Sunday 11 February 2018

Rafizi was right, Shahrir is spinning

There's a need to tell it as it is.

Click on the link to this commentary at The Mole to know why I say Rafizi was right and that Shahrir is spinning the Felda issue;

The “Um, actually….” late night press conference

Don't be lazy. Click on the link and read the commentary, okay.

To be more direct and telling it as it is, the commentary basically pointed out that Shahrir was lying when he announced that Felda has got back its "lost land".

The title should be "Shahrir is a liar, his pants are on fire".

Well, I have never been impressed with Shahrir even when everyone were all praising him for his supposed integrity and such.

This is what I wrote on the day of his appointment as Felda chairman in January last year;

The best guy to replace Shahrir in JB

Please click on the link and read it.

I wrote that when the other bloggers, especially the pro-BN ones were all falling heads over heels in their praises and adulation of the man.

Some of my friends from the BN side even suspected me of being an opposition sympathiser because of that.

But of course despite that, pro-Pakatan people still call me a dedak eating BN macai because I didn't become rabidly anti-government.


Back to Felda, the nonsense is now one of the most potent Pakatan's weapons as GE14 draws near.

For once they have the opportunity to break the BN's Felda vote bank.

Why Shahrir and the gang need to spin the whole thing like that is beyond me.

Totally stupid media strategy.

It confirms my belief that BN has the worst set of media people this side of the planet.

Self serving pricks controlling the main stream media at the PMO, clueless ball-less editors who only care about datukship and big fat salary at the newspapers, etc etc.

These are the people who advise people in position like Shahrir's.

That's why it became stupid like that.

There, I'm telling you as it is.

Maybe next time I'll put all the names here and be damned with it.

Have a nice Sunday folks.



  1. I’d watched Husam ceramah recently which was held in his home state, in Bachok. I watched it on youtube. It was his first public appearance after being stripped of Datukship.

    He told Bachok crowd Rafizi made a check at federal land office regarding the status of Felda land. And guess what, nothing change. The land still owned by somebody else. Not Felda.

    1. All it take for EVIL men & EVIL women (not forgetting the LEMBUs) to triumph is for Good people to do nothing..... #JgnRosakUndi-#WAKEup

      We, the Rakyat (not the BODOH STUPIDIFIED BARUAs & their ANJING-ANJING) are tired of not doing enough.....

      We will overcome & make sure a good 2 party system is set up in our beloved Tanahair

  2. Clap3, Ketuanan is falling apart.
    Let's celebrate with a bowl of fragrant BKT.
    Huat ah!!!!

    1. Yeah... it must be ketuanan UMNO-Najib that is falling apart?

      You celebrate "with a bowl of fragrant BKT" and I'll celebrate by puffing pot.

    2. UMNO is falling apart and as a Malay Muslim I rather have halal beef or chicken rendang

    3. The verdict on Rafizi has its blessing
      Unwittingly they have pushed the reset button
      Reinventing Rafizi at their own peril as a subject of oppression
      Now he Is backed with a vengeance
      Curtailing his liberty only fuel compassion towards himation
      Syabas YB


  3. Annie,

    So,my worst fears seem to beconfirm.

    The only thing back in FELDA's hands is its metaphorical dick.

    I had been amazed at the speed at which the transfer-back was announced.

    We are not talking about getting money back for an undercooked roti canai.

    I was wondering how in the hell the financial aspects were so quickly resolved given that I suspect the funding for the building was tied to
    the ownership of the land.

    Synergy Promenade's very prompt offer to return the land for free was nothing by gilding on a turd.

    SP knew that such an offer makes them look like the good guys.

    SP also would probably know that it would be virtually impossible for FELDA to take the land back.

    This is because as soon as FELDA reclaims title, funding to SP will stop and the building has to be mothballed until new arrangements are made.

    Ever seen a building mothballed?

    I have.

    It is a traumatic event for all stakeholders.

    Once the process starts, it cannot be stopped until it is finished. This could take up to 6 mths or more for big projects.

    Restarting a mothballed project can take about another 6 mths or more.

    Dont forget to include the time the project sits in mothballs, OK?

    And no, you cant call in another cashed-up builder to take over construction to prevent the building being mothballed.

    Remember, this is not your undercooked roti canai where you can get another tamby to cook another roti canai for you.

    All FELDA and Shahrir Samad could have done was polish the gilded turd that is KLVC and hope that FELDA settlers admire the lovely shine and sheen and nobody notices it is turd-shaped and smells like a turd.


  4. My thoughts is not about defending anybody but just an observation from a person who is familiar with land conveyancing.
    Perhaps he had inadvertantly shouted, “kami (Felda) telah terima Hakmilik...”
    He should have said Suratan Hakmilik, which in all sundry is just pieces of papers, also known as Document of Title.
    Of course names of ownership (the developer) is shown on that paper and it is improbable to revert to Felda at short notice. Felda has to clear the caveat first.
    Whether at the end of the day, Felda is entrenched as the registered owner, lets wait for the outcome.

