Wednesday 7 February 2018

Rafizi oh Rafizi

The big story today is this;

MP Rafizi, ex-bank clerk get 30-month jail term

So, there are a lot of hue and cry over it in cyberspace at the moment.

Regular readers of this blog should know that I'm definitely not a fan of Shahrizat, the central political figure of the NFC issue which lead to the whole thing.

But still I was quite irritated by the complaints against the court decision, some of which were totally irrational.

They were as if Rafizi and the bank clerk were totally innocent.

They broke the law for heaven's sake.

Quoting a WhatsApp message forwarded by a friend ;

"Information yg ada kat bank tu confidential..cara dia expose tu tak betul...kerani tu ambik exposekan information tu...kalau tak ambik tindakan...nanti kita punya banking system akan hilang credibility n integrity...Aku bukan penyokong Shahrizat."

And they are yet to go to jail.

There's still the appeal process.

Even the Election Commission has said that

Rafizi remains MP until disposal of appeal

It's not as if he was bundled up and sent to jail right away.

So, chill la.

I think Azmin Ali would say the same thing about this.

Anyway, since there are already a lot of stuff out there now condemning the court decision, I would like to share this one which was sent to me via WhatsApp just now;

Why Rafizi does not deserve pity for NFC 30 months jail

Rafizi just released a sob story on how he fought for the rakyat and got punished with a 30 months jail for "exposing the corruption" NFC saga.

At the end of that sob story is the typical message to ask the public to donate to him.

The law is the law. While no one wants to see anyone go to jail, its important to set Rafizi;s story straight to tell you what actually happened.

Using bank statements of NFC Corp on March 7, 2012, Rafizi made the very public accusation that NFC corp had misappropriated  a RM250mil soft loan to buy luxury condominiums instead of breeding cattle.

However, the NFC company disputed this and sued Rafizi for defamation - a case which the NFC won in the high court. Rafizi then paid the RM300k in damages to NFC.

Essentially, Rafizi had broken the BAFIA act to expose private bank statements of NFC to make an allegation that was later proven by the court to be false.

The BAFIA law is very clear here. If you expose another persons bank statements, you broke the law. Rafizi knows this.

Why should he be given pity when he willingly and knowingly broke the law to slander someone else?

Rafizi wasn't even the first person to "expose" this NFC company's troubles. It was the govt itself that "exposed" NFC.

The 2010 Auditor-General’s Report saying that NFC had failed to comply with the objectives of its formation after a soft loan of RM250 million was given by the govt.

At the time of the March 2012 "expose" by Rafizi, The parliamentary Public Account’s Committee (PAC) was already examining the NFC issue based on what was revealed in the AG report. So was the MACC.

Rafizi wasn't even the "hero" who exposed the NFC so why should he deserves "pity" for playing the hero?

You must also remember that unlike the RM305mil overpriced reports for the Penang Tunnel, the RM250mil approved under Muhyiddin Yassin's Ministry of Agriculture then is a soft loan that NFC still have to bear interest costs on and repay the loan.

Yes, the project ran into implementation problems - partly due to the govt's delays in building an abattoir as well as proper roads leading to the farms - but at the end of the day, NFC still has to repay the loan with interest.

To say that Rafizi did not benefit from his slanderous and illegal March 2012  "expose" is certainly not correct.

Due to this, Rafizi rose out of obscurity to became a household name. He was then given the Pandan parliament seat to run in GE13, which he won and has drawn a RM29,000 monthly tax-free salary ever since.

Using his fame, he has also collected millions in donation from the public where some of the money was later traced to pay for a service fee for a Rafizi-owned company supplying manpower to Invoke.

Fame and fortune came his way due to this NFC "expose". Should we then pity Rafizi that "he got nothing" when he knowingly broke the law?

So, how?

You all tell me la.


  1. Sorry Annie, I pity him.
    Orang yang kebas rm245 million leaps, orang yang
    melapor pulak didapati bersalah dan dihukum penjara.
    Inilah undang-undang Malaysia

    1. Rafizi Ramli by going to prison because of exposing mega corruption in high govt,you will and have become a towering Msian legend!

      In the eyes of all right thinking Msians,you actually won!

    2. Rafizi, You are truly our hero. Yr courages and bravery will not be wasted assured you. Dont worry too much. Yr jail term will not be serve in full term. After we ein the 14th election , we will make sure you both will be released immeadiately.
      Tske care of yrself . You hv done yr best for the rakyat we know. God bless you . Bro. . We will wait for your return to PH.

    3. Ini adalah seperti seseorang menipu ibubapa kerana tifmdak henda mereka risau. Kakau cuma berdebat pasal tipu memang seseorang itu bersalah menipu ibubapa tetapi kalau dilihat dengan secara keseluruhan apa yang dibuat adalah kebaikan. Inilah hakikatnya. Jadi kita lihat apa kesudahan pembongkaran Rafizi, terbukti yang dia benar. Cuma secara teknikal dia salah.
      Rakyat akan medoakan untuk mu dan Johari. Inilah melayu rompak melayu dan akhirnya melayu tindas melayu untuk mengkayakan diri. Ketuanan melayu?

