Tuesday 13 February 2018

Melayu Proton (updated)


Please also read

Anger in cyberspace relating to Proton Bumiputra dealers


Someone yesterday asked me to read this Utusan interview with Malaysian Association of Malay Vehicle Importers and Traders (Pekema) president Datuk Zainuddin Abdul Rahman.

Pengedar Bumiputera Proton tertekan 

So I did.

And I cringed.

Seriously, it's embarrassing.

The guy who asked me to read the interview described these Malay Proton dealers as tongkat-loving privileged Melayus.

I can't help but to agree with him.

They basically refused to upgrade their dealership and tried to use their bumiputera status to get away with it.

I even detected a hint of political blackmail.

And let me put it as it is, the whole interview reeks of racism.

Instead of addressing their own shortcomings, they accused the Proton management, which is now headed by a Chinese, of demanding the dealership upgrade to kill off their business and giving it to non-bumiputera.

It was malicious of them to go to Utusan to make this accusation.

It's clearly an attempt to rile up Malay sentiments in their favour.

If their complaints were genuine, they should have taken those to the Proton management and discuss the matter properly.

After all, Proton has helped them with their business all these years.

For how long more do they want to invoke their bumiputera status for these sorts of things in business.

Tak malu ke?

And these Malay dealers, are they poor that they are complaining about not having the money to upgrade their dealership?

Are they living in squatter houses, or big bunglows?

The one interviewed is a Datuk.

Are you poor Datuk?

What have you done with the profit of selling Proton cars all these years?

How much did you put aside for future investments of the business?

Or did you spent it all untuk berpoya-poya?

Now that Proton wants you to put some money into the business so that you all can develop your business together, you are pleading poverty.

On top of that you are accusing Proton of racism, while the actual fact is that, you are the ones who are racists.

Hey, how did these Melayu were choosen to become Proton dealers in the first place?

Political cable?

Or are they genuine businessmen?

And all these years they were riding the gravy train on their bumiputera ticket.

Never mind that Proton suffered all sorts of shit the whole while. They never said anything.

Now that there is light at the end of the dark Proton tunnel, they are making noises about their bumiputera status again.

What a bunch of jerks.

Hoi, enough la. You all are embarrassing the entire Malay race la.

Don't these people know that the Geely Chinese are the only ones who were actually willing to put up with these sorts of nonsense which comes with Proton.

The first choice of Proton partnership was actually the Japanese. And they surrendered straight away when they found out that they have to deal with such bullshit.

The French were even worse. They wanted the whole deal to go their way and they definitely couldn't care less about all these bumiputera thing.

I really don't get it why these Melayu became Proton dealers in the first place.

Don't they have the capacity to think?

If Geely didn't come in that day, Proton would have to be eventually shut down anyway.

Now that they are in there, they have to fix it.

No more all these pampering and tolerating nonsense.

No more lepaking around and enjoying the profit without thinking of saving some for the future.

So, adapt la.

If you can't, then close shop and balik kampung, okay.

I'm quite sure there are other more capable Malays that Proton can appoint as their dealers.

Enough of these embarrassing Malays, okay.

By the way, this is Proton's response to those complaining Melayu dealers;

Proton dealers told to upgrade outlets for a better future


  1. reaping what they sow, bumiputera will degenerate into new orang asli...

    1. Freaking genetic behaviorism of the ahjibgor dna typology

  2. I remembered that many years back, Volkswagon was about to do what Geely is now doing to Proton; this plan was scuttled due to pressure from powerful interests.

    So now it is a Chinese company and it is less palatable in view of the ethno-political situation here...

    1. Proton needs true businessmen starting from the very first step of production to the final stage of users' compliance. Though it is tough enough to go through in business , priority of proton is to be preserved. True businessmen will forever accept the troublesome of proton business.

  3. If these bumi dealers want to continue with this business they just have to bite the bullet and do as required by the management of Proton,otherwise they have to look for other business as these chinese businessman just couldn't care less who you are or what privilege you use to enjoy, they just want to make sure their business can make money.

  4. Remember those days when I have to queue for months to get a Proton car. Even salesmen suggesting under the table baksis to cut queue.
    A friend cum dealer would not even bother to fill a full tank for my niece’s car whom I recommended to buy a proton car from him!