  5. At the beginning
    The first owner operates an in-house construction firm
    Project is not routed there to promote group's eynergy
    The land and profit derived from the project remains within the group
    Everyone is happy


  6. JohorMali11 @ February 2018 at 14:54,

    //Felda has to clear the caveat first.//

    Pls excuse the noob question but what is the caveat which FELDA has to clear?

    I thought a caveat is something like a condition, so what is the condition which has to be cleared?



  7. Sort of similar to the "units" parked in a bank in an island south of Johor... ?

    1. Ya, unbelievable units of evil karma in the accounting dept. ... waiting to be unleashed upon its cursed owner!!!

  8. They say scandals during Mahathir era were much much worst. Bank Negara lost 31 billion playing forex, Bank Bumiputra, Perwaja, etc. Oh really?

    - At least during Mahathir’s time we didn’t have to sell lands to foreigners to pay debts.

    -During Mahathir’s time, we didn’t have to sell power plants to foreigners to pay debts. What else we want to sell after this? Water treatment plant? Sewage treatment plant?

    -During Mahathir’s time, Bank Negara didn’t have to pay billions just to acquire gomen land for their training facilities. If Bank Negara needed land, or other gomen agencied needed land, the gomen would found and gave the land with nominal fee.

    -During Mahathir’s time, gomen companies duly tendered their yearly audited accounts without fail. SSM rules and regulations applied to all registered companies. Gomen’s owned ones are not exluded.

  9. ROTFLMAO !!

    "Self serving pricks controlling the main stream media at the PMO, clueless ball-less editors who only care about datukship and big fat salary at the newspapers, etc etc."

    still ROTFLMAO but LOUDER !!!!

    1. dozens of dirty dickheads degrading the daulat to demons

  10. dumbos are now blatantly conducting daylight robberies cause come GE14 kampung folks & macai2 are voting dumbos again adoi
    and annie & other responsible bloggers should enlighten kampung folks & macai2 on the evilness of dumbos & not voting them NO sigh...

  11. Who wants to buy bao teng or proton? Macai want?

  12. Anonymous @ 12 February 2018 at 10:13,

    //dumbos are now blatantly conducting daylight robberies//

    *Ahem* ... "are now"??

    It has been happening for the better part of 50 years!!!

    //annie & other responsible bloggers should enlighten kampung folks & macai2 on the evilness of dumbos & not voting them//

    I suspect you are a city person, right?

    And you are reasonably well-educated and probably in some professional employment?

    Hopefully you are not one of those KL city slickers who think that rural means anywhere after Salak Selatan :)

    It may surprise you to know that most kampung folks do not read blogs, even less so political blogs.

    I mentioned several blogs to people in my kampung and I was met with blank stares.

    Even my cousin, who is a lawyer, has no idea about any blog, other than Lim Kit Siang's, of cos.

    There are many kampung folks who are poorly educated.

    The main use of the internet for them is to download games to play with - not politics.

    OK, there is also some Facebook time but most of their Facebook postings are mundane stuff.

    As for the macai2, I don't think any blogger would make much of a difference.

    Macai2 differ very little regardless of which political party they belong to.

    Macai2 cannot concede that the other side may have good people who deserve respect.

    For example, if not for UMNO people with a conscience, would we had have the formation of PPBM?

    On my part, I have decided that I would support whomever I please for whatever reason I fancy.

    So, in GE4, I happen to support Pakatan because I believe this will shake up UMNO a bit and all the loose useless dead bits in UMNO will drop off.

    Then, in GE15, more likely in GE16, I might just vote back in BN just to shake up Pakatan so all the loose useless dead bits drop off.

    Then rinse and repeat a few times and there is a damn good chance we will end up with a good healthy Government and a good healthy Opposition.

    When we, the rakyat, take back our right to vote in whom we please, the politicians will shit themselves and kowtow to us every time we speak.

    This method of voting is what is practised in many Western countries and it explains why their politicians are always trying to please the voters and always behaving themselves.

    If only Malaysia was the same, eh? :)

    And we can, if we say enough is enough and make a start.

    It is up to each one of us to make that decision on our own.

    I have :)


    1. Most sensible, i will follow you, all right thinking voters should do like you do. After a few election we will have real politikus working for the rakyat
      Instead of themselves and their cronies

    2. Gladiator.

      "It has been happening for the better part of 50 years!!!"

      You're somewhat correct. No arguing there.
      However, the 'daylight robberies' became more blatant during Pak Lah (his SIL hijacking the administration through 4th.Floor) and much worst after Najib took over.

      The rest of what you wrote, I fully agree, especially keeping those sleazy politicians in check, by replacing them often.

  13. Annie, your strategy seems similar to the ones used by RPK. Time will tell.

  14. Anonymous @ 12 February 2018 at 17:57,

    //your strategy seems similar to the ones used by RPK.//

    Care to share with us what you think Annie's or RPK's strategies are?

    As far as I can tell, RPK's only mission nowadays is to get Parti Anak Syaitan into power.

    So, I am curious as to the strategies you are talking about :)