    4. These Malaiyoos… they are such losers: they have to import the steel to make a short, crooked dagger, and then they will be hacked dead (weapons below) before they have it unsheathed.

      These Malaiyoos… Even in warfare they have neither refinement nor art.

    5. INGATKAN NAJIB BETUL2 HEBAT TAK MAHU KALAH DGN TUN MAHATHIR, RUPA2NYA DIA KLENTONG DAN MENIPU LAGI BILA TANAH FELDA DI TENGAH2 IBUKOTA HILANG DIPINDAH MILIK KE SYARIKAT KRONINYA, 'Synergy Promenade Sdn Bhd'. Tindakan dan motif 'syarikat keciput' pemaju Kuala Lumpur Vertical City (KLVC) memindahkan hak milik tanah tanpa campur tangan FELDA, memang menimbulkan konroversi & persoalan.

      Menara Exhange 106, sebahagian daripada Tun Razak Exchange, salah satu projek pembangunan kebanggaan si Klepet Najib yg berangan-angan ingin mencipta rekod.

      Hmmmmmm.....David Copperfiled buat silap mata menghilangkan 'Tembok Besar China'.

      Najib lagi handal...dia melesapkan tanah felda di tengah-tengah kesibukan ibukota...!!

      Dijangka siap pada pertengahan tahun ini, menara setinggi 492 meter itu mengatasi Menara Berkembar KLCC Petronas yang berketinggian 452 meter, sebuah warisan mantan perdana menteri Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

      Nasib baiklah ada Rafizi Ramli membongkar satu lagi penipuan Najib......!!

  2. The problem with all of us and especially the rulers and administrator of this country is that we believe that rule of laws and not justice should be supreme in this land. Thus though Rafizi and his accomplice may be wrong according to the laws but their actions conformed in accodance with justice and their sacrifice might get the blessings of God.Most people think they will get justice when they go to courts but most of the time they will only get the laws prescribe by politicians.

    1. Semoga YB tabah menghadapinya, kami doakan kesihatan YB sentiasa sihat sehingga PRU 14.

    2. Uphill task to fight corrupt system because they will only feed more dedak to the lower income and less educated into voting for them. And these people many of them couldn’t care less if innocent people are being punished by the system.

      When will good men lead the country? When will good men lead important govt agencies and judiciary?

  3. well annie they way the justice works now in msia,

    the law only apply to us the commoner, or the opposition, but if u are a certain someone, then u r cleared by the AG of all charges.

    if tht is the case then law means shit to me.

    how should msia function then ? i dont know. maybe all of us should be a vigilante ?

    1. We the Muftis and religous scholars to educate the public,politicians,government servants and people in the judiciary that God will hold them accountable not according to the laws but according to justice.They cannot escape from God'wrath by saying that they were just carrying their duties according certain sections of the law.They are liable for their unjust actions regardless of the laws and they will pay for it accordingly.

    2. Rafizi is snowden like and I’m thousand times thank him for his bravery

      Vote opposition

    3. Need to Ubah. Bovine queen suffering from mad cow disease and wants to stand for elections.

      Swindler goes scot free while whistleblower is made to pay. How sick these tuans have become !!

  4. There’s a saying. When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are actually ruled by CRIMINALS.

    1. I could agree more! These criminal need to taste some cold hard justice into their pathetic lives

    2. My respect to you, Mr. Rafizi for the sacrifices you made for a better Malaysia.
      The only thing we can do is to vote wisely, based on our conscience for a better and clean nation. Not only for ourselves, but for our children.

  5. Azmin is smiling.Another one bites the dust.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Dont you worry YB Rafizi. Ur jail term will be a short one after PH take over Putra Jaya.

      Tun will probably put u as a senator in PM deptmnt. We will pray for your good deeds.

    2. A very talented, bold and don't mind sticking your neck out for justice person.
      My utmost respect for you, as you said if anger exists in us let's join hands for winds of change. Hidup TUN!

    3. The truth will reveil sooner or latter minta sabar Allah Swt yg maha kuasa bukan hakiman d dunia ini boleh menjukan pda semua yg konparsi juga kehakiaman negara it will b devil in disgust Ameen hope YB out soon Allhamdurillah

    4. I can see something is out of place with UMNO

      I will murder you if I find you, am I Robin Hood?
      No I’m not

    5. Please urge all ur Malaysian friends from all around the world come home and work TOGETHER!!! Unity is strength! Lets put Najib cabinet to hell by each of our single vote!!! It means alot to the future of Malaysia and our next generations!!!
      Spread around please!!! Access to all malay ppl to make them a wake up call!!!

    6. Be strong and patient.

    7. You are a great leader Rafizi!

    8. YB u r rakyat hero- lawan tetap lawan

    9. Pergi mahkmah lps tu buat perbicaraan trtutup hnya org trntu aja boleh masuk. lps tu kluar ckp 1mdb tu derma dari raja arabsaudi apa dia ingat kami nk percaya dgn hnya ckp aja.. knpa tk buat perbicaraan trbuka. Klau dah penipu, penipu lah jugak, klau dah umngok, umngok lh jugak(Rakyat tk bodoh)

    10. Kesimpulannya kita kena tibai duit lembu pastu beli kondo ke cmne?org nk report pn takut cmni

    11. undang2 yahudi biase la.

