Wednesday 7 February 2018

Simply simply give free ammo

Someone showed me this write-up at prominent motoring site yesterday,

Have cars in Malaysia become cheaper over the last few years?

excerpts 1;

It merited a flip to pages four and five of Berita Harian‘s Sunday edition, which revealed more examples of cars that are now cheaper compared to five years ago. According to the report, the Perodua Alza is now 14.18% (RM8,369.27) cheaper, the Proton Exora 2.25% (RM1,509.67) cheaper, the VW Golf 11.77% (RM20,000) cheaper, the Honda Jazz Hybrid 8% (RM7,650) cheaper, the Perodua Myvi 12.15% (RM6,124) cheaper, the Proton Preve 20.77% (RM15,157.19) cheaper, the Proton Saga 14.88% (RM6,220.71) cheaper and the Proton Persona (RM8,281.91) 15.59% cheaper.

excerpts 2;

Let’s start with the Perodua Alza. The 2013 price quoted (RM59,017) was for the 1.5 SE Manual while the 2018 price is for the 1.5 Standard Manual. If an apple to apple 1.5 Standard MT is made, the reduction is 2.1% and not 14.18% as claimed. At the Alza facelift launch in 2014, Perodua itself said that price reduction was between 2.1% and 7.4% depending on variant.
For the Proton Exora, the old price quoted (RM67,212) was in fact taken after a 2016 range-wide price increase, and not from 2013. The quoted price is also on-the-road with insurance (old) versus OTR without insurance (new), which of course makes a difference. In actual fact, the MPV was priced at RM63,552.54 in 2014, RM64,498 in 2015-2017 and RM65,702.33 now, but there’s more equipment in today’s car.
As for the Volkswagen Golf, the old price in the report is wrong. The Mk7 1.4 TSI was launched in early 2013 for RM157,888 (the same price as the outgoing Mk6 in final SE form) and not RM169,888 as printed byBH. The new price quoted is for today’s 1.4 Comfortline, which has less equipment. Today’s Highline is closer to the 2013 car in specs, plus a few extras. It retails for RM159,888.
Moving on, the old price for the Honda Jazz Hybrid was from the previous-gen CBU imported version. If you compare the previous-gen CKD version (launched in 2012 for RM87,404.50 OTR without insurance) with today’s CKD Jazz Hybrid, it’s a 2.9% drop, not 8%.
For the Perodua Myvi, the prices used by the report was for the old 1.3 SE AT versus the new 1.3 Standard G MT, which is not like for like. In 2013, the cheapest Myvi was priced at RM40,650.45. The most affordable new Myvi is the 1.3 MT at RM44,300, but it must be said that one gets significantly more equipment today – LED headlamps, keyless entry and start, VSA, four airbags versus two.
For the Proton Preve, the old price mentioned is from the sedan’s launch back in 2012 – RM72,990 for a 1.6 CFE Premium, OTR with insurance. The new price mentioned is for a 1.6 NA Manual, OTR without insurance. Pitting high spec auto with base spec manual will of course result in a big difference in price.
Staying with Proton, the old Saga price used is for the 1.3 Executive MT while the new price is for the current 1.3 Standard MT, both OTR without insurance. In 2013, the cheapest Saga one could buy was the 1.3 SV MT for RM32,836.50. Today, a new 1.3 Standard MT is RM35,590.29, but you get ABS.
excerpt 3;

So, it’s clear that the new versus old prices in the report were cherry picked for convenience, without taking into account variants and specifications. Based on the old prices we’ve dug up, it appears that car prices have not come down by much in general.

I tried to find the BH Ahad report but it's nowhere to be found.

This is all I got which I screen captured;

Maybe I didn't search properly or maybe they had taken it down.

But I did notice that write-up, which was also translated into Bahasa Malaysia was picked up by the pro-Pakatan people such as this,

CELAH GELEGAR - Mencari Kebenaran Yang Sebenar

Free ammo, if you ask me.

Something like that "exclusive" lost Felda land report.

They just say it's another BN spin. A few extra votes for them lah.

I'm not sure what the BH people were trying to do coming up with that report which was shredded by

I thought things were better now with those newspapers

after the Media Prima civil war

I was told that they have got rid of all the useless senior editors and replaced them with top notched ones...and of course that brilliant three-in-one newspaper restructure thing.

