatan Rakyat days.

Yesterday, if I'm a Pakatan Harapan supporter, I would have cried seeing the very few supporters accompanying Zahid Mat Arif to the nomination centre.

I know la that he is not going  to win against Najib but the least that could be done was to give him adequate moral support to continue campaigning over the next 10 days.

As I sat under a tree near the field, I received WhatsApp messages from friends at other parts of the country.

They also told of not very encouraging stories about Pakatan.

Several of Pakatan candidates were disqualified for not adhering to the election laws..

They include the veteran Tian Chua of PKR.

How can they fumbled on such an important day like that?

I can sense the frustration among my friends who were supporting Pakatan.

They simply could not believe that their candidates, who were supposed to be part of the Pakatan team to wipe out BN could fail so miserably.

Some started to accuse the Election Commission of purposely disqualifying the Pakatan candidates but their accusations seemed so far fetched to me.

What they forgot was that there were cases of BN candidates similarly being disqualified in past elections too.

It's a matter of getting everything in order and adhering to the laws and regulations.

If the candidates can't even get those right, then they don't deserve to be a wakil rakyat in the first place.

It's as simple as that.

Well, so far not so good for Pakatan.

I'm not saying that they would be wiped out, but it's getting harder for me to see them defeating BN in this general election.

Okay, there's still about 10 days for them to push their campaign.

I still think they will continue to rule Penang and Selangor.

They may also likely capture Kedah and possibly spring an upset in Perak and Johor.

But those are about it.

I can't see them capturing Putrajaya anymore.

So much for all the noises over the past years.

Okay, I'm driving back to JB tomorrow morning.

I think I'll stay there for a while to see how things turn up there.

After all, the other day I wrote this as it appeared more and more likely that Pakatan is not going to win this general election,

The next best thing for Pakatan - capturing Johor


  1. Paid supporters don't count. They are fake supporters. Don't count your eggs before they are hatched

  2. Vote for Pakatan Harapan

    Najib and his cronies has done so much damage to malaysia

  3. Tian Chua was disqualified because his latest court fine was set at RM2,000 (it was reduced from RM3,000). According to the Constitution, a person is eligible for election or to be an MP as long as the court fine is lesser than RM2,000. Thus the disqualification is valid if Constitution is followed literally. However an earlier Tian Chua's case, where he was also fined RM2,000, the court allowed him to participate in election as long as the fines is not RM2,001 or more.

    If the judges really want to allow these politicians that themselves judged as guilty in their respective cases to contest in elections, can't the judges just set the fines at RM1,900 or some other amount lower than RM2,000 so as not to make a mockery of the Constitution and giving difficulty for other public official that want to upheld the highest law as it is written?

    1. Tian Chua is just arrogant and stupid. He should have stayed out of this election as proposed initially by PKR. He lobbied hard to get in. He should have be like Rafizi who stayed out and still goes round campaigning for PH. Rafizi is really committed to the cause of toppling BN.Tian Chua is just an attention grabber knowing fulll well SPR will surely do him in this round.Foe his arrogance and stupidity PH lost a seat.

    2. It was combine with another CRIME he did in 2003 which was fined with rm2k also.

      Combine with the latest one 2k.

      Hence 2k + 2k = 4k = not eligible.

    3. Anonymous29 April 2018 at 14:12

      You are not just a mangkuk, but a mangkuk hayun.

      Get a brain transplant, or stop posting nonsense.

    4. Semoga barisan dikuburkan selamanya... Tipu dan guna org sabah utk kepentingan p.jibby n the geng....kasi kubur terus bah

    5. Saya setuju dengan Dato' Seri Najib, hebat sungguh negaraku.

      1. 1MDB: Skandal kewangangan terbesar dalam sejarah dunia
      2. Perdana Menteri dapat derma terbesar di dunia RM2.6 Bilion
      3. Sampai sekarang tak boleh kesan Jho Low
      4. Negara kaya minyak tetapi harga naik tiap-tiap minggu



      Pak Lah satu2nya PM di mana negeri 'home-state' nya dirampas & terus dikuasai oleh pihak pembangkang.

      Najib satu2nya PM di mana negeri 'home-state' nya paling top berhutang dgn kerajaan pusat.

      Fikir2kan lah.........!!