    12. Ini memang sundal perempuan ini tidur satu bantar dgn penyamun tak tahu tender masuk penyamun

    13. Kalu betul pihak pembangkang kata pm najib bersalah kenapa dia tak didakwa di mahkamah...kata2 macai bg menghalalkan perbuatan najib musibatharamjadah...

    14. Perbuatan double standard sudah lama diamalkan kerajaan umno bn. Contohnya, orang biasa nak ambil degree terpaksa bersusah payah belajar untuk skor spm. Tetapi penjawat awam nak ambil degree 2A SPM dan ada yang lansung tak ada A pun boleh buat?

      Anak orang kampung nak masuk kerja kerajaan perlu lalui pelbagai tapisan meskipun result membanggakan. Manakala anak dan saudara penjawat awam hanya perlu bawa surat sokongan. Bila dapat kerja dikatakan rezeki walhal cable atau cara tidak adil jelas fitnah Allah yang menyuruh kepada keadilan.

      Begitu juga dgn contract siapa yg besar lobi maka dia lah dapat, tender x keluar lagi dah bank in cash untuk melobi, lepas tu bila dah dapat kata rezeki. Pada hal terang2 amalan rasuah berlaku. Ini lah minda sonsang mereka sekarang menganggap cara rasuah sebagai REZEKI.

      #KEDEPAN (KEmbalikan DEgree berasaskan kePANdaian, SPM >5A degree dan guru, 3A-4A diploma, 1A-2A sijil, 0A buruh amah dan pekerja am) adil adalah meletakkan sesuatu pada tempatnya, negara tidak perlukan buruh asing.heee

    15. Taik anjing prof

    16. 250 juta, kita rakyat biasa nak cari 1 ribu pon keluar air mata peluh semua. 1 juta pon belum tentu habis buat makan seumur hidup kau.

    17. perasuah doa mereka tidak.diterima Allah sbb mereka.makan duit haramjadah. happy dgn duit haram tak akan kekal lama.

    18. ItulAh lumrah dunia. Yg kaya dan berkuasa di sanjung. Tapi itu sementara sj.. Orang kaya dan berkuasa akan rasa sekejap untuk hidup. Hahahaha...

    19. UMNO takut yb Rafizi menang dlm PRU14 ni.

    20. Pemmpin2 yg tau kes penyelewegan rasuah dan salahguna kuasa tapi mahu ambil tindakan maka mereka bersubahat


    22. Rasuah di bebaskan yg bonkar rasuah dipenjarakan ken lembu diam

    23. Ini akta BAFIA kah Akta MAFIA ? Celaka UMNO !

    24. Dah nmpk cmtu pun si macai2 umngok bee end masih xleh pikir lg.. Xtau la bnyk mane dedak2 taik yg diaorg mkn nie, sampai bongok slamanya.

    25. Nko ni dah jadi mcm lembu lak aku tgk ni brim..dah mcm ilang akal lak...

    26. Owh bangangnyer

    27. Kerajaan HaramJadah..

    28. Yg tak salah kena jail ,Yg salah masing kat luar enjoy

    29. Ramai sudah hilang sabar! Bubur ibu tidak empuk2

    30. Hidup BN bagus BN gst tambah!!! Syukur lah

    31. Petanda DUNIA AKHIR ZAMAN

    32. Ini sebab nya aku tidak berminat mengundi kerjaaan yg tidak adil

    33. In malaysia datukship only for corrupt people..mafia..criminal..gangster..drug addict actor..

    34. Nk jadi menteri di BN ni senang je,anda harus jadi BODOH,kompon dapat DEDAK dan PANGKAT

    35. Woi bangsat

      Dana NFC ghaib, lembu tiada dlm ladang NFC, taukeh dan anak beranak senang lenang, bini dpt tan sri lg......finally rafizi yg kena tangkap. This is malaysia.

    36. Thank you for standing up for us all..not many are brave enough to speak out like you..Allah is with you..dont you ever give up to fight back..we support you always!

    37. YB be strong. I will pray for you & family. I bliv God will protect you no matter where you are as you are sacrificed yourself for us. Really feel appreciate.

    38. Menteri2 umno lain pun tahu kes ni...tapi nak jaga dedak2...diam je la...gaji buta betoi...

    39. Rilek YB...lps kita guling umngok ni YB akan dikeluarkan semula utk gali lagi semua kes2 hantu raya..

    40. Thanks BinEnd for officially launching REFORMASI

    41. Stay strong YB. Allah knows all.. May you be blessed.
      We support you in fighting for the truth.

    42. Stay strong YB...our pray is always with u...

    43. Yes. Malaysia still need you YB Rafizi

    44. Ini tahun kasi tumbang rejim BN boleh tak geng

    45. Haha....yg patut kena hukum bdk bank😂

    46. Tengok betul-betul... Kangkung.
      Dalam banyak yang balas komen hang, berapa yang menyokong UMNO-Najib?

      Itu pun hang masih mengigau kata BN akan menang lebih baik dari PRU13.