    1. Yeah I remembered that for my Proton, when I refused the accessories & financing.

      A national icon should be sacred and respected, but the "national" car engages in such despicable behaviour...

  5. With an annual sales of sixty thousand car only
    The equation does not warrant any 3S centre yet
    Entry cost for this new business model is high
    Pekema members needs help


    1. Right. Please read the full interview with Utusan. Pekema have a point. The upgrade is costly. A lot of them will gonna be out of business.

      I think it’s just one of their tactics. Triying to scale it down. Far too many dealers. Getting rid of the dead woods. Opting for much leaner business model.

  6. Where are Ismail Sabri and Jamal Yunos etc...?

  7. Sista, so that the embarrassing chauvinists remain separate and distinct from the goodie malays:


  8. Annie,

    The best way to solve this problem is to create another Proton or Proton 2.0.

    The supplier can then, get a better deal with Proton 2.0.

    I think the vast majority of Malay community, I think we do not mind fork out additional up to 30% to support for our Malay folks who are the suppliers of the automotive industry.

    As of now, the car prices already fallen sharply.

    A good example is the Plaza Low Yat. Our far sighted minister, Ismail Ahmad Sabri created an alternative to the computer hyperstore at Mara building, and business are thriving there.

    Proton can replicate this success story.

    1. Traders in Low Yat or Mara sell world class products. They are differentiated by price, service, and customer preference.

      On the other hand, producing cars need world class competitiveness - the result of world class r&d and market access.

      In economics, there is something called comparative advantage. That is, better do what you have an enduring advantage in.

      Forget Proton 2.0.

      The Malay people have much more important things to do.

    2. To make Proton great again

      (1)pop of China 1.3billions
      (2)pop of Malaysia 30 millions
      Common sense tells us China is the market place
      Your ROI will be fast-tracked
      Even if your school of thought where 10 S centre is better you can only sell 200 thousand vehicles locally/anually


  9. Annie,


    So where are all those commentators who think you are a run-of-the-mill pro-Government blogger?

    Come out, come out, wherever you are....

    Anyway, onto your observations.

    //For how long more do they want to invoke their bumiputera status for these sorts of things in business.//

    For as long as they can exploit Article 153 :)

    //What have you done with the profit of selling Proton cars all these years?//

    Holidays overseas, nice cars (not those lousy Protons), nice houses, second or third wife, etc.

    //How much did you put aside for future investments of the business?//

    That's a silly thing to do - tomorrow might never come, so spend the money today lah.

    //Or did you spent it all untuk berpoya-poya?//

    Eeerrr.. isn't that the whole point of having lots of money?

    //Now that there is light at the end of the dark Proton tunnel, they are making noises about their bumiputera status again.//

    Pls see above comment re Article 153.

    //Don't they have the capacity to think?//

    They are loyal, not intelligent.

    //So, adapt la.//

    What for?

    They were making good money with all the assistance they were getting from the Govt via Proton, so why change all of that?

    //I'm quite sure there are other more capable Malays that Proton can appoint as their dealers.//

    Come on lah, capable Malays are all opposition supporters and you don't want them becoming successful, OK?


  10. Fadzireen,

    //The equation does not warrant any 3S centre yet//

    When foreign manufacturers first setup their 3S centres, I doubt if they had the sales volume to support those 3S centres.

    But over time with diligent effort, their 3S centres became central to their business success in Malaysia.

    //Entry cost for this new business model is high//

    Yes, it is but they are given incentives and lots of business assistance to pay it off.

    //Pekema members needs help//

    Yes, but it needs to be the right type of help.

    Sometimes, one needs to admit that some ppl are simply not suited for a particular role.

    And some of those car dealers are simply not cut out to be car dealers.

    Malays in this country have been lied to long enough by Malays.

    The truth is that only a small sub-set of Malays have benefited immensely beyond anything you or I can imagine.

    The vast majority of Malays are, at best, living from paycheck to paycheck, just like the Chinese and the Indians dan lain2.

    So, what is difference between a grossly disadvantaged Chinese/Indian and a supposedly privileged Malay, by virtue of Article 153, who is outside that special sphere of influence?

    Answer - none.

    It is time to re-think how we can help Malays who want to be helped.


    PS And don't forget to help the non-Malays either :)

  11. Annie,

    There will be an imminent shift in the way car is made soon.