  4. Seriously - that is all you can write? Cant you see the changes everywhere ... wish the educated/reputable bloggers are dedakian & very frustrating to see they cant think for the sake of future Malaysia ... Najib will burn us down

    1. Macamlah Pakatan Harapan ni party yang paling jahat di dunia

      UMNO umgok tu dihalalkan pulak Annie nie

  5. Instead of pekan, try somewhere else.

  6. The people of Malaysia have made up their minds.So dont be fool by the flags or supporters on the nomination day.

    1. This time around the mood is very subdued.It is probably because the Pakatan and Pas people realize that it is quite impossible for them to dislodge BN.Even though they don't say i out loud,their body language show it.
      Prof Kangkung

    2. Even if the emotion is subdued, they will not vote for UMNO the robber party

    3. Orang Melayu Malaysia juga yg sokong Najib Razak dan Rosmah Mansor termasuk secara tidak sengaja atau sengaja, menyokong Jho Low.

  7. “What they forgot was that there were cases of BN candidates similarly being disqualified in past elections too..”

    This year none were disqualified la Annie.

    Were they REALLY abide by the EC rules and regulations? Were they really laws-abiding citizen? Were they financially healthy to stand as candidate? Only God knows.

    All of them have been accepted by EC to stand as candidates; whereas a number from Pakatan were disqualified. It seems that all of BN candidates are saints while Pakatan full of unsavoury individuals...sigh...

    There was a case yesterday where a BN candidate being allowed to contest by EC despite his IC stated he was from other state. Similar case to PKR candidate in Selangor. but she was disqualified. Someone else stand for her.

    So Annie, it’s A MATTER of getting everything in order and adhering to the laws and regulations huh???

    1. Rakyat didahulukan membayar hutang,pencapaian menambah hutang negara diutamakan..lepas ni hebatkan negaraku dgn digadai....

  8. People didn’t turn up because they already know WHOM they want to vote.

    1. Najib x pandai tadbir negara,hutang berbillion2,menyusahkan rakyat dgn gst,hapuskan subsidi lg,generasi akan dtg pulak nk kena hadap hutang berbillion najib buat,gagal byr hutang tergadai lak negara mcm berlaku kt sri lanka.
      Pikir lah sendiri. Nak biar negara lingkup ke pilih Najib PM lg.kesian generasi akan dtg..
      Hidup Tun M.
      UNDI PKR

    2. Excuses in 2013 people didn't know who they wanted to vote.and yet the came in droves to ceramah by pakatan rakyat.
      Prof Kangkung

    3. We vote against UMNO because your lord najib sudah melancap wang rakyat malaysia thru gst to pay for malaysia 1mdb and Jho Low equanimity ship

      Songlap tabung haji, scandal felda, khairy tolol 100million hilang, shopping diamond menggunakan wang rakyat

    4. Najib Jho Low kangkung melancap wang rakyat

      SPR agent syaitan

    5. Jual kapal Jho Low dan berikan biasiswa kepada rakyat malaysia

  9. Please don’t count your chickens before they get hatched la Annie..

  10. How to know if large turn out is genuine or fake. Easy. Fake huge turn out means a lot of empty parking lot but lots of buses. Like A LOT.

    Fake huge turn out wear the same clothes, holding the same stuff whatever they’re holding and eat the same food. Wondering and looked lost after disembarking. Having herd mentality. Which makes sense because they are not locals. They’re not familiar with the place. It feels strange to them. Wearing a boring face all the time. As if they would rather be somewhere else than be there.

    Genuine huge turn out. Lots of cars filled to the brim. Parked indiscriminately. Massive traffic jam in the area. Lot of people looking curious. People fill up whatever space available. They don’t mind seating next to smelly drain.

    The crowd cheering and look genuiunely excited. Seems like they’re having a good time. Dead give away. Attention and focus that were given to speeches. They hear intently with laser beam focus. Even to those who choose to sit in the dark and listen from afar. They pay attention to each and every word.

    You could feel the cheer and the excitement in the air. The eye-rolling stories, the laugh especially when Mat Sabu took the stage. They are all REAL. They were not staged. You can’t fake it like Annie’s fake t*ts... ; )

    1. Great comeback. I couldn't have said it any better.

  11. I propose that the Returning Officer for Batu be charged with contempt of court for assuming the power of overiding a court decision. There is also the decision of the Speaker of Parliament re status of Tian Chua as a member of parliament even he was convicetd and fined RM2,000.00. Who gave the Returning Officer that power to overide the judge?

    All involved should be prosecuted.

    That goes also to the Returning Officer of Rantau constituency in Negri Sembilan. He is an UMNO member and should not have been appointed RO in the first place.

    Maybe Annie should be more transparent than just merely mouthing BN propaganda. Tell us the truth instead? You have begun to sound like your sifu Rocky.