    47. Cerdiknya kau ni RD.komen anon boleh aja tulis byk byk.bukan org tau pun
      Prof Kangkung

    48. Prof kah proooottt kangkang. Islam konon. Kalau beragama mesti takut tuhan.Atheist kot kau ni.

  6. Annie,

    Your comment

    "So, how?

    You all tell me la."

    My comment,

    So how about the RM2.6 billion that goes to a private/personal account?

    I think somebody expose that too

    So how? you tell me laa.....

    I think if human being do not have a conscience then it is straightforward laa aah.

  7. I dont agree with you annie. There is a double standard here sad to say.It is not about being a hero or not, but its about justice in the bigger picture.

    1. Truthful living is the highest virtue. God is with you and these greedy individuals will burn in Hell for their evil deeds.

  8. I am a fan of sharizat. Rifizi deserved the sentence meted out by the court. He should not exposed the cowgate scandal in the first place. He should have accused shahrizat without the evidence because of the banking secrecy proviso. Then the prosecutors can charge him for libel.

    1. A retard system, who would follow this justice system?

    2. Thanks for standing up for truth and integrity even at the cost of your self.

  9. Rafizi wajar didakwa dan dijauhkan hukuman tetapi tempoh penjara dan jumlah denda wajar mengambilkira kebaikan yang dilakukannya untuk negara.

    Rayuannya wajar berdasarkan asas tersebut, lagipun pendedahannya tidak "mencenderakan" sesiapa malah dia sudahpun membayar gantirugi kepada mereka yang berkaitan.

    1. Rafizi, u r a rare breed, a true malay wsrrior too.

  10. So let the robbers go? You are not thinking straight
    This is a broken system, the law protected the wrong doer who stole multi millions

    If you want to undi umno undi lah sendiri
    Jangan nak berlagak samseng

  11. “ Yes, the project ran into implementation problems - partly due to the govt's delays in building an abattoir as well as proper roads leading to the farms - but at the end of the day, NFC still has to repay the loan with interest..”

    It was not just about implementation problem. It was more than that. The fund was misappropriated and the project failed miserably. When there was delay in other related projects it mean you can spend the money, millions of it into something which was not remotely related to the project? Like buying condos?

    And you blame the gomen when the project failed? Manyak cantik muka you? The fact that someone actually got charged in court did not REALLY sound like the project was merely encountering some implementation problems. It was more than that.

    Whether NFC still pays its loan or not is a none issue here. You’re just trying distract and steer the focus from the main issue.

    Rafizi broke the banking laws. Yes. Correct. Together with the banking clerk. Fine. But what was his intention in doing so? His actual motive? Mens rea?

    Did he exposed somebody else bank accounts just for fun? Just for sheer joy of exposing someone’s millions in the bank? Did this being taken into consideration before the sentence was meted out? What about his true intention of wanting to expose and report the criminal activity?

    The fact that there WAS wrongdoing and crime being committed in the scandal where the person responsible for it was charged in court before speak for itself. The case was in the thick of the thing for some time and the court process was ongoing before it suddenly dropped by the Attorney General.

    Rafizi did not broke the law with criminal intention. He was exposing wrongdoing. Exposing criminal activity. What he did was honourable. He was merely acting in the interest of the public since it involved public fund.

    1. actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea

    2. Couldnt have said it better...nicely put things i the right perspective.

    3. NFC main objective was to raise up to 8,000 cattle. Gomen gave you 250 million soft loan to do just that. The abattoir wasn’t really an issue since the absent of it would only made it easier for you to reach the target.

      And road leading up to the farm. Was it really necessary? Without the road you couldn’t herd cattle? Which school that you went to? All that you need for grazing cattle was large grassy field and a canal for heaven sake!!...

  12. Kudos to you Rafizi. We support n wish you well. We pray that the evil against you n the rakyat will disperse like the morning mist.

    May yr wife n son hv the courage to go through this w flying colours.

  13. ada rezeki PH lepas PRU14, kita tunggu ramai yg berderet2 masuk penjara. Ameeen Ya Rabbal A'lameen.


  14. Im more concern about the new law "akta berita palsu".

    Its a submissive law. What do you think annie? as a law graduate.

  15. No matter what's been said on done, in respect to Rafizi's sentencing and that of the monkey business in Najib's 1MDB-Jho Low scandal, the Rakyats can make an assumption or deduced that, both the Bafia and OSA can also be used by a Kleptocratic government to hide evidences of crime.

    Therefore, it would be justified for the PH government, when they come to power, to convene a Royal Commission of Inquiry... not only on 1MDB-Jho Low, Felda, MARA, KBS, Sabah Water, DBKL-Bank Rakyat, etc... but also on NFC fiasco.

    After-all, if PH were to abolish GST, they needs all the money they can possibly recover, to make Malaysia great again.

    An amendment to Bafia (Banking and Financial Institutions Act-1989) & OSA (official Secret Act) too, must be made... i.e, by adding specific clause e.g...