Well, guess they need to do better and not let this kind of slip-ups (or plain stupidity) happen again.

The general election is coming, okay.


  1. obviously editor/reporter BH buat kerja malas. Ambik price list dan compare dgn price list 1 dekad yg lalu. lepas tu cakap harga kereta murah. padanlah org dah tak baca paper.

    1. Silap-silap... BH ada komplot dengan ejen, persatuan atau syarikat pembuat kereta, bertujuan untuk meningkatan penjualan.
      Hari Ahad, lebih ramai baca BH dan sudah tentu lebih ramai lagi pembaca-setia BH adalah penyokong kerajaan dan mereka sangat percayakan media-arus perdana. Mereka akan terus percaya apa yang dilaporkan. Melihat pada 'penjimatan' atau harga kereta turun berbelas-ribu ringgit, sudah tentu mereka terpikat untuk membeli.
      Terus trade-in kereta lama. Nak beli kereta hari ini, bukan seperti dulu... tiada pendahuluan 10%, berangan saja lah.
      Sekarang ni... duit tak ada dalam poket pun, boleh beli kereta. Kadang-kadang beli kereta baru, boleh dapat duit poket RM100 lagi. Penerima BR1M pun boleh beli IRIZ, ke apa?

      Berbalik pada laporan BH...

      Bila penjualan kereta suku-pertama 2018 meningkat mendadak... Utusan, BH, RTM & TV3... terus laporkan dimuka-depan atau Bulletin Utama:-

      - Bukti kerajaan menguruskan ekonomi negara dengan baik dan berkesan.
      - satu pertanda yang ekonomi Negara sihat, mampan & berdaya-saing.
      - bukti Rakyat hidup mewah dan mampu berbelanja.
      - dakwaan pembangkang bahawa Negara akan bankrupt adalah cerita-palsu dan fitnah semata-mata.

      Besoknya... Polis akan tangkap ahli-politik pembangkang yang menyebarkan berita palsu bahawa Malaysia akan bankrupt.

  2. Annie,

    Actually we should be proud of our car industry in particular Proton.

    Under the PM Najib, Proton are going to come up with a new variant of Proton SUV.

    We should be proud and excited that we the Malaysian people can rise a step further with the brand new design of new SUV. This is what we call a true Malaysian Boleh spirit.

    Now our Engineers are at par with other automakers like BMW and Volvo.

    I heard that the new SUV will be coming out at the fourth Quarter this year, I cannot wait for the launch.

    They should come our earlier, before election to show we Malaysian under BN can come up with a newer concept car locally design for the masses.

    1. I don't think the SUV by Geely-Proton should come earlier... i.e, before election. It will only make, more of the Rakyat realized that Proton was already 52% Communist-China owned and the SUV is just a clone from the Mainland.

      Worst still if Proton launch it in the midst election's campaigning.

      Like Annie said... Another ammo to shoot UMNO-Najib's own feet.

  3. Annie,

    I wouldnt worry too much abt the BH article.

    It was just the usual attempt to polish a turd without giving too much thought of the consequences.

    These BH ppl are so used to churning out poorly researched views that another lousy article doesn't matter.

    It's not as though those reporters will get sacked, right?

    As for Paul Tan's rebuttal, well, so what?

    How many BH readers read

    As far as the BH readership is concerned, that BH article is the truth and Proton cars are now cheaper then they were on Mahatir's time.

    It goes without saying that those cheaper Protons are a result of the scintillating leadership provided by the President of UMNO, the One, the Only, the Magnificent, Najib Razak.


  4. Cars are getting cheaper is one thing but how many gotten sold for the last several years? Or for the last 5 years? Ever since GST kicked in. Ever since minimum wage mandated.

    That’s how you measure the state of the country’s economy. Whether the people fare better or worst. I believe insurance companies have the figure. Please ask them.


    The guys who exposed the crime got jail time. The people who committed the crime walk around scott free. Even got appointed as gomen’s adviser. What just happened to our legal system?

    1. Why are we only rid of worker bees? And not the queen bee?

  6. BH = Melayu
    Paul Tan = Pendatang
    Of course la.
    60 years of NEP ain’t gonna raise the IQ of pihak tertentu.

  7. Benefits are the essence of doing business, so it's normal that the price of Proton Saga hasn't actually fallen too much.