    In China, unlike us, all the "kapcai",the small size motocycle, millions of them is now running without petrol. All of them now running using electricity. The Chinese Government ban altogether the "Kapcai"

    One small motorcycle in china cost around RM900 to RM1,500. It's cheap.

    When the Chinaman reached home, they just charged it at home just like they charge thier Huawei Mate 10 handphone. No need to put oil or to wait every wednesday for the oil prices.

    The Automotive industry is moving towards that direction.

    Eventually, cars will cost less and less. No more fuel combustion engine, replaced by cheaper and more efficient technology.

    The economical factor will dictate matters, and all this talk about Article 153 in the automotive sectors will soon vanished.

    What we need to do is just wait and see this become a reality.

  12. By the way Annie,

    2 days ago Elon Musk sent the new Tesla Roadster to out-of space so that Aliens can take order their new Tesla model. Hansolo or Luke Skywalker might be interested to purchase the car.

    Fyi, the new Tesla Roadster (electric car) can go from 0 to 100km in 3 seconds.

    I think Proton should move forward and focus to make the car better rather than spending time on racial issues.

    1. since when the growth of technology is connected to racial bullshit? its not healthy

  13. Selagi umno ada, orang Melayu jangan bimbang...
    Simpan kata kata keramat ni.

    Kata kata keramat ini akan dibuka 5 tahun sekali.

    1. buat taik 5 tahun, pastu nak dekat PRU baru ada malaikat malaikat umno dan savior-complex-bangsat suruh undi UMNO

      professor pun jadi bangang jilat lubang taik UMNO

    2. Siapa yang mahu masuk syurga kena respek UMNO sebab Barisan nasional yang tentukan siapa Masuk syurga dan siapa masuk neraka

      Jho low

  14. I also read the interview. I do not know much about the car industry to give a fair comment.
    However,I sense that Utusan Malaysia@Mingguan Malaysia is trying to position itself as the voice of the Malays. With dwindling circulation and the word Bumiputera has become a F word and seldom uttered by the masses including the Malays it is about time for the newspaper group to become th voice of the 'oppressed' Malays again. I am a Malay but I have to accept the reality in this world you cannot forever rely on a very narrow nationalism concept to survive.
    Prof Kangkung

    1. I agree with you. I think it is too late for Utusan Mingguan Malaysia to reinstate its position as the voice of the Malay communities.

      This news agency has long gone its status, or rather its professional standing as the holder of editorial independence and high journalism quality, fairness and accountability.

      Unfortunately, it has become an agent of influence under the Ministry of Umno Propaganda.

      Percayalah sebahagian besar pembaca Melayu benar-benar sudah celik dan sedar. Mereka tidak lagi membeli akhbar Utusan sekian lama.

      Pembaca Melayu terkilan dengan rekaan berita bahawa Pemimpin Negara disanjung tinggi dan saolah saorang pemimpin berjiwa besar, dan pembela kepada kaum Melayu. Sebaliknya, yang Utusan cetakan itu ialah ‘Fake News’. Pemimpin yang Utusan agungkan ialah ‘Fake’

      Pembaca Melayu sudah bosan dengan fake news. Mereka tidak mampu bertahan lagi dibawah naungan kepemimpinan yang Rasuah.

      Melayu tidak boleh terus hidup dibawah pemerentahan dikenali sebagai saorang Pencuri, Penyamum dan Perumpak.

      Melayu tidak boleh terselamat daripada kepemimpinan yang bermaksud salah guna kuasa.

      Akal-Minda Melayu tidak boleh memperdamaikan dibawah kepemimpinan yang senantiasa dalam keadaan Penafian dan terus kelakuan berdusta

  15. Anonymous @ 14 February 2018 at 02:51,

    //I think Proton should move forward and focus to make the car better rather than spending time on racial issues.//

    At best, the Proton engineering team will be on the periphery of the R & D process.

    All the real R & D work on electric cars will be done by Volvo and Lotus.

    My guess is that Volvo and Lotus will design electric cars and the innovations will be incorporated in Geely cars by Geely engineers.

    I have no doubt that Geely has its' own very capable R & D team which will just suck up all the knowledge from Volvo and Lotus, and use that knowledge in designing better Geely products.

    Then, Geely cars will be further modified, via a combination of Geely and Proton engineers, and rebadged as Proton cars to be assembled in Malaysia.