    1. Notwithstanding any part of this act, it must not be construe, implied or use as a means to hide criminal evidences, as to enable any account holder, individual or multiple, private or otherwise, office bearer or that of a politicians, to escape the long arms of the law.

    2. In regards to the secrecy of any documents related with this act, indemnity or impunity for whistle-blowers can only be applied if he/she had exhausted every legal means for redress, especially in an environment where the legislative and judiciary seems to be subservient to executive of a kleptocratic government.

  16. Annie,

    Consider this.

    I do something horribly illegal.

    You find out using some method deemed to be illegal - I dunno, maybe you are a peeping tom, trespassed on my property, killed my guard dog and looked thru my window.

    I engage a hotshot lawyer who has connections all the way up to the Attorney-General, so I win a defamation case against you and I get a discharge not amounting to an acquittal.

    You go to jail because you reported my horribly illegal act - you obtained that knowledge illegally, you see.

    How does that make sense?

    Only in Malaysia.


  17. Commentators dalam blog ni ramai yang buta ke?padahal dlm blog ni sah sah dah tulis Rafizi was sued for defamation and he lost the case.Ramai penyokong Pakatan Tiada Harapan dah dapat penyakit hero baru mereka Tun M yang ada selective memory.
    Just imagine the damage done to Tan Sri Shahrizat Jalil and her family for all the allegations done by that Sotong guy.Saya masih ingat isu lembu dalam kondo was used to the maximum by the Pakatan Rakyat people.
    Now a new 'condo' is welcoming its new resident by the name of Rafizi Ramli aka Sotong.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. When you can’t ARGUE intelligently, you’ll start calling people names like commentators buta.

    2. I can understand the hardship of defending the indefensible. I'd faced same difficulties too, but that was the time of Najib's middlemen, Razak Baginda & Deepak Carpet.

      Therefore its expected... when you have nothing good to say to prop-up yours ignominious kepala-bapak... you will resort to name-calling and spewing obscenities.

      In FB, its the same... including those who seems to be working in groups... for UMNO-Najib. Some of them even tagged MKN, Zahid, PDRM and MCMC to frighten the shit out of PH's supporters.

    3. lembu corruption, i wont forgive shahrizat
      she made the mockery of all of us

    4. INGATKAN NAJIB BETUL2 HEBAT TAK MAHU KALAH DGN TUN MAHATHIR, RUPA2NYA DIA KLENTONG DAN MENIPU LAGI BILA TANAH FELDA DI TENGAH2 IBUKOTA HILANG DIPINDAH MILIK KE SYARIKAT KRONINYA, 'Synergy Promenade Sdn Bhd'. Tindakan dan motif 'syarikat keciput' pemaju Kuala Lumpur Vertical City (KLVC) memindahkan hak milik tanah tanpa campur tangan FELDA, memang menimbulkan konroversi & persoalan.

      Menara Exhange 106, sebahagian daripada Tun Razak Exchange, salah satu projek pembangunan kebanggaan si Klepet Najib yg berangan-angan ingin mencipta rekod.

      Hmmmmmm.....David Copperfiled buat silap mata menghilangkan 'Tembok Besar China'.

      Najib lagi handal...dia melesapkan tanah felda di tengah-tengah kesibukan ibukota...!!

      Dijangka siap pada pertengahan tahun ini, menara setinggi 492 meter itu mengatasi Menara Berkembar KLCC Petronas yang berketinggian 452 meter, sebuah warisan mantan perdana menteri Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

      Nasib baiklah ada Rafizi Ramli membongkar satu lagi penipuan Najib......!!

  18. It's like centuries-long debate. Robin Hood steals from rich dictator-supporting people to help poor down-trodden people. Is he a thief or poor people's saviour? Strictly from the eyes of law, Robin Hood is guilty of stealing. But morally, he's doing the right thing.

    But for the case of Rafizi, I think he wasnt that smart and naive when he publicly exposed NFC's bank account number knowing that it's against the law. He should have used a proxy to carry out the exposure.

  19. Annie, after reading all the comments, majority cannot be wrong.

  20. This guy is one of the very few good Melayu.
    Chin up brother.
    May the force be with you.

  21. Anonymous @ 7 February 2018 at 23:04,

    //undang2 yahudi biase la.//

    Is it the undang2 or is it those who apply the undang2?


  22. Anonymous @ 7 February 2018 at 21:02,

    //So how about the RM2.6 billion that goes to a private/personal account?

    I think somebody expose that too//

    Well, it is quite obvious, isn't it?

    As soon as that whistleblower is found, that person is going to jail.

    As for why RM2.6billion was received, there is no need to discuss the matter as RM2.0billion was "returned" to someone somewhere, so no crime has been committed, OK? :)

    The difference of RM0.6billion? Eeerrr... bank charges?


  23. Anonymous @ 8 February 2018 at 06:05,

    //actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea//

    Hmm.. do girls like it when you talk dirty?


  24. Anonymous @ 8 February 2018 at 08:59,

    //Which school that you went to? //

    The NFC school says that cows need roads for the Mercedes which will transport those cows to the condos where the cows will spend the night.