    1. Pegawai2 SPR dan staff semua....ketahui lah yg andah semua adalah ejen2 syaitan....ingatlah gaji awak semua tu haram jadi darah daging sampai ke anak cucu cicit. Kami semua tidak akan maafkan anda semua.....dah terlambat nak minta maaf kalau pun ada setitik kesederan pada diri anda semua. Keluarga keterunan anda semua akan merana semata mata akibat anda semua bergelumbang dengan syaitan dan kepalnya Najib. Ini sumpah rakyat Malaysia...terutama yg membaca kenyataan ni. "Sesungguhnya Tuhan Maha Mulia Maha Melihat."

    2. The RO can't be faulted for strictly following the exact wording of the Constitution. Any future side that managed to control 2/3 of the Dewan Rakyat should amend this particular provision in the Constitution to be less confusing.

    3. SPR is no longer 'Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya' but.......


  12. If BN return to power it means bad news for the mainstream media. Another 5 years of losing readership/viewship. Having to put up with all the garbage and baggage the klepto gomen keep churning out.

    The media will keep losing money in the next 5 years. Year in, year out register losses. Klepto gomen need to inject funds to keep them floating. No use. Nobody bother to read them. They would rather subscribing Malaysiakini and read REAL stories.

    Gomen money means rakyat’s money. Your money. Our money being spent to keep propaganda machine rolling. At the end of the day, gomen need to nationalize them all and turn them into JASA 2.0.

    Millions absorbed and being put on gomen payroll. Civil service become even more bloated. Gomen got no money to pay salary. Gomen taxing every breath you take. GST raise to 9%. Hooray...

  13. This blooger is running out of propaganda materials and angles. You can tell she chose Pekan as representation of the entire country.
    We will know the truth on May 9.
    Thereafter, Superman Hew and his team will be knocking on "her" door at 2am in the morning.
    Good luck PKHKC.


  14. Annie , I think you have better standard then this .

    1. Annie,

      How can you support BN?

      Rm2.6 billion that goes into Najib account.

      Is this fake news.

      He is the PM!, how can he do that?

      Then, how many millions that goes to his account from SRC.

      Is that fake news?

      Come on, I just do not understand when things are clear as day and still you want to support this kind of thing.

  15. Life of annie,

    You really are gullible.

    You want to compare banners put up with rakyat's stolen money with the underfunded opposition?

    Hee hee hee.

    Next you will conclude that prostitute rpk can afford to buy ads all over malaysian internet sites with his own money.

    Stop being so stupid, please.

    1. Annie just loves being raped by gst and UMNO

      Her daughter will pay taxes for 1mdb mismanagement and embezzlement

  16. You should just stop pretending to be naive, Annie luv. It's getting kinda embarrassing.

  17. jangan undi pkr they have samseng

    1. Jangan undi UMNO they have samseng nazri

      Nobody here in politics is more samseng than Nazri

      Tolak UMNO
      Tolak umgok
      Merempat dalam penjara kerana salah guna wang dan merompak Harta rakyat

  18. "If BN return to power it means bad news for the mainstream media."

    If Pakatan wins it means bad news for mainstream media, since currently alternative media which has existed online only will get licenses to publish print newspapers which will compete with current mainstream print media and advertisers will no longer be afraid to advertise on pro-Pakatan print media.

    Either that, of the Pakatan will revoke the need for print licenses altogether, leaving the field open to all.

  19. ini dipanggil pemimpin zalim n bodoh..
    rakyat yg penjilat n macai saje ikut najib ny..
    tak insaf2..
    ditipu hidup2..
    tukar lah sekali kerajaan..
    bangkit n berubah lah wahai rakyat

  20. My boss warn us, whatever we do must be secret. If they know who we are supporting, our business will either be normal or be in trouble. Trouble means no business permit, fine for crazy not follow undang undang, incometax probe, who does business with us also kacau.

  21. Saya lahir di zaman Tun mentadbir. Macam2 berlaku sepanjang pemerintahan beliau. Krisis kegawatan ekonomi, kerakusan pembangunan dan pelbagai lagi isu di zaman beliau. Sekiranya nak disenaraikan keburukan orang, tentulah komen ni tak jadi komen, terus bertukar menjadi esei kalau nak cerita keburukan org.

    Akan tetapi, sepanjang pemerintahan beliau juga la, saya sebagai individu dapat merasa aura seorang pemimpin. Teladan seorang pemimpin waima diri sendiri ni terlampau banyak buat kesalahan, tetap kita ada figura yang boleh kita ambil sebagai tauladan. Saya tiada integriti, tiada moral tp tak bermakna saya tiada peluang berubah. Mengamati peribadi seorang figura berpengaruh seperti Tun M ini, bakal memberi inspirasi buat seseorang utk terus berusaha, mengubah diri sendiri dan nasib kita.