    I suspect Geely does not really need Proton engineers in modifying Geely cars, so those Proton engineers will probably be relegated to minor design issues, like how to make a Geely car look like a Proton.

    What Proton should be doing is not to focus on making a better car because they can't, but instead focus on SELLING more cars.

    And the new Protons will be better cars, courtesy of Geely engineers, not Proton engineers.

    I am sorry if anybody feels that I am being insulting to Proton engineers but I think I am merely stating facts which everybody already knows - ovger the years, the Proton engineering team has let down the Proton product.


    1. China is growing it's military to protect China's overseas interests.
      The Chinese are currently using "DEBT TRAP DIPLOMACY" against poorer developing nations like Sri Lanka and Malaysia
      While they use this"soft" form of imperialism they are developing a mechanized, ferociously patriotic military so that if and when "soft" diplomacy fails they can deploy a"peace keeping trask force" to secure their assets/land/ports/colonies

      debt trap diplomacy

  16. Glad-he-ate-her...so true. China will conquer the world in the next 10 years or less. They can produce anything at half the cost or less. Lets face it...if our local vendors stubbornly refuse to lower their prices, Proton/Geely will just source it from China.

    1. chinese buy houses like stock market, they dont live there

      china invades other countries by doing it secretly with money and financial control

    2. They are dumping (pricing policy) their products to kill-off local competition
      Malaysian authorities should have a second opinions


  17. Lai Panjang,

    //China will conquer the world in the next 10 years or less.//

    Define "conquer the world". :)

    //They can produce anything at half the cost or less.//


    Hmmm, most things, maybe, but not quite anything.

    I vaguely recall that there are industrial processes which China cannot replicate, eg some kitchen sponge thing which requires some kind of adhesive.

    If my memory serves me right, the sponge is produced in China, but it is sent back to the UK for the bonding process.

    //if our local vendors stubbornly refuse to lower their prices, Proton/Geely will just source it from China.//

    No arguments there from me. z

    Most countries that go into car manufacturing go all out to make a success out of it, except Malusia, of cos.

    Look at Hyundai, SEAT, and for crying out loud, goddamned TATA!!

    Frigging TATA, can you believe it?

    From a country as corrupt if not more corrupt than our own Malusia, and they can hold their own.

    But, Malusia?

    Fuck me dead with granny's old knickers, they are still asking for special treatment when the company is bleeding to death and the doctor is trying to save them!!!


    1. There is an English saying which goes "All road will lead to Rome"

      Rome became a huge empire because Romans like to built roads. They send their army and bring back the goods home.

      Now China is building more and more transportation route, via roads, railway, sea and air through its "One belt one road initiative"

      So soon there will be "All roads will lead Beijing"

      What the Chinese cannot produce?

      CPU still made by Intel and AMD.

      But Mobile CPU now can be fully produced in China. The Kirin CPU at 17nm technology with billions of transistors now made in China.

      Soon a computer can be produced 100% owned by China.

      China already manufactured their own aeroplane. The Engine still not Chinese made but they are going to make their own soon.

      Everything else?

      Our television, tooth brush, coffee cup, air condition, and even our underwear is made in China.

      So, is China going to conquer the world?

      You tell me laa...

    2. Paku also from China maa..

  18. wars happened all the time, even in the present economy

    1. Indon Tgh naik..jgn gelakkan mereka..Rakyat mereka jauh berkaliganda bnyk Dari msia.indon punyai Rakyat yg berani berjiwa besar serta mmpunyai smngat patriotisme tinggi...tahun ni Indonesia akan jd host ASIAN GAMES..INI tnda2 kemampuan indon utk bngkit sbg kuasa baru ekonomi dlm tempoh masa mendatang....x semestinya negara tu mundur kekal mundur selamanya....jgn gelak kan indon..jika BN terus perintah msia x mustahil satu hr nnti kita pulak cari rezeki di indon...hidup umpama putaran roda...JGN nak kutuk Sgt indon..yg pnting DEMOKRASI berjalan begitu subur di sana berbnding kita..tu jgk faktor indon kian berkembang...institusi penting di indon x dikawal PRESIDEN..