    //All that you need for grazing cattle was large grassy field and a canal for heaven sake!!...//


    Pls lah, don't give them ideas like that canal.

    The NFC School of Lembu Welfare might spend the remaining money they have on buying speedboats and cruising yacths - for the cows, of cos.


  25. Bullshit post lah Annie.

    You don't have the mental depth to comprehend the issues.

    Try doing some research into how Kak Ijat's charges were dropped, why, when and by whom.

    You are self-described "insignificant blogger" but sadly one of the reasons Malaysia will remain a corrupt shithole.

    "Thanks" : )

  26. Prof Kangkung,

    //padahal dlm blog ni sah sah dah tulis Rafizi was sued for defamation and he lost the case.//

    Personally, I suspect that defamation case was rigged in favour of NFC.

    It was crucial that NFC won that defamation case as it then allows action against Rafizi under BAFIA.


  27. Amin @ 8 February 2018 at 09:57,

    //after reading all the comments, majority cannot be wrong.//

    Pls note that we only represent the majority here in Annie's blog.

    We do not necessarily represent the majority of Malaysians.

    Even if we DID represent the majority of Malaysians, we may not represent the majority of parliamentary seats.

    There is still a lot of work to do in the rural parliamentary seats and this is where professional urban Malays have to step up and do their duty for the people and the country.

    Don't worry about the non-Malays in rural parliamentary seats - it is a foregone decision there but their numbers are small and, by themselves, they are impotent and cannot effect the change we need.

    GE14 is the Malay election.

    ONLY the Malays can make a difference this time - nobody else.


  28. 14.07

    Gladiator the malay is the majority race in this country and consequently it is the malay who will decide who they want to run this country, if they choose to pick the wrong people to represent them then they have to live with it. however bad the situation in this country becomes later.

  29. Anonymous @ 8 February 2018 at 13:51,

    //Try doing some research into how Kak Ijat's charges were dropped, why, when and by whom.//

    With all due respect, may I suggest that you post what you know here so that others can know the shennanigans which are associated with this case?


  30. Gladiator.

    "GE14 is the Malay election. ONLY the Malays can make a difference this time - nobody else."

    Looks like the 'Chinese Ultra' is back on Annie's blogroll. Thank You Annie.

    Went to Shuzheng's and leave a comment for the first time, after I'd realized that what I've been suspecting all this while is true... that Shuzheng had turned over support for Kleptocratic UMNO-Najib & BN, especially after Najib's sort of... in desperation to repay 1MDB's debts, seems to be falling into 'China's Debt-trap Diplomacy' just like Zimbabwe & Sri Lanka did.
    As a matter of fact, Rakyat's assets and chunks of the country have been sold to China, just to repay debt, including interest & penalty for late payment.

    So people like Kangkung, who supported UMNO-Najib should rejoice and go read Shuzheng latest posting.

    If Gladiator says that GE14 is Malay election, Shuzheng might have a different opinion. According to him, Chinese votes will be saving UMNO-Najib & BN. So... those who wanted to send Najib & Rosmah Sg.Buloh, can go fly kites.

    Therefore, what Kangkung said about UMNO-Najib and BN doing better than GE13, might be true.

    Thanks to MCA's OBOR promotion... as alleged by ISMA... and Najib's over reliance on Mainland China's wealth to mitigate 1MDB's debt, ultras like Shuzheng, in anticipation of influx of Mainland Chinese's influences, would surely vote for UMNO-Najib to remain in power. Like Kim Jong-un, Uncle Sam's DoJ would not dare lift a finger, if China is on UMNO-Najib's back.

    Maybe, when we're approaching TN50, ECRL and HSR should have been connected to Kunming in realization of OBOR's Kuantan-Melaka-JB Triangle. Those ports along the coast of Kuantan and further-up north should be bustling, by then.

    When an Ultra such as Shuzheng seems to have toned down his critics on Najib's 1MDB and Jho Low, you can conclude that something ain't right. As matter of fact, he once wrote... 'what's RM50 Billion when we can recover it in no time'... or so to that effect.

    #Hidup UMNO-Najib, Hidup Jho Low.

    1. These Malaiyoos… as fucked up as the country they seized, occupied, and now under their management.

      Let’s have more of them.

      bangsat prof kunyit!!! look at what you done you halfwit piece of shit!!

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. who the hell is this shit shuzheng? shing shing shing?
      ching chong cheng?

    4. im not afraid of your Oracle Bone Script motherfucker

      your little ching chong can go to sewers

    5. rihaku
      RD-rahmat, you comment like an infantile kid, like Demi Negara: so much yada, yada, all pivoted on assumptions — ‘you seem’, ‘perhaps’, ‘did you know’, ‘if you intent’ (sic!), ‘I hope’. If you are never sure of anything then be sure to go fuck your mother. Who cares for what you ‘hope’, you piece of old fuck, as old as Mahathir and Demi, with nothing to do with the rest of your miserable life.
      You say, Umno-Najib would be indebted to mainland China. We Chinese have prospered and thrived for more than 5,000 years of written history without the like of you and Malaiyoos. And, in Malaysia, in spite of people like you. Why the fuck would we need you? Bodoh.
      Good luck to you, too, rahmat, and your fascist motherfuckers. Now that you have thrown up your dog’s vomit on my pages, fuck off back to where you came from, Annie’s Asshole.
      PS: RD, you need further English lessons.