    True, he's not perfect but he's limited edition!

    Pandangan ini peribadi, menjurus ke arah jati diri, bukan berparti.

    Malaysia bukan siapa2, tetapi dunia mula membuka mata, saat pemimpin yg seorang ini berkata-kata.

    Alhamdulillah, saya masih sempat mengikuti perkembangan figura Malaya ini... The Living Legend Of Our Country, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad.

    1. cerita donggeng

    2. You are another word, he is a living 'legend'

    3. He put Malaysia on the map. Not only with grandiose infrastructures such as KLCC and Putrajaya, but his OUTSPOKENESS on world stage.

      MO1 put us on the map as well but in a BAD light and for all the wrong reason..

    4. Agreed that Turn M is a living legend ...

      He SUNGLAP BNM 31 BILLION ringgit and claimed that he forgot .

      He ordered the "messacred" of memali folks and then blamed it on his deputy.

      His roti shop went busted but denied that it was his shop.

      His roti shop went busted but claimed that he sold it long ago.

      His roti shop went busted but claimed that it was all DSN doing.

      Now .. his plane had a punctured tyre and claimed DSN sabotaged him.

      What's next ..?

      His SUV ran out of fuel ..blamed DSN for sabotaged ??

      His granddaughter superyatch stalled in the middle of ocean ..blamed DSN for sabotaged ??

      No need to guessed whom he blame if PH could not make it to Putrajaya.

      Ini mamak koling sudah lupo...bangso , agamo dan negaro .


    5. Rakyat Malaysia semua, janganlah menyusahkan diri sendiri, harga barang oleh GST, ramai Tidak Mengira bangsa banyak susah, buat Kali pertama kita semua Bersatu melayu,cina,india mengundi PH Keadilan Dan lihat kebaikan kita terima.

  22. Inspired...Tq

  23. Anon 07:13

    "MO1 put us on the map as well but in a BAD light and for all the wrong reason.."

    That was also the main reason why our Ringgit depreciated badly against Baht & Rupiah.

    To make the Ringgit artificially robust, RTM & TV3 conveniently chose, to highlight as it wish, only against USD, Pound, Euro and Singapore/Brunei (which is pegged since 1965), when there is a slightest appreciation, neglecting the fact that it's due to Trump's devaluing the greenback to make it more competitive in his trade-war with China.

    I just hope the next government will be more honest with the Rakyat, just like in the old days, when RTM & TV3 news at 8pm will surely aired its daily currency rates, making comparison especially with neighboring countries and the rest of the world. More convenient for those living along the border with Thailand and Indonesia.

  24. Dear Annie.

    "Was it the same elsewhere?"

    Warisan in Sabah is new, therefore they need to show that they have the numbers. Maybe, Annie haven't seen the huge crowd accompanying Shafie Afdal and other Warisan candidates during nomination day in Sabah.

    Only PM in waiting, his domination in Langkawi can afford that luxury of huge crowd by locals.

    "The Pas supporters there probably outnumbered them 10 to one, while those from BN about 100 to one."

    Well, that's Pekan where the Chief-Kleptocrat is contesting. A small turnout of supporters will sure be disastrous to his popularity stun.

    Unlike deep-pocket UMNO-Najib & PAS, there is no need for the hard-up Opposition in the Peninsula to waste more money when they should show prudence if they are to keep the promise of doing-away with GST and reviving the economy.
    Furthermore, PKR is already well-known and famous for decades. Thanks to TV3.

    At the same time, PH have done with ceramah on most of topics such as Razak Baginda/No motif for Altantuya's murder, Deepak Carpet & Jho Low (DoJ, Yacht, Wolf of Wall-Street, Pink-Diamond, etc, few months back.
    With all the restriction imposed on by EC on the opposition... 10 day prior application for permit, etc... its more convenient for PH to campaign through social-media, since their supporters have long ago boycotted TV3 and RTM, except me.

  25. one battle does not win a war...hidup Harapan!!!

  26. sila undi BN lagi ni PRU14 & bersedia menyumbang lombong emas 1mdb 2.0 kpd MO1, jho low & riza aziz adoi...

  27. By hook or croo, Najib got to win this GE to save his arse.

    By hoor or crook, Mahathir got to win this GE to save this nation.

    That makes the whole lot difference.......!!