  19. Totally agree. Some Malays really give Melayus a bad name by their bad behaviour. I used to think Malays are nice people. They are not. Maybe I am guilty of generalising. But the bad apples really need to be flushed out or they would only ruin the good name of Melayus and Malaysians.

    1. ‘One lives so badly because one always arrives in the present unfinished, incapable, distracted’. (German poet Rilke)

      It's everything to do with clarifying the mind and cleansing the heart

  20. Anonymous @ 14 February 2018 at 19:47,

    //What the Chinese cannot produce?//

    That kitchen sponge I mentioned above.

    I don't think China can make dodol either.

    And I think they probably make lousy petai sambal. :)

    //So, is China going to conquer the world?//

    Short answer - No :)

    Long answer - it takes more than televisions, tooth brushes, coffee cups, air conditioners, and underwear to conquer the world.

    To me, China is about where Japan was back in the 1970s/1980s.

    Was Japan able to conquer the world?

    Bear in the mind the Japanese are more disciplined, more homogenous as a people, more fanatical than the Chinese and I have no doubt the Japanese wanted to conquer the world too.

    Remember the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere?

    Remember how it morphed into what looked like the Global Co-Prosperity Sphere?

    Well, the Japanese couldn't do it and it wasn't for want of trying.

    Don't get me wrong, the Chinese will sit at the top of the pile for quite awhile but they will share that peak with others.

    Do you seriously think that the Trump phenomena is merely an aberration? An isolated event?

    The US is not the only country which sees China as a threat - economically and militarily.

    There are many countries who have had very lucrative industries destroyed by cheap Chinese look-alike products. Do you think they would willingly support China in its global conquest?

    How about African countries which are being raped and plundered by China for their natural resources? And it is gonna get worse for them when the OBOR is built?

    I have seen man-in-the-street interviews with Africans and many of them know what China is doing to their countries. Do you think they will support China in its global conquest?

    I could go on and on.

    And I have not even mentioned the domestic situation in China itself - the Islamist threat in Xinjiang, the poverty, the air pollution, the environmental pollution, the lopsided development of society, the corruption, etc etc.

    You asked me if I think China will conquer the world.

    Let me ask you, in light of what I have pointed out above, can China conquer the world? :)


    1. The Japanese forgot to build roads to Japan! Game changer!

  21. Give them a little bit of power and Melayus think they are CEO or maybe even God Almighty.

  22. prof kangkung,

    // I am a Malay but I have to accept the reality in this world you cannot forever rely on a very narrow nationalism concept to survive.//

    Don't worry, no need to accept reality.

    Article 153 can always be used to change any reality you may have and allow that 'very narrow nationalist concept' to survive selama bulan dan bintang di langit :)


  23. Annie,

    If Proton suppliers complain, then what the Govt can do?

    This Geely now owner a big chunk of Proton. They can do whatever they want for best of their interest.

    What kind of leverage do we have in this situation?

    Geely can complain to their Govt if they are being discriminated also and we are indebted with the Chinese Govt with what? RM55 billion?

    All these should be considered when Proton deciding to sell to Foreign company.

    Once you sell it, then its gone.

    Get over it and move on.......

    By the way, what else are we going to sell to China?

  24. Anonymous @ 15 February 2018 at 16:03,

    //If Proton suppliers complain, then what the Govt can do?//

    Easy, nationalise Proton.

    Ooops, we have already done that and it turn into a pile of shit.

    //RM55 billion?//

    Ayyh!! Sure or not?

    Only RM55billion?

    The East Coast Railway Line alone is RM55billion you know.

    There is Kuantan Port, there is Bandar Tun Razak, plus god-knows-what, OK?

    Methinks it is more than RM55billion.

    //Once you sell it, then its gone.//

    No lah, you think the gomen so stupid one ah?

    There is Article 153 and if that don't work, pass a law in parliament to nationalise those strategic assets.

    Problem fixed.

    Nothing cannot be nationalised :)

    //By the way, what else are we going to sell to China? //

    You Chinese?

    If so, how about selling your house if you have one? :)

    Most Malaysian Chinese still own homes.

    OK, maybe private land might be difficult.

    How about Malay Reserve Land?

    Plenty of MRL under gomen control and who is going to object?

    How many people here know exactly what is MRL amd where the PRECISE boundaries are?

    For example, I know agak-agak where the MRL starts near my kampung but I have no idea of where it ends.