    6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    7. wat a piece of shit. i wish u‘ll hav a nightmares of being crushed down freight train. n ur pieces thrown into china sea to be eaten by sharks.


      Pensyarah perakaunan forensik, Dr Radzi Jidin kini bertugas sebagai pensyarah di University of Tasmania di Hobart, di selatan Australia.

      Anak jati Kelantan ini ketika ditemui di Ketereh, berkata beliau juga kini sedang menyiapkan satu tulisan mengenai 1MDB yang merupakan sebahagian daripada kajiannya.

      Katanya lagi, “Saya juga guna kes 1MDB sebagai sebahagian daripada contoh dalam pengajaran. Contohnya apabila guna fair value accounting,”.

      Anak kepada seorang guru besar tersebut sebelum ini juga pernah bertugas sebagai tenaga pensyarah di Australian National University Canberra selepas mendapat PhD kedoktoran daripada universiti tersebut.

      Sekolah perakaunan di universiti ini diiktiraf sebagai antara 10 fakulti perakaunan terbaik dunia. Sepanjang tempoh beliau di Australia pada 1997, anak kelahiran Ketereh, Kelantan ini tidak meminggirkan isu melibatkan Malaysia.

      Sewaktu menjadi calon PhD di Australian National University Canberra sekitar 2001, beliau merupakan antara pelajar yang bertannggungjawab menubuhkan Persatuan Pelajar Melayu Canberra dan seterusnya Kelab Umno Australia Capital Territory.

      Pada 2004 beliau dilantik sebagai pengerusi Kelab Umno Australia New Zealand, yang menjadi induk kepada 12 kelab parti itu di kedua-dua negara.

      Dalam tempoh ini, beliau membina hubungan baik dan kerjasama dengan para pemimpin Umno. Pada 2006, beliau turut berpeluang berucap di Perhimpunan Agung Umno mewakil Kelab Umno Luar Negara.

      Bantu kempen Umno

      Sewaktu Pilihan Raya Umum (PRU) 2013, beliau masih aktif dalam Umno, malah sanggup pulang bercuti ke kampung halaman selama dua minggu untuk membantu kempen parti.

      “Umno tidak bagi tiket, tidak bagi apa-apa. Saya ambil cuti dua minggu, saya hanya mahu jalankan tanggungjawab saya. Itu cara saya,” katanya.

      Namun beliau sudah mula mengesyaki ada perkara yang tidak kena apabila melihat 1MDB mula dibentuk daripada Terengganu Investment Authority, unit pelaburan dari negeri yang kaya dengan hasil minyak itu.

      “Kerajaan sebut 1MDB ini syarikat strategik. Kalau kerajaan tubuh syarikat strategik mestilah ada perancangan teliti. Kalau anda nak buat syarikat untuk Malaysia, kenapa nak mulakan di Terengganu? Saya mula fikir, apa benda ini semua?”

      Beliau seterusnya menyiasat perkara itu untuk memahami lebih mendalam kerana kajian ke atas kes penyelewengan itu memerlukan pemahaman menyeluruh dan holistik.

      Tegasnya, pandangannya ke atas isu tersebut tidak berat sebelah kerana beliau melihat dari sudut akademik dan beliau juga berada dalam Umno.

      “Tak ada terpesong sebab saya dari sebelah sana. Kalau kita dari sebelah pembangkang, kita tengok isu daripada cara tengok pembangkang lah. Tapi saya daripada Umno, saya tengok isu ini dengan perspektif yang begitu objektif.

      “Saya fikir, bolehkah saya pertahan isu ini. Macam mana nak pertahan. Bila tengok, tidak. Ini sudah melampau.”

      Beliau turut mengikuti semula laporan portal Sarawak Report berhubung isu berkenaan dan berpendapat kes tersebut tidak dapat direka-reka sahaja dengan mudah.

      “Kalaulah Sarawak Report sengaja mahu reka cerita, maka cerita ini terlalu rumit. Saya tidak fikir sampai ke tahap itu kalau sengaja mahu reka cerita. Mustahil kalau saja-saja mahu buat cerita macam ini.

      “Duit masuk ke sana sini, tak berapa masuk akal,” kata pensyarah itu lagi.

      Najib & Kejora makin menggeletar lutut lantaran kebangkitan anak2 muda berpelajaran tinggi. Hanya yg korup & tidak abis sekolah saja yg menyokong KERA2jaan Borosmah Najib.

  31. cry alone stupid sotong

  32. RD,

    //According to him, Chinese votes will be saving UMNO-Najib & BN.//

    Methinks Shuzheng is deluded but then maybe I am too.

    I have based my assessment on what I have observed in my kampung and my conversations with random Chinese I meet in KL and elsewhere.

    Of the random Chinese I have met and spoken to in the last five years, I have only ever met ONE lady who is MCA.

    I accept that many of the random Chinese I have met BUT not spoken to may be solidly MCA but I think this is very unlikely.

    MCA in my kampung has crumbled to dust. They do not even have enough people to help them with functions and campaigns. They either bring in MCA people from elsewhere or pay locals to do the work.

    If MCA holds on to any of its seats in GE14, it will only be due to UMNO and MIC.

    BTW, I noticed that your comment has brought about quite a few amusing responses :)


  33. Fascist Melayu RD get fucked by Cinakui. Love it.
    It's obvious we are no longer afraid of the fucking rusted piece of crooked blade.

    1. Di mana letak keadilan & keluruhan undang2 di bawah pantatberak regime Borosmah Najib...

      yg mencuri bebas menyonglap, yg membela & melindung khazanah-harta rakyat & negara dihukum penjara..........???

      Saya ulangi.....

      - Orang yang kebas RM259 juta bebas-mengebas,
      - orang yang melapor pulak didapati bersalah dan dihukum penjara.

      Inilah undang-undang Malaysia di bawah pantatberak Borosmah-Najib di 'Pantatjaya'.

      MALAYSIA OH, MALAYSIA tanah air ku!!!!

    2. KHAS BUAT 12:07:

      NO need to talk cock. Just make it simple logic.

      RM250 juta yg diperuntukkan kerajaan boleh beli lebih 80,000 lembu2 dewasa gemuk sihat Australia ketika itu.

      Kini berapa ekor lembu2 yg masih ada dalam jagaan Ijat anak beranak.....??

      Now tell us what happened to those cows as the cow have not come home yet.....!!


      Setelah BN-UMNO menang besar di PRU 11, semua ahli-ahli Najis Songkok Tinggi, termasuk Ketua Wanita UMNO, si Ijat, begitu gelojoh ambil kesempatan melahap harta & perbendaharaan negara.

      Ijat yg dipertanggungjawabkan membeli lembu2 Australi untuk dibiakkan di Malaysia telah melantik....

      - Suami bergaji RM100,000 sebulan
      - Anak Lelaki Sulung bergaji RM45,000
      - Anak Lelaki kedua bergaji RM35,000 sebulan
      - Anak perempuan bergaji RM35,000 sebulan

      Syarikat anak beranak ini kemudian menganiaya lembu2 Australia yg diimport dgn memberi makan dedak buatan tempatan hingga banyak lembu2 itu jadi kurus, sakit & mati.

      Mereka pula telah menyimpang dari tujuan asal beralih berurus-niaga hartanah di mana mereka telah membeli apartment2 mewah di dalam dan luar negara dari modal RM250 juta yg diperuntukkan kerajaan. Selain itu, mereka menceburi pula perniagaan restoran mewah di Singapura.

      Kita rakyat sepatutnya berteima kasih kpd Rafiizi Ramli yg telah membongkar peyelewengan Ijat & keluarga.

      Di England ada lagenda 'Robin Hood & his merry men' yg membela rakyat dgn memberi semula harta rampasan penguasa2 korup haloba.

      Di Malaysia pula, kita ada lagenda tersendiri 'Robbing Good' oleh Najib-Rosmah & their band of penyamun2.

  34. It was public funds.
    You dont have to go to school to know that.
    Taxpayers money.
    Lets put it another way. It was a loan. A loan is a loan is a loan. Ok, we got that. Now, lets say it was not a gubberment loan. Say it was a CIMB Loan for RM250.0 Million. The CIMB loan was disbursed, to buy the cows.
    Then the cows got held up.
    The cows were late.
    The cows did not show up.
    No cows or not enough cows.
    Do you think CIMB would have agreed if you said, 'Ok, cows are late. Cant do much about that. Meantime, we will use the loan money to buy condos, buy the Murano, set up a couple of high end stake joints etc' ?
    Do you think CIMB would have agreed? Totally impossible isnt it.
    You can only do this type of crap because it was a gubberment loan.
    As I said, you created the system. You are in the inside loop.


    Q: Was Rafizi charged for defamation?
    A: No.

    Q: Then what was he charged for?
    A: He was charged u der BAFIA, for leaking a company's bank details.

    Q: Was the leaked information real?
    A: The information was real.

    Q: So why was Rafizi charged if the details were real?
    A: Because according to BAFIA, it is a crime to expose a company's banking details.

    Q: Then why expose if it's a crime?
    A: Because the said case is of public interest.

    Q: What public interest?
    A: A sum of taxpayers' money was borrowed to a company. But instead of using the funds for its original purpose, the compamy used the money to buy condominiums and expensive cars for himself and his children.

    Q: Why the fuss? As long as it's a loan, the company can repay right?
    A: The company never repaid the loan.

    Q: How much was the loan to the company?
    A: RM250 million.

    Q: Wow. That's a lot! So did the company face the music?
    A: No. Nothing happened to them. The government did not charge them, and never bothered to ask the company to repay the loan.

    Q: Weird. Why does our laws punish people who expose corruption and let corrupted ones go free?
    A: Because the laws today are not used to protect the people. It is used to protect corrupted and powerful people in the government.

  36. Seriously Annie?? 😱 😱 Click-bait to lor-diu?? Sad case you have there.