    So, if MRL is sold I would not have a clue unless it is approximately near where I think the boundary is.

    BTW, I have been offered some relatively cheap acreage recently but I refused becos I was unsure of title.

    Maybe I should have taken the gamble, no?


    1. Ave Gladiator,

      Ya laa Malays like to sell land.

      I am a Malay from JB.

      I went to my uncle house in JB town. Not many owners there is Malay. Most sold to Chinese already.

      One chinese guy come up to me.

      So, this chinese guy felt strange how come I am a Malay and still do not want to sell my house. (The house belong to my uncle actually)

      The Chinaman said, Ei, Lu tak mahu jual lu punya rumah ka?

      I said, lu mahu beli? berapa lu mahu beli?

      The Chinaman said, Berapa Lu mahu jual?

      I said, 1.5 juta.

      The Chinaman, 1.5 juta sapa mahu beli?

      I said, Lu tak tahu, itu Lee Kuan Yew Singapore mahu buat MRT pergi Johor Bahru. Sudah siap itu jam, rumah semua naik harga ohh..

      The Chinaman said, ya ka.....1.5 juta lu sendiri jual la ah...

      I thought to myself, I am just bull shitting.... of course there is not intention to sell the house anyway.

      I do not blame the Chinaman though, the perception that Malays have the tendecy to sell our their property is somewhat true.

      The Malays said , orang melayu cepat putih mata.

      and the current govt is showing very bad example.

      The right thing to do is to develop the land and only then sell the property at the right and at higher price.

  25. ANC already pushed corruption plagued zuma to resign, why dumbo never push also corruption plagued MO1 to resign leh adoi...

    1. He's got the faked religion to take cover under. He's the partner to Allah Most High!!!

  26. We should vote for opposition

  27. Burn all kwsp Evidence to the ground

    Macai UMNO

  28. Anonymous @ 17 February 2018 at 15:41,

    //I said, 1.5 juta.//

    Good one :)

    But the truth is that Cina have the same housing problems as Melayus, if not worse.

    In addition to the non-bumi premium, the Cina has to also find somewhere suitable to live and there are less and less places where the non-bumis can live.

    It kind of explains why places like Kapar have a disproportionate number of non-bumi voters.


  29. Kalau tak undi/undi rosak, tetap akan ada pihak menang & kalah..

    Kamu semua maseh nak orang yang sama menang ke?

    Atau nak bagi yang selalu kalah menang?

    Isu ini tiada istilah atas pagar..

    Sebab pengakhirannya masih tetap ada yang menang & kalah..

    Peluang datang lima tahun sekali..

    Dan kamu nak abaikan/lepaskan peluang ini?

    Macamlah nyawa kamu panjang nak dapat peluang lagi selepas ini..

  30. The beauty of democracy is that people can do whatever they want with their vote, it is your right to vote for whoever you want, or not vote. Elections are never a fair game, in fact, a fair game never existed, you think in the US there is no gerrymandering? or rigged election (heck, Dems rigged their own election in favor of Hilary). Instead of everyday ranting, and blaming govt, blaming geography, blaming the undirosak people, blaming BN, blaming PH...what have you done yourself to make a better life for your family and yourself? There is a Chinese saying "超人家不如靠自己" which means "It is better to rely on myself rather than to put hope in others"

    1. bumiputeras are what the country can do for them & NOT what bumiputeras can do for country...

  31. Now is Lebai Sudin's turn

    1. All his cerita and attacks on local padi farmers are now very clear, after Najib's brag about eating quinoa.

      Nak tolong promosi quinoa pun janganlah kutuk local padi farmers.

  32. where is annie??? Finding Annie...hope NO C4, tong simen or pastor...

  33. Annie sedang rihat lar terlalu penat nak tahu segala gala kegilaan yang sedng berlaku di negara yang sangat dia cintai.

    Dah fedup.

  34. Prof kangkung kena jual Aset tv3 kepada Cina
    Betul tak prof babi

  35. The Life and Times of Annie. The End

  36. A vote for UMNO is a vote for Najib Razak.
    A vote for MCA is a vote for Najib Razak.
    A vote for Gerakan is a vote for Najib Razak.
    A vote for MIC is a vote for Najib Razak.
    A vote for PPP is a vote for Najib Razak.
    A vote for PAS is a vote for Najib Razak.